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Multi-center Study on Children's and Adolescents' Medulloblastoma Molecular Subgroups in China

Recently, diagnosis and treatments for medulloblastoma becomes more complicated than before since the new World Health Organization (WHO) diagnosis criteria has put molecular marker onto an ever important position. Reports and studies revealed highly correlated connection between subgroups of medulloblastoma and patient outcomes. Children's Oncology Group (COG) has launched...

LCI-GI-APX-NIN-001: Nintedanib in Metastatic Appendiceal Carcinoma

The purpose of this trial is to evaluate the disease control rate of subjects with metastatic appendiceal cancer for whom initial fluoropyrimidine-based chemotherapy has failed. Based on previous studies, the anticancer activityof nintedanib in lung and ovarian cancer trials, along with the similarities between appendiceal and colorectal cancer and potentially ovarian cance...

TIL Therapy in Combination With Checkpoint Inhibitors for Metastatic Ovarian Cancer

Adoptive T cell therapy with tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) has achieved impressive clinical results with durable complete responses in patients with metastatic melanoma. Recently, the investigators have completed a pilot study treating 6 patients with metastatic ovarian cancer. The TILs are isolated from patients own tumor tissue followed by in vitro expansion and ac...

Educational Intervention - Improving Knowledge and Screening Rates for Colorectal Cancer

This clinical trial studies how well educational intervention works in improving knowledge and screening rates of colorectal cancer. An educational intervention, such as viewing an inflatable colon, PowerPoint presentation, or flip books/flipcharts, may help improve knowledge about colorectal cancer and how often people get checked for colorectal cancers.

MYPHISMO: MYB and PD-1 Immunotherapies Against Multiple Oncologies Trial

The purpose of this research study is to look at the effects, good or bad, of TetMYB Vaccine in combination with BGB-A317 in patients with advanced or metastatic solid cancers (including colorectal or adenoid cystic cancer). The immune system is the body's defence against cancer, bacteria and viruses. TetMYB Vaccine is a vaccine that helps your immune system to recognise t...

ROCKIF Trial: Re-sensitization of Carboplatin-resistant Ovarian Cancer With Kinase Inhibition of FAK

The purpose of the study is to investigate the combination VS-6063, carboplatin, and paclitaxel. in the treatment of patients with ovarian cancer. The study will evaluate whether this regimen is safe. The study will also evaluate whether the regimen can reduce the amount of cancerous cells in your body. If you agree, you will be treated with VS-6063 by mouth, as well as car...

PET/MRI to Enhance Precision Guidance in Head and Neck Radiation Treatment Planning

The purpose of this study is to evaluate this new technology available at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center in the setting of head and neck cancer radiation treatment planning. This study will also provide preliminary data critical to the development of multi-parametric, multi-modality quantitative imaging biomarkers and data analysis models for prediction o...

Effect of Postoperative Family Nutrition Mode on Weight/BMI of Patients With Esophageal Cancer

This clinical trial is designed to be a multi-center prospective observational study which shall compare the effect of different postoperative home nutrition modes on recent nutritional index (weight/BMI) of patients with esophageal cancer and recent outcomes. Different postoperative home nutrition modes adopted in this study includes oral natural diet, oral nutrition suppl...

Patterns of Prescribing and Monitoring of Palbociclib

The purpose of this study is to determine if patients with ER+, HER2-, advanced breast cancer are receiving dosing adjustments and monitoring based on manufacturer recommendations at a tertiary academic medical center.

MCS110 Combined With Neoadjuvant Doxorubicin, Cyclophosphamide, and Weekly Paclitaxel in Patients With Hormone-Receptor Positive and HER2- Breast Cancer

In patients with locally advanced hormone receptor positive (HR+)/HER2- breast cancer, neoadjuvant chemotherapy produces a pathologic complete response rate (pCR) of only 9-15%, and late recurrences often occur despite neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Therefore, there is an unmet clinical need to improve the outcomes of these patients. Tumor-associated macrophages (TAM) infiltrati...

Telephone-Based Mindfulness CBT for Patients in Community Settings With Advanced Cancer

This study examines the feasibility and acceptability of an open trial of mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy intervention delivered via telephone to men and women age 21 and older with a diagnosis of advanced cancer. Potential participants (N=35) will be recruited via letter from their oncologist at community-based clinics (N=18) and those served at the Duke Can...

