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Sunday 29th November 2015

China FDA Generic Rejections Show Tightening Quality Noose

The recent rejection of 11 new drug applications by the China FDA is indicative of the country’s increasingly tightening controls over product quality, with a particular focus on generics, and followed the agency’s newly issued generic drug quali...

The Making of Insulin - The "First" Modern Medical Miracle

For many biotech investors, the science and drama behind the “cure” is part of the professional interest – the motivation for focusing on this industry. In contrast to our usual commentary, we are presenting the history behind the first medical miracle. At its conclusion, you’ll see the beginnings of the template for drug development and partnering.Most of article was taken from the May 20...

German consumer group: hardly any differences between conventional and organic food except the price

From AJ Stein

Eisai Dips Toe Into Chinese Generics With TianYi Buy

Major Japanese innovator Eisai is moving into the Chinese generics sector through the acquisition of the small Chinese firm Liaoning TianYi Biological, in a move it says is designed to tap into strong projected market growth for such products in Chin...

Hospitals Tap Wisdom of Patients to Improve Care

Patient and family advisory councils work on projects and policies along with hospital staff. Hospitals with such councils score higher in measures of patient satisfaction.

Stem-Cell Leader Expands in New York

Foundation’s move enhances city’s reputation as a biotech center.

Why We All Need Planned Parenthood

All women deserve access to reproductive healthcare without fear of verbal or physical attacks.

Hanmi, Spectrum Look For Differentiation As Poziotinib Progresses

South Korea's Hanmi Pharmaceutical and its global partner Spectrum Pharmaceuticals are moving closer to the commercialization of the oral pan-HER inhibitor poziotinib in the US with the submission by the US biotech of a Phase II breast cancer protoco...

Indonesian Sugar-Tax Talk Chills Drinks Industry

A possible tax on drinks with added sugar threatens to compound woes for beverage companies already wrestling with a slowdown in Southeast Asia’s largest economy.

Samsung to Invest $740 Million in New Drug Facility

Samsung BioLogics said it would construct a new facility in South Korea that will double its production capacity and make it the world’s largest contract drug maker.

Major Shareholder Wants Inquiry Into Northwest Biotherapeutics Allegations

A major shareholder is urging biotechnology firm Northwest Biotherapeutics to hold an inquiry into allegations about the governance of the company by Chairwoman and Chief Executive Linda Powers.

Animal Venom Database Could Be Boon To Drug Development

A new public database that catalogs animal toxins could spur the development of new drugs made with compounds found in animal venom.

I may be the only advocate for my dying patient

Medical school and medical training attempt to teach subjective humans how to think and practice medicine objectively. This may be one of the unique fallacies of modern medicine, but that’s a subject for a different blog. Nevertheless, even in the highly emotional field of emergency medicine I’m usually pretty chill. That is, until someone’s dying, […]

Climate can grind down mountains faster than they can rebuild

For the first time, researchers have attempted to measure all the material leaving and entering a mountain range over the course of more than a million years. They’ve discovered that erosion caused by glaciation during ice ages can, in th...

NSF research finds way to withhold cancer cells’ favorite food

As any good Star Trek fan knows, Mr. Spock was a “green-blooded Vulcan” because his hemoglobin was copper-based, unlike our iron-based human cells. But even humans have a little bit of copper in their blood. Now, a new paper based o...

Chef Jamie Oliver, True Believer In Coming UK Sugar Tax, Fights 'Patronizing Nonsense' Label

Jamie Oliver is still backing a sugar tax, but he continues to encounter resistance despite Mexico's success with the tax.

The next big thing in health care? It probably will start as something small.

Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson had a great post a while back titled, “Bootstrap Your Network With A High Value Use Case.” He points out that the initial value proposition for Waze (the community-based traffic and navigation app acquired by Google) was simply to help drivers that like to drive too fast identify speed traps. But it of […]

TIERS PAYANT: Résout-il vraiment les questions d'accès et de report des soins? - Système de santé

Le tiers payant résoudra-t-il vraiment les problèmes d'accès aux soins ou de report –pour près de 30% des Français ? Si l'Assemblée nationale a voté le 27 novembre 2015, en nouvelle lecture, avec l'article 18 de la Loi de Modernisation du système de santé, sa généralisation, de très nombreux arguments y ...

TIERS PAYANT: Résoud-t-il vraiment les questions d'accès et de report des soins? - Système de santé

Le tiers payant résoudra-t-il vraiment les problèmes d'accès aux soins ou de report –pour près de 30% des Français ? Si l'Assemblée nationale a voté le 27 novembre 2015, en nouvelle lecture, avec l'article 18 de la Loi de Modernisation du système de santé, sa généralisation, de très nombreux arguments y ...

TRANSSEXUALITÉ: Conserver les gamètes avant le parcours de soin? - Académie nationale de Médecine

Le Défenseur des droits avait souhaité connaître la position de l'Académie nationale de médecine concernant « la demande des personnes transsexuelles qui souhaitent procéder à une autoconservation de leurs gamètes pour éventuellement pouvoir les réutiliser après leur transition dans un projet de parentalit&eacut...

SÉDENTARITÉ: L'exercice physique ne compense pas la station assise prolongée - European Journal of Preventive Cardiology

Les patients atteints de maladie coronarienne passent en moyenne plus de 8 heures assis par jour. Pourtant ces personnes à risque devraient, plus que toutes autres, éviter la station assise prolongée, conclut cette recherche de l'Institut de cardiologie d'Ottawa (Canada). Les conclusions, présentées dans l'European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, rappellent que...

CANCER du CERVEAU: Des nanotransporteurs qui ciblent la tumeur - The Journal of Controlled Release

Ces nanoparticules qui peuvent transporter des agents thérapeutiques à travers la barrière hémato-encéphalique ont été conçues par une équipe du Berkeley Lab pour le traitement du cancer du cerveau. Un espoir, en particulier pour le traitement du glioblastome multiforme, un cancer du cerveau dont les cellules cancéreuses é...

In Red States, Pressure Mounts To Expand Medicaid Under Obamacare

The election of a Democrat to the Louisiana governorship clears the way for yet another Republican-leaning state to expand the Medicaid program for poor Americans under the Affordable Care Act. Already, 31 states have expanded Medicaid including five...

Thank you for healing a part of me that is grieving

As I entered the exam room to meet my new patient, I initially thought of the orange-haired heroine in the animated kid movie, Brave. Although the middle-aged woman’s hair was not quite as orange as the heroine’s, it was long, expansive in breadth and wavy in texture. Her hair seemed to engulf her petite frame. […]

Saturday 28th November 2015

To better treat obesity, doctors need to change their own diets

Several weeks ago, I was running late to my afternoon clinic. Literally, I could not move my feet fast enough. Reminiscent of 1990s childhood computer games, my Oregon Trail tempo was somewhere between strenuous and grueling. Lunch in hand, I slid into clinic just as the nurse was readying the chart of my first patient. […]