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Stemina Biomarker Discovery Launches Largest Ever Clinical Study

Stemina Biomarker Discovery Inc. today announced the launch of the largest clinical study of the metabolism of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) ever conducted.Read more about Stemina Biomarker Discovery Launches Largest Ever Clinical Stud...

Medical News Today: Scientists discover potential biomarker for migraine in the blood

Researchers may have found a biomarker for episodic migraine in the blood, a discovery that could have implications for the diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

Potential Biomarker Discovered for Lung Cancer

To date, no biomarker has been found for lung cancer. This discovery could help quick and cost-effective diagnosis at an earlier stage of the disease, improving survival rates.

Biomarker Discovery Makes Urine Test for Early Stage Pancreatic Cancer Possible

A combination of three proteins found at high levels in urine can accurately detect early-stage pancreatic cancer, researchers from Queen Mary University of London have found. The discovery could lead to a non-invasive, inexpensive test to screen people at high risk of developing the disease.Read more

Medical News Today: Lung cancer blood test steps closer with new biomarker discovery

Researchers have discovered a blood biomarker that is 'highly effective' in distinguishing between people with and without nonsmall cell lung cancer.

Key DNA discovery points to new clinical biomarker in predicting breast cancer risk

Scientists part-funded by Breast Cancer Now, Human Genetics Foundation (HuGeF), and the Cancer Council Victoria (Melbourne, Australia) have identified a new biomarker in the blood that could help identify more women at an increased risk of breast can...

GCxGC-MS Validated for Metabolomics Profiling, Biomarker Discovery

Alternative splicing as a biomarker and potential target for drug discovery

Potential New Biomarker for Migraines

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine may have found a new blood biomarker for episodic migraines, according to recent research. Read more about Potential New Biomarker for MigrainesComments

Berg: Using artificial intelligence for drug discovery

Berg, a Boston biotech, has a strong artificial intelligence platform for drug discovery. It has several drugs in its pipeline, and is leading an effort to discover the very first biomarker for pancreatic cancer.

CheckMate-057 Trial: The Future of PD-L1 as a Biomarker

Dr H. Jack West discusses one of the hottest topics at ASCO 2015: the evolving role of PD-L1 as an immunotherapy biomarker. Medscape Oncology

Earliest-ever diagnosing tool for Alzheimer’s becomes international standard.

Biomarkers, such as those sought for Alzheimer’s disease, are benchmarks in the body that can be reliably measured to indicate the presence or absence of a disease, or the likelihood of later developing a disease. For example, blood glucose levels are a biomarker for diabetes, and blood cholesterol levels are a biomarker for heart disease. The strongest biomarker candidates for

Biomarker May Help Improve Treatment of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Researchers have found a biomarker that appears active in the growth and spread of triple-negative breast cancer. Known as interleukin-13 receptor alpha 2 (IL13Ralpha2), the biomarker may help doctors identify patients at high risk of disease spread ...

European Biotech Firm’s Stock Booms after unveiling new miRNA Biomarker for liver disease

SOURCE September 15, 2015 Genfit has boomed in stock market value by 15% since it announced its novel biomarker system for liver disease Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Phase III trials for its drug Elafibranor will incorporate this biomarker system, negating the need for liver biopsies in diagnosis and monitoring of NASH. […]

Driving customer centricity at headquarters through defining and driving the right KPIs

At last years DigiPharm 2014 event,  Debraj Dasgupta , Team Leader – Oncology, Metabolism, Immunology, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH,  gave the presentation “Driving customer centricity at headquarters through ... The post Driving customer centricity at headquarters through defining and driving the right KPIs appeared first on Total Biopharma.

New immunoregulation and biomarker

Clinicians at LMU have elucidated a mechanism involved in determining the lifespan of antibody-producing cells, and identified a promising new biomarker for monitoring autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and lupus erythematosus.

Novel Biomarker Could Aid Early NSCLC Detection

A new study identified the molecule known as N1,N12-diacetylspermine as a potential biomarker for early-stage non–small-cell lung cancer.

Urine test for early stage pancreatic cancer possible after biomarker discovery

(Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund) A combination of three proteins found at high levels in urine can accurately detect early-stage pancreatic cancer, UK researchers have found. The discovery could lead to a non-invasive, inexpensive test to screen peo...

Potential Biomarker for Alzheimer’s Found

Current tests for Alzhemier's disease are costly and inefficient. Scientists may have found a blood biomarker that could be used to test more people who are at-risk of developing the condition.

Drug driving: Are your meds affecting you?

(Queensland University of Technology) Warning labels on medications about the dangers of driving are not enough to stop people getting behind the wheel with most driving while affected by drugs, according to (QUT) Queensland University of Technology ...

Drug driving advice

23 October 2015: BBC Radio Kent covered a piece about new roadside tests for drug driving. RPS spokesperson Katie Perkins was interviewed by the programme and said: “If you’re worried that your medicine could affect your driving, you should speak to your pharmacist. And even if it’s not one of the [medicines] that’s affected by this new law, any medicine at all that’s affecting your dri...

Discovery Life Sciences, Inc. introduces Magellan -- an Innovative WEB based Biobank delivering Human Biospecimens to advance Novel Biomarker tests in clinical development

LOS OSOS, Calif., July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Discovery Life Sciences, Inc., a provider of essential clinical research products and services to the Life Sciences industry announced today that it has launched Magellan – an innovative online ordering platform for ready-to-deliver Human Biospecimens designed for Biopharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device companies who seek ...

BRIEF-Genfit announces positive results from its NASH biomarker program

* Announces the development of a new reliable and non-invasive diagnostic method, based on the measurement of a novel type of blood biomarker: small non-coding RNA, or miRNA

Dr. Suso Platero of Janssen Research & Development Speaking on "Translational Medicine: Using Biomarkers in Clinical Trials" at the Biomarker Conference in San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA, November 08, 2015 --( R&D spending in biomarkers coupled with increased healthcare expenditure and growing utility of biomarkers for diagnostics is driving the biomarkers market worldwide. Growing at a CAGR of 13.58% from 2015 to 2020, the global biomarkers market is estimated to reach $45.55 billion by 2020. Aiding the growth are new developments in biomarker research...

Spit-and-Stick Test Could Be Biomarker for HNSCC

A much-needed biomarker for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) that assesses tumor DNA shed in plasma and saliva is in the works. Medscape Medical News


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