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Sunday 20th August 2017

Novel fibrosis therapeutics: walking down the TGF-beta pathway

Recent weeks brought startling news of clinical trial successes in the treatment of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). The clinical and commercial consequences have been heavily reviewed elsewhere (eg. GLPG and FGEN). This short commentary will focus on the underpinning science, with particular reference to the TGF-beta (TGFb) pathway and the role of that pathway in fibrotic disease. First a qu...

Why Rabies Should Be On Your Radar

A recent attack by a coyote on a woman on a bike path near Albany, in upstate New York, focuses attention on the risk of acquiring rabies, especially among animals not typically associated with the infection. Aggressive behavior is wild animals is associated with a heightened risk for rabies.

Online physician reviews: Patients are the ones who will suffer

The rise of the Internet has changed many things in the world of the customer.  Now, in the age of the online consumer, a person can search for not only the exact item or service he or she wants, but read hundreds of reviews on that particular item or service.  Thanks to Yelp and a […]

Civilization Is Breaking Down—Here’s What We Need to Do About It

“I think civilization is fundamentally breaking down today.” These were the opening words of Salim Ismail’s talk at Singularity University’s Global Summit in San Francisco this week. Not the most uplifting intro. But the good news is, Ismail had some pretty unique insight to share about the nature of the problems society is facing, and […] review

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Do Antidepressants Really Work? A New Study Says Yes, With A Caveat

Millions trust antidepressants to change their lives, but are the drugs really delivering benefits or a placebo effect? A new study examines evidence for two popular antidepressants.

Do Antidepressants Really Work? A New Study Says Yes

Millions trust antidepressants to change their lives, but are the drugs really delivering benefits? A new study examines evidence for two popular antidepressants.

Why I'm Not Arbing The Fresenius / Akorn Deal review

I had them identify which text structure each paragraph was written in and organize the information in the paragraph using th...

Why The Eclipse On Monday May Be A Full Moon ForEmergency Rooms On Tuesday

There could be an uptick in ER visits, after people view the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. This may be increased in specific states in the path of "totality", and elsewhere, when the moon completely covers the sun. review

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Minnesota and measles: Andrew Wakefield targets refugees

I had the pleasure of traveling to Rochester, Minnesota for a wedding this summer.  Minnesota is home to more people from Somalia than any other state. My home of Columbus, Ohio is also a hub for people from Somalia.  As a pediatric resident, I take care of Somali-American children and work with Somali American healthcare […] review

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How Trump's Shift From Value Depletes Medicare's Trust Fund

The Trump administration is beginning to curtail value-based care initiatives for Medicare that could cost taxpayers billions of dollars starting with the end of bundled payment for hip and knee surgeries.

Planning for the end of life: What baby Charlie can teach us

Charlie Gard was a one-year-old boy who had a rare genetic disease leaving him blind, comatose, and unable to breathe on his own. This metabolic disorder can be fatal and has no known cure. Charlie’s parents wanted him treated with experimental drugs in the hope that a miracle would happen. As reported in the press, the British […]

Samsung Bioepis and Takeda Sign Strategic Collaboration Agreement to Co-Develop Multiple Novel ...

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