SelfHelpWorks Addresses Issue That Costs Employers $300 Billion Per Year

04:49 EDT 29 Jun 2017 | PR Newswire

SAN DIEGO, June 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Workplace stress has long been a serious concern, but SelfHelpWorks is offering companies an online program that improves workforce morale and productivity by helping employees deal with stress successfully.

Stress By the Numbers

An American Psychological Association Study found that employers routinely spend up to $300 billion per year thanks to stress related health care and missed work. Statistics like that are far too big for most employers to ignore. Finding an effective solution is simply a must.

Most employers need stress management and resilience training options for their employees, and some employers are 're more focused on finding stress and resiliency solutions than on any other employee health problem. SelfHelpWorks has hit the issue head on, by developing an online course that helps employers achieve a competitive advantage by empowering workers to quickly and conveniently learn to manage stress and build resiliency – both at home and in the office.

High levels of resilience have been found to create beneficial effects on employee perceptions of stress and their responses to difficult work environments. LivingEasy creates those higher resiliency levels.

LivingEasy is a video-based, digital course that simulates live coaching by combining smart technology with pre-recorded videos featuring live experts. It's delivered to an employee's desktop, tablet, or smartphone. They can log in and use the course whenever it's convenient. A single click is required for access.

"Workplace stress is terribly costly to our nation," said behavior expert Lou Ryan, SelfHelpWorks' founder.  "Not only financially but also in things like lowered quality of life and disruption of the family unit. This is a problem we should all be tackling – and in my mind, the convenience and affordability of digital health coaching courses such as LivingEasy makes them a viable solution."

Real Results

The LivingEasy course is demonstrating proof of its power. In a large-scale case study, 47% of participants reported lower stress levels up to a year after taking the online course.  

Workplace health programs can have a positive impact on productivity numbers and employees' lives, and LivingEasy is one great workplace health solution that addresses a serious health issue.

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