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Tuesday 1st September 2015

La Jolla library opens biotech lab

The La Jolla public library has opened a biotech lab in what may be a national first.

Connecture: Forward-Looking Expectations Remain In Place, Continue To Own

Obesity Is Everyone's Business

Why should employers care about obesity…as long as revenues are “fat” and costs are “lean”? If you view obesity as a completely separate issue from your business, you do so at your peril.

Pfizer Suffers Setback in Trying to Toss Medicaid Lawsuit

A federal judge said he has an “inclination” to deny Pfizer’s request to throw out a Justice Department lawsuit accusing the drug maker’s Wyeth unit of overcharging Medicaid.

Bayer Separates Material Science Business

German pharmaceuticals group Bayer has moved a step closer to floating its $12.3 billion specialty chemicals business by ‘legally and economically’ separating the unit, now named Covestro.

To email or not to email? For those in love, it’s better than leaving a voice message

In her hit single, Carly Rae Jepsen may have sung, “Here’s my number, so call me maybe.” But according to a new research study from Indiana University, she might be […]

Medfusion Lands $3M for Patient-Focused Software Push

There’s a lot of talk in the health IT space about getting patients actively engaged in health care, and a lot of companies are trying to do it through mobile apps. Medfusion, a health software company that already has a nationwide customer base of...

How wind sculpted Earth’s largest dust deposit

China’s Loess Plateau was formed by wind alternately depositing dust or removing dust over the last 2.6 million years, according to a new report from University of Arizona geoscientists. The […]

Ancestry of man’s best friend more complicated than soulful eyes betray

The ancestry of man’s best friend may be more complicated than its furry coat and soulful eyes betray. Understanding the evolutionary history of the domesticated dog may ultimately help protect […]

Parasitized bees are self-medicating in the wild

Bumblebees infected with a common intestinal parasite are drawn to flowers whose nectar and pollen have a medicinal effect, a Dartmouth-led study shows. The findings suggest that plant chemistry could […]

LifeVantage's (LFVN) CEO Darren Jensen on Q4 2015 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Transplant Surgeons Revive Hearts after Death

(MIT Technology Review) – Transplant surgeons have started using a device that allows them to “reanimate” hearts from people who have recently died, and use the organs to save others. The “heart in a box” is a wheeled cart with … ...

Opinion: Why It’s Time to Legalise Doping in Athletes

(Medical Xpress) – It is clear that zero-tolerance towards drugs isn’t working. It is not stopping people from cheating. It is not providing assurances to the public that good performances are clean. Even the data we have now is likely &#...

Sensors Save Lung Transplant Patients from Organ Failure

(Scientific American) – In the days following a lung transplant, a condition known as primary graft dysfunction can prevent the organ from properly taking in and circulating oxygen. The disorder afflicts 10 to 25% of patients, studies estima...

Disadvantages of Drug Production in Africa

(Sci Dev Net) – Africa accounts for 75 per cent of the world’s HIV/AIDS cases and 90 per cent of deaths from malaria. To address these health crises, more and more African countries are considering upping local drug production with … Re...

Amgen Finds Data Falsified in Grizzly Bear Study

A scientific paper that had captured widespread attention because its subjects were massive grizzly bears has been retracted, after one of the authors was said to have manipulated some of the data.

New Ebola Death Confirmed in Sierra Leone

(BBC) – A woman who recently died in northern Sierra Leone has tested positive for Ebola. It comes as a setback to the country’s effort to eradicate the deadly disease. Sierra Leone was celebrating last week when it discharged its …...

People Good at Exploiting Social Media Connections Gain Access to ‘Compassionate Use’ Experimental Drugs

(Medical Daily) – Whenever a dying patient is given an experimental medical treatment that has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, this is called “compassionate use.” Yet, the way these potentially life-saving medicat...

Asterias’s Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise in Study

(Reuters) – Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc said initial data from a small study showed that its lead stem cell therapy could improve mobility in patients paralyzed by a spinal cord injury. The therapy, AST OPC-1, is the first product derived from...

How Celebrity Drug Endorsements Can Harm Public Health

(Fox News) – The post was shared with her 42.4 million Instagram followers and “liked” more than 450,000 times. While the drug’s manufacturer, Duchesnay Inc., considered this a big win, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quickly issue...

Ragan Reunites Ex-Genzymers at X4 Pharma to Battle Cancer

Several years ago, Genzyme developed a drug called plerixafor (Mozobil) that’s used to help with bone marrow transplants. Now a group of folks that helped push that drug forward have reunited for a new effort—to use a similar type of therapy ...

Matinas name Raphael Mannino as SVP, CTO

Matinas BioPharma Holdings (OTCQB: MTNB) has appointed Raphael Mannino as SVP and chief technology officer, effective Sept. 1. Dr. Mannino is an internationally recognized expert in the use of artificial lipid-based structures for the formulation and delivery of biologicals and pharmaceuticals, and has pioneered the use of cochleate technology. He is a co-inventor of the […]

How Privacy Law Affects Medical and Scientific Research

Over the last five or so years my law practice has focused increasingly on privacy law, both domestic and international. In hindsight, this was a predictable outcome: as an intellectual property lawyer, many of my clients do business on the Internet ...

UC San Diego Develops Online Software Development Courses for Coursera

Three Computer Science and Engineering teacher professors – Leo Porter, Mia Minnes and Christine Alvarado – will launch a new series of intermediate software development courses, called “Java Programming: Object-Oriented Design of Data Structures”, on the Coursera network starting Sept. 15.

Cellular Dynamics Launches ‘World’s Largest’ Public Stem Cell Bank

In 2013, Cellular Dynamics (NASDAQ: ICEL) vowed to create induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines from the cells of 3,000 donors—some healthy, some diseased—as part of a $32 million initiative funded by the California Institute for Reg...