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Saturday 23rd May 2015

Our Thoughts Post-Visit to Prothena (PRTA)

The New BioWatch Team recently visited CFO Tran Nguyen and Head of Finance (Treasury & IR) Randy Fawcett at the Prothena (PRTA) HQ in South San Francisco.  We recently posted about Prothena in a Q1 2015 Update.The SettingPRTA remains on some of your watchlists, with most waiting for it to dip under $30s.PRTA jumped up on March 19, 2015, as Prothena announcedsuccessful results from a phase...

3 things that make a surgeon great

I wasn’t the first simple country surgeon, you know. When I was a resident, our training program broke us into two teams — one that served general surgery, pediatric surgery, and trauma; the other, general surgery, transplant, and oncology.  Every day was an intricate dance to see all the patients (generally between 20 and 40) […]

Depression Ups The Risk Of Many Health Problems: More Reasons To Get Treated Now

Depression is linked to serious health problems beyond mental health. More reason to get treated today.

Abbott Labs' Profit Margins Skyrocket And So Does Its Return On Equity

Is Baxter Guidance Portending A Dividend Cut?

Avalanche Management Addresses Wall Street's Concerns Ahead Of Binary Catalyst

A medical student on her obstetrics rotation: Behind the scenes

An excerpt form Baby City: An Inside Look into Labor & Delivery. I am going to make this medical student cry. I don’t know how I know it, but somehow I can sense it. I know it the second she walks into the resident room on labor and delivery at Cadence Hospital, her perfect blond ponytail […]

Surprise Resurrection Sees Aveo And Prima Pining For The Fjords

Upcoming Events: A Dosing Decision For BioMarin, Plus Roche To Get Alzheimer's Data

What You May Have Missed in Biotech: Eye Drug Fails, Ear Drug Flops, and Herpes Drug Succeeds

Biotech was full of news this week on clinical trials that sent investors into a tizzy about drugs for the eyes, the ears, and other body parts people don’t usually talk about. Catch up on your headlines here: Eleven Biotherapeutics Fails in Dry Ey...

News digest – NHS woes, skin cancer insights, prostate cancer map, and… orgasms?

Here's our regular round-up of the week's cancer news.

What this radiologist learned from his obstetrics rotation

I was volunteering at one of the free clinics associated with my medical school last weekend, and while teaching a medical student how to sew a cut, he queried, “That is an interesting technique, who taught you how to suture? Are you a surgeon?” “I am actually a radiologist,” I replied. “To answer your first […]

Orexigen: Contrave Sales On The Cusp Of Anti-Obesity Leadership - Do Not Celebrate Yet

Friday 22nd May 2015

University of Louisville Promotes "Official Tanning Center"

Almost six years ago, I blogged about how the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) had received a substantial grant from Coca-Cola to provide "educational information" about nutritional aspects of the soft drink on its web site, FamilyDoctor....

MKSAP: 25-year-old woman is evaluated for redness at mosquito bite

Test your medicine knowledge with the MKSAP challenge, in partnership with the American College of Physicians. A 25-year-old woman is evaluated for redness that developed over her right leg at the site of a mosquito bite. She is otherwise healthy and takes no medications. On physical examination, temperature is 37.2 °C (99.0 °F), blood pressure is 120/70 […]

Natural GMOs Part 219. It's a big world out there that has transgenic DNA -- few creatures big or small are off the radar if you search thoroughly.

Quote from Crisp et al 2015:DiscussionHGT occurs at low, but appreciable, levels across all the animal species we examined; it has occurred over time and is still occurring; it mainly originates from bacteria and protists; and the genes concerned frequently code for enzyme activities. Interestingly, overall levels of HGT do not appear to be conspicuously diff

Real News Video Debate: Are GMOs Safe. Thierry Vrain and Alison Van Eenennaam square off.

Uploaded on 21 May 2015Dr. Thierry Vrain and Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam discuss the science behind genetically engineered crops and the significance of GMO restrictions in more than 60 countries. Full transcript here.

Get the most out of home blood pressure monitoring

Visa Cap May Blunt Competitive Edge

The growing demand for highly skilled foreign workers in biotech and information technology is rekindling debate about the motivation driving companies to hire foreign talent.

Quality Now Trumps Quantity in Stats on Uninsured

Columnist Jo Craven McGinty explores a methodological overhaul that has improved data on the number of Americans without health insurance, at a cost.

Albert Lea shows how walking and other healthy habits can rejuvenate a rural community

ALBERT LEA — It’s like a small-town Norman Rockwell scene, updated for the 21st century. A Latino family strolls through the park, immersed in conversation. Coming up fast behind is a woman in designer exercise gear and earplugs, intent on maintaining her power-walking pace. Bringing up the rear is a young man with his Husky, both of them staring up at a patch of sun that has appeared fro...

Survey for Lung Cancer Chemo Patients Seeks to Improve Care

_kmq.push(["trackClickOnOutboundLink","wpa2a_4","Article link clicked",{"Title":"","Page":"Survey for Lung Cancer Chemo Patients Seeks to Improve Care"}]);Cancer researchers need to hear from lung cancer patients who have gone through chemotherapy and experienced various side effects. As part of that effort, GRACE is supporting the Research Advocacy Network, a non-profit organization, as it searc...

Seattle Roundup: Seattle Angel Conference, UW Business Plans, & More

In addition to significant fundraising news from, Glowforge, and Ignition Partners, we’re tracking the winners of the University of Washington’s business plan competition, Seattle Angel Conference, and more. First, here’s a...

Kaken gets some Asian rights to Brickell's BBI4000

Brickell Biotech Inc. licensed Kaken Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. exclusive rights to develop and commercialize its BBI4000 in Japan and certain other Asian countries.

R-Tech Ueno acquires Santen's ophthalmic candidate DE105

R-Tech Ueno Ltd. acquired Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.'s DE105 for persistent corneal epithelial defects. Santen had discontinued development in mid-2013 because of shifts in its business strategy.

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