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Yield of Blood Cultures (BC), Incidence of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS), and Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in Patients Admitted With Acute Exacerbation of Cystic Fibrosis (AECF).

Cystic Fibrosis/Bronchiectasis PostersSESSION TYPE: Original Investigation PosterPRESENTED ON: Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 01:30 PM - 02:30 PMPURPOSE: Patients admitted with AECF have blood cultures drawn routinely at admission. In pediatric patients there has been a high incidence of AKI with AECF. Patients with cystic fibrosis(CF) suffer from severe and chronic pulmonary infections and inflammation. SIRS criteria can identify inflammatory response. To study the yield of blood cultures, incidence of SIR...


You're the Flight Surgeon.

Albrecht A. You're the flight surgeon: papillary thyroid carcinoma. Aviat Space Environ Med 2014; 85:1149-51.


You're the Flight Surgeon.

McIntee MF. You're the flight surgeon: hemochromatosis. Aviat Space Environ Med 2014; 85:1151-3.


Your Face Says It All: Closeness and Perception of Emotional Expressions Among Females.

ABSTRACT The purpose of the present investigation was to assess whether interpersonal closeness facilitates earlier emotion detection as the emotional expression unfolds. Female undergraduate participants were either paired with a close friend or an acquaintance (n= 92 pairs). Participants viewed morphed movies of their partner and a stranger gradually shifting from a neutral to either a sad, angry, or happy expression. As predicted, findings indicate a closeness advantage. Close friends detected the onset ...

Sunday 12th November 1092

Yrast 6^{+} Seniority Isomers of ^{136,138}Sn.

Delayed γ-ray cascades, originating from the decay of (6^{+}) isomeric states, in the very neutron-rich, semimagic isotopes ^{136,138}Sn have been observed following the projectile fission of a ^{238}U beam at RIBF, RIKEN. The wave functions of these isomeric states are proposed to be predominantly a fully aligned pair of f_{7/2} neutrons. Shell-model calculations, performed using a realistic effective interaction, reproduce well the energies of the excited states of these nuclei and the measured transitio...

Sunday 12th March 1092

Yolk-Shell Nanostructured Fe3O4@NiSiO3 for Selective Affinity and Magnetic Separation of His-Tagged Proteins.

Recent developments of nanotechnology encourage novel materials for facile separations and purifications of recombinant proteins, which are of great importance in disease diagnoses and treatments. We find that Fe3O4@NiSiO3 with yolk-shell nanostructure can be used to specifically purify histidine-tagged (His-tagged) proteins from mixtures of lysed cells with a recyclable process. Each individual nanoparticle composes by a mesoporous nickel silicate shell and a magnetic Fe3O4 in the hollow inner, which is fe...

Sunday 9th May 1091

Y Chromosome and HIV DNA Detection in Vaginal Swabs as Biomarkers of Semen and HIV Exposure in Women.

The inability to quantify sexual exposure to HIV limits the power of HIV prevention trials of vaccines, microbicides, and preexposure prophylaxis in women. We investigated the detection of HIV-1 and Y chromosomal (Yc) DNA in vaginal swabs from 83 participants in the HPTN 035 microbicide trial as biomarkers of HIV exposure and unprotected sexual activity.

Saturday 22nd January 1086

Younger diabetes patients receive poorer routine care than older ones, audit finds.


Yeasts isolated from frequently in-patients and out-patients.

The aim of the presented mini-review is to review the literature data referring to opportunistic mycoses in pet dogs and cats suffering from other concurrent diseases, comparable to human medical disorders with high risk of secondary mycoses. This review also presents the preliminary results of a project aimed at understanding the fungal colonization and occurrence of secondary mycoses in pets suffering from metabolic disorders, neoplasms and viral infections. The incidence of opportunistic mycoses is highe...


Young children's developing sensitivity to discourse continuity as a cue for inferring reference.

Children encounter many opportunities for word learning where a novel word (e.g., "chinchilla") coincides in time with the presence of its referent (e.g., a parent pointing at a fuzzy rodent). These two ingredients are not always paired simultaneously, but they sometimes still occur in succession within a discourse. We investigated children's ability to apply their knowledge of discourse structure to infer the referent of a novel word in the absence of social cues such as pointing and eye gaze. In Experimen...


