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Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Attenuon, LLC

Attenuon, LLC is a San Diego-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a new generation of cancer therapeutics. Attenuon’s drug candidates are designed to selectively disrupt multiple cellular processes important to tumor growth and metastasis (the spreading of tumors). Rather than indiscriminately killing both malignant and normal cells undergoing cell division, these drugs are ...

BD Biosciences Bioimaging Systems

Atto Bioscience's R&D group has unique capabilities and experience developing new approaches to cell-based assays. Using proprietary cloning technology, Atto's team has the ability to introduce novel genes into cells to develop custom cell lines expressing a multitude of reporting constructs.

APS Water Services Corp

We supply high purity water equipment to residential, commercial, industrial and high technology industries. We specialize in the purification of water used in critical scientific applications such as cell culture media production, oxygen removal in cooling loops, pharmaceutical manufacturing, space exploration projects and other high purity applications. Our extensive knowledge in high technology...

Archport Ltd

Archport Ltd. is a service orientated bioprocessing company based at Dublin City University (DCU) and provides contract production and development services to the biopharmaceutical industry. A number of dedicated clean room suites are available for GMP manufacturing or development and are flexible to accommodate client requirements. Archport’s range of services include GMP compliant animal cell ...

Areta International

Areta International was founded, with totally private financial support, by Dr. Maria Luisa Nolli in autumn 1999 as a spin-off of cell biology Laboratories of Lepetit Research Center, part of multinational companies, where she had a twenty years experience as scientist and team leader. The company was born to cover the gap existing between the excellent basic research and the poor development of d...

MGroup Resources LLC,

beòcarta Ltd is a world leading independent company which uses detailed metabolic analysis to: Increase productivity of fermentations Bring novel bioprocesses to production more rapidly Improve process economics and control Define rational targets for strain or cell line improvement Balance the use of medium and feed ingredients Identify unknown waste metabolites Enable accurate up-scaling and do...

Applied BioPhysics, Inc.

Applied BioPhysics, Inc. is focused on applying the results of biophysical research to provide practical tools for cell research and drug discovery


The autologous cartilage transplant CaReS® - Cartilage Regeneration System - offered by ARS ARTHRO AG® is a 3D mechanically stable transplant based on patient specific autologous cartilage cells and a unique patent pending collagen matrix.Based on the present state of art, the ARS ARTHRO AG® transplant is the only product that is easily adaptable intra-operatively to fit the defect, it offers c...

Artificial Cell Technologies, Inc.

Artificial Cell Technologies, Inc. is an early-stage biomedical nanotechnology company founded in 2002 to commercialize applications of a new proprietary technology platform involving designed polypeptides. Our long term vision is to commercialize biotechnology applications for successively more sophisticated versions of an artificial bionanomachine: the artificial cell. ACT was founded to achie...

Department of BiochemistryMedical College of Wisconsin

The research interests of our faculty span a broad spectrum of modern biochemistry ranging from cell and developmental biology to structural biology. The unifying theme defining us is an interest in biological processes at the molecular level. The department is home to state of the art facilites and instruments for X-ray crystallography, NMR sepctroscopy, mass spectrometry, fluorescence microscopy...


BioTechPlex provides enabling products and services for the discovery and development of respiratory and cardiac drugs as well as the evaluation of respiratory, cardiac and autonomic function. BioTechPlex's technologies address unmet needs for cell-based and small animal-based assays for target screening, validation and safety pharmacology and patient monitoring and respiratory aerosol drug delive...

Alchemy House

Selling to the modern NHS is becoming more complex and requires a broader set of skills than in the past. The variety of customer groups that can influence sales of your product grows every year and each needs separate consideration.Whether you are discussing prescribing guidelines within a PCT, selling clinical benefits to doctors and nurses or discussing commercial issues with a dispensing pract...

Kryosphere, Inc.

