Qlucore targets the Malaysian biotech and academic research markets through new partnership with Genomax

07:00 EST 13 Jan 2016 | MassBio

Genomics research is experiencing exponential growth, and there are growing numbers of researchers in Malaysia employing next generation sequencing in their research projects.

Keeping abreast with these developments, and eager to capitalise on opportunities by a global approach, Qlucore, a world leader in the development of bioinformatics software, has appointed a new agent in Malaysia, Genomax.

Through the partnership with Genomax, researchers in the biotechnology industry will have easier access to Qlucore's highly intuitive software, Qlucore Omics Explorer. This data analysis tool, both extremely powerful and yet easy to use, will be invaluable for unveiling important new discoveries.

"We are delighted to be entering into this agreement with Genomax, since they are experienced in the field of Bioinformatics software. We are confident that this cooperation will help researchers in Malaysia to learn more about our software, and to achieve extraordinary results with their data analysis," commented Carl-Johan Ivarsson, President, Qlucore.

Qlucore Omics Explorer is unique in that it allows the actual researchers – the people with the most biological insight – to study their own data and to look for patterns and structures.  As a result, researchers do not need to be statistics or computer experts in order to use Qlucore Omics Explorer effectively. Version 3.2 has just been launched so rresearchers will be able to undertake deeper data exploration and biomarker discovery using the additional functionalities for clustering and classification.


About Qlucore

Qlucore started as a collaborative research project at Lund University, Sweden, supported by researchers at the Departments of Mathematics and Clinical Genetics, in order to address the vast amount of high-dimensional data generated with microarray gene expression analysis. As a result, it was recognised that an interactive scientific software tool was needed to conceptualise the ideas evolving from the research collaboration.

The basic concept behind the software is to provide a tool that can take full advantage of the most powerful pattern recogniser that exists - the human brain. The result is a core software engine that lets the user handle and filter data and the same time instantly visualise it in 3D. This will aid the user in identifying hidden structures and patterns. Over the last four years major efforts have been made to optimise the early ideas and to develop a core software engine that is extremely fast, allowing the user to explore and analyse high-dimensional data sets with the use of a normal PC, interactively and in real time.

Qlucore was founded in early 2007 and the first product released was the “Qlucore Gene Expression Explorer 1.0”. The latest version of this software, now called Qlucore Omics Explorer, represents a major step forward with advanced statistics support, streamlined workflows for multiple data types, and a wide selection of presentation methods to aid the user. The presentation methods range from an innovative use of principal component analysis (PCA) to interactive heat maps and flexible scatter plots. All user action is at most two mouse clicks away. The company's early customers are mainly from the Life-science and Biotech industries, but solutions for other industries are currently under development.

About Genomax

Genomax Technologies Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) is founded in 2007 by a team of enterprising professional with years of experience in life science research products. Their mission is to provide the life science research communities and medical institutions in Malaysia and beyond with innovative products and services to accelerate and inspire their biodiscoveries.

Original Article: Qlucore targets the Malaysian biotech and academic research markets through new partnership with Genomax


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