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Youth mental health in deprived urban areas: a Delphi study on the role of the GP in early intervention.

GPs, as healthcare professionals with whom young people commonly interact, have a central role in early intervention for mental health problems. However, successfully fulfilling this role is a challenge, and this is especially in deprived urban areas.


Yield and kinetic constants estimation in the production of hydroxy fatty acids from oleic acid in a bioreactor by Pseudomonas aeruginosa 42A2.

We modelled the production of hydroxy fatty acids from oleic acid by Pseudomonas aeruginosa 42A2 in a bioreactor with a non-dispersive aeration system. First, we designed an adapted wetted-wall gas-absorption column, offering a k La value of 39.9 h(-1), to enhance oxygen absorption in the culture media and prevent foam formation. Then, we analysed different kinetic models to simulate the yield coefficients and the kinetic constants in this bacterial transformation. Monod model fitting (μ max1 = 0.51 ...


Your Thyroid: What You Need to Know.


Young Rehabilitants in Vocational Training at the Transition to the Labour Market.

This study tackles the question, whether and to what extent labour market integration is achieved by young rehabilitants participating in an apprenticeship provided by the Federal Employment Agency. In order to identify salient determinants for the entry into as well as the sustainability of first employment, event history analyses are applied. After a relatively short period, first integrated rehabilitants mostly find unsubsidised employment. The entry into employment is determined by factors similar to th...


Young Children Create Partner-Specific Referential Pacts With Peers.

In 2 studies, we investigated how peers establish a referential pact to call something, for example, a cushion versus a pillow (both equally felicitous). In Study 1, pairs of 4- and 6-year-old German-speaking peers established a referential pact for an artifact, for example, a woman's shoe, in a referential communication task. Six-year-olds, but not 4-year-olds, continued to use these same expressions with the same partner (even when they were overinformative) but shifted to simpler expressions, for example...


Young Leaf Chlorosis 2 encodes the stroma-localized heme oxygenase 2 which is required for normal tetrapyrrole biosynthesis in rice.

Rice heme oxygenase 2 (OsHO2) mutants are chlorophyll deficient with distinct tetrapyrrole metabolite and transcript profiles, suggesting a potential regulatory role of the stromal-localized OsHO2 in tetrapyrrole biosynthesis. In plants, heme oxygenases (HOs) are classified into the subfamilies HO1 and HO2. HO1 are highly conserved plastid enzymes required for synthesizing the chromophore in phytochromes which mediate a number of light-regulated responses. However, the physiological and biochemical function...

Tuesday 11th June 1055

Y155H amino acid substitution in influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 viruses does not confer a phenotype of reduced susceptibility to neuraminidase inhibitors.


Yellow fever in Africa and South America, 2013.

Saturday 1st November 1050

YAP activation is an early event and a potential therapeutic target in liver cancer development.

Although the growth suppressor Hippo pathway has been implicated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) pathogenesis, it is unknown at which stage of hepatocarcinogenesis its dysregulation occurs. We investigated in early rat and human preneoplastic lesions whether overexpression of the transcriptional co-activator Yes-associated protein (YAP) is an early event.


Young Physicians' Thoughts about Leaving Patient Care - Results of a Survey in Saxony, Germany.

Background: The fear of a shortage of physicians in some regions of Germany is growing. A drain of physicians into non-clinical activities is being discussed as a possible reason. To counteract this drain the extent of physicians' thinking about leaving patient care and the corresponding reasons need to be elucidated. Methods: All physicians upto 40 years of age and registered with the State Chamber of Physicians of Saxony (n=5 956) received a paper-pencil questionnaire inquiring about socio-demographics,...


Youth Mental Health Interventions via Mobile Phones: A Scoping Review.

Abstract Mobile phone technologies have been hailed as a promising means for delivering mental health interventions to youth and adolescents, the age group with high cell phone penetration and with the onset of 75% of all lifetime mental disorders. Despite the growing evidence in physical health and adult mental health, however, little information is available about how mobile phones are implemented to deliver mental health services to the younger population. The purpose of this scoping study was to map the...


You spoke, and we listened: we're growing!


Yoga as an adjunctive treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder: a randomized controlled trial.

