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Thursday 2nd July 2015

A colloidal quantum dot spectrometer

Spectroscopy is carried out in almost every field of science, whenever light interacts with matter. Although sophisticated instruments with impressive performance characteristics are available, much effort continues to be invested in the development ...

Large heterogeneities in comet 67P as revealed by active pits from sinkhole collapse

Pits have been observed on many cometary nuclei mapped by spacecraft. It has been argued that cometary pits are a signature of endogenic activity, rather than impact craters such as those on planetary and asteroid surfaces. Impact experiments and mod...

Self-similar energetics in large clusters of galaxies

Massive galaxy clusters are filled with a hot, turbulent and magnetized intra-cluster medium. Still forming under the action of gravitational instability, they grow in mass by accretion of supersonic flows. These flows partially dissipate into heat t...

Neurobiology: Inversion in the worm

Combinations of spatially and temporally restricted transcription factors are shown to coordinate movement in nematode worms by controlling the formation of synaptic connections to and from motor neurons. See Letter p.83

Evolution: Reptile sex determination goes wild

Wild populations of an Australian lizard have sex chromosomes and also exhibit temperature-controlled sexual development, providing insight into how these two sex-determining mechanisms may evolve back and forth. See Letter p.79

Planetary science: Sink holes and dust jets on comet 67P

Analyses of images taken by the Rosetta spacecraft reveal the complex landscape of a comet in rich detail. Close-up views of the surface indicate that some dust jets are being emitted from active pits undergoing sublimation. See Letter p.63

Public health: The case for pay to quit

A randomized controlled trial of four financial-incentive programmes for smoking cessation finds that reward-based schemes lead to sustained abstinence, but low public acceptability of such schemes threatens their adoption.

Nanotechnology: Colourful particles for spectrometry

A smartphone camera, patterned with arrays of filters made from colloidal suspensions of coloured particles, has been transformed into a powerful tool for spectral analysis. See Letter p.67

Broken maps of the sea

History lesson.

Trade talk: Science educator

Elizabeth Waters finds that education captures what she likes most in a science career.

Leisure activities: The power of a pastime

From painting to punching to aeroplane-jumping, the hobbies that scientists pursue offer a vital escape from the laborious life of the lab.

August Weismann: A prescient view of women in evolution

The remarkable nineteenth-century German biologist August Weismann (Nature522, 31–32;10.1038/522031a2015) also took a prescient stand in the discourse on the role of women in evolution.Weismann challenged a popular theory of heredity proposed by US...

Europe: Animal studies must be useful, says public

The European Commission (EC) responded last month to 'Stop Vivisection', a European Citizens' Initiative to phase out animal testing, which was signed by more than one million people. The EC confirmed that it will not replace the existing directive o...

Be prepared: Europe needs Ebola outbreak consortium

The European Commission (EC) has been criticized for failing to define specific research pathways for tackling the recent outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa (J. M.Martin-Morenoet al. Lancet384, 1259; 2014). In our view, three changes would

Species naming: Taxonomic glory easier on eBay?

One of zoology's highest honours may now, it seems, be purchased on eBay (see For a few thousand dollars, you are offered the privilege of naming a 'small, rare' species. A species name will last forever, says the vendor — ev...

Immunology: Magic bullets to blockbusters

Marian Turner delves into a history of the rapid rise of monoclonal antibodies.

Human evolution: The cradle of humankind revisited

Michael Cherry catches up with new developments and old dilemmas at South Africa's hominin-fossil hotspot.

Energy: Profiles of power

Arnulf Grubler examines a study of power output and spatial area — a key concept in discussing renewables.

Sustainable mobility: Six research routes to steer transport policy

Strategies must better balance the costs and benefits of travel and be realistic about the promises of new technologies, say Eric Bruun and Moshe Givoni.

Reproducibility: Don't cry wolf

Tighten the requirements for declaring physics breakthroughs, says Jan Conrad.

Machine ethics: The robot’s dilemma

Working out how to build ethical robots is one of the thorniest challenges in artificial intelligence.

The hunt for the world’s missing carbon

Researchers are racing to determine whether forests will continue to act as a brake on climate change by soaking up more carbon.

Europe braces for more climate litigation

Dutch order to cut emissions opens door for citizens' lawsuits elsewhere.

Plant collections left in the cold by cuts

North America’s herbaria wilt under pressure for space and cash.

How an Oregon cancer institute raised a billion dollars

Gains from two-year fund-raising frenzy will aid the early detection of tumours.


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