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Sunday 23rd November 2014

Cramer's Mad Money - Zoetis Has Animal Instincts To Move Higher (11/21/14)

(Dis)comfort measures

Close to midnight and Tonya is somnolent, lying on an emergency department (ED) stretcher and not in her own bed at home. The change in location alters the fairy tale quality of the word somnolent from sleepy or drowsy to one that’s more sinister and worrisome. Especially when Tonya is dying of brain cancer, a single mother of thirty-four, […]

Saturday 22nd November 2014

Northwest Biotherapeutics' DCVax-L: A Reimbursement Perspective

What will future of medicine look like? Start here.

Excerpts from The Guide to the Future of Medicine. Enormous technological changes are heading our way. If they hit us unprepared, which we are now, they will wash away the medical system we know and leave it a purely technology–based service without personal interaction. Such a complicated system should not be washed away. Rather, it […]

Nicotine addiction linked to neuron

A newly discovered kind of neuron unites the buzz of nicotine and withdrawal pangs.

Bt-resistant Insects not Likely to Be a Problem for Maize Farmers – But CryF Resistance Re-emphasises the Need for Stacked Bt traits

The fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda. Photo by Clemson University – USDA Cooperative Extension Slide Series, resistance in fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda: single gene versus pyramided Bt maize — PLOS ONEAbstract

Gene in kidney may play role in high blood pressure

CINCINNATI--Researchers at the University of Cincinnati (UC) have found that a gene abundant in the kidneys may actually play a role in the regulation of blood pressure and hypertension in experimental male mouse models. The study led by Manoocher So...

Good news for cocaine users: Caffeine counters cocaine's effects on women's estrus cycles

Women are more sensitive to the effects of cocaine and more susceptible to cocaine abuse than men. Cocaine's ability to disrupt a woman's estrus cycle may explain the sex differences in cocaine addiction, and new evidence that caffeine may be neuropr...

Reflections after the first cadaver lab

“To help other people overcome their injuries.” This mantra was accompanied by flushed faces, hidden trembling hands, and nervous chuckles as the majority of my peers told the class why they decided to pursue physical therapy as a career. Soon thereafter, this adage was lost as we dived into our studies, learning every bone, muscle, […]

Arena Pharmaceuticals: Belviq Sales Take A Modest Dip With Holiday

Google Uses Neural Networks to Describe the Content of Images

The hottest area in web search is image search and analysis. Needless to say, this will be a very important component of pathology informatics because of the evolving role of digital imaging in surgical pathology (see: "Eminence-Based" Surgical Patho...

Medicaid is Obamacare’s sleeping giant

To me, Medicaid is Obamacare’s sleeping giant — the enabler of federal power and control over the health system. It is a far more powerful enabler than health exchanges, which have gotten most of the publicity. It surpasses the number of uninsured and underinsured that the exchanges have enrolled. Continue reading ... Your patients are […]

Young physicians should be on Twitter. Here’s why.

You — a medical student, resident physician or newly-minted medical attending — are late in the game.  Sure, you appropriately hopped onto Facebook during your first few years of college, only to rightly disengage around the advent of newsfeeds and cover photos.  You passively signed up to LinkedIn last winter only to remain passively aware […]

News digest – treatment targets missed, prostate cancer and obesity, liquid hand soap and more

Cancer treatment target missed again, evidence links obesity and aggressive prostate cancer, plus could liquid hand gel be harming your health?

Transforming primary care to spend extra time with patients

When I started my internal medicine residency, I was pretty sure I was going to rock this primary care thing. I knew the drugs for hypertension, the guidelines for diabetes management, and depression management seemed like nothing more than an algorithm. I felt buoyed by familiarity as I looked at the problem list for my first primary care patient: basically […]

The attitude when it comes to treating chronic pain

Here is the attitude of ER physicians: Here are a few pills to hold you out for one or two days. Follow up with your PCP — he or she should be managing your chronic pain — not me. Now get out of my ER!” Continue reading ... Your patients are rating you online: How […]

Friday 21st November 2014

MKSAP: 40-year-old woman is evaluated for a rash

Test your medicine knowledge with the MKSAP challenge, in partnership with the American College of Physicians. A 40-year-old woman is evaluated for a rash on her hands that has been present for 6 weeks. This rash comes and goes throughout the year and has been present for many years, but never as severe as it is now. […]

Fainting: First aid

Why Investors Should Avoid Becton, Dickinson

Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 41: Abbott Laboratories

Cipher to begin trading on NASDAQ on Monday

Cipher Pharmaceuticals (OTCBB:CPHMF; TSX:DND) has been approved for listing and trading on the NASDAQ Global Market, effective at the open on Monday, under the ticker symbol CPHR. The common shares will continue to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, however, the company’s ticker symbol will change to CPH also on Monday. “Listing on NASDAQ […]

House GOP Files Suit Over Health Law

House Republicans filed a long-threatened lawsuit claiming the Obama administration overstepped its bounds in how it is paying for or enforcing certain aspects of the health-care law.

Tandem Diabetes in data partnership with Tidepool

Tandem Diabetes Care (NASDAQ:TNDM) has entered into a partnership with Tidepool, a non-profit dedicated to improving diabetes therapy management by offering an open source software platform that increases diabetes data accessibility. The accord will enable users of the Tidepool Platform, which is currently under development, to download and access data from Tandem’s t:slim Insulin Pump. […...

Off-Label Corticosteroid Use Could Get Contraindication From FDA

Limited evidence on risks – and benefits – for epidural corticosteroid injections among challenges that FDA’s Anesthetic and Analgesic Drugs Products Advisory Committee faces.

The FDA Breakthrough Designation Further Validates Regeneron's Pipeline

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