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Effectiveness of Extracorporeal Life Support for Patients With Cardiogenic Shock Due To Intractable Arrhythmic Storm.

Extracorporeal life support is used for patients with severe heart failure as a bridge to heart transplantation or recovery. We aimed at analyzing the efficacy and safety of extracorporeal life support to treat refractory arrhythmic storm responsible for cardiogenic shock in patients resistant to antiarrhythmic drugs.

In Response to: Keep the Physical in Physical Education.

The Outcomes, Patient Health Status, and Efficiency IN Chronic Total Occlusion Hybrid Procedures registry: rationale and design.

Patients with chronic total occlusions of a coronary artery represent a complex, yet common, clinical conundrum among patients with ischemic heart disease. Chronic total occlusion angioplasty is increasingly being used as a treatment for these complex lesions. There is a compelling need to better quantify the safety, efficacy, benefits, and costs of the procedure.

Adversity impacting on oxytocin and behaviour: timing matters.

The endogenous oxytocin system plays a vital role in facilitating parturition, lactation and social interaction in humans and other mammals. It also impacts on a number of important endocrine, immune and neurotransmitter systems. A well-regulated oxytocin system has been proposed to increase resilience, and therefore reduce the likelihood of an individual developing mental illness or substance dependence. This review discusses the adverse external influences that can modulate oxytocin receptor and protein l...

Aripiprazole for cocaine abstinence: a randomized-controlled trial with ecological momentary assessment.

Aripiprazole blocks psychostimulant seeking in a rat model of relapse. However, in humans, it may increase ongoing use. We tested aripiprazole specifically for relapse prevention. Methadone-maintained outpatients who were abstinent from cocaine in weeks 11-12 were randomized to double-blind aripiprazole (15 mg daily) or placebo in weeks 13-27 after 12 weeks of contingency management. Participants reported craving through ecological momentary. We stopped the trial because very few (18/41) participants fulf...

End user evaluation of DG-PT L Rec, a human recombinant thromboplastin in liquid formulation.

The objective is to evaluate Grifols' DG-PT L Rec liquid reagent for prothrombin time (PT) determination in comparison to the laboratory's reference reagent (Siemens' Thromborel S). For linearity, the average master curve for PT and five nominal prothrombin concentrations was obtained from five calibration curves. Within-assay precision (repeatability) was calculated after measuring 20 successive tests of normal and pathological controls. For correlation, 581 routine clinical citrated plasma samples were as...

Exposure of fibrinogen and thrombin to nitric oxide donor ProliNONOate affects fibrin clot properties.

Fibrin fibers form the structural backbone of blood clots. The structural properties of fibrin clots are highly dependent on formation kinetics. Environmental factors such as protein concentration, pH, salt, and protein modification, to name a few, can affect fiber kinetics through altered fibrinopeptide release, monomer association, and/or lateral aggregation. The objective of our study was to determine the effect of thrombin and fibrinogen exposed to nitric oxide on fibrin clot properties. ProliNONOate (5...

Author's reply: 'Many confounding factors can affect mean platelet volume in euthyroid Hashimoto's thyroiditis patients'.

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This Month in: Anesthesiology.

Science, Medicine, and the Anesthesiologist.

Functional Breakdown of Cortical Networks: A Tale of Three Anesthetics.

Instructions for Obtaining ANESTHESIOLOGY Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credit.

How the Fitting of Dentures Led to the Fitting of Anesthetic Facemasks in America.

Franklin College, Oldest Building at the University of Georgia and Dormitory to Crawford Long and Alexander Stephens.

From Baking Up Nitrous Oxide to Making the Home Thermostat: The Heat Regulators of Alfred W. Sprague.

Squibb's Ferguson Inhaler for Open Drop Administration of Anesthesia.

From Fairground to Background: Zacheus Rogers, Who Taught Edmund Andrews to Oxygenate Nitrous Oxide.

From Chloroforming Snakes to Sculpting Marble: The Arts of Harriett Hosmer.

Images in Anesthesiology: Child with Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa, Hoarseness, and Nasal Obstruction Demonstrating Severe Laryngeal Stenosis.

Ventilator-induced Lung Injury: Power to the Mechanical Power.

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Is an Adductor Canal Block Really Better Than a Femoral Block for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction?

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