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Medical News Today: Ovarian cancer treatment set to improve following biomarker discovery

The discovery of a biomarker that predicts the response to chemotherapy in patients with the most malignant form of ovarian cancer will help lead to better treatment options.

Enhancing Blood Biomarker Discovery for Better Disease Diagnostics

A two-year grant from the National Institutes of Health will fund work by a Purdue Research Park-based company to improve methods to screen blood plasma samples for biomarkers, which are measurable indicators of a disease, to expedite diagnosis and t...

Biomarker firm obtains $2.3M in funding for autism study

The Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation has given Stemina Biomarker Discovery $2.3 million to finance its study of autism spe -More- 

Biomarker discovery offers clearer prognosis for bowel and rectal cancer patients

For the first time, a biomarker discovered by Macquarie University and Concord Repatriation General Hospital researchers will allow clinicians to distinguish certain types of colorectal cancer patients who do relatively well after surgery from those ...

Thyroid carcinoma: Biomarker reveals cancer cause

The expression of the protein CLIP2 provides information on whether a papillary thyroid carcinoma was induced by radiation or had a sporadic origin. With this discovery, scientists have identified a new biomarker for the diagnosis of the cancer cause...

Biomarker reveals cause of thyroid carcinoma

The expression of the protein CLIP2 provides information on whether a papillary thyroid carcinoma was induced by radiation or had a sporadic origin. With this discovery, scientists from the Helmholtz Zentrum München have identified a new biomarker f...

Denovo Biomarkers: Robert Little. Providing a novel biomarker solution to personalize drug development

Robert Little, the Chief Business Officer of Denovo Biomarkers reveals to Fintan Walton the use of its industry's first platform and algorithm to perform de novo genomic biomarker discovery retrospectively using archived clinical samples.

Biomarker discovery sheds new light on heart attack risk of arthritis drugs

A class of drug for treating arthritis - all but shelved over fears about side effects - may be given a new lease of life, following the discovery of a possible way to identify which patients should avoid using it.

Biomarkers Summit March 18-20,2015 San Diego, CA

The Biomarker Summit 2015, to be held on March 18-20, 2015 in San Diego, CA at the Westin San Diego Hotel, is a meeting place for leaders in the field to discuss the issues and challenges scientists and researchers face in all aspects of the biomarke...

Blood test for osteoarthritis on the cards thanks to new discovery

The first blood test for osteoarthritis could soon be available following the discovery of a biomarker linked to both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. The findings could lead to people being tested for osteoarthritis and diagnosed several years before the onset of physical symptoms. Citrullinated proteins (CPs) are the focus of the research. We already know that […] The post Blood test for ost...

Almac Launches Next-Gen Biomarker Assay

P53 sequencing test available for cancer drug discovery

The Role of Biomarkers in the Fight Against Cancer

To celebrate the dramatic increase in the discovery and application of biomarkers, and their major role in current drug development, Thomson Reuters last week announced and released the one millionth use line record from the Biomarker content within Integrity. This milestone is best understood when placed in context to how biomarker information such as this […] The post The Role of Biomarker...

A biomarker as indicator for the likelihood of developing aggressive prostate cancer

Overexpression of the protein BAZ2A, which leads to alterations in epigenetic patterns, increases the malignant properties of tumour cells, including their mobility and their ability to form metastases. The findings of a team of researchers from Heidelberg, Zurich and Hamburg may have led to the discovery of an urgently needed prognostic biomarker that would make it possible to differentiate aggre...

A novel biomarker for mutant p53 could help pathologists assessing tumors during surgery

(Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) Researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory today report the discovery of a novel cellular biomarker that could make it comparatively easy for cancer surgeons to determine if a patient has a potentially lethal mutatio...

New biomarker for iron regulator-related diseases and cancer

Dr. Hung-Jen Wu, assistant professor of chemical engineering at Texas A&M University, connects industrial processes of membrane separation and molecular sieve technology to identify a new biomarker for iron regulator-related diseases and cancer. The ...

Coming soon: Self-driving hospital beds?

By now, most people have heard of the concept of self-driving cars. That’s perhaps in the not-too-distant future. But in the nearer term, there very well could be self-driving hospitals...

Next generation biomarker detects tumour cells and delivers anti-cancer drugs

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has invented a unique biomarker with two exceptional functions.

Pragmatic issues in biomarker evaluation for targeted therapies in cancer

Biomarkers that predict a patient's responsiveness to anticancer therapies are of increasing importance during drug development and in clinical trials, as well as in the clinic. In this Review, the major challenges to biomarker development and standa...

Cancer Biomarker and Drug Delivery System in One

Next generation biomarker detects tumor cells and delivers anti-cancer drugsRead more about Cancer Biomarker and Drug Delivery System in OneComments

Epistem announces collaboration with Sanofi Aventis

Epistem plc, the UK biotechnology and personalised medicine company today announced a collaboration with sanofi-aventis U.S. Inc. relating to the use of Epistem's proprietary biomarker gene expression profiling and immunohistochemistry technologies. ...

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Presents Additional Phase 2 Biomarker Data Further Strengthening the Finding That MM-121 Increases Progression Free Survival in Patients With Biomarker Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer

Data Presented as Part of Meta-Analysis Showing MM-121's Favorable Impact on Progression Free Survival in 38-54 Percent of Patients With Ovarian, Lung and Breast Cancers Across Three Phase 2 Studies Clinical and Biomarker Data From Phase 1 Studies of MM-151 and MM-111 Presented; MM-151 Wins "Best Poster" in Developmental Therapeutics Poster Session MADRID, Spain, Sept. 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSW... Rising Prevalence of Cancer Driving the Global and US Cancer Biomarker Market to 2018 has announced the addition of the “Global & USA Cancer Biomarker Market to 2018 (Identification, Technologies, Market Analysis, Competitor Profiles, Companion Diagnostic Co-Development, Business Strategies, Industry Trends, and Pipeline Analysis)” report to their offering. Albany, NY (PRWEB) December 09, 2014 This report is a study of the global oncogenic or canc...

Fasting Blood Biomarker a-HB Predicts Diabetes Risk

Could a single serum biomarker predict risk for diabetes as accurately as a more complex, hours-long diagnostic procedure? According to researchers at Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc.Read more about Fasting Blood Biomarker a-HB Predicts Diabetes RiskComments

'Bubble Boy' Biomarker Discovered

Gut microbe in patients may tip doctors about the diseaseRead more about 'Bubble Boy' Biomarker DiscoveredComments

Alexion, Blueprint to develop, market rare genetic disease treatments

Blueprint Medicines is partnering with Alexion to use its kinase-focused drug-discovery technology to research, develop and m -More- Biomarkers Summit 2015 Register for the Biomarkers Summit 2015 on March 18-20, 2015 in San Diego, CA. Meet ...

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