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Yeast cell: A test tube for mammalian tyrosine receptors.

You stole my food! Eating alterations in frontotemporal dementia.

Patients with different types of dementia may exhibit pathological eating habits, including food fads, hyperphagia, or even ingestion of inanimate objects. Several findings reveal that such eating alterations are more common in patients with frontotemporal dementia (FTD) than other types of dementia. Moreover, eating alterations may differ between the two variants of the disease, namely the behavioral variant and semantic dementia (SD). In this review, we summarized evidences regarding four areas: eating an...

Young Children Detect and Avoid Logically Inconsistent Sources: The Importance of Communicative Context and Executive Function.

The reported research tested the hypothesis that young children detect logical inconsistency in communicative contexts that support the evaluation of speakers' epistemic reliability. In two experiments (N = 194), 3- to 5-year-olds were presented with two speakers who expressed logically consistent or inconsistent claims. Three-year-olds failed to detect inconsistencies (Experiment 1), 4-year-olds detected inconsistencies when expressed by human speakers but not when read from books, and 5-year-olds detect...

Year 2014 new guideline of the advanced life support for children in peri-operative period.

You sneeze, you lose: The impact of pollen exposure on cognitive performance during high-stakes high school exams.

Pollen is known to cause allergic reactions and affect cognitive performance in around 20% of the population. Although pollen season peaks when students take high-stakes exams, the effect of pollen allergies on school performance has received nearly no attention from economists. Using a student fixed effects model and administrative Norwegian data, this paper finds that increasing the ambient pollen levels by one standard deviation at the mean leads to a 2.5% standard deviation decrease in test scores, with...

Young consumers' considerations of healthy working conditions in purchasing decisions: a qualitative examination.

Research has suggested that products manufactured under healthy work conditions (HWC) may provide a marketing advantage to companies. This paper explores young consumers' considerations of HWC in purchasing decisions using data from qualitative interviews with a sample of 21 university students. The results suggest that interviewees frequently considered the working conditions of those who produced the products they purchased. Participants reported a willingness to pay 17.5% more on a $100 product if it wer...

Youth experiences with multiple types of prejudice-based harassment.

Despite prejudice-based harassment's associations with serious physical and mental health risks, research examining multiple forms of harassment among children/adolescents is lacking. This study documents the prevalence of prejudice-based harassment (i.e., harassment on the basis of gender, race/ethnicity, weight or physical appearance, sexual orientation, and disability status) among a large, statewide, school-based Midwestern U.S. sample of 162,034 adolescents. Weight-/appearance-based harassment was most...

Your views on educaton funding are vital, says Crystal Oldman.

The way nurse education is funded in England is undergoing reformation. From September 2017, nursing students will have to pay their own tuition fees and the bursary will go.

YAP/TAZ at the Roots of Cancer.

YAP and TAZ are highly related transcriptional regulators pervasively activated in human malignancies. Recent work indicates that, remarkably, YAP/TAZ are essential for cancer initiation or growth of most solid tumors. Their activation induces cancer stem cell attributes, proliferation, chemoresistance, and metastasis. YAP/TAZ are sensors of the structural and mechanical features of the cell microenvironment. A number of cancer-associated extrinsic and intrinsic cues conspire to overrule the YAP-inhibiting ...

YouTube as a crowd-generated water level archive.

In view of the substantial costs associated with classic monitoring networks, participatory data collection methods can be deemed a promising option to obtain complementary data. An emerging trend in this field is social media mining, i.e., harvesting of pre-existing, crowd-generated data from social media. Although this approach is participatory in a broader sense, the users are mostly not aware of their participation in research. Inspired by this novel development, we demonstrate in this study that it is ...

Yin-Yang vascular imaging sign in basilar artery dissection.

Your Patient Is Now Reading Your Note: Opportunities, Problems and Prospects.

Yiddish language and Ashkenazic Jews: A perspective from culture, language and literature.

YKT6 expression, exosome release, and survival in non-small cell lung cancer.

Cancer-derived exosomes are involved in metastasis. YKT6 is a SNARE protein that participates in the regulation of exosome production and release, but its role in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has not been examined.

Yoga and physical exercise.

Yoga-based intervention in patients with somatoform disorders: an open label trial.

Somatoform disorders are common mental disorders associated with impaired functioning and increased utilization of health resources. Yoga-based interventions have been used successfully for anxiety, depression, and chronic pain conditions. However, literature on the use of yoga in treatment of somatoform disorders is minimal. The current study assessed the effect of a specific yoga-based intervention in patients with somatoform disorders. Consenting patients meeting ICD-10 criteria for somatoform disorders ...

Young adults with paediatric liver disease: future challenges.

Yellow Fever in Angola and Beyond - The Problem of Vaccine Supply and Demand.

Yellow fever, caused by yellow fever virus, is a mosquito-borne flavivirus disease; it is found in sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America, where approximately 1 billion people in 46 countries are at risk for it. A live attenuated vaccine (strain 17D) was developed by Max Theiler and colleagues in the 1930s - work that earned Theiler a Nobel Prize. An excellent vaccine, it has been in use since 1937; more than 650 million doses have been distributed in the past 75 years, and 1 dose probably confers li...

Yields and Time-of-Flight Spectra of Neutral High-Rydberg Fragments at the K Edges of the CO2 Molecule.

We have studied the production of neutral fragments in high-Rydberg (HR) states at the C 1s and O 1s edges of the CO2 molecule by performing two kinds of experiments. First, the yields of neutral HR fragments were measured indirectly by ionizing such fragments in a static electric field and by collecting resulting singly charged positive ions as a function of the photon energy. Such measurements reveal excitations below the core ionization thresholds, but also thresholds for single core-hole and shake-up ph...

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow: A brief history of the wrist.

YAP/TAZ as therapeutic targets in cancer.

The biology and regulation of YAP and TAZ, two closely related transcriptional regulators, are receiving increasing attention owing to their fundamental roles in organ growth, tissue repair and cancer. In particular, the widespread activation of YAP/TAZ in carcinomas, and the crucial role of YAP/TAZ activation for many 'hallmarks' of cancer are indicating YAP/TAZ as prime targets for designing anti-cancer drugs. Here, we start from the known modalities to regulate YAP/TAZ to highlight possible routes of the...

Year of Mnemonics and Acronyms.

Youth and Caregiver Perspectives on Barriers to Gender-Affirming Health Care for Transgender Youth.

Few transgender youth eligible for gender-affirming treatments actually receive them. Multidisciplinary gender clinics improve access and care coordination but are rare. Although experts support use of pubertal blockers and cross-sex hormones for youth who meet criteria, these are uncommonly offered. This study's aim was to understand barriers that transgender youth and their caregivers face in accessing gender-affirming health care.

Yielding the yield-stress analysis: a study focused on the effects of elasticity on the settling of a single spherical particle in simple yield-stress fluids.

The sedimentation of a single particle in materials that exhibit simultaneously elastic, viscous and plastic behavior is examined in an effort to explain phenomena that contradict the nature of purely yield-stress materials. Such phenomena include the loss of the fore-and-aft symmetry with respect to an isolated settling particle under creeping flow conditions and the appearance of the "negative wake" behind it. Despite the fact that similar observations have been reported in studies involving viscoelastic ...

Yoga may help lessen the debilitating effects of asthma and have lifestyle benefits.

There is evidence that yoga could improve the symptoms of asthma and boost quality of life, but the effects on lung function and medication use are uncertain, new research has found.

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