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BioPortfolio offers highly targeted promotional tools to ensure that information on your organization is published and viewed by decision-makers and opinion leaders across the the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare and life-science sectors. We offer a selection of formats to get your information out into the internet and into your target audiences PC's, smartphones and information knowledge resources. Using RSS feeds, social media and the internet BioPortfolio delivers daily over 10,000+ pages to our visitors and sends targeted tweets to our 45,000+ Twitter followers.  Please review the following services:

BioPortfolio Channels:

BioPortfolio publishes several thousand Channels offering visitors a single point of access to life science and healthcare subjects, technologies, products and services.  For example ImmTAC developed by Immunocore, PolyXen developed by Xenetic Biosciences.  Each dedicated Channel web page provides highly specific information sourced from BioPortfolio's unique collection of databases - news stories, corporate directory, clinical trials, medical and scientific information.

Organizations can request specific channel pages to be created to promote their products, technologies, research tools and services by subscribing to Corporate Membership service.  Each bespoke Channel page is managed by your BioPortfolio Account Manager who edit and ammend over the 12 month subscription period.  

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Your Corporate Profile:

BioPortfolio has established an extensive global directory of life science, biotechnology and healthcare organizations.  Corporate subscribers can request a profile to be published or request ammendements of their BioPortfolio corporate profile.

To ensure your corporate profile is current, your products listed and press releases uploaded open open

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Your Press Releases - BioNewsCast:

When you write a press release, would it not be rewarding to see it immediately published on a global life science news portal, being read by your target audience of professional executives and decision makers?

BioPortfolio’s BioNewsCast offers the opportunity to have your press releases published on this internationally-renowned news and information hub and quickly pushed out into the internet via search engines and social media channels, notably Twitter to highly targeted individuals. With a specialised team to ensure publication goes smoothly, BioPortfolio will publish each press release on a dedicated web page with corporate logos, images and links back to your website.  These high value links (BioPortfolio has a Google Page Rank = 6) in combination with the leading search engines, which are indexing BioPortfolio every few minutes, will ensure your press release is quickly and effectively disseminated to a global audience.

The design of the BioPortfolio site means your release is seen on numerous relevant pages across the site, allowing maximum exposure to your targeted audience.  For example a press release on Stem Cells will occur on;

• the BioPortfolio RSS news feed -;
• the Twitter account -;
• the channel page -;
• the news page -; and
• numerous other pages on BioPortfolio.  

BioPortfolio is global – the site is accessed from all corners of the world, with a strong presence in the key strategic areas of North America, Europe and the Far East.  With over 18 years internet presence BioPortfolio has a daily audience of 10-15,000 visitors who view 15-25,000 pages.  

Full details on the BioNewsCast service can be found at:

BioPortfolio - Site Search and Channels

BioPortfolio offers visitors a site-wide search capability that returns relevant results from a vast set of inter-related database records on the site:

News - Over a million life science news stories and press releases

PubMed - Over 1.5 milliion pubmed records

Corporate - Over 40,000 biotech and life science company records

Trials - Over 65,000 biotech clinical trials records

Drugs - Over 30,000 drug/medication records

Channels - Over 4,500 channels on biotech product news and information


MyBioPortfolio allows registered users to customise their own home page, combining news stories and database searches on specific topics, to create a personalised resource of key biotech and life science information.

BioPortfolio Traffic Statistics

BioPortfolio has a huge readership of new and returning visitors. Serving a global community the site has particularly good visitor numbers from the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the emerging economies of India and China.

Statistics May 2015:

223,556 Total sessions to the site

199,891 Total users to the site

311,969 Total page views

1.40  Pages / visit

83.9%  New Visitors

16.1%  Return Visitors

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