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Anagliptin, a potent dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitor: its single-crystal structure and enzyme interactions.

The single-crystal structure of anagliptin, N-[2-({2-[(2S)-2-cyanopyrrolidin-1-yl]-2-oxoethyl}amino)-2-methylpropyl]-2-methylpyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine-6-carboxamide, was determined. Two independent molecules were held together by intermolecular hydrogen bonds, and the absolute configuration of the 2-cyanopyrrolidine ring delivered from l-prolinamide was confirmed to be S. The interactions of anagliptin with DPP-4 were clarified by the co-crystal structure solved at 2.85 Å resolution. Based on the structu...


Biological and computational evaluation of resveratrol inhibitors against Alzheimer's disease.

It has been reported that beta amyloid induces production of radical oxygen species and oxidative stress in neuronal cells, which in turn upregulates β-secretase (BACE-1) expression and beta amyloid levels, thereby propagating oxidative stress and increasing neuronal injury. A series of resveratrol derivatives, known to be inhibitors of oxidative stress-induced neuronal cell death (oxytosis) were biologically evaluated against BACE-1 using homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) assay. Correlation bet...


Antioxidant activity of taxifolin: an activity-structure relationship.

Taxifolin is a kind of flavanonol, whose biological ability. The objectives of this study were to investigate the antioxidants and antiradical activities of taxifolin by using different in vitro bioanalytical antioxidant methods including DMPD√(+), ABTS√(+), [Formula: see text], and DPPH√-scavenging effects, the total antioxidant influence, reducing capabilities, and Fe(2+)-chelating activities. Taxifolin demonstrated 81.02% inhibition of linoleic acid emulsion peroxidation at 30 µg/mL concentratio...


The Protein Level of Rev1, a TLS Polymerase in Fission Yeast, Is Strictly Regulated during the Cell Cycle and after DNA Damage.

Translesion DNA synthesis provides an alternative DNA replication mechanism when template DNA is damaged. In fission yeast, Eso1 (polη), Kpa1/DinB (polκ), Rev1, and Polζ (a complex of Rev3 and Rev7) have been identified as translesion synthesis polymerases. The enzymatic characteristics and protein-protein interactions of these polymerases have been intensively characterized; however, how these proteins are regulated during the cell cycle remains unclear. Therefore, we examined the cell cycle oscillation...


Pattern Formation in Populations with Density-Dependent Movement and Two Interaction Scales.

We study the spatial patterns formed by a system of interacting particles where the mobility of any individual is determined by the population crowding at two different spatial scales. In this way we model the behavior of some biological organisms (like mussels) that tend to cluster at short ranges as a defensive strategy, and strongly disperse if there is a high population pressure at large ranges for optimizing foraging. We perform stochastic simulations of a particle-level model of the system, and derive...


Epigenetic Diversity of Clonal White Poplar (Populus alba L.) Populations: Could Methylation Support the Success of Vegetative Reproduction Strategy?

The widespread poplar populations of Sardinia are vegetatively propagated and live in different natural environments forming large monoclonal stands. The main goals of the present study were: i) to investigate/measure the epigenetic diversity of the poplar populations by determining their DNA methylation status; ii) to assess if and how methylation status influences population clustering; iii) to shed light on the changes that occur in the epigenome of ramets of the same poplar clone. To these purposes, 83 ...


Comment on: 'A Poisson resampling method for simulating reduced counts in nuclear medicine images'.

In order to be able to calculate half-count images from already acquired data, White and Lawson published their method based on Poisson resampling. They verified their method experimentally by measurements with a Co-57 flood source.In this comment their results are reproduced and confirmed by a direct numerical simulation in Matlab. Not only Poisson resampling, but also two direct redrawing methods were investigated. Redrawing methods were based on a Poisson and a Gaussian distribution. Mean, standard devia...


Stereochemical inversion of (S)-reticuline by a cytochrome P450 fusion in opium poppy.

The gateway to morphine biosynthesis in opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) is the stereochemical inversion of (S)-reticuline since the enzyme yielding the first committed intermediate salutaridine is specific for (R)-reticuline. A fusion between a cytochrome P450 (CYP) and an aldo-keto reductase (AKR) catalyzes the S-to-R epimerization of reticuline via 1,2-dehydroreticuline. The reticuline epimerase (REPI) fusion was detected in opium poppy and in Papaver bracteatum, which accumulates thebaine. In contrast, ...


DNA replication: Unlocking the secrets of fork arrest.


Strand separation establishes a sustained lock at the Tus-Ter replication fork barrier.

The bidirectional replication of a circular chromosome by many bacteria necessitates proper termination to avoid the head-on collision of the opposing replisomes. In Escherichia coli, replisome progression beyond the termination site is prevented by Tus proteins bound to asymmetric Ter sites. Structural evidence indicates that strand separation on the blocking (nonpermissive) side of Tus-Ter triggers roadblock formation, but biochemical evidence also suggests roles for protein-protein interactions. Here DNA...


Enhanced-fluidity liquid chromatography using mixed-mode hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography/strong cation exchange retention mechanisms.

The potential of enhanced-fluidity liquid chromatography, a subcritical chromatography technique, in mixed-mode hydrophilic interaction/strong cation exchange separations is explored, using amino acids as analytes. The enhanced-fluidity liquid mobile phases were prepared by adding liquefied CO2 to methanol/water mixtures, which increases the diffusivity and decreases the viscosity of the mixture. The addition of CO2 to methanol/water mixtures resulted in increased retention of the more polar amino acids. Th...


