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Friday 26th May 2017

A Busy Week For Health: Budget Cuts, CBO Scores And Mitch McConnell’s Cryptic Signal

KHN’s Mary Agnes Carey and Julie Rovner discuss some of the developments that shook up health news this week.

Viewpoints: Taking Stock Of Genetic Privacy; What About Those Medical Misfits?

A selection of opinions on health care from around the country.

Perspectives On The Trump Budget: Examining The Charged Language Used To Respond To It; And What Does It Say About Trump And His Voters?

Opinion writers take on a variety of fiscal issues advanced by President Donald Trump's budget proposal, including how it treats Medicaid and Social Security's disability program.

Different Takes: The Politics Of Repeal, Replace And Reform

Editorial pages across the country include thoughts about the political risks in play as Congress and states confront efforts to dismantle Obamacare.

Research Roundup: Early Hospital Discharges; Missed Vaccinations; Growth In Spending

Each week, KHN compiles a selection of recently released health policy studies and briefs.

State Highlights: Calif. Legislature Steps Into Tense Fight Over Tobacco Tax; Mass. Agency Finds Avoidable ER Visits Are Driving Up Costs

Media outlets report on news from California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Kansas, Minnesota, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, Arizona and Florida.

Many Adults Don’t Know That Secondhand E-Cigarette Vapor Poses Health Risk To Kids

In a survey, nearly one-third say they don't know if such aerosol causes harm to children. In other public health news, groups worried about superbugs press In-N-Out Burger to make good on its pledge to phase out beef raised with antibiotics. And researchers investigate the impact of Facebook on mental health.

Mapping Zika’s Family Tree With Genome Sequencing Shows The Origins Of An Epidemic

Using the technique could help researchers predict how the next pandemic will move across the globe.

Setting Sights On High Drug Prices, Gottlieb Steers FDA Into Waters Previous Chiefs Dared Not Tread

In previous administrations, the heads of the Food and Drug Administration said the agency's focus is efficacy and safety. But Dr. Scott Gottlieb is launching a concerted effort, hinged on increasing competition with generic drugs, to address skyrocketing costs.

Wis. Committee Approves Gov. Walker’s Plan To Test Some Medicaid Enrollees For Drugs

The plan, if it wins full legislative approval and is endorsed by federal officials, would be the first of its kind in the country.

House Panel Broadens Investigation Of NIH Safety And Compliance Issues

House Energy and Commerce Committee requests more documents in its probe of contaminated research samples reported at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. In other administration news, former Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.) starts her new job as director for the Department of Health and Human Service’s regional office in Atlanta.

First Edition: May 26, 2017

NOTE TO READERS: KHN's First Edition will not be published May 29. Look for it again in your inbox May 30. Here's today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations.

‘You’ve Got Mail’: Emails And Robocalls Hit Home In Promoting Medicaid Enrollment

An Oregon study finds that spending a lot more money to reach out personally to low-income residents eligible for Medicaid doesn’t bring an advantage.

Thursday 25th May 2017

Strategies To Defend Unpopular GOP Health Bill: Euphemisms, False Statements And Deleted Comments

Since the House passed the American Health Care Act, Republican members of Congress have tried to swing public opinion to their side. ProPublica has been tracking what they're saying.

Viewpoints: Sessions’ War On Drugs; Contemplating Rural Hospitals; Packing Heat At Kansas’ Psychiatric Institutions, State Facilities

A selection of opinions on health care from around the country.

Ominous Conclusions From The CBO Analysis Of The GOP Health Plan: ‘Fatal Flaws,’ ‘A Train Wreck’

Opinion writers use the Congressional Budget Office's recent analysis of the updated American Health Care Act to pan the House Republican's repeal-and-replace measure.

Perspectives On The Trump Budget: Questionable Math; Who Feels The Most Pain?

Editorial pages across the country include analysis and review of President Donald Trump's fiscal blueprint, including some tough talk about its political and policy implications.

Different Visions: Are Republicans Trying ‘To Starve’ Obamacare To Death; Analyzing The State Of ACA Insurance Markets And Premiums

Opinion writers offer a variety of thoughts on health policy issues, including whether the health law is "collapsing under its own weight," some ominous predictions about the individual insurance markets, the importance of the public option and a range of other ideas.

Longer Looks: Shuttering Abortion Clinics, Obamacare In The Senate And A Lead-Poisoned Generation

Each week, KHN's Shefali Luthra finds interesting reads from around the web.

State Highlights: Vt. Gov. Vetoes Pot Bill; Pa. Gov. Taps Teresa Miller To Head Proposed Health And Human Services Department

Media outlets report on news from Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Texas, California, Virginia and Arizona.

Marijuana Extract Found To Reduce Seizures In Kids With Epilepsy

The study adds another layer to the debate over the health benefits of the plant.

Patients Seeking Aid In Dying Driven More By Psychological Suffering Than Physical Pain, Study Finds

“It's what I call existential distress. Their quality of life is not what they want.” says researcher Madeline Li, an associate professor at University of Toronto. Today's other public health news stories cover so-called "conversion therapy," Zika, tuberculosis, fitness trackers, knee arthritis and "high-intensity" drinking.

In Snapshot Of How Bad Opioid Crisis Has Become, Counselors Overseeing Halfway House Die Of Overdoses

“The staff members in charge of supervising recovering addicts succumbed to their own addiction and died of opioid overdoses. Opioids are a monster that is slowly consuming our population,” Pennsylvania's Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said.

Johnson & Johnson To Pay $33M In Investigation Over Manufacturing Practices

“Johnson & Johnson’s disregard for proper manufacturing practices of children’s medications was unacceptable,” says Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan in a statement.

Citing CBO Report, Critics Decry GOP Bill’s Potential Fallout In California

"I feel like I am in a bad dream," said state Sen. Ed Hernandez, who chairs California's Senate Health Committee.

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