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Advance Paradigm Incorporated

Added: 04:12 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Advance Paradigm is a leading independent provider of health benefit management services, providing pharmacy benefit management, disease management and clinical research programs. Advance Paradigm's mission is to improve the quality of care delivered to health plan members while helping health plan sponsors reduce overall health benefit costs. Advance Paradigm generate revenues from providing serv...

Meyer Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Added: 04:17 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Meyer Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to researching and developing innovative therapies for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and related disorders. Our therapeutic targets (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, severe plaque psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, and sepsis) afflict over 60 million people worldwide. Our business strategy is to use our state-of...

Tango Therapeutics

Added: 12:02 EDT 30 Mar 2017

Tango Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing novel medicines for patients by discovering and drugging context-dependent vulnerabilities in cancers. Tango was launched in 2017 by Third Rock Ventures and is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. For more information, please visit

HealthStream, Inc.

Added: 23:22 EDT 23 Jul 2014

HealthStream (NASDAQ: HSTM) is a leading provider of learning and research solutions for the healthcare industry, transforming insight into action to deliver outcomes-based results for healthcare organizations. Through HealthStream’s learning solutions—which have been contracted by over 2.1 million hospital-based healthcare professionals—hea...


Added: 04:01 EDT 27 Aug 2014

MagnaCare is a health plan management company that touches millions of lives nationwide. For over 20 years MagnaCare has provided solutions to Taft Hartley funds, self-insured companies, commercial insurers such as health, workers compensation, or no fault, TPA’s, and government entities. Whether it’s access to a broad provider network, predictive ...

Airamid Health Management :: Added: 21:55 EDT 21 Jul 2010
Sono Bello :: Added: 13:26 EDT 22 Jul 2010

Touch Bionics

Added: 01:09 EDT 5 May 2013

Touch Bionics is a provider of world-leading prosthetic technologies designed to achieve positive outcomes for people with upper limb deficiencies. Touch Bionics was the first company to develop an electrically powered prosthetic hand with five independently powered fingers and the company continues to be a pioneer in upper limb prosthetic solutions. The c...

Dong-A PharmTech Co. Ltd. :: Added: 01:09 EDT 5 May 2013
Arcadian Health Plan, Inc. :: Added: 01:09 EDT 5 May 2013

SXC Health Solutions, Inc.

Added: 04:12 EDT 27 Aug 2014

SXC Health Solutions Corp. is a leading provider of pharmacy benefits management (PBM) services and Health Care Information Technology (HCIT) solutions to the healthcare benefits management industry. The Company's product offerings and solutions combine a wide range of software applications, application service provider (ASP) processing services and professional services, designed for many of ...

E&C Medical Intelligence, Inc.

Added: 23:24 EDT 23 Jul 2014

E&C Medical Intelligence, Inc. is a pioneer in risk management solutions and consulting services for hospitals. E&C's integrated solution includes proprietary expert clinical decision support software (IPRob(TM)) and professional services which improve patient safety, the quality of care, and the efficiency of healthcare delivery. The IPRob(TM) combines evidence-based medical knowledge with c...

Blue Cross Laboratories Ltd

Added: 04:15 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Blue Cross is headed by Mr.N.H.Israni who is our Chairman.We are one of the leading research-based pharmaceutical companies in India with over two decades of experience in providing healthcare products to people across the globe with the aim of improving human life.Our name today is synonymous with top quality healthcare products. We discover, develop and deliver a wide range of innovative and hig...

Non-Invasive Monitoring System

Added: 23:24 EDT 23 Jul 2014

Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems, Inc. (Nims Inc.) is engaged in the development of innovative medical products utilizing new and unique technologies to address a wide variety of medical conditions. The company specializes in products that use a natural approach to assist subjects without the use of drugs or any invasive procedures. The company’s flagship product is the Acceleration Therapeutics...


