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CSC Scientific Company Inc

CSC Scientific was the first company to introduce the direct-reading Mechanical Moisture Balance (known as the Cenco) which is currently used in thousands of laboratories and industrial plants all over the world! We have been specializing in moisture analysis for many years offering products that employ the loss-on-drying, capacitance-based, and Karl Fischer methods. Our moisture equipment provi...

Redfish Photonics, Inc.

Redfish Photonics is a solid-state heat pump based company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to industries worldwide.Stand-alone solid-state heat pumps are provided as well as solid-state heat pump devices mounted and tested in the semiconductor package of the customer's choice.Dedicated to providing the highest quality micro-coolers for the lowest unit cost, we specialize in the high vo...

Esspee Enterprise

We offer wide range of cost-effective solutions for moisture problems. Silica Gel, Dry2Gel, Excel- Active Clay, Active Clay Silica Gel White (non indicating type). Which is hard glossy transparent crystal. Silica Gel Blue (Indicating Type). Which is impregnated with cobalt chloride. It is blue colored in dry state and becomes pink on absorption of moisture...

Delta F Corporation

Delta F strives for complete customer satisfaction. While Delta F oxygen and moisture analyzers have established the industry benchmark for analytical performance, it is our customer oriented business practices that keep customers coming back. Since 1969, Delta F has been implementing world class business practices in the manufacturing, testing, and support of our oxygen and moisture analysis prod...

Solid Dosage Training, Inc.

Solid Dosage Training is a California Corporation offering both introductory and single subject seminars on 26 different solid dosage manufacturing topics. We also lecture with the Center for Professional Advancement’s Institute of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. We travel the world training operators, staff and management is solid dosage and hard shell encapsulation.Mr. Rowley is grateful to Wa...

SOLID Datasystems, Inc.

SOLID Datasystems, Inc. pharmacy information systems are used by a wide range of pharmacies to fill millions of prescriptions per year. Explore our site to find out how SOLID/Rx and SOLID/POS can benefit your pharmacy.


Kaminario is a leading supplier of high performance all solid-state SAN storage. Its Kaminario K2 family of SAN storage eliminates I/O bottlenecks and dramatically reduces latency to accelerate critical business applications at a significantly lower cost and smaller footprint than legacy SAN storage. Kaminario uses off-the-shelf blade servers, a rev...

Phymetrix inc.

PhyMetrix, Inc. is a manufacturer of the world's first Nanotechnology based dewpoint meters. PhyMetrix has a manufacturing facility complete with R&D Lab, Testing, Engineering and Calibration&Repair Lab, located in Medford, NY. PhyMetrix offers a complete line of moisture analyzers, for the measurement of trace amount of moisture in a gas. All the PhyMetrix analyzers utilize a proprietary NanoPo...

Sirna Therapeutics, Inc.

The scientific community considers RNA RNARibonucleic acid. A long chain polymer of genetic material similar to DNA except that it is usually found in a single-stranded form rather than as a double helix, it is made up of the ribo nucleotides A, G, C, and U (instead of T), it is somewhat less resistant to cellular degradation enzymes than DNA, and it functions most often as a transient messenger o...

Eminent effect

The eminent effect is a consultancy aiming to stand out from the crowd in tackling many of today’s people and business challenges. The company offers organisation specific training, development, sales/marketing and interim management solutions not off the shelf packages.Primarily working within the NHS, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors, the eminent effect personnel can offer experience g...

Solid State Cooling Systems


Environmental Service Professionals, Inc.

ESP (EVSP.PK) offers various inspection services that include energy/efficiency audits addressing mold and moisture intrusion that can have an acute and chronic negative impact on the indoor air quality of commercial and residential buildings. The first company in the moisture inspection industry vertical to become a publicly traded company, ESP has embarked on a strategy to acquire businesses dea...

EOS Surfaces, LLC

EOS Surfaces, LLC is a solid surface manufacturer, founded in 2005, which revolutionized the solid surface industry with the first 3cm surface, a change from most ½” solid surfaces that require additional labor costs and edge build up for proper installation. The product received the International Solid Surface Fabricators Association’s (ISSFA...

Biomatrica, Inc.

Biomatrica ( is a San Diego-based biostability company that provides innovative technologies for stabilizing, processing, storing, shipping and assaying biological samples at room temperature. The core technology is designed for use in preserving complex biological samples and assays and is based on the principles of anhydrobiosis ("life without water"), a natural mechanism that...

Cleveland Biotech

Cleveland Biotech grows and acclimatises naturally occurring bacteria to create products for the degradation of organic wastes, including fats, oil and greases, and cellulose.

Suzhou No.5 Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd.

Suzhou No.5 Pharmaceutical Factory was founded in 1962 for the production of API's and API intermediates. During the past 40 years the Company firmly established a strong presence in the pharmaceutical industry.Presently the Company is engaged in basic chemical research, process research and development, production of API intermediates, API's and solid dosage pharmaceuticals. The Company has state...


Pharmacy Act 1948 came into force in Andhra State in the year 1955. The States re-organization took place in November, 1956. The Andhra Pradesh State has been formed with certain parts of erstwhile Hyderabad State (Telangana) with Hyderabad as Capital. The Pharmacy Act has been extended to Telangana area with effect from 01.09.1960. Under Section 46 of Pharmacy Act 1948 rules were framed vide G.O....

CollaGenex Pharmaceutical

ollaGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company focused on providing innovative medical therapies for the treatment of periodontitis and other pathologies characterized by the progressive degradation of the body's connective tissues. The Company's core technology involves inhibiting the activity of certain enzymes that degrade such connective tissues. The Company's first...

AAIPharma Services, Corp.

AAIPharma Services Corp. and Cambridge Major Laboratories, Inc. have joined to form a world-class supplier of comprehensive pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services. With nearly 800 employees operating out of seven sites in the US and Europe, combined capabilities include API development and manufacturing, solid state chemistry, formulation de...

ECI Biotech

ECI Biotech is an early stage protein sensor company with strong intellectual property of particular value for diagnostic sensors and therapeutics. Founded in 1998, its technologies relate to the detection of microbial pathogens and stabilizing active proteins to protect against infection


C.P.M. is one of the biggest pharmaceutical contract manufacturers in Germany. Besides the production of solid, semi-solid and fluid forms of administration, we can also handle the complete development and project management of your products through to validation


LEUKOCARE is a leading provider of technologies for stabilizing proteins to extend shelf-life and to enable terminal sterilization. Based on these technologies, LEUKOCARE can improve biopharmaceutical products and vaccines as well as functionalize a wide variety of surfaces including implant surfaces, wound dressings, stents, catheters and others.

AAIPharma Services Corp. and Cambridge Major Laboratories, Inc.

AAIPharma Services Corp. and Cambridge Major Laboratories, Inc. have joined to form a world-class supplier of comprehensive pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services. With nearly 800 employees operating out of seven sites in the US and Europe, combined capabilities include API development and manufacturing, solid state chemistry, formulation de...

Spectral Data Services, Inc.

Spectral Data Services, Inc. was founded in 1985, in order to provide rapid, first class NMR data acquisition capabilities and data analysis to industrial, university, and governmental clients who either do not have modern Fourier transform NMR spectrometers, or who are plagued by extremely long in-house turnaround times, or who require strict adherence to Federal regulations.We have capabilities ...

Ambion, Inc.

Ambion is a market leader in the development and supply of innovative RNA-based life science research and molecular biology products. Ambion specializes in the development of products for stabilizing, synthesizing, handling, isolating, storing, detecting, and measuring RNA.

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