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Facial contrast is a universal cue for perceiving age.

Aspects of facial contrast decrease with age in Caucasian women, and Caucasian female faces with higher contrast look younger (Porcheron et al, 2013). Here we investigated faces and raters of other racial groups to see whether the link between facial contrast and age is universal. Using sets of carefully controlled full face color photographs of 182 Latina women from the US, 155 black South African women, and 139 Chinese women aged from 20 to 80, we measured the contrast between the internal features (the e...

Tuesday 27th December 1328

Functional MRI Reveals a Cognitive Control Subnetwork Supporting Long-Term Memory-Guided Visual Attention.

Human visual performance exceeds that of powerful supercomputers. Paradoxically, human attentional capacity is extremely limited. We can reconcile this superior performance with our limited attentional capacity by taking into account the important role of long-term memory, which guides attention to the most relevant information in an environment. Previous work from our laboratory (Rosen et al., in revision) has found that three regions located within the posterior Cognitive Control Network (defined-- using ...

Saturday 17th December 1328

Formation of the priority map by the reciprocal connections between LIP and FEF.

We are able to find objects in a cluttered scene quickly and effortlessly. To achieve this, the brain creates a priority map of the visual world, which incorporates both pre-attentive and cognitive inputs to represent the importance of stimuli in the scene, and which uses inhibitory tagging to track items that have been viewed. Eye movements are then guided by this map. We have previously shown that activity in the lateral intraparietal area (LIP) acts like a priority map, but the absolute responses do not ...

Wednesday 14th December 1328

Feature-based attention modulates onset capture in a feed-forward manner.

Suddenly appearing items (onsets) can attract attention and the gaze even when they are completely irrelevant to the task (onset capture). It has been proposed that onsets modulate affect attention at a very early stage of visual processing, when feature-based information is not (yet) available. Hence, feature-based attention can modulate onset capture only at a late stage of visual processing, via a feedback loop. The present study examined oculomotor capture by differently colored onsets, when the color o...

Friday 2nd December 1328

Fixational eye movements improve visual performance at the sampling limit.

We explored whether fixational movements of the eye in the human visual system might enhance visual acuity, by effectively scanning the retinal image with its sparse receptive fields, rather than taking a static snapshot of the retinal image with a fixed sampling array.

Sunday 20th November 1328

Feedback Signal Contributes to The Flash Grab Effect: Evidence from fMRI and ERP Study.

When a line is flashed on a patterned disk rotating back and forth at its turnaround point, the perceived location of the line is often dramatically displaced, known as the flash grab effect (Cavanagh & Anstis, 2013). Like other illusions in the motion induced position shift family, the neural mechanism of the flash grab effect remains unclear. We conducted a combined fMRI and ERP study to investigate the spatial and temporal neural correlates of this perceptual effect. In different sessions, participants v...

Thursday 25th August 1328

For better or worse: Prior trial accuracy affects current trial accuracy in visual search.

Life is not a series of independent events, but rather, each event is influenced by what just happened and what might happen next. However, many research studies treat any given trial as an independent and isolated event. Some research fields explicitly test trial-to-trial influences (e.g., repetition priming, task switching), but many, including visual search, largely ignore potential inter-trial effects. While trial-order effects could wash out with random presentation orders, this does not diminish their...

Friday 19th August 1328

Facial mimicry is modulated by implicit and explicit emotion consistency.

Adapting and integrating to our current environment through physical and social imitation of those around us, such as mimicking facial emotion, often seems to be an automatic and unconscious process. We examined whether the consistency of a person's emotional response can be learned and influence later emotional mimicry. For example, some individuals always express consistent emotions, such as smiling at a positive image whereas other people emote inappropriately, where their emotion is inconsistent, such a...

Saturday 13th August 1328

Facial expression recognition impairment following acute social stress.

Recently, von Dawans et al. (2012) showed that stress exposure increases facial trustworthiness judgements. Given the relation between trustworthiness and the presence/absence of subtle visual features related to happiness and anger (Oosterhof & Todorov, 2008), we verified if social stress modulates the visual perception of facial expressions. Twenty-nine men were submitted to a social stress (i.e. Trier Social Stress Test for Groups) or a control condition (i.e. identical setting save for the socio-evaluat...

Wednesday 3rd August 1328

Features and objects in the physiology of attention.

Recording from single neurons in the visual cortex of rhesus monkeys trained to perform complex attention tasks has been a highly successful approach to investigate the influence of spatial and feature-based attention on sensory information processing. For object-based attention this has been much more difficult. The presentation will explain this difference and give examples of studies of the neural correlate of object-based attention. Because object-based attention is characterized by the spread of attent...

Sunday 6th March 1328

Fasting Blood Glucose and Insulin Level in Opium Addict versus Non-Addict Individuals.

Many of lay person believe that opium lowers blood glucose. However some studies show the opposite results. In this study, we tried to evaluate the effect of opium on blood glucose and insulin resistance.

Monday 22nd February 1328

Fifteen years of irinotecan therapy for pediatric sarcoma: where to next?

Over the past 15 years, irinotecan has emerged as an important agent for treating pediatric sarcoma patients. This review summarizes the activity noted in previous studies, and outlines current issues regarding scheduling, route of administration, and amelioration of side effects. Also discussed are new pegylated and nanoliposomal formulations of irinotecan and its active metabolite, SN-38, as well as future plans for how irinotecan may be used in combination with other conventional cytotoxic as well as ta...


