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Monday 1st September 2014

Asia On The Move: People News From GSK, Eisai And Others

GSK’s Japan subsidiary appoints a new executive director; Eisai has a new general manager for China; WuXi appoints an independent board director for audit; and Chugai enhances compliance governance.

PM Modi’s Japan Visit: India to Work with Japan in Finding Sickle Cell Anemia Remedy

(The Economic Times) – Japan today agreed to work with India in developing a treatment for the Sickle Cell Anaemia after Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought help for finding remedy to the deadly disease commonly found among tribals in India. &#...

Coverage for End-of-Life Talks Gaining Ground

(New York Times) – Five years after it exploded into a political conflagration over “death panels,” the issue of paying doctors to talk to patients about end-of-life care is making a comeback, and such sessions may be covered for the …...

Judge Strikes Down Key Part of Abortion Law as Unconstitutional

(CNN) – A federal judge ruled Friday it is unconstitutional to force abortion clinics to become surgical centers in the state of Texas, effectively throwing out a key component of an anti-abortion law that would have forced the closure of ̷...

Top Ten Insights for Digital Health Innovators from the Next Generation Point of Care Diagnostics Conference

Cambridge HealthTech Institute (CHI) invited me to attend their Next Generation Point of Care Diagnostics Conference and I came away thoroughly impressed with the content, speakers, and organization. Since I chair several conferences a year I know ho...

The White House Is Spending Billions to Combat Drugs. But Drug Use Keeps Rising.

(Washington Post) – The White House officially nominated Michael Botticelli on Thursday to lead the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the office charged with overseeing and administering federal drug policy. The White House has been movin...

New Vaccine Unexpectedly Suppresses HIV infection Monkeys

A new vaccine has been found to stop rhesus macaque moneys from infection with SIV, the monkey form of the HIV virus An international research team, with scientists based in Paris-Descartes University in France, as well as the University of Chinese Medicine in Guangzhou, China, has developed a new orally administered vaccine that was found […]

Dividing Reality from Hype

(The Economist) – OVER the past few decades it has become clear that innovation—more than inputs of capital and labour—is what drives a modern economy. In the developed world, the application of technological know-how and scientific discove...

Singularity or Transhumanism: What Word Should We Use to Discuse the Future?

(Slate) – Singularity. Posthuman. Techno-Optimism, Cyborgism. Humanity+. Immortalist. Machine intelligence. Biohacker. Robotopia. Life extension. Transhumanism. These are all terms thrown around trying to describe a future in which mind uploadi...

IBM Watson to Boost Pharma R&D and Reduce Costs

  IBM Watson is taking research to levels of speed unreachable by humans IBM announced last week the next step in Watson Discovery Advisor’s cognitive computing capabilities. Now available as a cloud service, it is already showing its potential to help research teams in all sectors accelerate research and discovery processes, by quickly analysing data […]

10 facts you should know about prostate cancer

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness month

Cancer screening in the elderly: Don’t be stupid

The electronic medical record that my office uses features a clinical protocol button that we are encouraged to click during patient visits to remind us about potentially indicated preventive services, such as obesity and tobacco counseling and cancer screenings. I once tried it out while seeing a 90-year-old with four chronic health problems. The computer […]

Sanofi/Regeneron’s Alirocumab Cuts CV Events And Cholesterol

A preliminary ad hoc analysis suggests alirocumab has beneficial effects on patient outcomes as well as markedly reducing LDL-cholesterol levels in patients with hypercholesterolemia already treated with maximum doses of statins.

Overcoming Clinical Challenges in China

If forecasts are correct, china will become the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world in 2017, overtaking Japan. With an annual increase in the number of clinical trials conducted and big name sponsors outsourcing clinical trials to the country, China is expected to experience tremendous growth in drug development and research. Showcasing a large […] The post Overcoming Clinical ...

How Do You Help Your EGFR Patients Make Treatment Decisions When Their Cancers Grow?

