SightRisk USA Upgraded To Simple User Interface

11:51 EDT 22 Sep 2016 | PR Newswire

PHOENIX, Sept. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- SightRisk USA™, exclusively distributed by MacuHealth Distribution Ltd. is launching its new and improved cloud-based software upgrade, significantly enhancing both the doctor and patient experience. SightRisk assesses an individual's modifiable lifestyle factors, such as diet, smoking and impact of high energy visible light that may contribute to less than optimal vision today, but also contribute to vision loss later in life. Counseling patients on how to modify these lifestyle factors at an early age will allow Eye Care Professionals (ECP's) to optimize vision and provide preventative strategies to improve patient care and overall wellbeing.

The new version of SightRisk allows eye care professionals to register their patients through a password protected portal. Once registered, ECP's can quickly and easily send the SightRisk questionnaire to their patient's email with the click of a button.  Upon completing the fourteen lifestyle questions online, the answers are submitted through the SightRisk algorithm, and a set of individualized patient recommendations are forwarded to the ECP's office ready for review when the patient comes in for their eye appointment. Each ECP controls the entire process for their patients providing an ideal opportunity to educate on better eye health and better overall health throughout each patient's lifetime.

Thank you emails are automatically sent to both the patient and the doctor once the online questionnaire has been completed and the patient is reminded of their appointment date and time.

Each practice will control their own SightRisk portal which will contain a list of all their patients registered, including a copy of all past SightRisk assessments. This way ECP's can monitor patient progress over time and provide guidance every time they see each patient.

"Given the challenges facing all primary care practitioners to provide better care while reducing health care costs," explained David Israel, Vice President, Sales & Business Development for MacuHealth, "SightRisk now simplifies the process of obtaining meaningful lifestyle information from every patient. By spending a few minutes reviewing the SightRisk results, ECP's can suggest lifestyle changes and treatments in a preventative environment to improve general health and wellbeing as well as provide the best possible ongoing vision care."

SightRisk USA™ was developed through the collaboration by a team of research scientists who assessed and documented both modifiable lifestyle and non-modifiable risk factors of thousands of patients studied, who were diagnosed with AMD and through a detailed review of over 300 published scientific manuscripts. The proprietary algorithm behind the SightRisk questionnaire prioritizes, compiles and weighs the risk factors based on the patient's answers creating a unique report that the eye care professional and staff can review with their patients. This report will help identify young and healthy patients with risk profiles that through consultation and ECP recommendations may delay or even prevent the onset of blindness from Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) later in life.

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