Mobile technology takes over MLK Hospital

10:47 EDT 21 Sep 2016 | TriMed Media Group

Mobile technology has taken Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital (MLKCH) in Los Angeles by storm. The technology has developed from the ground up to make the hospital almost entirely mobile-based.

Under the leadership of Sajid Ahmed, CIO at MLKCH, the hospital as developed a mobile system IT system that delivers clinical care to patients at any time. When clinicians walk into work they are handed an iPhone specifically configured to their department. The iPhone is then logged into to gain access to the IP addresses for all the information the caregiver needs, making the system safe and secure for accessing patient data.

“The challenge for all of us that work in healthcare, regardless of our position, is that we have our own personal mobile device,” said Ahmed. “When we come to work at a hospital we get a pager and a Cisco phone that works over the hospital’s IP network and then we have our cell phones. What we did was create a much more efficient system. We took out the pager and the Cisco phone and made them into apps and then we put those apps on iPhones.”

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