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Label For One: FDA Explores Taking Reservations For Brand Names

Request for information indicates agency’s approach to allow sponsors to hold proprietary names pre-approval may still be too tepid for industry.

Diets work, but the brand doesn’t matter

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – When it comes to diet programs, brand names don’t make much difference, according to a new review.

China proposes use of generic names for medical devices

A draft rule issued by the China Food and Drug Administration would prohibit the use of personal, company or brand names to l -More- 

NICE outlines process for developing biosimilars guidance

The U.K.'s NICE released a position statement reviewing its process for developing guidance on biosimilars.NICE said most biosimilars will be reviewed under a Multiple Technology Appraisal (MTA) in parallel with the reference product. The appraisals ...

China Draft Device Naming Rule Bans Brands

The China FDA has released for public comment a strict new medical device naming regulation that bans the use of brand names or trademarks, requiring instead the use of general ‘generic’ names.

Less Brand Names Prescribed When EHRs Show Generics

Trademark Tussles Rise As Indian Pharma Goes Brand Conscious

Over the last few months, lawyers have been busy handling trademark-related cases where multinational drug makers have defended their brands fighting against Indian companies. Paradoxically, some Indian firms are now fending off their peers who seek ...

Analysis of descriptive electrophysiological parameters in contralateral interlimb reflexes on tetraplegic patients

Reverse Translation of Clinical Electrophysiological Biomarkers in Behaving Rodents under Acute and Chronic NMDA Receptor Antagonism

WRAPUP 5-Obama names Ebola 'czar,' beefs up Texas response

(Adds administration names FEMA official, White House liaison for Dallas; Texas names coordinator, changes byline)

Evaluation of Guanfacine as a Potential Medication for Alcohol Use Disorder in Long-Term Drinking Rats: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Findings

ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering: Brand-new journal launches in 2015, names editor

The American Chemical Society (ACS) announced today that David L. Kaplan, Ph.D., will head the brand-new, web-only journal ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering as editor-in-chief. With the first issue slated for publication in January 2015, the n...

Brand-specific television alcohol ads predict brand consumption among underage youth

(Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health) The researchers found that the relationship between consumption of a brand and advertising exposure for that brand was significant, and that the relationship was strongest at lower levels o...

Docs to FDA: Biosimilars should have different names than branded drugs

Yesterday, Fierce Biotech highlighted a letter written by more than 10 medical associations and 20 individual specialists to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg saying that biosimilars “must have distinguishable nonproprietary names. The FDA...

ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering: Brand-new journal launches in 2015, names editor

(American Chemical Society) The American Chemical Society announced today that David L. Kaplan, Ph.D., will head the brand-new, web-only journal ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering as editor-in-chief. With the first issue slated for publication in...

FDA considers taking reservations for names of drugs

The FDA is seeking input on a proposal that would allow drugmakers to reserve drug names before new treatments are approved.  -More- 

A Patchwork of Patient Assistance in Part D

The website has a section on pharmaceutical assistance programs that contains an alphabetical list of drug names that provides details on prescription brand drugs and the criteria for patient assistance. Here are some examples of how man...

Study Correlates Immune Response, Improved Survival in Prostate Cancer

Generex Biotechnology Corp. announced publication of a follow-up study from a Phase 1 clinical trial of the immunotherapeutic agent AE37 in patients with prostate cancer. The study demonstrates an association between a specific immune response generated by AE37 and improved overall survival.

Buying cars: Do product features matter more than brands?

(American Marketing Association) It is a popular belief among marketers that online searches for brand names are good indicators of which products consumers plan to buy. But a new study in the Journal of Marketing suggests that searches for specific ...

Safety and efficacy of osteoporosis drug highlighted in new studies

Denosumab can reverse bone loss and lower wrist fracture rates without increasing the risk of infection in women with osteoporosis, according to research presented at the American College of Rheumatology annual meeting. Sold under the brand names Prolia and Xgeva, the dug is given as a twice-yearly injection, and was recently assessed to see if […]

Surgery: Bladder neck position correlates with continence rates

Serotonergic, Brain Volume and Attentional Correlates of Trait Anxiety in Primates

Grading Pharma In 2014: 17 Drug Companies Ranked

Last year I gave grades to 16 large-cap pharmaceutical companies. It only seemed right to do it again.  I’ve given letter grades between F and A+ to all pharmaceutical companies that have market capitalizations above $50 billion (now there a...

FDA Rejecting Fewer Proprietary Names

The Center for Drug Evaluation & Research granted 74% of the proprietary names it evaluated between October 1, 2013 and August 31, 2014. That is a big improvement from rejection rates of over 50% just a few years ago.

Neural Correlates of Inhibition and Contextual Cue Processing Related to Treatment Response in PTSD

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