More than a third of the approximately 10 million women with histories of interpersonal violence in the United States develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Currently available treatments for this population have a high rate of incomplete response, in part because problems in affect and impulse regulation are major obstacles to resolving PTSD. This study explored the efficacy of yoga to increase affect tolerance and to decrease PTSD symptomatology.

Friday 11th December 1045

YASARA View - molecular graphics for all devices - from smartphones to workstations.

Today's graphics processing units (GPUs) compose the scene from individual triangles. Since about 320 triangles are needed to approximate a single sphere - an atom - in a convincing way, visualizing larger proteins with atomic details requires tens of millions of triangles, far too many for smooth interactive frame rates. We describe a new approach to solve this 'molecular graphics problem', which shares the work between GPU and multiple CPU cores, generates high quality results with perfectly round spheres...


Years of life lost as a measure of cancer burden on a national level.

Background:The severity of cancers is often measured in number of deaths. However, number of years of life lost (YLL) may be a more appropriate indicator of impact on society. Here we have calculated the YLL of adult cancers in Norway for the year 2012, as well as for the previous 15-year period.Methods:Data on age composition, expected remaining years of life, total numbers of deaths and deaths due to cancer were retrieved from the National Census Agency Statistics Norway. YLL were calculated for both sexe...

Wednesday 22nd October 1044

Y-stent-assisted coil embolization of cerebral aneurysms.

Y-stent-assisted coiling is a technique used by neuroendovascular surgeons to treat complex, wide-necked, bifurcation aneurysms in locations such as basilar tip and middle cerebral artery bifurcation. Several recent studies have demonstrated low complication rate and favorable clinical and angiographic outcomes. The Y-stent technique is illustrated here in detail and the intraoperative nuances are also discussed to minimize potential complications associated with technique. The video can be found here: http...

Monday 23rd April 1043

Young Children Create Iconic Gestures to Inform Others.

Much is known about young children's use of deictic gestures such as pointing. Much less is known about their use of other types of communicative gestures, especially iconic or symbolic gestures. In particular, it is unknown whether children can create iconic gestures on the spot to inform others. Study 1 provided 27-month-olds with the opportunity to inform a novice how to perform a task. The majority of children created appropriate iconic gestures, and they did so significantly more than in a control cond...


Youth Mixed Martial Arts: Time to Regulate.


Young Children Bet on Their Numerical Skills: Metacognition in the Numerical Domain.

Metacognition, the ability to assess one's own knowledge, has been targeted as a critical learning mechanism in mathematics education. Yet the early childhood origins of metacognition have proven difficult to study. Using a novel nonverbal task and a comprehensive set of metacognitive measures, we provided the strongest evidence to date that young children are metacognitive. We showed that children as young as 5 years made metacognitive "bets" on their numerical discriminations in a wagering task. However, ...


YouTube as an educational resource for learning ECGs.


Yes-Associated Protein (YAP) Modulates Oncogenic Features and Radiation Sensitivity in Endometrial Cancer.

Yes-associated protein (YAP) is a transcriptional co-activator and regulates cell proliferation and apoptosis. We investigated the clinical and biological significance of YAP in endometrial cancer (EMCA).


Yeast Mating and Image-Based Quantification of Spatial Pattern Formation.

Communication between cells is a ubiquitous feature of cell populations and is frequently realized by secretion and detection of signaling molecules. Direct visualization of the resulting complex gradients between secreting and receiving cells is often impossible due to the small size of diffusing molecules and because such visualization requires experimental perturbations such as attachment of fluorescent markers, which can change diffusion properties. We designed a method to estimate such extracellular co...


Yu Ping Feng San, an Ancient Chinese Herbal Decoction, Regulates the Expression of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase and Cyclooxygenase-2 and the Activity of Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase in Cultures.

Yu Ping Feng San (YPFS), a Chinese herbal decoction comprising Astragali Radix (AR; Huangqi), Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma (AMR; Baizhu), and Saposhnikoviae Radix (SR; Fangfeng), has been used clinically to treat inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Previously, we demonstrated a dual role of YPFS in regulating cytokine release in cultured macrophages. In this study, we elucidated the anti-inflammatory effect of YPFS that is mediated through modulating the expression of three key enzymes involved in IBD:...


Yvette Bordelon, MD, PhD, and Carlos Portera-Cailliau, MD, PhD.


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