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Friday 21st April 2017

Drugmakers Dramatically Boosted Lobbying Spending In Trump’s First Quarter

With high drug prices creating widespread controversy, top pharmaceutical companies and their trade group vastly increased their lobbying spending on Capitol Hill.

Marathon Pharmaceutical Drops Out Of PhRMA Following Drug Price Controversy

Two companies that faced criticism for high-priced drugs, Marathon and Mallinckrodt, have dropped out of the PhRMA trade association.

Viewpoints: A Plea For Medical Research Funding; The Politics Of Planned Parenthool

A selection of opinions on health care from around the country.

Different Takes On The GOP’s Latest Health Plan; A Status Report On The ACA

Opinion writers review "the 2.0 version" of the American Health Care Act, examine what's happening so far with the Affordable Care Act and take a look at the current state of the individual insurance market.

Research Roundup: Unnecessary Care; Medicaid And Marijuana; Workplace Wellness Programs

Each week, KHN compiles a selection of recently released health policy studies and briefs.

State Highlights: California Fines Hospital For Mistakenly Removing Patient’s Ovaries; Movement To Hire Ex-Offenders For Health Jobs Takes Off In States

Media outlets report on news from California, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas and Florida.

Two Democratic Lawmakers Work To Bring Universal Health Care To California

In Hawaii, lobbyists push back against part of a bill that would cover fertility treatments for some LGBT couples. Meanwhile, California, Arizona and Colorado legislatures consider other measures that would impact the health or safety of residents.

Report Provides Blueprint Of How Memory Can Be Improved When It’s Lagging

A new study looks at the effects of electrical stimulation on the brain, and how those pulses can improve and impair memory.

Drug Companies Turned ‘Blind Eye’ To Opioids Flooding Community, Cherokee Nation’s Suit Claims

“Today, we are facing another challenge, a plague that has been set upon the Cherokee people by these corporations,” said Todd Hembree, attorney general for the Cherokees. “Their main goal is profit, and this scourge has cost lives and the Cherokee Nation millions.”

Despite Notable Silence From White House, Anti-Vaccine Advocates Keep Hopes High

The CDC continues to promote immunizations just as it did under the Obama administration, but vaccine skeptics still feel emboldened by having the new president in the White House. In other public health news: a diet soda link to dementia risk; anxiety in students; a rare tick-borne disease; dietary supplements; and Henrietta Lacks' cells.

HHS, Lawmakers Weigh Work Requirement For Medicaid, But Many Enrollees Already Have A Job

Republican legislation to replace the health law could include the provision and Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price has told states he is open to them adding work requirements to their programs. Also in the news: funding for the CHIP program is on the line this year, Florida lawmakers are wrestling with funding for hospitals that have large numbers of uninsured or Medicaid patients a...

Fear Of Deportation May Be Affecting Immigrants’ Willingness To Seek Out Health Care

Physicians report that they're seeing an uptick in immigrant patients canceling appointments and not coming in for follow-ups.

First Edition: April 21, 2017

Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations.

What Doesn’t Kill You Can Maim: Unexpected Injuries From Opioids

Doctors are beginning to pay attention to injuries, such as brain damage or kidney failure, that can afflict people who survive an overdose.

Clamping Down On Visas Could Leave Some Areas Underserved By Doctors

New research shows that physicians getting H-1B visas account for just over 1 percent of all doctors, but some areas are much more likely to be seeking their services.

Thursday 20th April 2017

California Lawmakers Consider Mandatory Labels On Salon Products To Protect Workers

Bill would require disclosure of potentially harmful chemicals used in hair treatments, nail polish and other substances used in salons.

Viewpoints: GOP House Factions Brokering Health Deal; Will Trump Let Law ‘Explode’?

A selection of opinions on health care from around the country.

Longer Looks: Overcoming Opioids; Single Payer; And American Anxiety

Each week, KHN's Shefali Luthra finds interesting reads from around the Web.

State Highlights: Calif. Patient Files Lawsuit Over Hospital Denying Him Hysterectomy; N.J. Goes After Psychologist For Disclosing Diagnoses

Media outlets report on news from California, New Jersey, Texas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Florida, Illinois and New Mexico.

Initiative To Raise Cost Of Cigarettes To $13-A-Pack Gets NYC Mayor’s Support

If passed, the plan would make the city the most expensive place in the nation to buy cigarettes.

Citing Supreme Court Ruling On Similar Restrictions, Judge Blocks Mo. Abortion Rules

The state was requiring that doctors who perform abortions have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and that clinics meet hospital-like standards for outpatient surgery. Outlets report on other news from Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin as well.

‘I Need Medicine For This Pain’: The Landmines Of Treating Someone Addicted To Opioids

There's no definitive guidance for doctors on what to do when their patient is someone who is in recovery from an opioid addiction, but also in need of pain relief. In other public health news: antidepressants, mysterious diseases, antibiotic-resistant infections, stress in kids and sexual enhancement pills.

Protein Found In Umbilical Cord Could Hold Key To Rejuvenating Memory Center In Brain

In a study, cold blood improved the performance of aged mice as they engaged in memory and learning tasks, such as maze-running and fear-conditioning exercises.

In Ambitious Health Data Project, Researchers Happily Trade ‘Moonshots’ For Day-To-Day Drudgery

Verily Life Sciences, formerly Google Life Sciences, is launching its initiative to collect information on 10,000 volunteers to create a baseline of health for the population. But, despite the scope of the project, those running it say they have their feet firmly planted on the ground and in reality.

Upset By Insurers’ Guidelines To Try Cheaper Drugs First, Doctors Issue Recommendations

The American Society of Clinical Oncology have one message to insurers: Put patients, not cost, first.

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