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Young People's Preferences for Family Planning Service Providers in Rural Malawi: A Discrete Choice Experiment.

To quantify the impact of service provider characteristics on young people's choice of family planning (FP) service provider in rural Malawi in order to identify strategies for increasing access and uptake of FP among youth.

Younger patients with breast cancer may decline tamoxifen due to fertility concerns.

Yttrium-90 radioembolization for the treatment of chemorefractory colorectal liver metastases: Technical results, clinical outcome and factors potentially influencing survival.

The purpose of this study was to retrospectively assess the technical and clinical outcomes, overall survival and prognostic factors for prolonged survival after yttrium-90 ((90)Y) radioembolization as a salvage therapy for patients with chemorefractory liver-only or liver-dominant colorectal metastases.

Year in Review.

Young adults with hemophilia in the U.S.: demographics, comorbidities, and health status.

Improvements in hemophilia care over the last several decades might lead to expectations of a near-normal quality of life for young adults with hemophilia. However, few published reports specifically examine health status indicators in this population. To remedy this knowledge gap, we examined the impact of hemophilia on physical and social functioning and quality of life among a national US cohort of 141 young men with hemophilia aged 18-34 years of age who received care at 10 geographically diverse, fede...

Yeast-like fungi in the gastrointestinal tract in children and adolescents with diabetes type 1.

In recent years the frequency of fungal infections in human populations has increased considerably. The most common type offungus attacking the human organism is Candida albicans. Yeast-like fungi occur naturally in the oral cavity, intestines, vagina, or skin, however in amounts not dangerous to human health. The studies so far have shown that patients with diabetes type 1 (T1DM) to a large degree are exposed to complications related to fungal infections. A substantial growth of fungi observed in diabetic ...

Yes, You Can Manage Chronic Pain.

Young children show representational flexibility when interpreting drawings.

Drawings can be ambiguous and represent more than one entity. In three experiments, we examine whether young children show representational flexibility by allowing one picture to be called by a second name. We also evaluate the hypothesis that children who are representationally flexible see the artist's intention as binding, rather than changeable. In Experiment 1, an artist declared what she intended to draw (e.g. a balloon) but then produced an ambiguous drawing. Children were asked whether the drawings ...

Your questions about complementary medicines answered: fish oil.

This is the third article in a series providing evidence-based answers to common questions about complementary medicines from consumers and healthcare professionals.

Young Boy With Shedding Nails.

Yoga Intervention for Patients With Prostate Cancer Undergoing External Beam Radiation Therapy: A Pilot Feasibility Study.

Studies have demonstrated beneficial health effects from yoga interventions in cancer patients, but predominantly in breast cancer. Research on its role in alleviating prostate cancer (PC) patients' side effects has been lacking. Our primary goal was to determine the feasibility of recruiting PC patients on a clinical trial of yoga while they underwent external beam radiation therapy (RT).

Yttrium-90 radiation synovectomy revisited.

Yes, genotype testing is cost-effective for primary resistance in Brazil.

Young People's Experiences of Participation in Clinical Trials: Reasons for Taking Part.

Given the lack of knowledge about safety and efficacy of many treatments for children, pediatric clinical trials are important, but recruitment for pediatric research is difficult. Little is known about children's perspective on participating in trials. The purpose of this study was to understand the experiences and motivations of young people who took part in clinical trials. This is a qualitative interview study of 25 young people aged 10-23 who were invited to take part in clinical trials. Interviews wer...

Young Persons in Research: A Call for the Engagement of Youth in Mental Health Research.

Yield QTLome distribution correlates with gene density in maize.

The genetic control of yield and related traits in maize has been addressed by many quantitative trait locus (QTL) studies, which have produced a wealth of QTL information, also known as QTLome. In this study, we assembled a yield QTLome database and carried out QTL meta-analysis based on 44 published studies, representing 32 independent mapping populations and 49 parental lines. A total of 808 unique QTLs were condensed to 84 meta-QTLs and were projected on the 10 maize chromosomes. Seventy-four percent of...

