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First Week HCV RNA Level Under the Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin Treatment Predicts Sustained Virological Response.

This study was planned to investigate whether the decrease in the hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA levels at the first week of combined pegylated interferon and ribavirin treatment of naive genotype 1 patients with HCV was predicting sustained virologic response (SVR). Fifty-two patients were enrolled into the study. HCV RNA levels were measured at the baseline, first, fourth, and 12th weeks of treatment. Thirty-four patients achieved SVR, which basal, first week, and fourth week HCV RNA levels were log 5.57, lo...


Fluorotechnology Is Critical to Modern Life: The FluoroCouncil Counterpoint to the Madrid Statement.


Fast-Moving Bacteria Self-Organize into Active Two-Dimensional Crystals of Rotating Cells.

We investigate a new form of collective dynamics displayed by Thiovulum majus, one of the fastest-swimming bacteria known. Cells spontaneously organize on a surface into a visually striking two-dimensional hexagonal lattice of rotating cells. As each constituent cell rotates its flagella, it creates a tornadolike flow that pulls neighboring cells towards and around it. As cells rotate against their neighbors, they exert forces on one another, causing the crystal to rotate and cells to reorganize. We show ho...


Factors Associated with Timing of Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy among HIV-1 Infected Adults in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

Based on growing evidence mainly from countries outside Sub-Saharan Africa, the World Health Organisation (WHO) now recommends initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in HIV-infected individuals in developing countries when CD4 cell count (CD4+) is ≤ 500cells/ul. Nigeria accounts for about 14% of the estimated HIV/AIDS burden in Sub-Saharan Africa. We evaluated the factors associated with timing of initiation of ART among treatment-ineligible HIV-infected adults from Nigeria.


Forgetting the best when predicting the worst: Preliminary observations on neural circuit function in adolescent social anxiety.

Social anxiety disorder typically begins in adolescence, a sensitive period for brain development, when increased complexity and salience of peer relationships requires novel forms of social learning. Disordered social learning in adolescence may explain how brain dysfunction promotes social anxiety. Socially anxious adolescents (n=15) and adults (n=19) and non-anxious adolescents (n=24) and adults (n=32) predicted, then received, social feedback from high and low-value peers while undergoing functional mag...


Forensic analysis of explosions: Inverse calculation of the charge mass.

Forensic analysis of explosions consists of determining the point of origin, the explosive substance involved, and the charge mass. Within the EU FP7 project Hyperion, TNO developed the Inverse Explosion Analysis (TNO-IEA) tool to estimate the charge mass and point of origin based on observed damage around an explosion. In this paper, inverse models are presented based on two frequently occurring and reliable sources of information: window breakage and building damage. The models have been verified by apply...


Forces transmission to the skull in case of mandibular impact.

Forensic investigations have been reported regarding the loss of consciousness and cardiac arrests resulting from direct mandible impact. However, the mechanisms by which the forces are transferred to the skull through direct mandible impact remain unclear. We conducted a study regarding direct mandible impact on the level of energy required to create a mandible fracture and on the energy dispersion phenomenon to the skull and to the brain.

Monday 13th December 1227

Fast Comparative Structural Characterization of Intact Therapeutic Antibodies using Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange and Electron Transfer Dissociation.

Higher-order structural characterization plays an important role in many stages of therapeutic antibody production. Herein we report a new top-down mass spectrometry approach for characterizing the higher-order structure of intact antibodies, by combining hydrogen/deuterium exchange (HDX), subzero temperature chromatography, and electron transfer dissociation on the Orbitrap mass spectrometer. Individual IgG domain-level deuteration information was obtained for 6 IgG domains on Herceptin (HER), which includ...

Monday 15th November 1227

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Sunday 7th November 1227

Frequency Dependent Topological Patterns of Resting-State Brain Networks.

The topological organization underlying brain networks has been extensively investigated using resting-state fMRI, focusing on the low frequency band from 0.01 to 0.1 Hz. However, the frequency specificities regarding the corresponding brain networks remain largely unclear. In the current study, a data-driven method named complementary ensemble empirical mode decomposition (CEEMD) was introduced to separate the time series of each voxel into several intrinsic oscillation rhythms with distinct frequency band...

Sunday 15th August 1227

Flavonoids from Matteuccia struthiopteris and Their Anti-influenza Virus (H1N1) Activity.

Seven new flavonoid glycosides (1-7), matteflavosides A-G, together with 12 known flavonoids (8-19) were isolated from the rhizomes of Matteuccia struthiopteris (L.) Todar. Their structures were established via the analyses of extensive spectroscopic data. All compounds were evaluated for their anti-influenza virus (H1N1) activity using the neuraminidase inhibition assay. The results showed that compound 7 exhibited significant inhibitory activity against the H1N1 influenza virus neuraminidase with an EC50 ...

Saturday 24th July 1227

Factors associated with prolonging psychological treatment for anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders are one of the disorders most frequently requested for psychological attention. The purpose of this study is to identify the factors that can explain a longer duration of psychological treatment for anxiety disorders.

Monday 19th July 1227

Factor structure and psychometric properties of the TFEQ in morbid obese patients, candidates to bariatric surgery.

To analyze the factor structure and psychometric properties of the TFEQ in a morbid obese Spanish sample of bariatric surgery candidates.

Tuesday 15th June 1227

Fabrication of large-area concave microlens array on silicon by femtosecond laser micromachining.