Dr. Geoffrey Oxnard of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute describes how he helps his EGFR lung cancer patients make decisions about next steps in treatment when their cancers grow.Related Posts:Targeted Treatment for Lung Cancer After ProgressionHow Do We Make EGFR Inhibitors Work Better for PatientsDr. Geoffrey Oxnard on Managing Acquired Resistance to EGFR…

Do High Voltage Power Lines Cause Cancer?

Many people think power lines, especially the high voltage ones, cause cancer. After years of study, the evidence doesn't support any link. But that doesn't stop internet companies from selling you useless EMF shielding devices to wear on your body o...

Allowing medicine to become a commodity would be a disaster

What do eggs, roofing nails, men’s haircuts and plastic cups have in common? A bizarre fraternity ritual or my Saturday morning honey-do list?  Gasoline, copying paper and paperclips?  Shopping for a mobile accounting office?  Nope.  What these items share is that who ever makes them, wherever you buy them, they are essentially the same.  They […]

Study with Diamyd Medical’s diabetes vaccine awarded EU-funding

August 27, 2014 Diamyd Medical informs that the ongoing combination study DIABGAD has been awarded EUR 120 000, corresponding to about SEK 1.1 million, in EU-funding. The grant comes from an FP7 project where Linköping University and Diamyd Medical are included. The DIABGAD study aims to evaluate whether vitamin D and ibuprofen act synergistically with […]

If You Build It WILL They Come?

Michael H. May PhD, President & CEO, CCRM joined us at the 9th Annual World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress to present  ‘If You Build It WILL They Come?!’ Download this presentation now to find out: CCRM: Background Achievements over the past 30 Months Their Plan to Bridge the Commercialization Gap Stages of the […]

Patient Opinion Leaders: Andrew Schorr

First published on on 8th August 2014, reproduced here by kind permission. As a cancer survivor and passionate patient advocate, Andrew Schorr typifies the concept of a Patient Opinion Leader (POL). He is a contributor to the pharmaphorum report, ‘Patient Opinion Leaders: The new KOLs for pharma?’ In this video he talks about how […]

Luye Pharma in m&a deal with Beijing Jialin Pharmaceutical for $599 m

M&A news: Luye Pharma of China will pay $599 million to acquire a 58% stake in Beijing Jialin Pharmaceutical Co., a company that makes drug products for cardiovascular diseases and cancer. In 2013, Jialin produced $185 million of revenue. According to Luye, the m&a deal will add to its portfolio of cardiovascular drugs and broaden more » The post Luye Pharma in m&a deal with Beijing ...

Omega Pharma rumored to be sought after by big pharma companies

Belgium-based healthcare company Omega Pharma NV is allegedly attracting numerous bids from businesses across the big pharma companies, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Perrigo and Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH are rumored to be interested in acquiring the company.    Related View: Current Partnering Insight Journal’s Dealtalk Report: Pharma and Biotech M&A Trends 2009-2014 Browse: Compl...

AstraZeneca and Pfizer in the news for another possible m&a bid

AstraZeneca stock rose two percent to £45.67 pounds yesterday after the Swedish newspaper Dagens Industry suggested another possible Pfizer m&a  bid. AstraZeneca stocks have risen 9.5% in the last week, following a stream of good news regarding its pipeline and takeover bids by Pfizer.   View previously rejected offer statement Related View: Current Partnering Insight Journal’s De...

Herbalife: Enough Is Enough

By Rogier van Vlissingen:Herbalife (NYSE:HLF) remains in the financial news as the deteriorating results are causing the stock to start to fall in line with the waves of criticism that came by way of the Pershing Square short.The ongoing challenge now is understanding the prosecutorial and regulatory developments around the company, although it is very easy if you focus on the final outcome, as an...

Employer-sponsored insurance or Medicaid? An ideological debate.

The recent disagreement between Uwe Reinhardt and Sally Pipes in Forbes is a teachable moment. There’s a dearth of confrontational debates in health policy, and education is worse off for it. Crux of the issue is the more efficient system: employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) or Medicaid. Sally Pipes, president of the market-leaning Pacific Research Institute, believes […]

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