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18:11 EDT 19th April 2014 | BioPortfolio

The US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health manage which comprises of more than 21 million records, papers, reports for biomedical literature, including MEDLINE, life science and medical journals, articles, reviews, reports and  books.  BioPortfolio aims to publish relevant information on published papers, clinical trials and news associated with users selected topics.

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Fibromyalgia syndrome: an emerging but controversial condition.




Fabrication of a Multifunctional Nano-in-micro Drug Delivery Platform by Microfluidic Templated Encapsulation of Porous Silicon in Polymer Matrix.

A multifunctional nano-in-micro drug delivery platform is developed by conjugating the porous silicon nanoparticles with mucoadhesive polymers and subsequent encapsulation into a pH-responsive polymer using microfluidics. The multistage platform shows monodisperse size distribution, pH-responsive payload release, and the released nanoparticles are mucoadhesive. Moreover, this platform is capable of simultaneously loading and releasing multidrugs with distinct properties.


Feasibility of prospectively ECG-triggered high-pitch coronary CT angiography with 30 mL iodinated contrast agent at 70 kVp: initial experience.

To evaluate the feasibility, image quality and radiation dose of prospectively ECG-triggered high-pitch coronary CT angiography (CCTA) with 30 mL contrast agent at 70 kVp.


Facile Synthesis and Theoretical Conformation Analysis of a Triazine-Based Double-Decker Rotor Molecule with Three Anthracene Blades.

The facile synthesis of a rotor-shaped compound with two stacked triazine units, which are symmetrically connected by three anthracene blades through oxygen linkers, is presented. This new double-decker, which is a potential monomer for two-dimensional polymerization, was synthesized by using readily available, cheap building blocks, exploiting the known selectivity difference for the nucleophilic substitution of cyanuric chloride. The crystal structure of a C3h symmetric rotor-shaped compound with 9,10-dih...


Fetal alcohol syndrome surveillance: Age of syndrome manifestation in case ascertainment.

Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a leading cause of developmental disability (Abel & Sokol, ). Active public health surveillance through medical record abstraction has been used to estimate FAS prevalence rates, typically based on birth cohorts. There is an extended time for FAS characteristics to become apparent in infants and young children, and there are often delays in syndrome recognition and documentation. This methodological study analyzes the age at case ascertainment in a large surveillance program.


Facile synthesis of poly(ionic liquid)-bonded magnetic nanospheres as a high-performance sorbent for the pretreatment and determination of phenolic compounds in water samples.

Poly(ionic liquid)-bonded magnetic nanospheres were facilely synthesized and applied to the pretreatment and determination of phenolic compounds in water samples, which have detrimental effects on water quality and the health of living beings. The high affinity of poly(ionic liquid)s toward the target compounds as well as the magnetic behavior of Fe3 O4 were combined in this material to provide an efficient and simple magnetic solid-phase extraction approach. The adsorption behavior of the poly(ionic liquid...


From the Lindlar Catalyst to Supported Ligand-Modified Palladium Nanoparticles: Selectivity Patterns and Accessibility Constraints in the Continuous-Flow Three-Phase Hydrogenation of Acetylenic Compounds.

Invited for the cover of this issue are the groups of Prof. Javier Pérez-Ramírez at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and Prof. Núria López at the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), Spain. The cover illustrates major evolutionary changes in the design of palladium catalysts for alkyne semi-hydrogenation. Read the full text of the article at 10.1002/chem.201304795.


Facial nerve regeneration using basic fibroblast growth factor-impregnated gelatin microspheres in a rat model.

Basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) plays a crucial role in the regeneration of peripheral nerve defects by affecting nerve cells, Schwann cells and fibroblasts, and by promoting axon outgrowth from the proximal nerve stump. However, the use of exogenous bFGF for in vivo regeneration of the peripheral nerves is limited by its short in vivo half-life. In this study, a drug delivery system for bFGF was developed that uses acidic gelatin hydrogel, which sustainably released bFGF in vivo over several weeks; i...


Fluorescent Mimetics of CMP-Neu5Ac Are Highly Potent, Cell-Permeable Polarization Probes of Eukaryotic and Bacterial Sialyltransferases and Inhibit Cellular Sialylation.

Oligosaccharides of the glycolipids and glycoproteins at the outer membranes of human cells carry terminal neuraminic acids, which are responsible for recognition events and adhesion of cells, bacteria, and virus particles. The synthesis of neuraminic acid containing glycosides is accomplished by intracellular sialyl transferases. Therefore, the chemical manipulation of cellular sialylation could be very important to interfere with cancer development, inflammations, and infections. The development and appli...


Functional Streams and Cortical Integration in the Human Brain.

The processing of brain information relies on the organization of neuronal networks and circuits that in the end must provide the substrate for human cognition. However, the presence of highly complex and multirelay neuronal interactions has limited our ability to disentangle the assemblies of brain systems. The present review article focuses on the latest developments to understand the architecture of functional streams of the human brain at the large-scale level. Particularly, this article presents a comp...


