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Subscription and Membership

BioPortfolio offers three levels of membership:

  • Individual - FREE - create your own MyBioPortfolio to track topics of importance to you.
  • Corporate & NGOs - publish and dissiminate your news, products and services.
  • Public Relations Firms - publish and dissiminate your clients press releases, articles and white papers.

BioPortfolio has been publishing biotechnology and pharmaceutical news, research, clinical trials and management report information since 1997.  Over this 18 year period BioPortfolio has established a strong brand and solid reputation for sound, clear and reliable information.  The site receives over 12,000 daily visitors who review over 20,000 web pages.  In addition, BioPortfolio manages 200 Twitter accounts with over 46,000 followers.

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Individual - FREE

Track the latest news, research papers, clinical trials, companies and management reports via MyBioPortfolio.  

To get started complete the registration form below, when registered submit upto five search terms to track topics of importance to you. You can manage your profile, including your password and personal details, and change your MyBioPortfolio profile settings and keywords as required.

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Corporate & NGOs - subscription rates dependent upon number of employees

BioPortfolio provides a unique window to the global audience of business professionals, corporate and public researchers and consumers with an appetite for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare information.  As a BioCorportate subscriber BioPortfolio will work with you via a dedicated account manager to ensure that we optimize relevant information on your organization published on the site:

  • your corporate profile - upto 500 words, images, URLs etc
  • your products and services - upto 10 entries each with a unique web page
  • your press releases - upto 20 press releases can be submitted for review and publication
  • your RSS feeds - events, press, blogs etc added to our global news service
  • social media - weekly tweets to our targted Twitter accounts

Annual Subscription:

  • 0-50 employees - $250.00
  • 51-250 employees - $500.00
  • Over 250 employees - $1000.00

To REVIEW and PURCHASE subscription please open - BioCorporate

Public Relations Firms - subscripton depends upon number of press releases

BioPortfolio has been publishing press releases for a number of PR Agencies and has arrangements with leading news suppliers and consolidators.  To ensure that your clients press releases get individual attention we launched our unique service "BioNewsCast".  This service provides PR Agencies with considerable added-value and certainty that their clients press releases will be published rapidly and in a highly professional and timely manner.   

As a PR Agency subscriber BioPortfolio will work with you via a dedicated account manager to ensure that we receive your clients press release, publish at the correct time and optimize dissemmenation via our social channels.

BioNewsCast Subscription Packages:

One press release - $50.00

Ten press releases - $400.00

In addition BioPortfolio can publish articles and blogs at a nominal charge of $32.00

To REVIEW and PURCHASE subscription please open - BioNewsCast


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