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Sunday 28th August 2016

Pancreatic cancer trial to make tumours more sensitive to treatment

Press release Cancer Research UK launches a first-of-its-kind pancreatic cancer clinical trial to make cancer cells more responsive to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. “This is the first time we’re looking at ways to make pancreatic cancer cells more sensitive to radiotherapy." - Professor Jeff Evans The trial, which launches* in the UK today, will treat pancreatic cancer patients whose cance...

A comparative analysis of insertional effects in genetically engineered plants: considerations for pre-market assessments

A comparative analysis of insertional effects in genetically engineered plants: considerations for pre-marke

Harvard Medical School researchers pinpoint enzyme that triggers cell demise in ALS – Blocking enzyme’s activity is the target for patient therapy

Harvard Medical School researchers pinpoint enzyme that triggers cell demise in ALS – Blocking enzyme’s activity is the target for patient therapy Reporter: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN August 24, 2016 | By Ekaterina Pesheva, Harvard Medical School Communications Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, affects more than 30,000 Americans. One such treatme...

Chest Radiation Therapy causes Collateral Damage to the Human Heart

Chest Radiation Therapy causes Collateral Damage to the Human Heart Reporter: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN “Radiation therapy for some forms of cancer involves a large dose of radiation to the chest,” says Milind Desai, MD, Director of Cardiovascular Imaging Research at Cleveland Clinic. “The heart can suffer collateral damage as a result.” Guideposts for identification […]

Inactivation of an enzyme needed to metabolize glucose by Vitamic C deprives tumor cells of energy

Inactivation of an enzyme needed to metabolize glucose by Vitamic C deprives tumor cells of energy Reporter: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN     Vitamin C did kill cultured colon cancer cells with BRAF or KRAS mutations by raising free radical levels, which in turn inactivate an enzyme needed to metabolize glucose, depriving the cells of […]

Why Recent Fanapt Ruling Is Important To Vanda

Antares Pharmaceuticals: The Stock To Buy On EpiPen Issues

Stemline Therapeutics: A Biotech Comeback Story

Health Insurers' Pullback Threatens to Create Monopoly Zones

Nearly a third of U.S. counties look likely to have just a single insurer offering health plans on the ACA’s exchanges next year, according to a new analysis, an industry pullback that poses a major challenge to the health law.

Instead of training more doctors, why don’t we keep the ones we have now?

In an article from the Pew Charitable Trusts, an upcoming scarcity of OB/GYNs in the U.S. is predicted with a potential shortage of 22,000 OB/GYNs by the year 2050. Reasons given for the shortage are a growing population, female OB/GYNs retiring early and working part-time, residents entering sub-specialties and changing physician attitudes about work-life balance. […]

Smallpox Could Return Years After Eradication

The recent passing of D.A. Henderson reminds us of how bad smallpox was. Here's how global warming could bring smallpox back in full force.

Glaxo Bets It Can Shake Up HIV Treatment

GlaxoSmithKline is pinning the future of its HIV business on an audacious bet: upending the decades-old triple-drug treatment strategy that has turned a fatal illness into a chronic condition.

Clinical Data Presented at ESC Congress Show BackBeat Medical's Cardiac Pacing-Based Treatment ...

In the study that enrolled 35 hypertensive patients indicated for implantation of a permanent dual-chamber pacemaker at 10 sites worldwide, participants received a pacemaker developed Read more...

Tom Brady Gets Cut: How Can Others Avoid The Same Fate?

How often does this happen and what happens next?

European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress Poster Session Reveals Results From Pre-Clinical ...

"I believe this study could have transformational effects on the treatment of heart failure (HF)," says Dr. Stephen Epstein, Director, Translational and Vascular Biology Read more...

Physicians will rise to take back the bedside

Art explains medicine by explaining human needs. In December of 2015, Dr. Michael P. Jones wrote a piece that had 27K shares: “We’ve killed the way physicians should be.” It is interpreted that 27K readers or more identified with what Dr. Jones wrote. In his essay, he claimed the identity of a physician was being […]

Singapore Reports 41 Local Zika Cases

The Ministry of Health said the patients weren’t known to have traveled to Zika-affected areas recently and thus are likely to have been infected in Singapore.

Trying To Figure Out Whether The Benefits Of Chemo For Early-Stage Breast Cancer Outweigh Its Harms

Many women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer receive chemotherapy to prevent a recurrence, but research suggests that some of them would have done fine without it.

CANCER PRIMITIF INCONNU: Le test épigénétique qui diagnostique l'origine de la tumeur - The Lancet Oncology

Environ 5% des patients atteints ont un cancer dont le site d'origine reste inconnu. Prendre une décision thérapeutique sans connaître le site primitif de la tumeur est alors un véritable défi. Mais comment identifier les cellules d'origine ? Plusieurs équipes ont déjà tenté de relever ce défi, dont cette équipe de l'IDIBE...

Momenta Has Momentum After Recent Patent Decision

MÉMOIRE: La stimuler la nuit avec la stimulation cérébrale magnétique - Current Biology

En ciblant un type spécifique d'activité cérébrale pendant le sommeil, par stimulation magnétique cérébrale non invasive, ces chercheurs de Caroline du Nord montrent qu'il est possible de renforcer la mémoire chez des personnes en bonne santé. Des conclusions présentées dans la revue Current Biology qui ouvrent de nouvell...

LAIT MATERNEL: Le sucre naturel qui protège les bébés contre une infection mortelle - Clinical and Translational Immunology

Un type de sucre qui se trouve naturellement dans le lait maternel de certaines femmes protège le nouveau-né d'une infection mortelle, précisément par le streptocoque du groupe B. C'est la révlation de cette recherche du Centre international pour la Santé de l'enfant de l'Imperial Collège de Londres. Une preuve d'un béné...

L'EXERCICE à 65 ans pour réduire de moitié son risque cardiaque - ESC Cardio

La pratique régulière d'une activité physique modérée suffit à réduire de 50% de risque de décès cardiovasculaire chez les plus de 65 ans, conclut cette étude présentée au Congrès de la Société européenne de cardiologie. Si le rôle de l'activité physique dans la préve...

Mylan's EpiPen Price 'Cut' An Outdated Drug Industry PR Move

Even paying patient EpiPen copayments isn't blunting Mylan Pharmaceuticals 400% price increase for the live-saving auto-injection treatment for allergy sufferers.

A failure in transition of care

Alvion Barr had a four-month delay in his diagnosis. He is technically a patient of my colleague. But he had drifted between two of our regular doctors and a locum tenens physician we hired to work during March, when both other doctors were on vacation. I saw him late Thursday afternoon for a rash, but he […]

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