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Effects of Testosterone and Fat Utilization

Evidence is accumulating that there are sex differences in energy and substrate metabolism. The positive or negative consequences of such metabolic differences between men and women need to be evaluated with respect to health outcomes. The importance of aberrant lipid metabolism in metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, makes understanding ...

Growth Hormone Treatment in Patients With Aggrecan Deficiency

This is an open-label single arm prospective pilot study to study the effects of a single dose regimen of daily growth hormone medication on pre-pubertal children with Aggrecan deficiency. The growth response will be tacked over a 12 month period.

Link Between the Sensitivity of Kisspeptin Signalling and Pubertal Onset in Boys.

The specific objective of this study was to investigate the sensitivity of Kisspeptin receptor 1 (KISS1R) by determining the responsiveness of GnRH neuron to kisspeptin administration across the pubertal stages and adult group through measuring plasma LH (luteinizing hormone) and testosterone concentrations.

Intraoperative Ultrasound in Patients Undergoing Transsphoidal Surgery for Pituitary Adenoma

Pituitary adenoma can be difficult to cure with approximately a third of patients in contemporary series' undergoing incomplete resection. Over the last decade or so a handful of groups have described the use intraoperative ultrasound to improve resection. Although limited, these proof-of-concept studies suggest intraoperative ultrasound is a safe and effective technologica...

Identifying New Genetic Causes to Development Disorders

Disorders of growth, puberty and sex development can have genetic causes. The exome analysis could detect new mutations responsible for these disorders and the frequency of these mutations in these disorders, their association with other malformations.

Efficacy and Safety of Testosterone Nasal Gel for Treating Hypogonadism in Men.

This is a phase III study for evaluation of Nasotestt efficacy compared to Androgel in the treatment of male participants with hypogonadism condition (reduced levels of testosterone) that have clinical indication of hormonal replacement with testosterone.

Study to Assess Long-term Effectiveness of Zomacton® and Treatment Adherence in Patients With Growth Hormone Deficiency or Ullrich-Turner Syndrome

Assessment of long-term effectiveness of ZOMACTON in treatment of Growth Hormone Deficiency or growth retardation due to Ullrich-Turner Syndrome and assessment of compliance and adherence, optionally with the aid of an electronic app or patient diary.

Cabergoline in Nonfunctioning Pituitary Adenomas

Clinically nonfunctioning pituitary adenoma remains the only pituitary tumor subtype for which no effective medical therapy is available or recommended. We will evaluate the use of cabergoline in a clinical trial, in order to define the efficacy of this treatment in nonfunctioning pituitary adenoma.

Fertility and Ovarian Reserve Function in the Patient With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

ECCO consensus, the fertility would decline in activity inflammatory bowel disease(IBD), because of anus lesions and pelvic abscess, or who underwent surgery, especially in patients with ileal pouch anal anastomosis (IPAA) storage.The study on fertility in inflammatory bowel disease were almost epidemiological investigation, the lack of objective evaluation of fertility, an...

Study of SPR001 in Adults With Classic Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

This is a multicenter Phase 2, multiple dose, dose escalation study to evaluate the safety, pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD), and efficacy of SPR001 in adult patients with classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH).

Pegylated Somatropin (PEG Somatropin) in the Treatment of Children With Growth Hormone Deficiency

To Evaluate the safety and efficacy of PEG Somatropin in the treatment of children with growth hormone deficiency, as well as to study the dosage of PEG Somatropin.

Multiple-Dose Pharmacokinetics and Potential for Adrenal Suppression Following Treatment With Halobetasol Spray in Patients With Atopic Dermatitis

This is an open-label, safety study designed to assess the multiple-dose pharmacokinetics and potential for adrenal suppression following topical treatment with halobetasol propionate 0.05% spray applied twice-daily in adult patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis. At least 40 eligible patients with atopic dermatitis that satisfy all eligibility criteria will be ...

Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism in Obese Young Males

Obesity can lead to low testosterone concentrations in young men. This study will study the effects of low testosterone in those men and the result of treating them with clomiphene.

