Expedited Synthesis of Benzofuran-2-Carboxylic Acids via Microwave-Assisted Perkin Rearrangement Reaction.

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Summary of "Expedited Synthesis of Benzofuran-2-Carboxylic Acids via Microwave-Assisted Perkin Rearrangement Reaction."

3-Halocoumarins are readily converted into benzofuran-2-carboxylic acids via a Perkin (coumarin-benzofuran ring contraction) rearrangement reaction. This rearrangement entails initial base catalyzed ring fission. The resulting phenoxide anion then attacks a vinyl halide to produce the final benzofuran moiety. We explored this reaction under microwave reaction conditions and were able to significantly reduce reaction times as well as obtain very high yields of a series of benzofuran-2-carboxylic acid derivatives.


Savannah State University, Department of Natural Sciences, College of Sciences and Technology, 3219 College Street, Savannah, GA 31404, USA.

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Name: Tetrahedron letters
ISSN: 0040-4039
Pages: 3319-3321


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Organic compounds containing the carboxy group (-COOH). This group of compounds includes amino acids and fatty acids. Carboxylic acids can be saturated, unsaturated, or aromatic.

Enzymes which catalyze the hydrolysis of carboxylic acid esters with the formation of an alcohol and a carboxylic acid anion.

Compounds consisting of chains of AMINO ACIDS alternating with CARBOXYLIC ACIDS via ester and amide linkages. They are commonly cyclized.

Carboxylic acids that have open-chain molecular structures as opposed to ring-shaped structures.

Carboxylic acids that have a homocyclic ring structure in which all the ring atoms are carbon.


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