Oral Cell DNA Adducts in Smokers

DNA adducts in the oral mucosa cells of 100 smokers from 3 ethnic groups - Native Hawaiians, Whites, and Japanese Americans with differing risks for lung cancer upon cigarette smoking will be quantified. DNA adducts of tobacco smoke carcinogens will be quantified using both targeted and untargeted approaches.

An Exploratory Clinical Study of Apatinib for the 2nd Treatment of Esophageal Cancer or Esophageal and Gastric

The purpose of this Phase II, Open-label, single arm, exploratory study is to evaluate the efficacy and the safety of Apatinib(500mg/d)for the second - line treatment of esophageal cancer or esophageal and gastric

Stereotactic Radiotherapy of the Resection Cavity of Brain Metastases vs. Post-operative Whole-brain Radiotherapy

In advanced cancer disease brain metastases are common, difficult to treat, and are associated with a poor prognosis. As new local and systemic therapies are eventually resulting in improved survival and quality of life for patients with brain metastases, negative neurocognitive effects of radiation therapy are becoming increasingly important as well as good loco-regional d...

Clinical and Molecular Staging of Lung Cancer Stages I and IIp

The classification of lung cancer (LC) according to the degree of anatomical extension (TNM) allows the estimation of the prognosis of the patient, although its accuracy is limited. In fact, one third of surgically-treated patients with initial disease have recurrences during follow-up, despite the negativity of node dissection at surgery. The incorporation of genetic, epig...

Compassion Cultivation Training for Nurses

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of implementing a Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) program for oncology nurses at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. The goal of CCT is to provide a structured and systematic way of cultivating daily-life skills needed to strengthen qualities of compassion, empathy, and kindness for oneself and others. CCT ty...

Second-line CM082 Combined With Paclitaxel For Patients With Advanced Gastric Cancer

This is an open-label, Phase 1b study which will be conducted in two parts: part A is the dose escalation study while part B is dose expansion study. The purpose of the dose escalation part is to identify the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) and/or recommended phase II dose (RP2D) of CM082 combined with paclitaxel in patients with advanced gastric cancer who did not respond to ...

Can Exercise Training Reduce the Frequency and Severity of Hot Flushes Associated With Breast Cancer Treatment?

In brief, this study sets out to understand if exercise training can reduce the frequency and severity of hot flushes associated with breast cancer treatment.

Analysis of Nutrition During Chemoradiotherapy in Patients With Gastrointestinal Cancer

To assess the effectiveness of close and intense monitoring on nutritional status of gastrointestinal cancer patients during chemoradiotherapy (CRT), 500 CRT patients diagnosed with gastrointestinal system are going to be recruited into this prospective study. Patient-generated subjective global assessment (PG-SGA) scale and nutrition risk screening (NRS-2002) are used for ...

Lifestyle Change for Better Health

The goal of the research is to provide a first critical test of the novel scientific idea that a combined diet and exercise intervention may ameliorate shortening of leukocyte telomere length (LTL) in cancer survivors with a history of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) compared to a diet only intervention.

Pattern of Use of Bevacizumab or Cetuximab + FOLFIRI Regimen as First-line Treatment in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

- Registry - Multicenter, prospective observational study - Observe adverse events and efficacy in recruited patients for 3 years under real world settings.

Exercise in Targeting Metabolic Dysregulation in Stage I-III Breast or Prostate Cancer Survivors

This randomized pilot clinical trial studies how well circuit, interval-based aerobic and resistance exercise works in targeting metabolic dysregulation in stage I-III breast or prostate cancer survivors. Circuit, interval-based aerobic and resistance exercise may help to improve cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, healthy lifestyle behaviors, and muscle strength in breast...

Football Fitness After Breast Cancer

Late effects of breast cancer treatment are widely reported including deteriorating fitness, fatigue, loss of muscle and bone mass, and increased body fat percentage. Exercise interventions may ameliorate a number of these effects including fatigue, fitness and improve quality of life. However only limited knowledge exists on the potential of novel interventions and setting...

Kinetics of Perioperative Circulating DNA in Cancer Surgery

The aim of this study was to determine the kinetics of perioperative circulating DNA in three types of cancer. This first step will enable further studies comparing the potential impact of certain techniques or anesthetic products on cancer surgery.

PF-06804103 Dose Escalation in HER2 Positive Solid Tumors

The study will evaluate the safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of increasing doses of PF-06804103 in patients with HER2 positive solid tumors. The study will expand to look at the selected dose in patients with breast cancer, gastric cancer and non-small cell lung cancer

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