Family Quality of Life During the Transition to Adulthood for Individuals With Intellectual Disability and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Recognizing the prominent role of parents in supporting their children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), improving quality of life for these families is an essential endeavor. While much attention has focused on the experiences of families with younger children with IDD, little is known about the family quality of life (FQOL) among families with transition-age youth and young adults. We examined the FQOL ratings of 425 parents with a child between 13-21 years of age with intellectual d...


Fully automated predictive intelligent control of oxygenation (PRICO) in resuscitation and ventilation of preterm lambs.

Hyperoxia and hypoxia influence morbidity and mortality of preterm infants. Automated closed-loop control of the fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2) has been shown to facilitate oxygen supplementation in the NICU, but has not yet been tested during preterm resuscitation. We hypothesized that fully automated FiO2 control based on predefined oxygen saturation (SpO2) targets was applicable in both preterm resuscitation and ventilation.


Finding the Optimal Treatment Plan for Exudative AMD: A review of Current Anti-VEGF Dosing Regimens.


Flavonoids Affect the Light Reaction of Photosynthesis in vitro and in vivo, as well as, the Growth of Plants.

Flavonoids: retusin (5-hydroxy-3,7,3´,4´-tetramethoxyflavone) (1) and pachypodol (5,4´-dihydroxy-3,7,3´-trimethoxyflavone) (2) were isolated from Croton ciliatoglanduliferus Ort. Pachypodol acts as a Hill reaction inhibitor with its target on water splitting enzyme located in PSII. In search for new herbicides from natural compounds, flavonoids analogs of 1 and 2, quercetin (3), apigenin (4), genistein (5) and eupatorin (6), were assessed in vitro on the photosynthetic electron transport chain, and in v...


Flexible Light Emitting Diodes Based on Vertical Nitride Nanowires.

We demonstrate large area fully flexible blue LEDs based on core/shell InGaN/GaN nanowires grown by MOCVD. The fabrication relies on polymer encapsulation, nanowire lift-off and contacting using silver nanowire transparent electrodes. The LEDs exhibit rectifying behavior with a light-up voltage around 3 V. The devices show no electroluminescence degradation neither under multiple bending down to 3 mm curvature radius nor in time for more than one month storage in ambient conditions without any protecting en...


Fluorescence enhancement and multiple protein detection in ZnO nanostructure microfluidic devices.

In this study, different morphological ZnO nanostructures, those of sharp nanowires (NWs), rod NWs, and hexahedral-puncheon nanostructures, were grown in microfluidic channels on the same glass substrate. Characterizations of correspondent biomolecule binding properties were simulated and demonstrated. The surface was modified using 3-ammineopropyl-triethoxysilane (3-APTES) and biotin-N-hydroxysuccinimide ester (NHS-biotin). Different concentrations (4.17pM to 41.7nM) of dye-conjugated streptavidin were sim...


Foley Catheter for Induction of Labor at Term: An Open-Label, Randomized Controlled Trial.

This study aimed to determine the optimal Foley catheter balloon volume (30-mL vs. 80-mL) and the maximum time for cervical ripening (12 hours vs. 24 hours) to improve vaginal delivery rate within 24 hours of induction.


Film Self-Assembly of Oppositely Charged Macromolecules Triggered by Electrochemistry through a Morphogenic Approach.

The development of new surface functionalization methods that are easy to use, versatile and allow a local deposition represents a real scientific challenge. Overcoming this challenge, we present here a one pot process that consists in self-assembling, by electrochemistry on an electrode, films made of oppositely charged macromolecules. This method relies on a charge-shifting polyanion, dimethylmaleic-modified poly(allylamine) (PAHd), that undergoes hydrolysis under acidic pH leading to an overall switching...


Face Value: Towards Robust Estimates of Snow Leopard Densities.

When densities of large carnivores fall below certain thresholds, dramatic ecological effects can follow, leading to oversimplified ecosystems. Understanding the population status of such species remains a major challenge as they occur in low densities and their ranges are wide. This paper describes the use of non-invasive data collection techniques combined with recent spatial capture-recapture methods to estimate the density of snow leopards Panthera uncia. It also investigates the influence of environmen...


Fractionation distribution and preliminary ecological risk assessment of As, Hg and Cd in ornithogenic sediments from the Ross Sea region, East Antarctica.

To evaluate mobility of toxic elements and their potential ecological risk caused by seabird biovectors, the fractionation distributions of arsenic (As), mercury (Hg) and cadmium (Cd) were investigated in three ornithogenic sediment profiles from the Ross Sea region, East Antarctica. The results show residual As holds a dominant position, and Hg mainly derives from residual, organic matter-bound and humic acid-bound fractions, indicating weak mobility of As and Hg. However, exchangeable Cd occupies a consid...


Fatigue risk management by volunteer fire-fighters: Use of informal strategies to augment formal policy.

An increasing number and intensity of catastrophic fire events in Australia has led to increasing demands on a mainly volunteer fire-fighting workforce. Despite the increasing likelihood of fatigue in the emergency services environment, there is not yet a systematic, unified approach to fatigue management in fire agencies across Australia. Accordingly, the aim of this study was to identify informal strategies used in volunteer fire-fighting and examine how these strategies are transmitted across the workfor...


Flexible Structure of Peptide-Bound Filamin A Mechanosensor Domain Pair 20-21.

Filamins (FLNs) are large, multidomain actin cross-linking proteins with diverse functions. Besides regulating the actin cytoskeleton, they serve as important links between the extracellular matrix and the cytoskeleton by binding cell surface receptors, functioning as scaffolds for signaling proteins, and binding several other cytoskeletal proteins that regulate cell adhesion dynamics. Structurally, FLNs are formed of an amino terminal actin-binding domain followed by 24 immunoglobulin-like domains (IgFLNs)...


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