In this Letter, a novel fabrication of large-area concave microlens array (MLA) on silicon is demonstrated by combination of high-speed laser scanning, which would result in single femtosecond laser pulse ablation on surface of silicon, and subsequent wet etching. Microscale concave microlenses with tunable dimensions and accessional aspherical profile are readily obtained on the 1  cm×1  cm silicon film, which are useful as optical elements for infrared (IR) applications. The aperture diameter and...

Monday 24th May 1227

Fabrication and characterization of high-contrast mid-infrared GeTe4 channel waveguides.

We report the fabrication and characterization of high index contrast (Δn≈0.9) GeTe4 channel waveguides on ZnSe substrate for evanescent-field-based biosensing applications in the mid-IR spectral region. GeTe4 films were deposited by RF sputtering and characterized for their structure, composition, transparency, and dispersion. The lift-off technique was used to pattern the waveguide channels. Waveguiding from 2.5-3.7 and 6.4-7.5 μm was demonstrated, and mode intensity profile and estimated propagation...

Sunday 23rd May 1227

Forward-peaked scattering of polarized light: erratum.

We intend to correct the typographical errors that occurred in our recent Letter [Opt. Lett.39, 6422 (2014)OPLEDP0146-959210.1364/OL.39.006422].

Wednesday 5th May 1227

Fabrication and characterization of an all-solid tellurite-phosphate photonic bandgap fiber.

We present an all-solid tellurite-phosphate photonic bandgap fiber (PBGF) with two layers of high-index rods (TeO2-Li2O-WO3-MoO3-Nb2O5, TLWMN) in the cladding (TeO2-ZnO-Li2O-K2O-Al2O3-P2O5, TZLKAP). TLWMN and TZLKAP glasses have good compatibility for fabricating the all-solid PBGF. Photonic bandgap (PBG) properties are calculated by the plane wave expansion method (PWM), and the results agree well with the measured transmission spectrum. Furthermore, the modal field patterns are measured at ∼1300 and 152...

Saturday 1st May 1227

Flexible compensation of dispersion-induced power fading for multi-service RoF links based on a phase-coherent orthogonal lightwave generator.

A novel technique to simultaneously compensate dispersion-induced power fading for multi-service radio-over-fiber (RoF) links is proposed. At the central office (CO), a phase-coherent orthogonal lightwave generator (POLG) consisting of a polarization rotator (PR) and a single-driver Mach-Zehnder modulator (MZM) is used. By adjusting a polarization controller (PC) in the base station (BS), the phase difference between the orthogonal polarization carrier and two sidebands can be controlled, and the frequency ...

Monday 26th April 1227

Four-wave mixing in silicon coupled-cavity resonators with port-selective, orthogonal supermode excitation.

We propose coupled-cavity triply-resonant systems for degenerate-pump four-wave mixing (FWM) applications that support strong nonlinear interaction between distributed pump, signal and idler modes, and allow independent coupling of the pump mode and signal/idler modes to separate ports based on nonuniform supermode profile. We demonstrate seeded FWM with wavelength conversion efficiency of -54  dB at input pump power of 3.5 dBm, and discuss applications of such orthogonal supermode coupling.

Tuesday 13th April 1227

Footprints of Optimal Protein Assembly Strategies in the Operonic Structure of Prokaryotes.

In this work, we investigate optimality principles behind synthesis strategies for protein complexes using a dynamic optimization approach. We show that the cellular capacity of protein synthesis has a strong influence on optimal synthesis strategies reaching from a simultaneous to a sequential synthesis of the subunits of a protein complex. Sequential synthesis is preferred if protein synthesis is strongly limited, whereas a simultaneous synthesis is optimal in situations with a high protein synthesis capa...

Wednesday 24th March 1227

Factors associated with HIV counseling and testing behavior among undergraduates of universities and vocational technical training schools in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Stigmatizing attitude towards HIV/AIDS alongside other factors such as HIV knowledge, substance use, sexual behavior, and involvement in various social activities (e.g., internet use, exposure to media) may be related to likelihood of having HIV counseling and testing (HCT). Thus, we examined these associations among 18-24 year old post-secondary school students in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Sunday 21st February 1227

Facile Synthesis of Isoindolinones via Rh(III)-Catalyzed One-Pot Reaction of Benzamides, Ketones, and Hydrazines.

A Rh(III)-catalyzed one-pot reaction of benzamides, ketones, and hydrazines for facile access to isoindolinones is reported. In this method, various ketones are transformed into donor-donor diazo compounds, which sequentially engage in insertion with benzamides under Rh(III) catalysis to generate N-substituted quaternary isoindolinones.

Friday 19th February 1227

Full-field speckle interferometry for non-contact photoacoustic tomography.

A full-field speckle interferometry method for non-contact and prospectively high speed Photoacoustic Tomography is introduced and evaluated as proof of concept. Thermoelastic pressure induced changes of the objects topography are acquired in a repetitive mode without any physical contact to the object. In order to obtain high acquisition speed, the object surface is illuminated by laser pulses and imaged onto a high speed camera chip. In a repetitive triple pulse mode, surface displacements can be acquired...

Saturday 16th January 1227

Facile Synthesis of 2,5-Disubstituted Thiazoles from Terminal Alkynes, Sulfonyl Azides, and Thionoesters.

A sequential procedure for the synthesis of 2,5-disubstituted thiazoles from terminal alkynes, sulfonyl azides, and thionoesters is reported. A copper(I)-catalyzed 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of terminal alkynes with sulfonyl azides affords 1-sulfonyl-1,2,3-triazoles, which then react with thionoesters in the presence of a rhodium(II) catalyst. The resulting 3-sulfonyl-4-thiazolines subsequently aromatize into the corresponding 2,5-disubstituted thiazoles by elimination of the sulfonyl group.

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