Foot speed, foot-strike and footwear:linking gait mechanics and running ground reaction forces.

Running performance, energy requirements, and musculoskeletal stresses are directly related to the action-reaction forces between the limb and ground. For human runners, the force-time patterns from individual footfalls can vary considerably across speed, foot-strike, and footwear conditions. Here, we used four human footfalls with distinctly different vertical force-time waveform patterns to evaluate whether a basic mechanical model might explain all of them. Our model partitions the body's total mass (1.0...


Filarial antigens mediate apoptosis of human monocytes through TLR4.

Background. Apoptosis of several host cells induced by parasites/parasite products has been investigated in human filariasis to understand immune hypo-responsiveness. However, apoptosis of monocytes- one of the major antigen presenting cells (APCs) in peripheral circulation, which are chronically exposed to filarial antigens in infected subjects is yet to be understood and the current study fills this lacuna.Methods. Apoptosis of human monocytes with Brugia pahangi antigen (BpA) was demonstrated by scor...


Factors predicting the development of early osteoarthritis following lateral tibial plateau fractures Mid-term clinical and radiographic outcomes of 73 operatively treated patients.

The indications for operative treatment of lateral tibial plateau fractures are still controversial. The objective of this study was to determine whether residual articular surface depression and valgus malalignment of plated lateral tibial plateau fractures at medium-term follow-up affect the clinical and radiographic outcomes.


FRET-based reporters for the direct visualization of abscisic acid concentration changes and distribution in Arabidopsis.

Abscisic acid (ABA) is a plant hormone that regulates plant growth and development and mediates abiotic stress responses. Direct cellular monitoring of dynamic ABA concentration changes in response to environmental cues is essential for understanding ABA action. We have developed ABAleons: ABA-specific optogenetic reporters that instantaneously convert the phytohormone-triggered interaction of ABA receptors with PP2C-type phosphatases to send a fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) signal in respons...


Factors associated with HIV and syphilis co-infection among men who have sex with men in seven Chinese cities.

HIV-syphilis co-infection is often cited as a major reason behind recent resurgence in syphilis prevalence among men who have sex with men in China. Most published literatures explore factors associated with either HIV or syphilis, but not their co-infection. We analysed data from a cross-sectional survey on men who have sex with men in seven Chinese cities. Snowball sampling was used to recruit participants for the survey. Socio-demographic and behavioral predictors for HIV-syphilis mono/co-infection were...


Folic Acid and Folinic Acid for Reducing Side Effects in Patients Receiving Methotrexate for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

To perform a systematic review of the benefits and harms of folic acid and folinic acid in reducing the mucosal, gastrointestinal, hepatic, and hematologic side effects of methotrexate (MTX); and to assess whether folic or folinic acid supplementation has any effect on MTX benefit.


Fear Processing in Dental Phobia during Crossmodal Symptom Provocation: An fMRI Study.

While previous studies successfully identified the core neural substrates of the animal subtype of specific phobia, only few and inconsistent research is available for dental phobia. These findings might partly relate to the fact that, typically, visual stimuli were employed. The current study aimed to investigate the influence of stimulus modality on neural fear processing in dental phobia. Thirteen dental phobics (DP) and thirteen healthy controls (HC) attended a block-design functional magnetic resonance...


Front cover.


Faecal Microbiota Composition in Adults Is Associated with the FUT2 Gene Determining the Secretor Status.

The human intestine is colonised with highly diverse and individually defined microbiota, which likely has an impact on the host well-being. Drivers of the individual variation in the microbiota compositions are multifactorial and include environmental, host and dietary factors. We studied the impact of the host secretor status, encoded by fucosyltransferase 2 (FUT2) -gene, on the intestinal microbiota composition. Secretor status determines the expression of the ABH and Lewis histo-blood group antigens in...


Family physicians and electronic communication.


Finding the path together.


Filial attachment and its disruption: Insights from the guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are precocial rodents that show evidence of a selective attachment to the mother who, in turn, exhibits little active maternal care. Effects of separation in guinea pigs are, therefore, more likely to reflect the disruption of attachment than the removal of, or alterations in, patterns of maternal care. Here, effects in guinea pigs of the presence or absence of the mother on psychobiological endpoints and of maternal separation on depressive-like behavior are reviewed. It is argued that results...


Front cover.


Frailty in Heart Failure.

Considering the increasing age of individuals affected with heart failure (HF), a specific approach to their treatment is required, with more attention paid to geriatric conditions such as poor mobility, multiple disabilities, and cognitive impairment. Frailty is a distinct biological syndrome reflecting decreased physiologic reserve and resistance to stressors. It was shown to occur frequently in patients with heart failure, with the prevalence ranging from 15 to 74 %, depending on the studied population...

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