Time For Business Intelligence In Study Startup

09:46 EST 20 Feb 2016 | Clinical Leader

By Craig Morgan NZCS, MBA (Hons), PMP, goBalto, Inc.

The clinical trials sector is heavily invested in technologies that track how studies unfold, but putting that information to good use requires real-time visibility into actionable data. It’s not enough for a sponsor to know that one site enrolls more quickly than another or is speedier than most at turning around the study budget. Instead, it’s more effective to understand what it takes for all sites to complete those tasks in a timely manner, and where the bottlenecks are so steps can be taken to turn more sites into high achievers. This requires access to critical information that, when quickly spotted in reports, is actionable, allowing project managers and other stakeholders to be proactive in making faster and better fact-based decisions. Putting these data into a useful format takes processes commonly referred to as business intelligence (BI).

Original Article: Time For Business Intelligence In Study Startup


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