Ytterbium-doped fiber ultrashort pulse generator based on self-phase modulation and alternating spectral filtering.

We numerically and experimentally demonstrate a Yb-doped fiber ultrashort pulse generator based on self-phase modulation and alternating spectral filtering, operating at a wavelength of 1060 nm and providing a stable ultrashort pulse train. Pulses with energy up to 2.8 nJ were generated experimentally and were limited only by available pump power.

Yoga in Deutschland - Ergebnisse einer national repräsentativen Umfrage.

Hintergrund: Yoga wird weltweit vermehrt als therapeutische und präventive Methode angewandt. Ziel dieser national repräsentativen Umfrage war die Erhebung der Lebenszeit- und Punktprävalenz für Yoga-Praxis in Deutschland und die Erfragung der Gründe für die Inanspruchnahme von Yoga sowie der damit einhergehenden wahrgenommenen Veränderungen. Methoden: Von August bis September 2014 wurde eine national repräsentative Stichprobe von 2041 Personen ab 14 Jahren bezüglich derzeitiger und früherer Yoga-...

Yield of outpatient sleep EEG for epileptiform alterations detection in children.

Ambulatory EEGs in children are frequently ordered as sleep studies. However, the yield according to different clinical situations has received little attention to date. We aimed to quantify the added value in terms of detection of epileptiform features of an EEG containing sleep, as compared to only wakefulness, according to the referral diagnoses.

Yarbus's Conceptions on the General Mechanisms of Color Perception.

In the last series of papers published during 1975 to 1980, Alfred Yarbus tried to formulate general conceptions concerning the basic principles of retinal image processing in the human visual system. The original ideas of Yarbus were based on the results of his numerous and various experiments carried out with extraordinary inventiveness and great skill. Being concentrated primarily on the problems of color vision, Alfred Yarbus dreamed of elaborating a comprehensive model that would simulate visual inform...

Yiqihuoxuejiedu Formula Restrains Vascular Remodeling by Reducing the Inflammation Reaction and Cx43 Expression in the Adventitia after Balloon Injury.

Vascular remodeling is closely related to hypertension, atherosclerosis, and restenosis after PCI. Considerable evidence indicates that the activation and proliferation of adventitial fibroblasts play key roles in vessel injury. The inflammatory response and high expression of connexins contribute to adventitial remodeling. Therefore, reducing inflammation reaction and connexins expression in adventitia may become a new target to prevent vascular remodeling. Yiqihuoxuejiedu formula, composed of TCM therapeu...

Young male mating success is associated with sperm number but not with male sex pheromone titres.

Intraspecific communication is of crucial importance throughout the animal kingdom and may involve a combination of visual, gustatory, olfactory and acoustic cues. Variation in male sex pheromone amount and composition may convey important information to female conspecifics, for instance on species identity or age. However, whether increased male pheromone titres are associated with fitness benefits for the female, thus indicating a role as an honest signal, is under debate.

Yb(OTf)3-Mediated Access to Furans from beta-Ketothioamides via Eschenmoser Sulfide Contraction Reaction.

A mild and straightforward synthetic protocol for construction of furan skeleton promoted by Yb(OTf)3 from β-ketothioamides (KTAs) and arylglyoxals has been developed at room temperature. Importantly, this protocol involves a tandem sequence including aldol condensation/N-cyclization/ring-opening/O-cyclization/S-cyclization/Eschenmoser sulfide contraction.

Yoga in Pregnancy: An Examination of Maternal and Fetal Responses to 26 Yoga Postures.

To examine the acute maternal and fetal effects of yoga postures and suspected contraindicated postures in a prospective cohort of healthy pregnant women in the third trimester.

YouTube as a patient-information source for root canal treatment.

To assess the content and completeness of Youtube(™) as an information source for patients undergoing root canal treatment procedures.

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