Hybrid repair of aortic arch aneurysm in high-risk patients.

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Summary of "Hybrid repair of aortic arch aneurysm in high-risk patients."

Morbidity and mortality after conventional surgery of aortic arch aneurysms remain high. Alternative techniques are the subject of this report. METHODS AND
Open surgery requires cardiopulmonary bypass and hypothermic circulatory arrest. Thoracic endovascular aneurysm repair has a less invasive therapeutic alternative. The number of high-risk patients has considerably increased over the past decade. The proximity of the aneurysm to the supraaortic vessels makes it difficult to achieve a satisfactory proximal landing zone for endovascular stenting. Two methods have been proposed to address this issue: branched stent grafts and extraanatomic bypass, defined as a hybrid approach, which combines aortic debranching and endovascular procedures. Experience with hybrid repair is limited. Today there are no formal guidelines for the management of aortic arch aneurysm in high-risk patients.
Hybrid repair of aortic arch aneurysm in high-risk patients is a feasible and safer option.


aDepartment of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Division of Cardiac Surgery, Italy bDivison of Vascular Surgery, Italy cDivision of Radiology, San Giovanni Battista Hospital, University of Turin, Turin, Italy.

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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Small clusters of chemoreceptive and supporting cells located near the ARCH OF THE AORTA; the PULMONARY ARTERIES; and the coronary arteries. The aortic bodies sense PH; CARBON DIOXIDE; and oxygen concentrations in the BLOOD and participate in the control of RESPIRATION. The aortic bodies should not be confused with the PARA-AORTIC BODIES in the abdomen (which are sometimes also called aortic bodies).

Postoperative hemorrhage from an endovascular AORTIC ANEURYSM repaired with endoluminal placement of stent grafts (BLOOD VESSEL PROSTHESIS IMPLANTATION). It is associated with pressurization, expansion, and eventual rupture of the aneurysm.

Cardiovascular manifestations of SYPHILIS, an infection of TREPONEMA PALLIDUM. In the late stage of syphilis, sometimes 20-30 years after the initial infection, damages are often seen in the blood vessels including the AORTA and the AORTIC VALVE. Clinical signs include syphilitic aortitis, aortic insufficiency, or aortic ANEURYSM.

An abnormal balloon- or sac-like dilatation in the wall of the ABDOMINAL AORTA which gives rise to the visceral, the parietal, and the terminal (iliac) branches below the aortic hiatus at the diaphragm.

Solitary lesions of bone that typically cause a bulging of the overlying cortex bearing some resemblance to the saccular protrusion of the aortic wall in aortic aneurysm, hence the name. (Dorland, 27th ed)


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