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Most popular Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Companies

15:43 EDT 23rd April 2014 | BioPortfolio

BioPortfolio lists our visitors' most popular corporate profiles for the last 7 days based on search engine activity.

Health Republic Insurance of New York

Added: 09:30 EDT 17 Sep 2013

Health Republic Insurance of New York is a not-for-profit Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan, or CO-OP, designed to give people more options for quality, affordable coverage in a consumer-friendly and focused way. As a member-owned entity, the majority of the Company’s Board of Directors will be members, elected by members, whose main priority is sup...

Mundipharma International Ltd

Added: 20:09 EDT 4 May 2013

The Mundipharma International Group of Companies are privately owned associated companies and joint ventures covering the world’s pharmaceutical markets. The Group is particularly strong in analgesics, respiratory products, cardiovascular medicines, antiseptics and laxatives.We employ over 4000 people and have ex-company sales of over $800m of which 25% are from licensed products. Total sales of...

Cinterion Wireless Modules

Added: 20:10 EDT 4 May 2013

Cinterion Wireless Modules is the worldwide leading supplier of cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) communication modules and combines unparalleled M2M engineering expertise and localized worldwide customer support with a strong portfolio of high-quality GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSPA products. Cinterion is a reliable partner and valued by many vertical mark...

Howard Leight

Added: 20:10 EDT 4 May 2013

Under the Howard Leight brand, Honeywell Safety Products is a leading global provider of passive and intelligent hearing protection solutions, and is the founder of the HearForever™ initiative. For over 30 years, the company and its predecessors have pursued the prevention of occupational noise-induced hearing loss through innovation in hearing protec...

Airamid Health Management :: Added: 16:55 EDT 21 Jul 2010

BioForm Medical, Inc.

Added: 20:09 EDT 4 May 2013

BioForm Medical, Inc. is a medical aesthetics company headquartered in San Mateo, California, developing products that enhance aesthetic procedures performed in dermatology and plastic surgery practices. BioForm Medical's lead product is Radiesse(R) dermal filler, a long-lasting filler for use in facial aesthetics. BioForm Medical is developing several future aesthetics products, including a...

International Equipment Company (IEC)

Added: 20:09 EDT 4 May 2013

International Equipment Company produces benchtop and floor model laboratory centrifuges for scientists and lab technicians in research, industrial, and clinical laboratories. Our centrifuges are known for their outstanding performance, safety, and value.IEC has been manufacturing high-quality laboratory centrifuges, rotors and accessories for nearly 100 years. We were responsible for many innovat...


Added: 20:09 EDT 4 May 2013

DALLAS METROCARE MHMR SERVICES (formerly Dallas County Mental Health Mental Retardation Center) is a community mental health mental retardation center serving the residents of Dallas County. Governed by a nine member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Dallas County Commissioners Court, the Center provides a comprehensive array of services and supports to Dallas County residents dealing with the c...

SOMATEC Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Added: 20:10 EDT 4 May 2013

SOMATEC Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a fast growing Pharmaceutical Company in Bangladesh. Somatec has created a strong differentiated product portfolio, building on its product development expertise, regulatory capabilities and large-scale production capabilities with technological advancement. Somatec believes in total quality management process which provides confidence, accuracy and strict complianc...

Lumos Labs, Inc.

Added: 20:10 EDT 4 May 2013

Lumos Labs is the cognitive neuroscience research and development company behind, the #1 destination for healthy online brain training with over 7 million members. The games and training programs are grounded in neuroscience and have demonstrated efficacy, backed by scientific studies showing improved memory, attention, executive function, mat...

Trusted Health Plans, Inc.

Added: 15:41 EDT 8 Jul 2013

Washington D.C. based Trusted Health Plans, Inc. (Trusted) is a minority owned HMO and Managed Care Organization (MCO) that presently services Medicaid and Washington D.C. Alliance eligible residents, and provides its enrollees with unprecedented access to health care services that will materially improve their health and decrease disparities found within...


Added: 20:10 EDT 4 May 2013

HVHC Inc. is a privately-held, for-profit holding company for a portfolio of vision companies which includes, among other companies, Davis Vision, Inc., Viva Optique, Inc. and Eye Care Centers of America, Inc. Together the vertically integrated company is the third largest provider of managed vision care products and services, and the third largest operato...

