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Friday 5th February 2016

Maternal clinic and home blood pressure measurements during pregnancy and infant birth weight: the BOSHI study

Endothelial function does not improve with high-intensity continuous exercise training in SHR: implications of eNOS uncoupling

Association of body mass index and left ventricular mass index with abnormally low and high ankle-brachial indices in chronic kidney disease

Exercise is a double-edged sword for endothelial function

Renal glomerular dysfunction in relation to retinal arteriolar narrowing and high pulse pressure in seniors

Self-management of salt intake: clinical significance of urinary salt excretion estimated using a self-monitoring device

Correlation between short-term blood pressure variability and left-ventricular mass index: a meta-analysis

Effect of selective vagal nerve stimulation on blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate in rats under metoprolol medication

Impaired response of regulator of Gαq signaling-2 mRNA to angiotensin II and hypertensive renal injury in Dahl salt-sensitive rats

The impact of tetrahydrobiopterin administration on endothelial function before and after smoking cessation in chronic smokers

Comparison of eplerenone and spironolactone for the treatment of primary aldosteronism

Masked hypertension and its associated cardiovascular risk in young individuals: the African-PREDICT study

Dynamic prediction model and risk assessment chart for cardiovascular disease based on on-treatment blood pressure and baseline risk factors

Ambulatory arterial stiffness in chronic kidney disease: a methodological review

Excessive variability in systolic blood pressure that is self-measured at home exacerbates the progression of brain white matter lesions and cognitive impairment in the oldest old

Current therapies and investigational drugs for peripheral arterial disease

Renal denervation mitigates cardiac remodeling and renal damage in Dahl rats: a comparison with β-receptor blockade

Soluble receptor for advanced glycation end products and increased aortic stiffness in the general population

Automated plethysmographic measurement of the ankle-brachial index: a comparison with the doppler ultrasound method

Chronotherapy with conventional blood pressure medications improves management of hypertension and reduces cardiovascular and stroke risks

Angiotensin II receptor blocker irbesartan attenuates cardiac dysfunction induced by myocardial infarction in the presence of renal failure

Hypertension at high altitude: the interplay between genetic and biochemical factors in the setting of oxidative stress

Salt sales survey: a simplified, cost-effective method to evaluate population salt reduction programs—a cluster-randomized trial

Cacao polyphenols ameliorate autoimmune myocarditis in mice

Augmented circadian rhythm of the intrarenal renin–angiotensin systems in anti-thymocyte serum nephritis rats

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