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Imitation dynamics of vaccine decision-making behaviours based on the game theory.

Based on game theory, we propose an age-structured model to investigate the imitation dynamics of vaccine uptake. We first obtain the existence and local stability of equilibria. We show that Hopf bif...

Biological evaluation of N-2-hydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride chitosan as a carrier for the delivery of live Newcastle disease vaccine.

Mucosal immune system plays a very important role in antiviral immune response. We prepared Newcastle disease viruses (NDV) encapsulated in N-2-hydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride chitosan (N-2-...

In vitro responses of chicken macrophage-like monocytes following exposure to pathogenic and non-pathogenic E. coli ghosts loaded with a rational design of conserved genetic materials of influenza and Newcastle disease viruses.

Avian influenza virus (AIV) and Newcastle disease virus (NDV) are two important viral diseases in the poultry industry. Therefore, new disease-fighting strategies, especially effective genetic vaccina...

Anti-atherosclerosis effect of different doses of CETP vaccine in rabbit model of atherosclerosis.

To evaluate atheroprotective effects of different doses of cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) vaccine, three doses of Tetanus toxoid-CETP (TT-CETP) peptide including 10, 50 and 100/rabbit, term...

Vaccine Development for Syphilis.

Syphilis, caused by the spirochete Treponema pallidum subspecies pallidum, continues to be a globally prevalent disease despite remaining susceptible to penicillin treatment. Syphilis vaccine developm...

Switch From Trivalent to Bivalent Oral Polio Vaccine.

A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase II Trial Investigating the Safety and Immunogenicity of Modified Vaccinia Ankara Smallpox Vaccine (MVA-BN®) in 56-80-Year-Old Subjects.

Modified Vaccinia Ankara MVA-BN® is a live, highly attenuated, viral vaccine under advanced development as a non-replicating smallpox vaccine. In this Phase II trial, the safety and immunogenicity of...

Serologic response and clinical efficacy of influenza vaccination in children and young adults on chemotherapy for cancer.

Influenza is a health risk to children receiving chemotherapy for cancer. An absolute lymphocyte count (ALC) >1,000 cells/mm(3) has been associated with the ability to produce an immune response to in...

A Helix-Stabilizing Linker Improves Subcutaneous Bioavailability of a Helical Peptide Independent of Linker Lipophilicity.

Stabilized peptides address several limitations to peptide-based imaging agents and therapeutics such as poor stability and low affinity due to conformational flexibility. There is also active researc...

A novel multivalent tuberculosis vaccine confers protection in a mouse model of tuberculosis.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis infects one third of the world's population. Due to variable efficacy of the Bacille Calmette Guerin (BCG) vaccine, development of novel TB vaccines remains a priority. Here...

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AHF: New Meningitis Outbreak Hits Gay Men in Los Angeles & OC

AHF calls on LA County to immediately roll out an aggressive public information campaign, supply vaccines and partner with the community in prevention efforts. According to AP, “Nine meningococc...

Flu-Miffed: Piecing Together Clues On How FluMist Lost Its Place In The Flu-Fighting Toolbox

After once being considered a preferred vaccine option for children, a CDC advisory panel recommended the spray should not be used in the upcoming flu season.

No Flu Nasal Spray Next Season: Why Is This Vaccine Not Working?

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) points to new data showing the spray was ineffective from 2013 to 2016 -- Read more on

Sorry. Nasal spray flu vaccine doesn't work, says CDC panel

The “nasal spray” influenza vaccine, used by millions of Americans in recent years, should not be administered during the coming flu season, an advisory panel to the Centers for Disease Control an...

CDC ACIP recommends Vaxchora as cholera vaccine for travelers

David Salazar Vaxchora is the only FDA-approved vaccine to prevent cholera in travelers 18 to 64 years of age.  read more

Reduced HPV Vaccine Dosing Could Be Worthwhile

The US Food and Drug Administration recommends three doses of the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV), but recent data suggest that fewer shots might be sufficient. Medscape Medical News

Saint Louis University to Launch Human Zika Vaccine Trial

Saint Louis University’s vaccine center has been tapped by the National Institutes of Health to conduct a human clinical trial of a vaccine to prevent the Zika virus, which can cause devastating...

Phase 1 Trial Enrollment Begins for Preventative Cytomegalovirus Vaccine Candidate

NewsVBI Vaccines begins enrolling patients in a Phase I trial of its preventative cytomegalovirus vaccine candidate.

FDA Approves Longer Shelf Life for Influenza Vaccine

NewsFDA approved longer shelf life for the game changer, Flublok® influenza vaccine.

FDA extends shelf life of Flublok influenza vaccine

Michael JohnsenThe longer shelf life will make it easier for healthcare providers and pharmacies to stock Flublok and vaccinate people throughout the influenza season. read more

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IDT Biologika and CMC Biologics

IDT Biologika is an innovative life science company headquartered in Dessau, Germany with extensive expertise in research, development and manufacturing of vaccines, and in additi...


SynAffix is a protein engineering company located in Oss (the Netherlands), focused on the development of next-generation Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) for targeted cancer and other diseases. SynA...