Kryosphere is North Carolina’s first independent biorepository serving the state with secure storage and handling of biological samples. Kryosphere’s state-of-the-art facility in Research Triangle Park is designed to store biological samples ranging from ambient to liquid nitrogen temperatures. We provide biorepository services, cold chain-of-custody logistics, and clinical trial sample mana...

The American Society for Cell Biology

The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) was founded in 1960 to bring the varied facets of cell biology together. The Society's purpose is to promote and develop the field of cell biology. Its objectives are achieved through the scholarly dissemination of research at its Annual Meeting and Summer Meetings in its publications. The ASCB strives to ensure the future of basic scientific research b...

Ballard Power Systems

Ballard Power Systems is recognized as a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of zero-emission proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells.Ballard’s mission is to make fuel cells a commercial reality. By concentrating on what Ballard does best, fuel cells, we are able to leverage our automotive fuel cell technology for less demanding non-automotive applications.

Accuro Immunology AB

Accuro Immunology is a biomedical discovery company based at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. Based on its proprietary TEIPP1 technology, Accuro develops active immunotherapies directed at escape variants of several cancers. The company has established preclinical proof-of-concept and is currently validating lead candidates for its clinical program. The company’s pipeline includes cel...

Active Motif

As the sequencing of the human and other genomes is completed, researchers are focusing their efforts on determining the functions, interactions and regulation of the encoded proteins. Active Motif is dedicated to developing and delivering cell and molecular biology-based research tools along with the biocomputing resources that assist in the endeavor. It applies a multi-disciplinary approach to c...

Automated Fusion Technology Pty Ltd

Automated Fusion Technology Pty Ltd ( AFT ) was established in July 1991 as a design, manufacturing and service organisation specialising in automated fusion equipment. In addition to supplying a wide range of standard fusion machines and options, AFT provides a customised service which designs and builds equipment to meet clients' needs. The range of products includes service contracts, customise...

Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc

Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (Advanced Analytical) was founded in 1998 in Ames, IA with the mission of bringing new technology to market. This privately-held corporation is comprised of a team of highly-qualified scientists, engineers and support personnel whose specialties include flow cytometry, cell biology, industrial microbiology, spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, computer techno...

BioImagene Inc

At BioImagene, our vision is to intertwine the innovations in biological sciences and information technology to develop innovative image informatics applications, which would automate the analysis of gels, cell, and tissues. These applications would also help the industry at large to deliver accurate results, while saving time and money substantially. We believe that Digital Pathology is the next ...

Altogen Biosystems - cell transfection products

Altogen Biosystems is a life sciences company dedicated to the development, marketing and manufacture of cell type specific transfection reagents. Efficient delivery of DNA, RNA, siRNA, and microRNA enabled by advanced formulation of reagents and peculiar design of protocols.Altogen Biosystems offers a complete transfection system for a broad range of cell lines. All reagents are functionally test...

LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments - fermenters, bioreactors, peristaltic and syringe pumps, dosers

LAMBDA develops innovative, high quality laboratory instruments with an excellent price to performance ratio: laboratory fermentors, bench top fermenters, bioreactors for cell culture, peristaltic and syringe pumps, fraction collectors, powder doser, mass flow gas controllers, fermentation softwarePersonal lab experience is essential for making good laboratory instruments. Our instruments are prac...

Transgalactic Limited

A microbiology reader runs microbiology tests automatically, simultaneously monitoring the growth of microorganisms in 200 wells. Corresponding growth curves and microbiological calculations are shown in MS Excel. Any experiment where the growth of bacteria, yeast, fungi, cell or phage are to be followed kinetically in a liquid growth medium can be performed.

Trevigen Incorporated

Trevigen is a long standing provider of quality kits and reagents for researchers investigating programmed cell death, DNA damage and repair, cell differentiation and angiogenesis. Trevigen recently launched PathClear™ Basement Membrane Extract in the Cultrex® product line." Telephone Toll Free: 1-800-TREVIGEN

Vista Biologicals Corporation

Vista Biologicals specializes in providing contract production of animal cells, cell-derived products, and related contract research to the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.

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