Clarisonic :: Added: 09:27 EDT 22 Jul 2010

Nature's Way

Added: 20:09 EDT 4 May 2013

Founded in 1968, Nature's Way ( is a recognized pioneer and leader among nutritional and dietary supplement companies in America. Today, the company, which offers more than 500 premium nutritional and natural products, is headquartered in Springville, Utah, and is one of the largest and most technologically advanced of all supplement manufacturers in the United States. Nature's...

Silverchair Learning Systems

Added: 20:09 EDT 4 May 2013

Silverchair Learning Systems works with senior care leaders who want to improve the training process in their organizations. Silverchair offers a user-friendly online training solution that improves compliance and eliminates record keeping headaches, while saving time and money. We make online training successful with easy set-up, ease of use, simple tracking, and educationally-rich yet fun cours...

Novare Surgical Systems Inc.

Added: 20:09 EDT 4 May 2013

Based in Cupertino, Calif., Novare Surgical Systems was originally founded in 1999. RealHand was developed entirely at Novare Surgical and represents a shift in the company's focus toward devices for minimally invasive surgery. For more information, visit the company's web site at

Werfel & Werfel, PLLC :: Added: 20:09 EDT 4 May 2013

SK Biopharmaceuticals

Added: 12:56 EDT 3 Jul 2013

SK Biopharmaceuticals, a research and development company specializing in the discovery of small molecule drug candidates and their development from drug target through commercialization will remain in their headquarters in Fairfield, New Jersey. SK Energy & Chemicals, which manufactures and develops fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, and API's, will remain in their Fair Lawn, New Jerse...


Added: 20:09 EDT 4 May 2013

Founded in 1974 as a distributor of pharmaceutical ingredients, it was in the late 1980's with the advent of research and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients ("APIs"), that Apotex Pharmachem Inc. ("API") began its impressive growth. API is a proud member of the Apotex Group of companies, Canada's largest manufacturer and provider of high quality generic pharmaceuticals to the Canadi...

Mpower Communications Corp

Added: 20:10 EDT 4 May 2013

"Founded in 1996, Mpower Communications Corp. (AMEX:MPE) is a facilities-based communications provider offering an integrated bundle of broadband data and voice communication services to business customers."Mpower delivers a full range of telephone, high-speed data, Internet access, and Web hosting solutions. Mpower is a super regional CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) serving areas throug...

Mepha Ltd.

Added: 20:10 EDT 4 May 2013

Welcome to the International Division of Mepha Ltd. – welcome to the fascinating and different world of Mepha – the innovative Swiss pharmaceutical company!It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our homepage. We have developed an interesting and informative website in order to give you an overview of our international product portfolio and our international presence and activities....

Nexia Biotechnologies Inc

Added: 20:10 EDT 4 May 2013

Until recently Nexia developed and manufactured complex recombinant proteins in the milk of transgenic goats for medical and industrial applications. The Company's two lead programs were Protexia and BioSteelR.On March 7, 2005, Nexia's, shareholders approved the sale of substantially all its operations and assets related to ProtexiaR to PharmAthene (, a privately held biotechno...

Weldrick Pharmacy

Added: 20:10 EDT 4 May 2013

Weldrick Limited is a family run pharmacy group based in the South Yorkshire region.The proprietor of Weldricks qualified as a Pharmacist from The Sunderland School of Pharmacy in 1964 after spending his childhood years helping out in his grandmother’s pharmacy based in the Doncaster Town Centre.After 3 years experience as a locum he opened his first pharmacy in Hatfield, Doncaster in 1967. Not...

STOPS Enterprises, LLC :: Added: 20:10 EDT 4 May 2013

VitalWear, Inc.

Added: 20:10 EDT 4 May 2013

VitalWear is a durable medical equipment (DME) manufacturer providing the VitalWrap System and a full line of complementary thermal therapy products. The company was formed in response to market demands for better heating, cooling and compression options to self-treat joint and muscle pain in active and aging populations. The VitalWrap System is distribute...

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