While Obamacare Fails to Provide Dental Coverage, 32 Dental Travel Takes a Bite Out of The Issue With Dental Tourism to Costa Rica

03:00 EDT 25 Jul 2013 | PR Web

With no answer from Obamacare for the 135 million U.S. citizens who lack dental insurance, many Americans are turning to companies like 32 Dental Travel and making the exploding industry of dental tourism the solution for their needed procedures.

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) July 25, 2013

No matter where your personal views, thoughts and feelings fall on the issue of Obamacare and what it means for healthcare coverage in the United States next year, no one is arguing the fact that there is a gaping hole in dental coverage with the new law. This is because the Healthcare Reform Act does not provide coverage for any of the more than 135 million uninsured Americans who are in need of dental care. And according to a recent article released in The Wall Street Journal Market Watch on July 13th, 2013, “While more Americans will likely gain access to medical care when the law goes into effect next year, the number that can afford a visit to the dentist for a filling, root canal or checkup may actually decrease.” So what will American citizens do when they are in need of a dental procedure? 32 Dental Travel, a dental tourism company may very well have the best solution.

32 Dental Travel saves their patients an average of 75% off the cost of their dental procedures by having them performed in the beautiful, peaceful country of Costa Rica, whose healthcare system is actually ranked ahead of the United States; additionally they allow their patients to vacation at the same time. 32 Dental Travel is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana and they have an entirely patient-centered approach, as they work only with American accredited ambulatory surgery facilities and dental facilities to ensure the best possible quality for their patients, but at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, 32 Dental Travel works with only doctors who are specialists within their prospective fields of dentistry, so their patients will never have a doctor treating them for something they have not received specialized training for in the United States. As stated earlier, the average savings for 32 Dental Travel patients is 75%, when compared to the cost of the same procedure with the exact same materials in the United States and this includes the cost of the flight and lodging in tropical Costa Rica. This allows even uninsured patients to obtain the care they need without having to worry about refinancing their home and it provides patients some much needed R&R.

So how popular is dental tourism in Costa Rica? According to PROMED which is Costa Rica’s Council for Promotion of Costa Rican Medicine, there were 48,000 North Americans that traveled to Costa Rica last year for healthcare procedures, over 40% of which were for dental procedures, so roughly 20,000 dental patients traveled to Costa Rica for their treatments in 2012 alone. This number is expected to reach nearly 40,000 dental patients in 2013 and grow exponentially each year thereafter, as Obamacare takes full effect in 2014. With no answer from Obamacare for the 1/3 Americans without dental coverage, it appears dental patients will be packing their swim suits, flip flops and sunscreen as they head south to Costa Rica with companies like 32 Dental Travel to obtain the care they need.

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