Synthesis, molecular modeling, and biological evaluation of cinnamic acid metronidazole ester derivatives as novel anticancer agents.

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Summary of "Synthesis, molecular modeling, and biological evaluation of cinnamic acid metronidazole ester derivatives as novel anticancer agents."

A series of novel cinnamic acid metronidazole ester derivatives have been designed and synthesized, and their biological activities were also evaluated as potential EGFR and HER-2 kinase inhibitors. Compound 3h showed the most potent biological activity (IC50=0.62 microM for EGFR and IC50=2.15 microM for HER-2). Docking simulation was performed to position compound 3h into the EGFR active site to determine the probable binding model. Antiproliferative assay results demonstrated that some of these compounds possessed good antiproliferative activity against MCF-7. Compound 3h with potent inhibitory activity in tumor growth inhibition may be a potential anticancer agent.


State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, People's Republic of China.

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Name: Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry
ISSN: 1464-3391
Pages: 4991-6


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Procedures by which protein structure and function are changed or created in vitro by altering existing or synthesizing new structural genes that direct the synthesis of proteins with sought-after properties. Such procedures may include the design of MOLECULAR MODELS of proteins using COMPUTER GRAPHICS or other molecular modeling techniques; site-specific mutagenesis (MUTAGENESIS, SITE-SPECIFIC) of existing genes; and DIRECTED MOLECULAR EVOLUTION techniques to create new genes.

Resinous substances which most commonly originate from trees. In addition to resins, they contain oils, cinnamic acid and BENZOIC ACID.

The molecular designing of drugs for specific purposes (such as DNA-binding, enzyme inhibition, anti-cancer efficacy, etc.) based on knowledge of molecular properties such as activity of functional groups, molecular geometry, and electronic structure, and also on information cataloged on analogous molecules. Drug design is generally computer-assisted molecular modeling and does not include pharmacokinetics, dosage analysis, or drug administration analysis.

A flavoprotein that catalyzes the synthesis of protocatechuic acid from 4-hydroxybenzoate in the presence of molecular oxygen. EC

A field of biological research combining engineering in the formulation, design, and building (synthesis) of novel biological structures, functions, and systems.

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