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Saturday 29th April 2017

Syngene's net profit declines marginally to Rs.78 cr in Q4

Syngene International, a leading CRO belonging to Biocon, has posted slightly lower net profit of Rs.78.4 crore during the fourth quarter ended March 2017 as compared to Rs.79 crore in the corresponding period of

Takeda, Harrington Discovery Institute collaborate to develop medicines for rare diseases

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, have announced a multi─year collaboration to accelerate breakthrough therapeutic

Maha FDA may cancel licenses of two city based hospitals for non─compliance

Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may cancel licenses of two Fortis Hospitals based in the city for overcharging patients subject to reusing catheters on them contrary to the existing medical guidelines and

Digital China Joins State-Owned Enterprises for Big Data Healthcare

Digital China Holdings has started the China Healthcare Big Data Development Co. in conjunction with China ministries and state-owned enterprises. Digital China, which was spun out from Legend Holdings in 2001, is the largest integrated IT service provider in China. CHBDDC will aim at digitizing everything about healthcare -- delivery, drugs, disease -- with the goal of making breakthroughs and wo...

The ETS family of oncogenic transcription factors in solid tumours

Initially identified more than 30 years ago, the ETS family of transcription factors has been found to take part in all steps of tumorigenesis. This Review discusses the different mechanisms of ETS activation and the oncogenic implications of this activation, as well as how to target ETS factors in cancer treatment.

Melanoma: a global perspective

Most of our current knowledge of melanoma is derived from the study of patients from populations of European descent, for whom public health, sun protection initiatives and screening measures have appreciably decreased disease mortality. Notably, some melanoma subtypes that most commonly develop in other populations are not associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, suggesting a different...

BSN Spitouts Ranking: Lenzing, Lufthansa, Apple ...

Diese Ranking-Änderungen hat die Statistikdatenbank des BSN ausgespuckt. ATX Folgende Veränderungen im ytd-Ranking: OMV (3 Plätze gutgemacht, von 7 auf 4); dazu, OMV (+3, von 7 auf 4), Erste Group ...

Weekend, unser Robot zum Dow: Caterpillar Monatsbester, IBM am schwächsten bsngine fintech

Der Dow Jones verlor am Freitag -0,19% auf 20940,51 Punkte. Year-to-date liegt der Dow Jones nun 5,96% im Plus. Es gab bisher 38 Gewinntage und 43 Verlusttage. Auf das Jahreshoch fehlen 0,83%, vom ...

Learning key 'danger zones' can help plastic surgeons to enhance safety of facial filler procedures

Dermal fillers have become a popular alternative to surgery for patients who want a younger facial appearance. Learning about some key "danger zones" can help plastic surgeons to enhance the safety and effectiveness of facial filler procedures, according to an expert update in the May issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surge...

American Academy of Nursing recognizes UofL racetrack clinic as innovative model

The Kentucky Racing Health Services Center, a nonprofit clinic run by the University of Louisville School of Nursing, has been designated an innovative model by the American Academy of Nursing.

Results of the randomized phase IIB ADMIRE trial of FCR with or without mitoxantrone in previously untreated CLL

Benefit of continuous treatment for responders with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma in the randomized FIRST trial

Proteomic characterization of human multiple myeloma bone marrow extracellular matrix

Nasdaq 100: Quartalszahlen von Microsoft, Intel,, Google - und das ist jetzt alles?

Sollte man hier doch langsam vorsichtig werden? Grundsätzlich sollte man da ja immer sein, aber: ja. Wenn man bedenkt, dass am Donnerstagabend nach Handelsende die Quartalsbilanzen von Index-Schwer...

ARDS survivors who return to work end up losing their jobs, study finds

Forty-four percent of people who held jobs before contracting a condition called acute respiratory distress syndrome were jobless one year after they were discharged from the hospital, costing them an average of about $27,000 in earnings.

Roche: Eine rosige Zukunft

Der Schweizer Pharmakonzern Roche (WKN: 855167 / ISIN: CH0012032048) konnte einen starken Auftakt in das Geschäftsjahr 2017 verbuchen. Besonders erfreulich: Es lief in allen Sparten gut. Nicht nur ...

Environmental influences on ovarian dysgenesis — developmental windows sensitive to chemical exposures

Evidence suggests that early-life exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals might contribute to the development of reproductive disorders. Here, Julie Boberg and colleagues summarize the current knowledge of how environmental chemicals and pharmaceuticals potentially contribute to the development of ovarian dysgenesis syndrome.

Thyroid cancer: The thyroid cancer epidemic — overdiagnosis or a real increase?

The global thyroid cancer epidemic over the past few decades in high-income countries has largely been related to improved diagnosis of the disease. A new analysis of thyroid cancer incidence and mortality trends over the period 1974–2013 in the USA confirms not only the well-known rise in incidence but also a recent increase in mortality from the disease.

Adipose tissue: Macrophage retention inhibits beige adipogenesis in obesity

Verona Pharma raised US-$77.8m at NASDAQ

When PERK inhibitors turn out to be new potent RIPK1 inhibitors: critical issues on the specificity and use of GSK2606414 and GSK2656157

Teens take dental care into their own hands, with questionable results

In this age of do-it-yourself everything, orthodontists say teeth straightening is one task you should leave to the professionals.

Friday 28th April 2017

AMA urges doctors to talk about safe opioid storage, disposal

(HealthDay)—Physicians should take three essential steps to reduce the amount of unwanted, unused, and expired medications in an effort to avoid non-medical uses of the drugs, according to a new recommendation from the American Medical Association (AMA) Task Force to Reduce Opioid Abuse.

Study finds bonobos may be better representation of the last common ancestor with humans than common chimpanzees

A new study examining the muscular system of bonobos provides firsthand evidence that the rare great ape species may be more closely linked, anatomically, to human ancestors than common chimpanzees. Previous research suggested this theory at the molecular level, but this is the first study to compare in detail the anatomy of the three species.

Rising costs and potential savings for generic, topical steroids

Although topical steroids are among the most commonly prescribed medications by dermatologists, there are limited data on spending and use for this class of drugs. In a new study led by investigators at Brigham and Women's Hospital, researchers have found that although most topical steroids prescribed to patients were generic, there was a sharp increase in Medicare Part D and out-of-pocket spendin...

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