Comparison Between Testosterone and Estradiol Over the Homogenization of Follicular Cohort

In vitro fertilization(IVF) with Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) antagonist is one of the most used protocol for the treatment of infertile couples nowadays. Despite several advantages over GnRH agonist, the antagonist may be associated with a slightly reduction in pregnancy rates. Several medications have been tested in order to increase ovarian response to ovulatio...

Effect of Growth Hormone on Uterine Receptivity in Women With RIF in an Oocyte Donation Program

105 infertile women are enrolled in the randomized controlled trial: 70 women with a history of RIF with donated oocytes and 35 infertile women undergoing the first oocyte donation attempt. Women receiving donated oocytes are treated with progressively increasing doses of oral estradiol followed by intravaginal progesterone after previous pituitary desensitization with GnRH...

Comparing Efficacy and Safety of CinnaGen Biosimilar Growth Hormone (CinnaTropin®) Versus Nordilet in Children With Idiopathic Growth Hormone Deficiency

This randomized, active-controlled, two-armed, open-label, and cross-over trial was designed to compare efficacy and safety of 0.03 mg/kg/day subcutaneous injections of either CinnaTropin® or Novo Nordisk growth hormone product in 30 children with Idiopathic Growth Hormone Deficiency. Patients were randomized to receive one of the products for three months. After that, eac...

Assessment of Severity and Outcome of Addicted Cases.

- Addiction to drugs and alcohol is increasingly becoming a worldwide trend that is prevalent in both rich and poor countries . Substance abuse shows a significant warming to the health, social and economic build of families, communities and nations. Extent of worldwide psychoactive substance use is estimated at 2 billion alcohol users and 185 million d...

Adrenal Function in GHD Children

To evaluate in children affected by idiopathic GHD the adrenal function both at baseline and after 6 and 12 months of GH treatment.

Natesto Effects on Testosterone, Luteinizing Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Semen Parameters

Low testosterone affects more than 10% of men worldwide, with high incidence in the elderly.This will be a prospective case study. The investigators will identify men with hypogonadism in our clinic interested in Natesto for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Natesto is a relatively new form of testosterone replacement therapy that is delivered intranasal to men diagno...

Intranasal Oxytocin vs. Placebo for the Treatment of Hyperphagia in Prader-Willi Syndrome

The investigators propose a phase 2 randomized double blind 8-week treatment trial of intranasal OXT vs. placebo in 50 subjects aged 5 to 17 years with PWS in order to assess IN-OXT's affect on measurements of (1) eating behaviors (2) repetitive behaviors (3) weight and body composition (4) quality of life (5) salivary OXT and hormone levels (including ghrelin, pancreatic p...

Enzalutamide and External Beam Hypofractionated Radiotherapy For Intermediate Risk Localized Prostate Cancer

This research study is evaluating a drug called enzalutamide in combination with external beam radiation therapy as a possible treatment for prostate cancer. Presently, when participants receive hormonal therapy with radiation therapy for prostate cancer, medications are given to reduce testosterone levels in the blood stream. This leads to side effects such as loss of sex ...

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Human Hypothalamic Responses to Oral Temperature and Glucose Sensing

The study will consist of four occasions with one week between the occasions. fMRI will be performed to monitor hypothalamic activity before and after an ingestion of 1 of the following 4 stimuli (300 ml of each): water at room temperature, water at 0 degrees Celsius, glucose solution at room temperature, glucose solution at 0 degrees Celsius. The last two stimuli both cont...

Assess the Potential for Adrenal Suppression and Systemic Drug Absorption Following Multiple Dosing With DFD-06

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the potential of DFD-06 to suppress the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis when applied twice daily for 15 days.

Periodontal Profile of Hypogonadic Men

The aim of this study is to assess if hypogonadic men with periodontitis benefit from testosterone replacement therapy before being submitted to periodontal treatment. Fifty hypogonadic men (Total Testosterone

Estrogen Replacement in Anorexia Nervosa

The present study is a placebo-controlled randomised study on the effects of estrogen replacement upon AN-associated psychopathology, several neurocognitive domains and appetite-regulating circuits in female patients with AN. We aim at assessing peripheral concentrations of neuroendocrinological components of the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Gonadal (HPG) and Hypothalamus-Pituit...

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