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12:57 EDT 26th May 2017 | BioPortfolio

BioPortfolio lists our visitors' most popular corporate profiles for the last 7 days based on search engine activity.

EvaluatePharma Ltd

Added: 23:23 EDT 23 Jul 2014

EvaluatePharma® offers a unique commercial perspective on the pharma and biotech business, in a user-friendly online subscription service. For industry insiders and the investment sector, EvaluatePharma® supports value-enhancing business decisions with proprietary insight into the commercial and financial prospects of the pharma and biotech industry. Our expertise and reputation for rock solid ...

Zydus Cadila :: Added: 14:34 EDT 22 Jul 2010

Advance Paradigm Incorporated

Added: 04:12 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Advance Paradigm is a leading independent provider of health benefit management services, providing pharmacy benefit management, disease management and clinical research programs. Advance Paradigm's mission is to improve the quality of care delivered to health plan members while helping health plan sponsors reduce overall health benefit costs. Advance Paradigm generate revenues from providing serv...

Aizant Drug Research Solutions (P) Ltd

Added: 04:20 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Aizant is established by individuals with over 30 years of pharmaceutical industrial experience in the USA. Aizant provides comprehensive drug development resources and solutions for Pre-formulation, Formulation Development, Analytical Development, cGMP Scale-up, Stability, Bioavailability, Bioequivalence, Bioanalytical and Diagnostics for regulated and emerging markets.

CareCore National, LLC

Added: 23:22 EDT 23 Jul 2014

CareCore National, LLC ( is the nation’s largest specialty benefits management company. It has been in business since 1994, at which time it began to offer services for radiology benefit management only. Since that time it has developed programs and management specific technology in cardiology, medical oncology, radiation onco...


Added: 01:10 EDT 5 May 2013

HVHC Inc. is a privately-held, for-profit holding company for a portfolio of vision companies which includes, among other companies, Davis Vision, Inc., Viva Optique, Inc. and Eye Care Centers of America, Inc. Together the vertically integrated company is the third largest provider of managed vision care products and services, and the third largest operato...

eRx Network, LLC

Added: 23:24 EDT 23 Jul 2014

eRx Network is a premier provider to the U.S. pharmacy industry of a secure, reliable and performance oriented network for e-commerce applications. eRx Network provides a number of productivity enhancing services including fast, secure switching of third party claims, eligibility services, value proven pre- and post- editing, claims reconciliation, resubmission services, electronic prescribing...

SXC Health Solutions, Inc.

Added: 04:12 EDT 27 Aug 2014

SXC Health Solutions Corp. is a leading provider of pharmacy benefits management (PBM) services and Health Care Information Technology (HCIT) solutions to the healthcare benefits management industry. The Company's product offerings and solutions combine a wide range of software applications, application service provider (ASP) processing services and professional services, designed for many of ...

Dr. Janet's Glucosamine Cream :: Added: 01:09 EDT 5 May 2013

ViroDefense INC

Added: 12:37 EDT 24 Jul 2014

ViroDefense Inc is an antiviral research, development and consulting company that advocates for and facilitates development of effective antiviral pharmaceuticals that address global public health threats. ViroDefense Inc is presently focused on development of antiviral drugs for poliomyelitis. Currently, there are no poliovirus antiviral drug products available. ViroDefense INC has offices in...

Alpha Therapeutic Corporation

Added: 01:09 EDT 5 May 2013

Alpha Therapeutic helps set industry standards with comprehensive donor screening and innovative use of viral inactivation techniques .The company was founded in 1948 in Los Angeles as Courtland Laboratories. In 1978, it was incorporated in California as Alpha Therapeutic Corporation. Alpha's parent company, Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation, is traded on the Japanese Stock Exchange.

Avlar BioVentures Ltd

Added: 23:24 EDT 23 Jul 2014

Avlar was founded in 1999 by Alan Goodman and Daniel Roach and manages Avlar Fund I (£21m) and Avlar Fund II (£43m). Avlar has invested in eighteen companies across a range of sub-sectors of the bioscience industries. Ten are still private, two have been merged, three have been bought by public companies, two have been sold for cash and one is listed on the public markets. Prior to the formation...


