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Monday 7th August 1104

Poloxamer-188 and Citicoline provide neuronal membrane integrity and protect membrane stability in Cortical Spreading Depression.

Abstract Under pathological conditions such as brain trauma, subarachnoid hemorrhage and stroke, cortical spreading depression (CSD) or peri-infarct depolarizations contribute to brain damage in animal models of neurological disorders as well as in human neurological diseases. CSD causes transient megachannel opening on the neuronal membrane, which may compromise neuronal survival under pathological conditions. Poloxamer-188 (P-188) and citicoline are neuroprotectants with membrane sealing properties. The a...

Sunday 6th August 1104

The serum lipid profile of Parkinson's disease patients: A study from China.

Abstract Background: The association between the fasting levels of serum lipids and Parkinson's disease (PD) in Chinese populations remains largely unknown. Methods: This study enrolled 555 sporadic PD patients and 555 age-, gender- and body mass index (BMI)-matched controls. The fasting serum lipid concentrations of all subjects, including total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL-C), high-density lipoprotein (HDL-C) and triglycerides (TG), were measured. Results: Total cholesterol, LDL-C, HDL-C and ...

Saturday 5th August 1104

Drug-Resistant Candida glabrata Infection in Cancer Patients.

Cancer patients are at risk for candidemia, and increasing Candida spp. resistance poses an emerging threat. We determined rates of antifungal drug resistance, identified factors associated with resistance, and investigated the correlation between resistance and all-cause mortality rates among cancer patients with ≥1 C. glabrata-positive blood culture at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA, during March 2005-September 2013. Of 146 isolates, 30 (20.5%) were resistant to fluconazole, 15 (10.3%) t...

Friday 4th August 1104

Vaccine-Induced Waning of Haemophilus influenzae Empyema and Meningitis, Angola.

In Angola during 2003-2012, we detected Haemophilus influenzae in 18% of 2,634 and 26% of 2,996 bacteriologically positive pleural or cerebrospinal fluid samples, respectively, from children. After vaccination launch in 2006, H. influenzae empyema declined by 83% and meningitis by 86%. Severe H. influenzae pneumonia and meningitis are preventable by vaccination.

Thursday 3rd August 1104

Biotechnological and biomedical applications of mesenchymal stem cells as a therapeutic system.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are non-hematopoietic, multipotent progenitor cells which reside in bone marrow (BM), support homing of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and self-renewal in the BM. These cells have the potential to differentiate into tissues of mesenchymal origin, such as fibroblasts, adipocytes, cardiomyocytes, and stromal cells. MSCs can express surface molecules like CD13, CD29, CD44, CD73, CD90, CD166, CXCL12 and toll-like receptors (TLRs). Different factors, such as TGF-β, IL-10, IDO, PGE...

Wednesday 2nd August 1104

Development and characterization of arteether-loaded nanostructured lipid carriers for the treatment of malaria.

The purpose of the present work is to improve the antimalarial activity of the drug arteether (AE) by enhancing its solubility, by loading it into a nanostructured lipid carrier (NLC). The in vitro drug release profile of the NLC showed 93% drug release in 32 h. Complete eradication of the parasite from the blood and efficient anti-malarial pharmacological activity were observed, with the use of AE-loaded NLCs. These results suggest that nanolipid carriers of AE could be a promising carrier system to delive...

Tuesday 1st August 1104

Helicobacter cinaedi Infection of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Japan.

Monday 31st July 1104

Bazedoxifene blocks AGEs-RAGE-induced superoxide generation and MCP-1 level in endothelial cells.

Advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) and their receptor (RAGE) play a role in vascular complications in diabetes. We have previously shown that 17β-estradiol at 10 nmol/l, a nearly identical plasma concentration to that during mid-pregnancy, up-regulates RAGE expression in endothelial cells. The finding might suggest the involvement of 17β-estradiol in the deterioration of vascular complications in diabetes during pregnancy. However, the effects of the selective estrogen receptor modulator, bazedoxifene,...

Sunday 30th July 1104

Tooltip to the Rescue.

Saturday 29th July 1104

2014 RSNA Outstanding Researcher.

Friday 28th July 1104

The Interventional Radiology/Diagnostic Radiology Certificate and Interventional Radiology Residency.

Thursday 27th July 1104

The Interventional Radiology/Diagnostic Radiology Certificate: Asking the Hard Questions.

Wednesday 26th July 1104

Lung Cancer Screening: What Is the Effect of Using a Larger Nodule Threshold Size to Determine Who Is Assigned to Short-term CT Follow-up?

Tuesday 25th July 1104

MR Imaging in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: From Magnet to Bedside.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy ( HCM hypertrophic cardiomyopathy ), the most common genetically transmitted cardiac disorder, has been the focus of extensive research over the past 50 years. HCM hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a multifaceted disease with highly heterogeneous genetic background, phenotypic expression, clinical presentation, and long-term outcome. Though most patients have an indolent course with a life expectancy comparable to that of the general population, early diagnosis and accurate risk pro...

Monday 24th July 1104

Making the Diagnosis: A Practical Guide to Breast ImagingEdited by Jennifer A. Harvey and David E. March Philadelphia, Pa : Elsevier Saunders , 2013 . ISBN: 978-4557-2284-6 . Hardcover, $135.00; pp 584 .

Sunday 23rd July 1104

Radiological Safety and Quality: Paradigms in Leadership and InnovationEdited by Laurence Lau and Kwan-Hoong Ng New York, NY : Springer , 2014 . ISBN: 978-94-007-7255-7 . Hardcover, $179.00; pp 471, 78 illustrations .

Saturday 22nd July 1104

Case 215.

Friday 21st July 1104

Case 211: Pleuropulmonary Blastoma in Association with Cystic Nephroma-DICER1 Syndrome.

History A 5-month-old full-term female infant presented to an outside institution with fever and tachypnea. She was born after an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery, with an uneventful neonatal course. The parents reported a history of persistent tachypnea, grunting, and episodic nonproductive cough with intermittent wheezing since birth. A chest radiograph obtained at the outside hospital prompted transfer to our institution. The patient's medical history was otherwise unremarkable. There was no history ...

Thursday 20th July 1104

Prognostic Value of Mean Standardized Uptake Value in Patients with Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated with Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy.

Wednesday 19th July 1104

MR Imaging of the Substantia Nigra for the Diagnosis of Parkinson Disease.

Tuesday 18th July 1104


Monday 17th July 1104

Catherine A. Poole, MD.

Sunday 16th July 1104

This Month in Radiology.

Saturday 15th July 1104

A retrospective study of the impact of a telephone alert service (Healthy Outlook) on hospital admissions for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Background:Healthy Outlook is a service delivered by the UK Met Office directly to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) that has been in place since 2006. Its objective is to reduce the severity and length of COPD exacerbations, hence improving the quality of life and life expectancy.Aims:To assess the effect of the Healthy Outlook service on hospital admission rates of all general practitioners that have used the service.Methods:Control practices were selected for each of the 661 part...

Friday 14th July 1104

Ultrahigh-Resolution Differential Ion Mobility Separations of Conformers for Proteins above 10 kDa: Onset of Dipole Alignment?

Biomacromolecules tend to assume numerous structures in solution or the gas phase. It has been possible to resolve disparate conformational families but not unique geometries within each, and drastic peak broadening has been the bane of protein analyses by chromatography, electrophoresis, and ion mobility spectrometry (IMS). The new differential or field asymmetric waveform IMS (FAIMS) approach using hydrogen-rich gases was recently found to separate conformers of a small protein ubiquitin with the same pea...

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