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Bio-twitter Speaks: The Best Brand Names In Biotech

Hershey. Harley-Davidson. Nike. Cheerios. Crest. Leggo. Stratocaster. All great brand names – single words that invoke a consistent image, one that’s generally favorable and reflects, if not dominance, than at least a major presence in a market. ...

Doritos brand names winner of Super Bowl XLIX ad contest

Ryan ChavisScott Zabielski of Los Angeles was announced as the grand prize winner for the 2015 "Crash the Super Bowl" contest from Doritos brand.  read more

GABA/Glutamate synaptic pathways targeted by integrative genomic and electrophysiological explorations distinguish autism from intellectual disability

Why drug names are so increasingly weird

Naming a brand drug is a lot harder than it used to be.

L’Oreal Holding Strong As ‘Most Valuable’ Cosmetic Brand – Brand Finance

Brand Finance expects the biggest brands from a slimmed-down P&G to rise in coming years, but L’Oreal Paris topped the brand valuator’s Cosmetics 50 list in 2015, making L’Oreal a three-year winner. Avon dropped furthest in terms of estimat...

Sandoz Tells FDA Unique Biosimilar Names OK… Sometimes

If biosimilar sponsor doesn’t want brand name, nonproprietary name should have suffix, Sandoz says in update to its citizen petition.

Low rates, M&A spur flood of pharma debt deals

NEW YORK, Feb 5 (IFR) - Merck & Co's US$8bn jumbo bond is just the tip of the iceberg of debt supply from the healthcare sector in the months ahead with brand names like Novartis and Pfizer set to compete for investor cash.

Infographic: Which brand got the most love on Valentine's Day?

Ryan ChavisA Valentine's Day infographic from Mobee reveals which brands took the top spot of store shelves, the best displays and which names won over the hearts — and dollars — of customers leading up to the big day.    read more

WHO issues best practice advice for disease names

WHO has called on scientists, national authorities and the media to follow best practices for disease names to minimise unnecessary negative effects... The post WHO issues best practice advice for disease names appeared first on European Pharmaceutic...

TissueGene, Inc. Announces FDA Acceptance Of Invossa™ As Proprietary Name For TissueGene-C

ROCKVILLE, Md., June 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --  TissueGene, Inc. today reported that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepted the proposed brand name Invossa for TissueGene-C, the Company's proprietary product in development for treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. FDA's acceptance of the proprietary brand name is subject to the Agency's final determination prior to any approva...

A novel imaging approach to periocular basal cell carcinoma: in vivo optical coherence tomography and histological correlates

A novel imaging approach to periocular basal cell carcinoma: in vivo optical coherence tomography and histological correlates Eye advance online publication, June 19 2015. doi:10.1038/eye.2015.97 Authors: L Pelosini, H B Smith, J B Schofie...

Terrible at remembering names? Blame it on the music, not the memory

(Georgia Institute of Technology) The study challenged younger and older people to look at faces at names while either listening to non-lyrical music or nothing at all. The college-aged participants had no problems -- the music didn't affect their pe...

Marley Naturals: Yes, Bob Marley Is One Of Many Celebrities With A Marijuana Brand

Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Willie Nelson and other celebrity names to appear on the shelves of Marijuana Stores. Their wares include special strains of cannabis, joint rollers, vape pens and even a debit-like payment card for use in some pot shops.

Neural Correlates of the Cortisol Awakening Response in Humans

Buying cars: Do product features matter more than brands?

(American Marketing Association) It is a popular belief among marketers that online searches for brand names are good indicators of which products consumers plan to buy. But a new study in the Journal of Marketing suggests that searches for specific ...

Neural and Behavioral Correlates of Alcohol-Induced Aggression Under Provocation

Serotonergic, Brain Volume and Attentional Correlates of Trait Anxiety in Primates

Urological cancer: Elevated TERT activity correlates with inferior survival

Activation of the Mitochondrial Fragmentation Protein DRP1 Correlates with BRAFV600E Melanoma

Neural Correlates of Three Promising Endophenotypes of Depression: Evidence from the EMBARC Study

Pulse wave velocity correlates with aortic atherosclerosis assessed with transesophageal echocardiography

BASF to Lift Chromate Pigment Capacities

BASF plans to "significantly increase" production capacities for bismuth vanadate pigments at Besigheim, Germany, near Stuttgart, from 2017. The German chemical giant markets the yellow pigments with a special greenish color tone used to formulate pa...

Perstorp Inaugurates New Oxo Plant in Sweden

The expanded oxo capacity at Swedish chemical producer Perstorp's Stenungsund plant is now operating at full run, the company said. The plant, touted as the single largest investment in Perstorp's history, will significantly boost its output of valer...

Neural Correlates of Aggression in Medication-Naive Children with ADHD: Multivariate Analysis of Morphometry and Tractography

Socio-demographic correlates and trends in low-calorie sweetener use among adults in the United States from 1999 to 2008


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