Tomtec has succeeded since 1967 by working with its clients to help solve their liquid handling needs. From 1967 to 1981, the Company had essentially one employee, Tom Astle. From 1967 to 1971, the Co...

PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd.

PsiOxus Therapeutics is an Oxford, UK-based development stage biotechnology company with a particular focus on immune therapeutics in oncology. PsiOxus has developed a pate...

Neon Therapeutics

Neon Therapeutics is an immuno-oncology company focused on developing novel therapeutics leveraging neoantigen biology to treat cancer. A neoantigen-based product engine will allo...

VaxAlta Inc.

VaxAlta is a leading glycoconjugate vaccine research and development company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Founded in 2013, the company is focused on developing sugar-based, effecti...

IDT Biologika

IDT Biologika is an innovative, privately-held life science company with more than 94 years history and expertise in Research, Development and Manufacturing of biologics for the g...

ImmusanT, Inc.

ImmusanT is a privately held biotechnology company focused on restoring tolerance to gluten in celiac disease by harnessing new discoveries in immunology that aim to improve diagn...

FluGen, Inc.

FluGen, Inc. is a privately held biotechnology company founded in 2005 and based in Madison, WI. The company has been developing novel influenza vaccine technology first invented ...

Immunovaccine Inc.

Immunovaccine Inc. develops cancer immunotherapies and infectious disease vaccines based on the Company’s DepoVax™ platform, a patented formulation that provides control...

Clinical Trials [2594 Associated Clinical Trials listed on BioPortfolio]

Quadri Meningo Follow up

A previous cohort of 93 clinical trial participants received quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine, which includes strains ACW and Y, in their teenage years. The vaccine also contai...

Observational Follow up of Prior HPV Vaccinees

HPV vaccines have been included in the national immunisation schedule since 2008, firstly as the Cervarix vaccine which protects against two HPV types and in 2012 as the Gardasil vaccine w...

Phase I, Open-label, Dose-ranging Study of GLS-5700 in Healthy Volunteers

The clinical trial will assess the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of GLS-5700. GLS-5700 is a synthetic DNA plasmid vaccine against the Zika virus. ZIKA-001 is the first in man cl...

Safety of the Seasonal Trivalent Inactivated Split Virion Influenza Vaccine (IVACFLU-S)

This is a phase I, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial with two groups of subjects to assess the safety of the seasonal trivalent inactivated split virion influenza vaccine ...

Study of Meninigococcal Conjugate Vaccine Containing Serogroups A,C,Y,W and X (MCV5) in Healthy Adults

MCV-5 is a vaccine being studied for use against a germ that causes infections of the brain and/or the blood. There are several licensed vaccines that protect against meningitis caused by ...

Personalized Cellular Vaccine for Brain Metastases (PERCELLVAC3)

Cancer patients with brain metastases (BM) have poor prognosis. Current treatments produce limited efficacy. Recent advance in cancer immunotherapy has provided important new means to trea...

Personalized Cellular Vaccine for Recurrent Glioblastoma (PERCELLVAC2)

The treatment option for recurrent glioblastoma is limited. Immune cell based therapy for glioblastoma has shown some efficacy. This study is designed to perform a personalized clinical tr...

Pneumococci and Hib Vaccination After Neurotrauma or Neurosurgery

The purpose of this study is to determine wether skull trauma or neurosurgery affect the immune response to two vaccine types.

Safety Study of Enterovirus 71 Vaccine in Children Aged 6-35 Months Old

This phase IV clinical study evaluates the safety of enterovirus 71 vaccine in children aged 6-35 months old by the method of both passive and active surveillance.

A Clinical Trial to Evaluate a Recombinant Staphylococcus Aureus Vaccine (Escherichia Coli) in Healthy Adults

Before this study, there will be an open-label, dose-escalation pilot study with a total of 30 participants with 10 per dosage group. The aim of the pilot study is to explore the prelimina...


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

A combined vaccine used to prevent infection with diphtheria and tetanus toxoid. This is used in place of DTP vaccine (DIPHTHERIA-TETANUS-PERTUSSIS VACCINE) when PERTUSSIS VACCINE is contraindicated.

A live vaccine containing attenuated poliovirus, types I, II, and III, grown in monkey kidney cell tissue culture, used for routine immunization of children against polio. This vaccine induces long-lasting intestinal and humoral immunity. Killed vaccine induces only humoral immunity. Oral poliovirus vaccine should not be administered to immunocompromised individuals or their household contacts. (Dorland, 28th ed)

A bacterial vaccine for the prevention of brucellosis in man and animal. Brucella abortus vaccine is used for the immunization of cattle, sheep, and goats.

A live attenuated virus vaccine of chick embryo origin, used for routine immunization of children and for immunization of adolescents and adults who have not had mumps or been immunized with live mumps vaccine. Children are usually immunized with measles-mumps-rubella combination vaccine.

A live attenuated virus vaccine of chick embryo origin, used for routine immunization of children and for immunization of adolescents and adults who have not had measles or been immunized with live measles vaccine and have no serum antibodies against measles. Children are usually immunized with measles-mumps-rubella combination vaccine. (From Dorland, 28th ed)

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