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What do Google search queries reveal about brand attitudes?

(Drexel University) It has been widely thought that brand search volume -- the counts of queries that a search engine receives from users that include specific brand names, like 'iPhone' -- can predict sales for that brand. New research from Drexel University, Brigham Young University and Google shows there is a lot more to consider when looking at the large number of queries that include brand na...


Russian pharma firms to be allowed to produce one drug under different brand names

Russian drugmakers will be allowed to produce one drug under different brand names, which should help…

BRIEF-Alcobra says FDA indicated in letter that clinical hold was placed due to electrophysiological neurologic findings

* FDA indicated in letter that clinical hold was placed due to electrophysiological neurologic findings

Ignore Procter & Gamble: Here Are 3 Better Stocks

The company is nearly 200 years old, worth more than $200 billion, and owns well-known brand names such as Tide, Gillette, and Pampers. But the company has struggled recently.

Associations between Electrophysiological Evidence of Reward and Punishment-Based Learning and Psychotic Experiences and Social Anhedonia in At-Risk Groups

RLI Summit: Radiologist, brand thyself

What attributes, aims and aspirations characterize your personal brand? Where does your brand mesh with, and diverge from, the brands and missio

Medivir Sells Nordic Brands to Karo Pharma

BioPhausia AB (Nordic Brands) consists of 13 established pharmaceutical drugs with strong brand names

It's a girl! Tweaking the names of a pest fanworm group

(Pensoft Publishers) A species group of colorful marine fanworms get in the way at harbors by prolifically growing chalky tubes on man-made structures. For the first time scientists have worked out how and why the many species of biofouling Hydroides fanworm received their names, where they came from, and what names should be used today. The study is published in the open access journal ZooKeys.

The creative science of coining drug names

The names of new prescription drugs sometimes sound strange. Yet most are created by name development professionals with specific marketing goals in mind.

Nominal ISOMERs (Incorrect Spellings Of Medicines Eluding Researchers)—variants in the spellings of drug names in PubMed: a database review

Objective To examine how misspellings of drug names could impede searches for published literature.Design Database review.Data source PubMed.Review methods The study included 30 drug names that are...

Brand biosimilar: does Amjevita give away Amgen's biologics strategy?

Biosimilar makers have been vocal about product names not differentiating from their reference biologics, so why does the newly-approved Humira copy appear to reference its sponsor, Amgen?

Immune correlates of protection against HIV infection and how to elicit them

Interactive: How Orphan Drugs Win The ‘Monopoly’ Game

Check out all the drugs the FDA has approved to treat rare diseases. You can search by brand name, or by disease, and see familiar names that were first sold on the mass market or all the drugs that won FDA approval to treat more than one rare disease.

PerfectServe names IT vet to lead expansion of brand’s software platform

Clinical communications company PerfectServe has named Greg White as the new COO to lead the company as it expands its PerfectServe Synchrony, a platform that allows clinicians to communicate about patient care.

Evolve Biosystems Names Pure Moxie Branding Agency of Record in the Launch of Its Breakthrough ...

DAVIS, Calif., Nov 30, 2016/PRNewswire/ -- Evolve BioSystems, Inc. has hired Pure Moxie to brand the company's Consumer and Hospital microbiome-based products to solve Read more...

Absolute structure determination: Pushing the limits

(International Union of Crystallography) It was the Softenon disaster that made the pharmaceutical industry fully aware of the importance of knowing the enantiomeric purity and chirality of drugs and their metabolites. This disaster involved the chiral drug Thalidomide that was sold in the 1950s as a racemate under various brand names such as Contergan and Softenon.

High ALDH1 expression correlates with better prognosis in tumorigenic malignant melanoma

BRIEF-Jianmin Pharmaceutical Group names chairman, president and CFO

* Says it names Liu Qinqiang as chairman of the board, Xu Sheng as president and Wang Shaoquan as CFO

BRIEF-Almirall names David Nieto new CFO as of Feb 1

* Names David Nieto as new Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President Finance taking effect on Febuary 1st 2017 Source text for Eikon:

Psychosocial correlates of apparent treatment-resistant hypertension in the Jackson Heart Study

BRIEF-AC Immune names Hornstein as CFO as of Q1 2017

* Says names Joerg Hornstein as chief financial officer effective Q1 2017

Three Apps That Will Help You Find Out Which Brand's Have Dirty Secrets

You now have a wide array of apps to check if a brand has been naughty or nice. Here are three apps you can use to check if you are making socially conscious choices (or if you are a brand to see what people are saying about you...)

Metabolic phenotypes of obesity: frequency, correlates and change over time in a cohort of postmenopausal women

BRIEF-Lupin Ltd launches novel injectable iron formulation

* Lupin Ltd says Lupin launches novel injectable iron formulation under brand names "Isofer" and "Jilazo" in India Source text - ( Further company coverage:

Mount Sinai researchers generate rat model of autism

(The Mount Sinai Hospital / Mount Sinai School of Medicine) A study found oxytocin improves behavioral and electrophysiological deficits in a novel Shank3-deficient rat.

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