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Saturday 30th April 2016

Transparency Now

Science is messy. So lay it out, warts and all.

Monkey See, Monkey Die

What's killing howler monkeys in the jungles of Central America?

Lu on Syn Bio

MIT researcher and Scientist to Watch Timothy Lu talks about the value of cross-disciplinary approaches in bringing synthetic biology into the clinic.

Copper Stopper

This research found that coating hospital surfaces with copper helped battle microbes and the infections they spread.

Fuchs on the Future

Rockefeller University researcher Elaine Fuchs on her contributions to the burgeoning field of reverse genetics

Book Excerpt from Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?

In the book's prologue, author Frans de Waal considers the intellectual impediments to studying animal intelligence.

Nanotechnology Could Conquer Hospital-Acquired Infections

Metal ions and materials with nanoscale patterns can kill even antibiotic-resistant pathogens. 

Instant Messaging

An alternative route to sparking cell signals involves hook-ups between transmembrane and soluble ligands.

Sense and Sensibility

Tailored combinations of a reporter and a ligand-binding domain allow for sensing just about any molecule of interest.

Meiotic Mysteries

Understanding why so many human oocytes contain the wrong number of chromosomes

Sensors for All

A versatile modular strategy for detecting small molecules in eukaryotes

Kissing Cousins

Researchers discover a completely novel mechanism of cell signaling involving soluble chemokines and their transmembrane equivalents.

Picturing Inheritance, 1916

This year marks the centennial of Calvin Bridges’s description of nondisjunction as proof that chromosomes are vehicles for inheritance.

Making the Most of School

Agencies and institutions strive to better prepare graduate students and postdocs for futures in academia and beyond.

Scaling to Singles

Tips for tracing transcription in individual cells

Becoming Acculturated

Techniques for deep dives into the microbial dark matter

Timothy Lu: Niche Perfect

Associate Professor, Departments of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Biological Engineering, MIT. Age: 35

Aneuploid Responses

A recent exchange of papers is divided over the evidence for compensatory gene expression among wild strains of aneuploid yeast.

Animal Magnetism

A photosensitive protein behind the retinas of cockroaches plays a role in light-dependent, directional magnetosensitivity.

The Global Science Era

As international collaboration becomes increasingly common, researchers must work to limit their own biases and let cultural diversity enhance their work.

The Shrinking Mitochondrion

Scanning the mitochondrial genomes of thousands of species is beginning to shed light on why some genes were lost while others were retained.

Feeling Around in the Dark

Scientists work to unlock the genetic secrets of a population of fruit flies kept in total darkness for more than six decades.

Silent Canopies

A spate of howler monkey deaths in Nicaragua, Panama, and Ecuador has researchers scrambling to identify the cause.

What's in a Voice?

More than you think (or could make use of)

Serious Putty

A naturally occurring clay, used in traditional Native American medicine, shows promise as an antibiotic.

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