Use of Cymbopogon Citratus Essential Oil in Food Preservation: Recent Advances and Future Perspectives.

The economic burdens and health implications of food spoilage are increasing. Contamination of food sources by fungi, bacteria, yeast, nematodes, insects, and rodents remains a major public health concern. Research has focused on developing safer natural products and innovations to meet consumers' acceptance as alternatives to synthetic food preservatives. Many recent novel preservative techniques and applications of both natural and synthetic origin continue to proliferate in food and chemical industries. ...


A practical guideline for the haematological management of major haemorrhage.


Risk factors for small bowel bleeding in chronic nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug users.

The incidence of NSAID-induced enteropathy is currently increasing. However, the clinical predictor of small bowel bleeding (SBB) associated with NSAID-induced enteropathy are unknown. This study aimed to know the risk factors of SBB in chronic NSAID users.


Do Aftercare Mental Health Services Reduce Risk of Psychiatric Rehospitalization for Children?

Appropriate and timely aftercare services are considered critical for children and adolescents with previous psychiatric hospitalization. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the relationship between type and amount of aftercare received and rehospitalization among youths who have been previously hospitalized due to psychiatric illness. The sample consisted of 569 youth ages 6-18 who received services in a large public service system. The sample of youth was 58% female and consisted largely o...


Zambian Women in South Africa: Insights Into Health Experiences of Labia Elongation.

Labia minora elongation consists in the manual stretching of the inner lips of the external genitalia. This practice is documented in east and southern Africa. The experiences of African women in the diaspora practicing elongation are not thoroughly understood. The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the health harms and benefits associated with this practice of Zambian women who have migrated to Cape Town, South Africa. Twenty women and seventeen men participated in this study. Between Decembe...


Heparin Kinetics: The "Holy Grail" of Periprocedural Anticoagulation for ablation of atrial fibrillation.

Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation (AF) is the standard of care to achieve rhythm control in selected patients who have failed medical therapy. Despite advances in ablation strategies and technology, thromboembolism and bleeding are still important complications of catheter ablation of AF occurring in up to 5% of cases. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.


Overcoming the Body Mass Index as a Barrier in Kidney Transplantation.


Individual differences in physiological flexibility predict spontaneous avoidance.

People often regulate their emotions by resorting to avoidance, a putatively maladaptive strategy. Prior work suggests that increased psychopathology symptoms predict greater spontaneous utilisation of this strategy. Extending this work, we examined whether heightened resting cardiac vagal tone (which reflects a general ability to regulate emotions in line with contextual demands) predicts decreased spontaneous avoidance. In Study 1, greater resting vagal tone was associated with reduced spontaneous avoidan...


Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase depletes tryptophan, activates general control nonderepressible 2 kinase and downregulates key enzymes involved in fatty acid synthesis in primary human CD4+ T-cells.

Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) is expressed in antigen presenting cells and exerts immunosuppressive effects on CD4+ T-cells. One mechanism is through the inhibition of aerobic glycolysis. Another prerequisite for T-cell proliferation and differentiation into effector cells is the increased fatty acid (FA) synthesis. The effect of IDO on enzymes involved in FA synthesis was evaluated in primary human cells both in MLRs in the presence or not of the IDO inhibitor 1-DL-methyl-tryptophan (1-MT), and in stim...


Talking About Quitting: Interpersonal Communication as a Mediator of Campaign Effects on Smokers' Quit Behaviors.

This study examined the role of interpersonal communication in the context of a mass media anti-smoking campaign. Specifically, it explored whether conversations about campaign ads and/or about quitting mediated campaign exposure effects on 2 quitting behaviors (sought help to quit and tried to quit smoking completely), as well as the relation between ad-related and quitting-related conversations. Data were collected before the campaign and monthly for 16 months during the campaign through cross-sectional t...


Life history of the sand fly vector Lutzomyia cruciata in laboratory conditions.

Lutzomyia cruciata Coquillet (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae) is a potential vector of Leishmania sp.; its geographical distribution in Mexico is widespread, but its life history is unknown. The present study gives relevant information on the life cycle, morphology, survival and reproduction of Lu. cruciata observed over successive generations under laboratory conditions. Seven successive generations were produced. A total of 975 adults were obtained in a sexual proportion of 1.1 : 1 (female : ...


Matrix M H5N1 Vaccine Induces Cross-H5 Clade Humoral Immune Responses in a Randomized Clinical Trial and Provides Protection from Highly Pathogenic Influenza Challenge in Ferrets.

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) viruses constitute a pandemic threat and the development of effective vaccines is a global priority. Sixty adults were recruited into a randomized clinical trial and were intramuscularly immunized with two virosomal vaccine H5N1 (NIBRG-14) doses (21 days apart) of 30μg HA alone or 1.5, 7.5 or 30μg HA adjuvanted with Matrix M. The kinetics and longevity of the serological responses against NIBRG-14 were determined by haemagglutination inhibition (HI), single radial ...


daf-41/p23: A Small Protein Heating Up Lifespan Regulation.


Modeling of Beta Diversity in Tunisian Waters: Predictions Using Generalized Dissimilarity Modeling and Bioregionalisation Using Fuzzy Clustering.

Spatial patterns of beta diversity are a major focus of ecology. They can be especially valuable in conservation planning. In this study, we used a generalized dissimilarity modeling approach to analyze and predict the spatial patterns of beta diversity for commercially exploited, demersal marine species assemblages along the Tunisian coasts. For this study, we used a presence/absence dataset which included information on 174 species (invertebrates and fishes) and 9 environmental variables. We first perform...