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Tuesday 13th October 2015

Yorkshire trust still ‘requires improvement’, says CQC

A range of continuing nursing and workforce issues have been raised by regulators during a visit to Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Creeping lymphangitis

A 35 year old man presented with a two day history of a tender rash on the right thigh. Examination showed serpiginous erythema extending from a vesiculopustule on his right thigh. Staphylococcus...

A case of cement in the ear

A 23 year old brick layer attended the emergency department when cement mortar splashed into his left ear. He irrigated the ear with water at the scene, but unfortunately the cement had set on his...

Practical tools for improving global primary care

The sustainable development goals launched last month commit the world to achieving universal health coverage by 2030.1 Achievement will depend on providing high quality primary healthcare. Last...

Sweet deals at CPhI

Avantor Performance Materials is launching its new J.T.Baker line of high purity low endotoxin (HPLE) sugars at CPhI today

Bipartisan Effort Revises Health Law Provision For Small Businesses

The new law, signed by President Barack Obama last week, eases some of the requirements for employers with 51 to 100 workers and counterintuitively may help bolster coverage.

Dueling Recommendations About Need For Pelvic Exams Leaves Women Confused

The nation’s internists urge doctors to quit performing the invasive exam for most women, but gynecologists argue that it is important.

US Choosing Wisely campaign has had only modest success, study finds

A programme to reduce the use of clinical services that are of little benefit to patients has had only modest success so far, a US study has found. Researchers looked at changes in the frequency of...

Bowel cancer categorisation into four subtypes could help to guide treatment, doctors say

Researchers have discovered four distinct subtypes of bowel cancer, each with a definite set of genetic and biological characteristics, which may help the development of tailored treatment.The study,...

Oral VEGFR TKIs Almost Tripled Risk for Stroke in Older RCC Patients

Older patients taking the oral TKIs sorafenib and sunitinib for RCC had a significantly increased risk for cardiovascular events, particularly stroke.

Monday 12th October 2015

Medical Council of India approves proposal for single entrance exam for medical school

The Medical Council of India has approved a proposal from the health ministry for a single national exam for entry to medical school. Currently students applying for undergraduate and postgraduate...

Study Shows BRCA Mutation Screening Needed Despite Family History

A new study at a single center in Japan found no significant differences in the rate of BRCA mutations between ovarian cancer patients with or without family histories of the mutations and recommends that BRCA1/2 testing be required for all ovarian cancer patients

[In Context] Before the butterflies have flown

Nowadays, more and more people know directly or indirectly someone suffering from dementia. Nevertheless, even for those who actually take care of family members or patients with dementia, understanding what someone experiences when losing gradually ...

Cardiac patients receive as good care from ANPs as medics

Patients with coronary artery disease, heart failure, and atrial fibrillation receive comparable outpatient care from doctors and nurse practitioners, according to a US study.

Plymouth introduces midwife appointment system

New mothers will soon be able to choose their appointment to see a midwife at the weekend in the days after giving birth, under a new system introduced at a Devon hospital trust.

Health visitor boost in Scotland 'key to reducing inequalities'

An increase in health visitor numbers expected in Scotland over the next three years has been highlighted as having the potential to play a key role in tackling health inequalities among young children.

More nurses among key factors to cutting weekend deaths

More nurses and electronic medical records are among the five key factors that help overcome the “weekend effect” in hospitals, according to US researchers.

ACEA Biosciences NovoCyte flow cytometer

ACEA Biosciences brings researchers high-performance flow cytometry with the NovoCyte benchtop platform. The user-friendly flow cytometer is said to remove the need for dedicated instrument managers. High sensitivity and signal resolution are obtained by utilising innovative optical design and high-quality PMTs and lasers. Fluorescence signals are efficiently detected with a high signal-to-noise ...

Gene Editing Could Make Pig-to-Human Organ Transplants Feasible

To address the limited supply of organs available to a growing list of patients awaiting transplants, we might have to look outside our species. Transplanting pig organs into humans, believe it or not, is one of the more promising options to address...

Inside Look: Lilly to Expand NYC Labs

Eli Lilly announced on Friday plans to expand its presence in New York City, with an addition of 30,000 square feet of space and about 50 new jobs to its R&D site at the Alexandria Center for Life Science.Read more about Inside Look: Lilly to Expand NYC Labs

Top 5 Healthcare Spending Initiatives Over the Next 10 Years

Healthcare cost growth is expected to decrease slightly in 2016, which is following along the trend over the past couple of years of a continued slowdown in spending.  Things like the looming Cadillac tax for employers has increased their move to HDHP creating more focused cost conscious healthcare consumers, the move to more telehealth services […]

Babies Born During Summer Tend to Be Healthier Adults

A new study has found that women born during summer months are more likely to be healthy as adults.  Part of the reason could be due to getting more sun during pregnancy, which can lead to higher birth weight and later onset of puberty, said authors of the study, which was published in the journal Heliyon.

New Device Quickly Detects Gluten in Your Food

A new portable sensor called Nima can help food allergy sufferers find traces of gluten in their food in two minutes.  The device requires users to, “place a sample of the food into a disposable, one-time use capsule and close it with a cap,” writes Entrepreneur.

Medgadget Channel Hangouts this Week

We have three Google Hangouts in the Medgadget Channel this week, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, ALL at 2 pm EST. TUESDAY, October 13:   2 pm EST The Unexpected Laparoscopic Adventure – Underground by Grendel Games and Dr. Henk ten With  with the founders of Grendel Games, Jan-Jaap Severs […]

UNESCO's statement on Crispr/Cas9 rehashes old arguments and is undemocratic

The UNESCO International Bioethics Committee has released a statement reaffirming an earlier moratorium called by a group of US scientists on the use of CRISPR/Cas9 in human embryos. We argue that the current framing of the debate in terms of dystopi...