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Oxygen, Compressed USP


WARNING: For emergency use only when administered by properly trained personnel for oxygen deficiency and resuscitation. For all other medical applications, Rx only. CAUTION: Federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription. Uninterrupted use of high concentrations of oxygen over a long duration, without monitoring its effect on oxygen content of arterial blood, may be harmful. Use only with pressure reducing equipment and apparatus used for oxygen. Do not attempt to use on patients who have stopped breathing unless used in conjunction with resuscitative equipment. Produced by Air Liquefaction. WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.HIGH PRESSURE OXIDIZING GAS. VIGOROUSLY ACCELERATES COMBUSTION. Keep oil and grease away. Open valve slowly. Store and use with adequate ventilation. Use only with equipment cleaned for oxygen service and rated for cylinder pressure. Use a back flow preventive device in the piping. Close valve after each use and when empty. Cylinder temperature should not exceed 52˚C (125˚F). Federal Law Requires that this Container be Refilled with Oxygen U.S.P Only by Establishments Registered as a Drug Producer in accordance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Use in accordance with the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).     CAS: 7782-44-7    RETURN WITH 25 PSIG.

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Clinical Trials [515 Associated Clinical Trials listed on BioPortfolio]

Effect of High Levels of Oxygen and Smoking on the Lungs in Human Volunteers

Patients with lung disease experiencing difficulty breathing can be treated with oxygen therapy. This involves the delivery of "extra" oxygen by a face-mask or through small tubes placed ...

Oxygen Portable Concentrator During Exercises in Patients With COPD

The purpose of this study is to compare differences in oxygen delivery between portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) and liquid oxygen (LOs) portable units, pose a question if POCs are equa...

Pre-flight Titration of Supplemental Oxygen

The purpose of this study is to evaluate if supplemental oxygen during air travel can be reliably titrated using a Hypoxia-altitude simulation test (HAST). Also, the effect of oxygen suppl...

Nocturnal Oxygen Therapy

To compare the efficacy of long-term use of nocturnal oxygen therapy (12 hours) with that of continuous, low-flow oxygen therapy (24 hours) in patients with chronic hypoxic lung disease.

Canadian Oxygen Trial (COT)

Study Question: In infants who are born at gestational ages of 23 0/7 to 27 6/7 weeks, does lowering the concentration of supplemental oxygen to target an arterial oxygen saturation by pul...

PubMed Articles [3500 Associated PubMed Articles listed on BioPortfolio]

Activation of oxygen evolving perovskites for oxygen reduction by functionalization with Fe-Nx/C groups.

The incorporation of Fe-Nx/C moieties into perovskites remarkably activates them for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and also leads to notable improvement of their activity towards the oxygen evol...

Impact of Study Oximeter Masking Algorithm on Titration of Oxygen Therapy in the Canadian Oxygen Trial.

To compare oxygen saturations as displayed to caregivers on offset pulse oximeters in the 2 groups of the Canadian Oxygen Trial.

Vulnerability of the developing heart to oxygen deprivation as a cause of congenital heart defects.

The heart develops under reduced and varying oxygen concentrations, yet there is little understanding of oxygen metabolism in the normal and mal-development of the heart. Here we used a novel reagent,...

Ca2Mn2O5 as Oxygen Deficient Perovskite Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction.

This paper presents the use of Ca2Mn2O5 as an oxygen-deficient perovskite electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in alkaline media. Phase-pure Ca2Mn2O5 was made under mild reaction temper...

Oxygen Defects in Phosphorene.

Surface reactions with oxygen are a fundamental cause of the degradation of phosphorene. Using first-principles calculations, we show that for each oxygen atom adsorbed onto phosphorene there is an en...

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