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Global Clinical Trials Database

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Clinical Efficacy in Relieving Dentin Hypersensitivity of Nanohydroxyapatite-Containing Toothpastes and Cream

This study will investigate the effectiveness of nanohydroxyapatite (nano-HAP)-containing toothpastes and cream to relieve dentin hypersensitivity, comparing it with those of a commercial desensitizing dentifrice containing calcium sodium phosphosilicate (Novamin® technology) and a standard fluoride dentifrice containing 1,500 ppm fluoride as sodium monofluorophosphate (MF...

23:08 EDT 29 Sep 2016

E-cigarettes to Promote Smoking Reduction Among Individuals With Schizophrenia

The purpose of this study is to assess if access to an electronic nicotine delivery device, or e-cigarette, in addition to nicotine patch (21 mg) can help reduce cigarette smoking among individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia compared to nicotine patch alone.

23:08 EDT 29 Sep 2016

Using a Mobile Application as a Support at the Prescription of Appropriate Medications for Elderly

Objective: To develop and evaluate the effectiveness of a mobile application to support decision making for prescription drugs to elderly patients. Method: Firstly, there will be a two-tier content validation of potentially inappropriate medicines (PIM) for the elderly based on Beers Criteria and STOPP. For the validation, a modified Delphi consensus technique will be appli...

23:08 EDT 29 Sep 2016

Presenting Summary Information From Cochrane Systematic Reviews

The objective of the investigators study is to evaluate the efficacy of infographics in presenting information, in terms of understanding and remembering research results, compared to standard PLS formats and scientific summary formats (SciSum).

23:08 EDT 29 Sep 2016

Study to Investigate the Long Term Survivorship of Coflex

Examine the long-term survivorship via CT Scan of the coflex in patients who presented with spinous process fracture(s) at 24 months in the Paradigm Spine coflex IDE Study.

23:08 EDT 29 Sep 2016

PubMed Journal Articles

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Diffuse Tracheal Papillomatosis. :: 08:00 EDT 27 Sep 2016

Correlating Prenatal Imaging Findings of Fetal Ventriculomegaly with the Need for Surgical Intervention in the First 3 Months after Birth.

This study evaluates the predictive value of prenatal imaging measurements regarding the need for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) diversion for fetal hydrocephalus in the first 3 months after birth.

08:00 EDT 28 Sep 2016

Spherical, Dimpled and Crumpled Hybrid Colloids with Tunable Surface Morphology.

Surface morphology is a tool to tune physical properties of colloidal suspensions such as the wettability, viscoelasticity and depletion attractions. Existing synthesis methods to obtain colloids with a rough surface morphology often result in colloids with non-tunable surface properties. Here, we developed a synthetic approach to obtain both spherical and shape-anisotropic hybrid colloids with tu...

08:00 EDT 27 Sep 2016

Endoscopic Diagnosis of the Invasion Depth of T1 Colorectal Carcinoma for Endoscopic Resection by Using Narrow-Band Imaging Magnification as Total Excisional Biopsy.

We established a new colorectal T1 invasion depth sub-classification and evaluated it to determine whether total excisional biopsy can be performed on colorectal carcinoma (CRC) cases using narrow-band imaging (NBI) magnification.

08:00 EDT 28 Sep 2016

Al-Pd Nanodisk Heterodimers as Antenna-Reactor Photocatalysts.

Photocatalysis uses light energy to drive chemical reactions. Conventional industrial catalysts are made of transition metal nanoparticles that interact only weakly with light, while metals such as Au, Ag, and Al that support surface plasmons interact strongly with light but are poor catalysts. By combining plasmonic and catalytic metal nanoparticles, the plasmonic "antenna" can couple light into ...

08:00 EDT 26 Sep 2016

Drugs and Medication Records

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