Added: 04:17 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Kedrion is a biotechnology company specializing in the development, production and distribution of plasmaderivatives. It was founded in 2001 following the rationalization and optimization of operations in other companies involved in the sector since the 1960s. Kedrion has acquired corporate assets that guarantee it a leading role in Europe and the world.In Italy, Kedrion is the main reference poin...

SOMATEC Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Added: 12:40 EDT 24 Jul 2014

SOMATEC Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a fast growing Pharmaceutical Company in Bangladesh. Somatec has created a strong differentiated product portfolio, building on its product development expertise, regulatory capabilities and large-scale production capabilities with technological advancement. Somatec believes in total quality management process which provides confidence, accuracy and strict complianc...

Added: 04:23 EDT 27 Aug 2014 delivers pet happiness by conveniently shipping more than 100 brands of pet food, treats, supplies and health-related products. The Miami, FL-based company officially launched in September 2011 with the mission to increase pet happiness, and protect and improve the lives of at-risk animals around the globe. has charitable relationsh...

Trusted Health Plans, Inc.

Added: 04:24 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Washington D.C. based Trusted Health Plans, Inc. (Trusted) is a minority owned HMO and Managed Care Organization (MCO) that presently services Medicaid and Washington D.C. Alliance eligible residents, and provides its enrollees with unprecedented access to health care services that will materially improve their health and decrease disparities found within ...

Rally Health, Inc.

Added: 19:29 EST 9 Mar 2017

Rally Health, Inc. helps people take an active role in their health care. We use clinical data, customized recommendations, and continual rewards to help users make positive lifestyle choices and navigate every touch point in the health care continuum. With offices in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Chicago, Rally Health features an executive team tha...

Amaranth Medical, Inc.

Added: 12:32 EDT 16 May 2017

Amaranth Medical, Inc. is a medical device company which has created a novel technology platform for the development and manufacturing of fully bioresorbable scaffolds. The Company’s products include the 150-micron FORTITUDE® and 115-micron APTITUDE®, which have each completed patient enrollment in their respective studies; and the sub-100-micron ...

Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Added: 04:01 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Vitae Pharmaceuticals is a development-stage biopharmaceutical company building a portfolio of novel, small molecule, best-in-class compounds that address large markets, including chronic kidney disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Vitae’s lead compound, VTP-27999, is a wholly owned, novel, potent and selective renin inhibitor offering the ...

One Call Medical, Inc.

Added: 04:06 EDT 27 Aug 2014

One Call Medical, Inc. (OCM), the leading specialized Preferred Provider Organization, offers a nationwide network of fully credentialed high quality facilities and reduced cost for radiology and neurodiagnostic services. One Call Medical’s network includes coverage in all major metropolitan areas across all 50 states. OCM customers realize significan...

Oceana Therapeutics

Added: 13:15 EDT 22 Jul 2015

Founded in mid-2008 by award winning healthcare professionals, Oceana Therapeutics is committed to commercializing best-in-class therapeutics to address unmet and under-satisfied medical needs with a focus on gastroenterology, urology and other specialty categories. With executive offices in Edison, NJ and European operations headquartered in Dublin, Irela...

VIRxSYS Corporation

Added: 04:06 EDT 27 Aug 2014

VIRxSYS Corporation is a privately held biotech company. The Company was founded in 1998 and is located in the biotech corridor of Gaithersburg, Maryland. Using technology first developed by and exclusively licensed from The Johns Hopkins University, VIRxSYS has developed a gene delivery system (a vector) from a human lentivirus for the treatment of serious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer.Wit...

Cmed Group Ltd

Added: 04:06 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Cmed was founded in 2000 by former senior pharmaceutical and clinical research executives with a vision of combining deep, full-spectrum experience in clinical services with innovative technology to provide customers a better way to manage clinical data. The Cmed Group includes Cmed (Clinical Research Services) Ltd, a full-service eCRO and Cmed Technology ...

Intouch Solutions

Added: 04:06 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Founded in 1999, Intouch Solutions® Inc. is a privately held, full-service digital marketing communications agency headquartered in the Kansas City area with a second location in Chicago. Specializing in digital solutions for the pharmaceutical and health care industries, Intouch is redefining what marketing means to these industries. Contact Intouch at...


Added: 04:06 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Cognosante is all about health—cognos from the Latin cognosco meaning “to know” and santé meaning “health” in French. Our mission is to deliver high-quality health information solutions, both strategic and operational, for public and private health organizations by providing services and technology, skilled business and technica...

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