Added: 04:16 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Himalaya USA® is the exclusive North American representative of The Himalaya Drug Company of Bangalore, India, which has pioneered scientifically validated Herbal HealthCare. Starting in 1930, Himalaya succeeded in combining the rich value of an old system of natural health with all the processes of modern pharmaceutical technology. Since 1930, the result of this gigantic effort has been widely s...

M-Biotech, Inc.

Added: 04:17 EDT 27 Aug 2014

M-Biotech was founded in 1997 and is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. M-Biotech's core business includes the research and development of biosensors for health care applications. Based on M-Biotech's proprietary hydrogel technology, M-Biotech focuses specifically on the development of glucose biosensors for continuous monitoring of glucose levels in diabetic patients

Focus Diagnostics' mission is to be the early developer and market leader in innovative, high quality services for rare, unusual and emerging infectious and immunologic diseases. We strive to exceed our customer expectations by delivering testing services, diagnostic products and real-time actionable information and data solutions that positively impact healthcare outcomes, enhance the quality of ...

Canada Online Healthlink, INC.

Added: 23:25 EDT 23 Jul 2014

A survey in the fall of 1999 by US Consumer Reports showed that buyers could save as much as 29 percent by obtaining certain drugs from a Canadian pharmacy. Purchasing online from a Canadian pharmacy can yield much larger savings of up to 50% on average compared to buying those same drugs “discounted” by Medicare. Prescription drugs bought from Canadian pharmacies are the same high quality, br...

Radford Surveys + Consulting

Added: 12:39 EDT 24 Jul 2014

For 30 years, Radford Surveys + Consulting has provided compensation and benefits intelligence to the technology industries. Survey databases, which include more than 1.8 million incumbents, offer current, reliable data to more than 2,000 clients. The Radford Network, an exclusive client-only extranet, provides access to survey data, tools and resources on demand and has nearly 7,000 registered us...

SOMATEC Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Added: 12:40 EDT 24 Jul 2014

SOMATEC Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a fast growing Pharmaceutical Company in Bangladesh. Somatec has created a strong differentiated product portfolio, building on its product development expertise, regulatory capabilities and large-scale production capabilities with technological advancement. Somatec believes in total quality management process which provides confidence, accuracy and strict complianc...


Added: 04:19 EDT 27 Aug 2014

The Continuous Wave Technique (CWT) methodology was introduced in 1996 by IKU Petroleum Research (now SINTEF Petroleum Research) as a method for measuring the acoustic velocities on small core samples, including in particular shale drill cuttings. The CWT technology is a fast and inexpensive method of measuring the ultrasonic wave velocity on samples as small as sub-millimeter in thickness. This i...

Tissue Science Laboratories plc

Added: 12:40 EDT 24 Jul 2014

Formed in 1996 Tissue Science Laboratories plc (TSL) is an independent medical device company dedicated to the research, development and marketing of tissue implant products. TSL's first product, Permacol™ surgical implant was approved for use in the EU in 1997. In September 1999 TSL signed its first worldwide distribution agreement with CR BARD Inc for surgical applications in the fields of uro...

Bioventus LLC

Added: 04:23 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Bioventus is a global leader of active orthopaedic healing, providing clinically proven and cost-effective therapies and diagnostics that help patients regain active lifestyles. The company’s innovative products include the market-leading bone stimulation device and osteoarthritis joint fluid therapies. Bioventus’ adherence to high quality standards, ...

Valley Presbyterian Hospital

Added: 23:22 EDT 23 Jul 2014

Founded in 1958, Valley Presbyterian Hospital, a non-profit and nonsectarian hospital, has remained focused on meeting the medical needs of the community for over 50 years. While VPH has grown to become one of the largest acute care hospitals in the San Fernando Valley, it continues to provide patient-centered care for a healthier community. The 350-bed fa...

Nuon Therapeutics, Inc.

Added: 23:22 EDT 23 Jul 2014

Nuon Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical stage, biopharmaceutical company that is developing small molecule drugs to address critical, unmet medical needs in autoimmune and rheumatic diseases. The Company is privately held and headquartered in San Mateo, CA. For additional information, please visit:

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