Lacosamide for pain.

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Summary of "Lacosamide for pain."

Importance of the field: Neuropathic pain remains a condition that is difficult to treat and with which therapeutic failure is not uncommon. The need for new and effective drugs to treat neuropathic pain remains strong. Areas covered in this review: The available preclinical and clinical data for the pain relieving effect of lacosamide have been examined using the papers published and referenced on Medline between 1990 and present. What the reader will gain: It is hoped that readers will gain an insight into the use of this novel analgesic agent in human clinical pain. Take home message: The data relating to the pain relieving effect of lacosamide are sparse. The majority of the published human data relate to the use of lacosamide for the treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy where the extent of pain relief produced has not been deemed sufficient to warrant an application for a product license for this indication. That said, it is suggested that there remains merit in further investigation of this drug for other neuropathic pain conditions.


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PubMed Articles [4302 Associated PubMed Articles listed on BioPortfolio]

High-Throughput Method for the Quantification of Lacosamide in Serum using Ultra-Fast SPE-MS/MS.

Lacosamide is an anticonvulsant drug approved for adjunctive therapy of partial-onset seizures in adults. Monitoring serum lacosamide concentrations may be useful for assessing compliance and optimizi...

Factors influencing response to intravenous lacosamide in emergency situations: LACO-IV study.

Status epilepticus (SE) and acute repetitive seizures (ARSs) frequently result in emergency visits. Wide variations in response are seen with standard antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). Oral and intravenous ...

Total synthesis of lacosamide.

Total synthesis of anticonvulsant amino acid, lacosamide, is reported. The key step is stereospecific allyl cyanate-to-isocyanate rearrangement which proceeds with chirality transfer. The enantiopure ...

Affective, sensory and empathic sharing of another's pain: The Empathy for Pain Scale.

Through two studies, we introduce and validate the Empathy for Pain Scale (EPS), which characterizes the phenomenology of empathy for pain, including the vicarious experience of pain when seeing other...

Breakthrough cancer pain.

Breakthrough pain is a distinct pain state that is common in patients with cancer pain and which is associated with significant morbidity in this group of patients. The aim of this article is to highl...

Clinical Trials [2306 Associated Clinical Trials listed on BioPortfolio]

The Safety of Intravenous Lacosamide

To evaluate the safety of IV Lacosamide in children with partial-onset epilepsy, ages 4-35 years old, inclusive, who are either unable to take oral medication or require intravenous admini...

A Trial to Assess the Long-term Safety and Efficacy of Lacosamide in Subjects With Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

The purpose of this study is to determine if lacosamide (SPM 927) is safe if taken for a longer period of time and whether it continues to work well to treat pain. Subjects will receive l...

Trial to Assess the Safety of a Single Dose of iv Lacosamide Followed by Twice Daily Oral Lacosamide in Patients With Partial-onset Seizures

The purpose of the trial is to evaluate the safety of iv lacosamide delivered in a single dose followed by 6,5 days of oral dosing with lacosamide in patients with partial-onset seizures.

A Study Designed to Test the Effectiveness and Safety of Treating Patients With Lacosamide for Migraine Prophylaxis

The purpose of this study is to see how safe and effective Lacosamide (LCM) is when taken by mouth, twice a day for up to 18 weeks to prevent migraines.

Trial To Study The Safety And Pharmacokinetics Of Lacosamide In Children With Partial Seizures

The purpose of this trial is to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinetics of Lacosamide (LCM) syrup in children ages 2-17 with uncontrolled partial seizures when added to 1 to 3 other seizu...

Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

A type of pain that is perceived in an area away from the site where the pain arises, such as facial pain caused by lesion of the VAGUS NERVE, or throat problem generating referred pain in the ear.

Pain in the facial region including orofacial pain and craniofacial pain. Associated conditions include local inflammatory and neoplastic disorders and neuralgic syndromes involving the trigeminal, facial, and glossopharyngeal nerves. Conditions which feature recurrent or persistent facial pain as the primary manifestation of disease are referred to as FACIAL PAIN SYNDROMES.

Conditions characterized by pain involving an extremity or other body region, HYPERESTHESIA, and localized autonomic dysfunction following injury to soft tissue or nerve. The pain is usually associated with ERYTHEMA; SKIN TEMPERATURE changes, abnormal sudomotor activity (i.e., changes in sweating due to altered sympathetic innervation) or edema. The degree of pain and other manifestations is out of proportion to that expected from the inciting event. Two subtypes of this condition have been described: type I; (REFLEX SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY) and type II; (CAUSALGIA). (From Pain 1995 Oct;63(1):127-33)

Discomfort or more intense forms of pain that are localized to the cervical region. This term generally refers to pain in the posterior or lateral regions of the neck.

Pain associated with OBSTETRIC LABOR in CHILDBIRTH. It is caused primarily by UTERINE CONTRACTION as well as pressure on the CERVIX; BLADDER; and the GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT. Labor pain mostly occurs in the ABDOMEN; the GROIN; and the BACK.

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