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Monday 30th March 2015

Elementary, my dear Home Office… the classification is wrong! | 30 March 2015

One of our members has just drawn our attention to a Home Office circular that tells Chief Police Officers that, when assessing recruits for the service, they should regard Chronic...

Teva Agrees to Buy San Diego’s Auspex Pharmaceuticals for $3B+

Mental ability, family income linked

With higher incomes, child brains expand in areas linked to education,researchers say.

Echo (ECTE) Note 03-30-15

Echo Hits First Development Milestone for Connectivity to Mobile Devices Redesigned System to be Better, Cheaper and Faster for Multiple Markets Partnership Announcements Expected but Additional Capital Required Download Full 5-Page Note with Important Disclosures: Morning Note 03-30-15 ECTE Echo Therapeutics hit their first milestone under new CEO Scott Hollander as they announced the new communi...

Peter Thiel Brings Libertarian Standup Routine to Harvard

In staccato, stand-up comic style, Peter Thiel brought his version of libertarianism to Harvard, a notable cheering section for positive government. Last Wednesday, a packed lecture hall heard the investor and co-founder of PayPal and secretive data-...

Child Medications Should Be Dosed In Metric Units--Not Spoonfuls

The scenario is all too familiar—a child is rushed into the emergency department with a suspected overdose, after receiving a medication at home. Parents and caregivers are concerned they may have measured too much using a common kitchen utensil—...

Can You Tell If Your Child Is Overweight? Most Parents Can't, Study Finds

Most parents aren’t able to tell if their children are normal weight or obese. And this is a big problem for their future health.

No, An Apple A Day Won't Keep The Doctor Away

No, an apple a day does not appear to keep the doctor away. But, a new study semi-seriously suggests, it may keep the pharmacist away. The study serves as an instructive and humorous way to look at the perpetually thorny problem of how to best under...

Pilots Need Mental Health Screening -- And Doctors Do, Too

The entirely predictable media obsession with the tragedy of the Germanwings jetliner that crashed into the French Alps on March 25 is moving forward full force. The media, especially cable television, love airline disasters. Once German prosecutors ...

Here's What '60 Minutes' Didn't Tell You About The 'Miracle' Glioblastoma Treatment

The polio-based cancer therapy pioneered by Duke University researchers and featured on "60 Minutes" is promising, but there are caveats.

Biotech Weekly: Top Value Biotech Picks Starting Q2 2015

OncoSec Medical Has A Promising Technology

UnitedHealth's $12.8 Billion Answer To Expensive Prescription Drugs

In a deal that could help wrest back control over the soaring cost of prescription drugs, UnitedHealth Group’s Optum Rx Corp. will buy pharmacy benefit manager Catamaran Corp. (CTRX) for $12.8 billion. UnitedHealth Group (UNH), already the nation...

Shire: An Undervalued Investment Opportunity

Water Is The Core Of Health & Sustainable Development - World Water Day Meets Technology

In the past week, sustainable development, the environment and technology have been at the forefront of domestic and international attention. Ambassadors from around the world joined business owners and policymakers at the United Nations for World Wa...

Conatus Will Run On Positive Phase 2 NASH Study

Drinking diarrhea to save lives

If it weren’t for the coming together of people from all over the globe, the influenza pandemic of 1918, also known as the Spanish Flu, would not have had the devastating effect that it did. It is estimated that at one point this deadly strain infected one out of every five people on earth and […]

Enzyme Keeps Blood Stem Cells Functional to Prevent Anemia

The study from the Sauer lab brings scientists closer to improving therapies for diseases such as bone marrow failure syndrome, anemia, leukemia, lymphoma and immunodeficiences.

Team Breaks Imaging Barrier

The study from the Carragher lab reveals individual water molecules in a protein complex.

Cells You Can See: A Profile of Art Olson

The Olson lab creates models and computer programs to help scientists visualize cells, viruses and other biological players.

Novartis Bets $250M-Plus on Aduro’s Immuno-Oncology Work

How bullish are big drugmakers on cancer immunotherapy these days? Take a read from the deal Novartis announced today with Berkeley, CA-based Aduro Biotech, which is getting a nine-figure check from the Swiss drug giant for an immunotherapy approach ...

The China Bank Switch Scam Is Hitting American Companies At An Alarming Rate

If you are doing business with China, you no doubt already know that you need to be on your guard against fraud. But against what sort of frauds and what exactly should you be doing to avoid becoming a victim? Of all the China frauds my firm's China...

How The CARERS Act Could Impact Pot Stocks

It’s March 30th. Have you hugged your doctor?

I’m in a room full of doctors at my mom’s 50th medical school reunion when I announce, “It’s almost March 30th!” I pause. “Doesn’t anyone know what March 30th is?” Nobody has a clue. March 30th is National Doctors’ Day! Who knew? I never heard of it — until a friend told me last week. […]

Don't Blame Depression For Devastating Germanwings Plane Crash

You saw a depressed person today. Probably dozens or hundreds of them. They drive cars. They perform surgery. They fly planes — and safely land them. Of course, that's been frequently forgotten since last week's devastating Germanwings tragedy. Man...

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