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Sampling and Analysis Method for Measuring Airborne Coal Dust Mass in Mixtures with Limestone (Rock) Dust.

Airborne coal dust mass measurements in underground bituminous coal mines can be challenged by the presence of airborne limestone dust, which is an incombustible dust applied to prevent the propagation of dust explosions. To accurately measure the coal portion of this mixed airborne dust, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) developed a sampling and analysis protocol that used a stainless steel cassette adapted with an isokinetic inlet and the low temperature ashing (LTA) analyt...

Farewell open letter to SEFH members.

Linezolid-induced haematological toxicity.

to determine the incidence of linezolid-induced haematological toxicity and study the influence of renal clearance on its appearance and the preventive effect of pyridoxine.

Causes of the emergency department visits in cancer patients: postchemotherapy toxicity.

to assess the causes of the Emergency Department visits in cancer patients treated with antineoplastics. The secondary objective is to analyse the use of growth stimulating factors in febrile neutropenia.

Hospital medication errors in a pharmacovigilance system in Colombia.

this study analyzes the medication errors reported to a pharmacovigilance system by 26 hospitals for patients in the healthcare system of Colombia.

Efficacy and safety of alendronic acid in the treatment of osteoporosis in children.

to describe the efficacy and safety of the off-label use of alendronate in the treatment of osteoporosis in children and adolescents.

Development of the management for parenteral nutrition traceability in a standard hospital.

to develop the traceability control and the hazard analysis in the processes of parenteral nutrients (PN).

Adherence to entecavir for chronic hepatitis B and correlation with effectiveness.

to evaluate adherence of patients with chronic hepatitis B initiated on entecavir as first-line treatment and to correlate adherence with effectiveness.

Physiopathology and treatment of critical bleeding: a literature review.

to develop the different factors involved in the physiopathology of trauma-induced coagulopathy, through a review of publications on the matter; as well as to assess the evidence available on the treatment of critical bleeding and the recommendations by clinical practice guidelines.

Vancomycin versus teicoplanin use as antibiotic prophylaxis in surgery.

Treatment of Blue Rubber Bled Nevus syndrome with subcutaneous octreotide: a case report.

Gastrointestinal perforation induced by bevacizumab treatment in cervix carcinoma.

Acute oxalate nephropathy in a patient with malabsorption syndrome for chronic pancreatitis.

Annual Index.

Transformation of Tetracycline Antibiotics and Fe(II)/(III) Species Induced by Their Complexation.

Tetracycline antibiotics (TCs) are frequently detected micropollutants and are known to have strong tendency to complex with metal ions such as Fe(II) and Fe(III) in the aquatic environment. Experiments with Fe(II) and TCs showed that complexation of Fe(II) with tetracycline (TTC), oxytetracycline (OTC) or chlorotetracycline (CTC) could lead to accelerated oxidation of Fe(II) and promoted degradation of TCs simultaneously. The reaction started with complexation of Fe(II) with TC, followed by oxidation of th...

Composition Dependence of the Na(+) Ion Conductivity in 0.5Na2S + 0.5xGeS2 + (1-x)PS5/2 Mixed Glass Former Glasses: A Structural Interpretation of a Negative Mixed Glass Former Effect.

A negative Mixed Glass Former Effect (MGFE) in the Na+ ion conductivity of glass has been found in 0.5Na2S + 0.5[xGeS2 + (1-x)PS5/2] glasses where the Na+ ion conductivity is significantly smaller for all of the ternary glasses than either of the binary end-member glasses. The minimum conductivity of ~ 0.4 x 10-6 (cm)-1 at 25 oC occurs for the x = 0.7 glass. Prior to this observation, the alkali ion conductivity of sulfide glasses at constant alkali concentration, but variable ratio of one glass former f...

Direct evidence for percolation of immobilized polymer layer around nanoparticles accounting for sol-gel transition in fumed silica dispersions.

Immobilized polymer fractions have been claimed to be of vital importance for sol-gel transitions generally observed in nanoparticle dispersions but remain debate in mechanism and difficulty for prediction. Here we investigate the immobilized layer structures of tri-functionality polyether polyol (PPG) near the surfaces of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fumed silica (FS) nanoparticles to reveal the role of surface chemistry on the molecular dynamics and sol-gel transitions of the dispersions. Using modulated d...

