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Sunday 24th September 2017

STAT Plus: In a sign of tougher FDA enforcement, Aegerion pays hefty fine for illegal marketing

Following a long-running probe, Aegerion Pharmaceuticals has agreed to pay $40 million to settle civil and criminal charges of illegally marketing a pricey cholesterol medicine, failing to adhere to a…

Friday 22nd September 2017

STAT Plus: House committee looking for answers from Merck on its June cyberattack

A Congressional committee has sent letters to Merck and HHS seeking more information about a June cyberattack against the drug maker.

STAT Plus: Intercept stock rides a roller coaster after FDA note on Ocaliva

Intercept stock fell further after the FDA said the company’s lead drug, Ocaliva, increased the risk of liver injury and death in some patients.

STAT Plus: Just months after expanding, biotech incubator LabCentral growing again

LabCentral, a four-year-old nonprofit that leases shared laboratory space to fledgling companies, plans to announce Thursday that it is expanding yet again.

STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: Lawmakers ask about Merck’s cyberattack; Express Scripts weighs in on CAR-T price tag

Lawmakers have some questions for Merck (MRK) about how a cyberattack in June roiled its operations.

Military medics and corpsmen could help fill the shortage of primary care providers

Letting experienced military medics and corpsmen deliver primary care without extensive extra training could ease the shortage of primary care providers.

Another health care deadline looms: Payments to safety net hospitals due to expire next week

Unless Congress acts, Disproportionate Share Hospitals payments are slated to expire on October 1 — which would affect safety net hospitals most.

Overshadowed by Obamacare debate, payments to safety net hospitals at risk of expiring

Unless Congress acts, Disproportionate Share Hospitals payments are slated to expire on October 1 — which would affect safety net hospitals most.

Correcting Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s vaccine ‘facts’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. played loose with the facts about vaccines, vaccine safety, and a Trump vaccine safety commission in a recent interview with STAT.

STAT Plus: Zapping the brain for stroke rehab: Pivotal clinical trial begins

Despite being forced by Hurricane Irma to close its outpatient facilities for several days, the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla., is expected to forge ahead this month with a pivotal…

To advance medicine’s future, the NIH tries to win the trust of communities mistreated in the past

The agency hopes to recruit more than a half-million people from communities that are underrepresented in science — and wary of clinical research.

Thursday 21st September 2017

STAT Plus: Why too few women in life sciences is bad for business

Everyone knows a gender gap exists in the life sciences, but why? The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council dared to find out.

HHS hints at major changes to Medicare that could mean higher costs for patients

The Trump administration is signaling it will pursue significant changes to Medicare that could put beneficiaries on the hook for higher costs.

STAT Plus: Sanofi threatens to take Ukraine government to arbitration over a court dispute

The signal comes after months of confusing litigation involving a disputed contract with a vendor that supplied promotional materials to pharmacies.

CVS tightens restrictions on opioid prescriptions in bid to stanch epidemic

Through its pharmacy benefit manager, CVS Caremark, which has 90 million plan members, the company will introduce three new policies, effective in February.

STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: Pfizer cries monopoly; Gates strikes a deal for cheap HIV drugs

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation brokered an agreement tol bring modern HIV treatment to Africa at a per-patient cost of just $75 a year

My medical school lesson was tinged with racism. Did that affect how I treated a sickle cell patient years later?

We need to be sure medical students learn about every disease without judging the people living with it. That didn't happen in my lesson on sickle cell.

STAT Plus: Mobile dialysis could save lives in a disaster. But is there a cost to safety?

Several American companies are eager to build mobile dialysis centers. But they say burdensome restrictions hold them back.

Most people with opioid addictions don’t get the right treatment: medication-assisted therapy

Most people with opioid addictions don't get the treatment proven to work: therapy with a medication that can stabilize the body's natural opioid receptors.

STAT Plus: Here’s why Alnylam stock took off like a rocket, stunning (and delighting) investors

Alnylam's stock jumped an incredible 52 percent on strong data from its drug patisiran. Investors were delighted but stunned. Here's what's behind the leap.

As a scientist, he studied trauma victims. Then he became one

Dennis Charney, a medical school dean, knew more than most about resilience. But, after a horrifying shooting, he didn't know whether it would be enough.

Wednesday 20th September 2017

STAT Plus: Advocacy groups get some, but not all, trial data on Gilead hepatitis C drugs

The groups failed to gain access to the most coveted information that would allow researchers to independently verify test results.

Weak enforcement makes many nursing home disaster plans ‘paper tigers’

Around the country, nursing homes have been caught unprepared for far more mundane emergencies than the recent hurricanes.

New GOP health care proposal would restrict abortion coverage as early as next year

Beginning in 2018, the Graham-Cassidy legislation would make it illegal for insurers to offer plans that cover abortions on the Obamacare exchanges.

The big question: Will cancer immune therapy work for me?

Gene tests are starting to help sort out whether immunotherapy will work for individual cancer patients — or whether it might backfire.

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