Revs® to Launch New Range of Natural Therapeutic Health Shoes

03:33 EDT 6 Jun 2017 | PR Newswire

GLASGOW, Scotland, June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

A proactive and timely response to the projected growth rate of people in need of medical footwear, but want style too

According to research, there is an increasing demand for footwear to cater for

  • Sports people, with a growing population experiencing foot injuries through sport
  • Medical needs, because of an increase in the number of patients with diabetes, obesity and arthritis
  • Comfort, with an ageing population and a growing awareness about foot health

The medical shoes market continues to lack popularity mainly due to the high consumer preference for fashionable shoes. This is where Revs®, a product of Kenkoh Europe Ltd comes in.

Revs® was created by reflexologist and entrepreneur Jen Antliff, based in Glasgow, Scotland. Jen designed and created a brand of footwear as an alternative to "medical shoes", focusing on the natural health therapy of reflexology massage. Revs® technology is all in the sole, hence the name: Revs® - Revitalise Your Sole. Diabetic footwear or Orthotics do not need to look old-fashioned and boring. Moreover, Revs®' current focus is on sandals and flip flops, styles you cannot wear with your own orthotics, and although not custom made, they do a very good job for people with flat feet and fallen arches in the summer months. Revs® have designed a cushioned, shock-absorbing sole, with an in-built orthotic arch and the amazing reflexology massages nodules - the result is simply unique, and astonishing. There is nothing else like this on the market.

The technology and design behind Revs® uses the science of reflexology to stimulate and revitalise the whole body. 

"Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in our feet which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body." - Dwight C Byers. By stimulating these reflexes in our every day life, it will help to:

  • Improve nerve and blood supply, and promote circulation
  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Unblock areas of congestion, and bring your body back to its natural balance

These benefits of reflexology can help prevent or alleviate many health problems, in a natural way.

Revs® was created to produce a brand of footwear, which would offer similar health and well-being benefits as a reflexology treatment, while being effective, high quality, comfortable, accessible, affordable and stylish to cater for all demographics, for all occasions, and not just for those suffering and in desperate need of this type of footwear.

The first in the Revs® range are the Revs Lights - the Flip Flops for Men and Women, and the Revs Massage Insoles. The new Sandal range is due to launch this July and it is already attracting much attention. The new range covers it all - shock absorbing sole with in-built invisible orthotic arch and of course the unique reflexology massage sole, and the style and colours look great, some even have a little bit of retro thrown in.

Over and above the reflexology benefits, the new range tops the lot, with the added design of the invisible orthotic arch, the biomechanical structure, and the enhanced elastomer and EVA in the sole which provides cushion comfort, pain relief for a host of foot conditions, and correct alignment and positioning of the foot. (insole range) (insole range) (flip flop range) (flip flop range) (e.g. of new range) (e.g. of new range, retro)

Reflexology massage has been around for thousands of years, with widely known therapeutic benefits, and now with the advent of the Revs® Reflexology Shoes, this therapy is much more readily available to everyone. Although the shoes do not replace a full reflexology treatment, they do a pretty good job of providing the majority of the same benefits, but without the cost and time involved in a regular treatment. The testimonials speak for themselves. Not only do Revs® receive 5 star ratings and positive feedback for numerous health complaints and illnesses from back pain to cellulite reduction, flat feet, relief from sciatica, back pain, constipation, plantar fasciitis, arthritic pain and diabetes, they are also used as Recovery Shoes for Athletes and Runners, to reduce muscle fatigue and aid injury. We have seen improved energy levels, mood and circulation too.

Revs® are not only for the health conscious but for the fashion conscious, and they work. Only sold direct and online from



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