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Do Patients with Pre-Existing Psychiatric Illness Have an Increased Risk of Infection after Injury?

Trauma remains a leading cause of death and long term-morbidity. We have shown that patients who sustain traumatic injuries are at increased risk for the development of infectious complications. Psychiatric illnesses (PIs) are also noted to occur frequently among the general population. The presence of a PI has been shown to be a risk factor for the development of infections. Despite the prevalence of both traumatic injuries and psychiatric diseases, there are little data relating the impact of PI on the ou...

Factors Associated with the Development of Tertiary Peritonitis in Critically Ill Patients.

Critically ill surgical patients remain at a high risk of adverse outcomes as a result of secondary peritonitis (SP). The risk is even higher if tertiary peritonitis (TP) develops. Factors related to the development of TP, however, are scarce in the literature. The main aim of our study was to identify factors associated with the development of TP in patients with SP in the intensive care unit (ICU), and also to report differences in microbiologic patterns and antibiotic therapy in patients with the two con...

A new anti-mesothelin antibody targets selectively the membrane-associated form.

Mesothelin is a glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored membrane protein that shows promise as a target for antibody-directed cancer therapy. High levels of soluble forms of the antigen represent a barrier to directing therapy to cellular targets. The ability to develop antibodies that can selectively discriminate between membrane-bound and soluble conformations of a specific protein, and thus target only the membrane-associated antigen, is a substantive issue. We show that use of a tolerance protocol p...

Antibody adsorption on the surface of water studied by neutron reflection.

Surface and interfacial adsorption of antibody molecules could cause structural unfolding and desorbed molecules could trigger solution aggregation, resulting in the compromise of physical stability. Although antibody adsorption is important and its relevance to many mechanistic processes has been proposed, few techniques can offer direct structural information about antibody adsorption under different conditions. The main aim of this study was to demonstrate the power of neutron reflection to unravel the a...

LGBT-Competence in Social Work Education: The Relationship of School Contexts to Student Sexual Minority Competence.

This study examined the relationship between master of social work program's (MSW) support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people (LGBT-competence), and the sexual minority competence (LGB-competence) of social work students. Data was gathered from a sample of MSW program directors, faculty members, and students (N = 1385) within 34 MSW programs in the United States. A series of hierarchical linear models tested if a MSW program's LGBT-competence was associated with the LGB-competence of its st...

Clinical trial research in focus: overcoming barriers in MDR-TB clinical trials.

Congestion of the streets and lungs in India.

Florence Seibert.

What has Europe ever done for health?

Trauma for migrant children stranded in Greece.

Preparing for future global health emergencies.

Reducing global tuberculosis deaths-time for India to step up.

Sustaining tuberculosis decline in the UK.

Encountering pain.

Offline: The dark heart of the wood.

US health and science advocates gear up for battle over EPA.

Iraq's health system under pressure as fighting escalates.

New plan to end tuberculosis in south and southeast Asia.

Ana Mari Cauce: leader of a new initiative in population health.

Getting pandemic prevention right.

The need to revise the Helsinki Declaration.

Tracheal implants revisited.

Feedback of results to trial participants: be upfront or risk affront.

ANTARCTIC: platelet function testing to adjust therapy.

ANTARCTIC: platelet function testing to adjust therapy - Authors' reply.

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