Vanadium Dioxide Nanoparticle-based Thermochromic Smart Coating: High Luminous Transmittance, Excellent Solar Regulation Efficiency and Near Room Temperature Phase Transition.

An annealing-assisted preparation method of well-crystallized VxW1-xO2(M)@SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles for VO2-based thermochromic smart coatings (VTSC) is presented. The additional annealing process reduces the defect density of the initial hydrothermally prepared VxW1-xO2(M) nanoparticles and enhances their crystallinity so that the thermochromic film based on VxW1-xO2(M)@SiO2 nanoparticles can exhibit outstanding thermochromic performance with balanced solar regulation efficiency (ΔTsol) of 17.3%, lumi...

Technology Transfer of Oil-in-Water Emulsion Adjuvant Manufacturing for Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Production in Romania: Preclinical Evaluation of Split Virion Inactivated H5N1 Vaccine with Adjuvant.

Millions of seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccine doses containing oil-in-water emulsion adjuvant have been administered in order to enhance and broaden immune responses and to facilitate antigen sparing. Despite the enactment of a Global Action Plan for Influenza Vaccines and a multi-fold increase in production capabilities over the past 10 years, worldwide capacity for pandemic influenza vaccine production is still limited. In developing countries, where routine influenza vaccination is not fully estab...

Light-Activated Nuclear Translocation of Adeno-Associated Virus Nanoparticles Using Phytochrome B for Enhanced, Tunable, and Spatially Programmable Gene Delivery.

Gene delivery vectors that are activated by external stimuli may allow improved control over the location and the degree of gene expression in target populations of cells. Light is an attractive stimulus because it does not cross-react with cellular signaling networks, has negligible toxicity, is noninvasive, and can be applied in space and time with unparalleled precision. We used the previously engineered red (R)/far-red (FR) light-switchable protein phytochrome B (PhyB) and its R light dependent interact...

Superhydrophobic resistance to dynamic freshwater biofouling inception.

Superhydrophobic nanotextured surfaces have gained increased usage in various applications due to their non-wetting and self-cleaning abilities. The aim of this study was to investigate nanotextured surfaces with respect to their resistance to the inception of freshwater biofouling at transitional flow conditions. Several coatings were tested including industry standard polyurethane (PUR), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), capstone mixed polyurethane (PUR + CAP) and nanocomposite infused polyurethane (PUR + N...

Can textured insoles improve ankle proprioception and performance in dancers?

With the aim of determining both the acute and the chronic effects of textured insoles on the ankle discrimination and performance ability of dancers, 60 ballet dancers from the Australian Ballet School, aged 14-19 years, were divided into three groups (two intervention groups and a control group), age- and level-matched. In the first 5 weeks (weeks 1 to 5), the first intervention group (GRP1) was asked to wear textured insoles in their ballet shoes and the second intervention group (GRP2) was not given tex...

Immuno-potentiating pathway of HBsAg-HBIG immunogenic complex visualized.

Chronic viral hepatitis B (CHB) is a major global health problem. A therapeutic vaccine for CHB comprised of yeast-derived recombinant HBsAg-anti-HBs immunogenic complexes (YIC) has been devloped by us. A series of clinical trials has shown its therapeutic efficacy in decreasing HBV viral load and converting serum HBeAg-positive to anti-HBe-positive status in a subpopulation of CHB patients. Herein, we present a study of the immuno-potentiating mechanisms of YIC revealed by live-cell imaging technology. We ...

Glycosidic Bond Cleavage in DNA Nucleosides: Effect of Nucleobase Damage and Activation on the Mechanism and Barrier.

Although DNA damage can have a variety of deleterious effects on cells (e.g., senescence, death, and rapid growth), the base excision repair (BER) pathway combats the effects by removing several types of damaged DNA. Since the first BER step involves cleavage of the bond between the damaged nucleobase and the DNA sugar-phosphate backbone, we have used density functional theory to compare the intrinsic stability of the glycosidic bond in a number of common DNA oxidation, deamination, and alkylation products ...

Early Chest Tube Removal After Thoracoscopic Esophagectomy with High Output.

The optimal volume threshold for removal of chest tubes after thoracic surgery has not been determined. The purpose of the study was to assess the new volume threshold for chest tube removal after thoracoscopic esophagectomy (TSE).