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Monday 16th January 2017

Fiberglass Market by Type Roving, Yarns, by Application Composites, Insulations by Region Trends Forecast to 2020 Prices from USD $5650

The global fiberglass market is expected to be worth USD 9.27 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach USD 15.57 billion by 2020, growing at the rate of 9.0% CAGR.Fiberglass is a strong lightweight material that is used for many products. Although it is not as strong and stiff as composites based on carbon fiber, but it is less brittle, and its raw materials are much cheaper. Its bulk strength and...

Soap Personal Hygiene Market in China Outlook to 2020: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics Prices from USD $500

SummarySoap Personal Hygiene includes both bar soap and liquid soaps formulated for cleaning hands, face and body. May also moisturize the skin and/or inhibit odorcausing bacteria. Soap Personal Hygiene Market in China Outlook to 2020: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics is a broad level market review of Soap market of China. The research handbook provides the uptodate market size data for...

Mouse models of UV-induced melanoma: genetics, pathology, and clinical relevance

The role of endothelial HIF-1 αin the response to sublethal hypoxia in C57BL/6 mouse pups

Proof of the quantitative potential of immunofluorescence by mass spectrometry

Malignant melanoma of sun-protected sites: a review of clinical, histological, and molecular features

Cancer cell chemokines direct chemotaxis of activated stellate cells in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Utilizing somatic mutation data from numerous studies for cancer research: proof of concept and applications

Oncogenic BRAF fusions in mucosal melanomas activate the MAPK pathway and are sensitive to MEK/PI3K inhibition or MEK/CDK4/6 inhibition

Interplay between epigenetics and metabolism in oncogenesis: mechanisms and therapeutic approaches

Upregulation of RET induces perineurial invasion of pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Neuropilin-1 is upregulated in the adaptive response of prostate tumors to androgen-targeted therapies and is prognostic of metastatic progression and patient mortality

6-Phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-biphosphatase 4 is essential for p53-null cancer cells

Unbalancing p53/Mdm2/IGF-1R axis by Mdm2 activation restrains the IGF-1-dependent invasive phenotype of skin melanoma

PDE4D promotes FAK-mediated cell invasion in BRAF-mutated melanoma

BPGAP1 spatially integrates JNK/ERK signaling crosstalk in oncogenesis

A targetable HB-EGF–CITED4 axis controls oncogenesis in lung cancer

WNT/β-catenin signaling regulates mitochondrial activity to alter the oncogenic potential of melanoma in a PTEN-dependent manner

IRF7 regulates the development of granulocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells through S100A9 transrepression in cancer

Intracellular IL-37b interacts with Smad3 to suppress multiple signaling pathways and the metastatic phenotype of tumor cells

Genome-wide analysis of p53-regulated transcription in Myc-driven lymphomas

4D Molecular Therapeutics Inc Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Deals and Alliances Profile Prices from USD $250

Summary4D Molecular Therapeutics Inc4D Molecular Therapeutics focuses on the discovery and development of targeted and proprietary AAV gene therapy vectors and therapeutic products. The company developed a discovery platform, Directed Vector Evolution, which empowers to create customized gene delivery vehicles novel AAV vectors to deliver genes to any tissue or organ in the body. 4D Molecular Ther...

Effective detection of variation in single-cell transcriptomes using MATQ-seq

MATQ-seq is a highly sensitive single-cell RNA-seq protocol that enables the detection of true subtle biological variations among single cells as well as the capture of nonpolyadenylated RNA.

Post-translational selective intracellular silencing of acetylated proteins with de novo selected intrabodies

PISA, generates intrabodies that selectively bind and interfere with the intracellular function of an acetylated version of a target protein.

SMiLE-seq identifies binding motifs of single and dimeric transcription factors

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