Yellowish papulonodular periorbital eruption.


Young woman with abdominal pain.


You Seem Certain but You Were Wrong Before: Developmental Change in Preschoolers' Relative Trust in Accurate versus Confident Speakers.

The present study tested how preschoolers weigh two important cues to a person's credibility, namely prior accuracy and confidence, when deciding what to learn and believe. Four- and 5-year-olds (N = 96) preferred to believe information provided by a confident rather than hesitant individual; however, when confidence conflicted with accuracy, preschoolers increasingly favored information from the previously accurate but hesitant individual as they aged. These findings reveal an important developmental p...


Young woman with breast cancer and cardiotoxicity with severe heart Failure treated with a HeartMate II™ for nearly six years prior to heart transplantation.

Cardiotoxicity is a multi factorial problem, which has emerged with the improvement of cancer therapies and survival. Heart transplantation is relatively contraindicated in patients with breast cancer, until at least 5 years after complete remission. We present a case where a young woman who in 2001, at the age of 31, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was considered cured, but four years later she suffered a relapse. During her second treatment, in 2006, she suffered from severe heart failure. She recei...


Yin and yang: unsilencing synapses to control cocaine seeking.

In this issue of Neuron, Ma et al. (2014) show that long-term depression of two independent prefrontal cortical inputs to nucleus accumbens modifies behavioral responses controlling incubation of cocaine craving. Intriguingly, one input increases while the other attenuates behavioral responses, hinting that both "prorelapse" and "antirelapse" pathways are strengthened after cocaine self-administration.

Thursday 24th September 1073

Yamogenin in fenugreek inhibits lipid accumulation through the suppression of gene expression in fatty acid synthesis in hepatocytes.

Yamogenin is a diastereomer of diosgenin, which we have identified as the compound responsible for the anti-hyperlipidemic effect of fenugreek. Here, we examined the effects of yamogenin on the accumulation of triacylglyceride (TG) in hepatocytes, because yamogenin is also contained in fenugreek. It was demonstrated that yamogenin also inhibited TG accumulation in HepG2 hepatocytes and suppressed the mRNA expression of fatty acid synthesis-related genes such as fatty acid synthase and sterol response elemen...

Sunday 14th May 1070

Yes-associated protein 1 (YAP1) promotes human gallbladder tumor growth via activation of the AXL/MAPK pathway.

The transcriptional coactivator Yes-associated protein 1 (YAP1), a key regulator of cell proliferation and organ size in vertebrates, has been implicated in various malignancies. However, little is known about the expression and biological function of YAP1 in human gallbladder cancer (GBC). In this study we examined the clinical significance and biological functions of YAP1 in GBC and found that nuclear YAP1 and its target gene AXL were overexpressed in GBC tissues. We also observed a significant correlatio...


Year-End Potpourri.


Yeast mutation accumulation experiment supports elevated mutation rates at highly transcribed sites.

Sunday 26th January 1067

Youth Sport Experiences of Individuals With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

The purpose of this study was to explore youth sport experiences of individuals with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Participants were 6 males (mean age = 22.7 yr) with ADHD who had played 3 or more seasons in team sports during adolescence. Following interpretive phenomenological analysis methodology, each participant completed 2 semistructured interviews. Findings showed that symptoms of ADHD hampered participants' experiences and led to negative interpersonal and performance-related cons...


You are only as old as you sound.



Yaws is a non-venereal endemic treponemal infection caused by Treponema pallidum sub-species pertenue, a spirochaete bacterium closely related to Treponema pallidum pallidum, the agent of venereal syphilis. Yaws is a chronic, relapsing disease predominantly affecting children living in certain tropical regions. It spreads by skin-to-skin contact and, like syphilis, occurs in distinct clinical stages. It causes lesions of the skin, mucous membranes and bones which, without treatment, can become chronic and d...


Youth mental health in deprived urban areas: a Delphi study on the role of the GP in early intervention.

GPs, as healthcare professionals with whom young people commonly interact, have a central role in early intervention for mental health problems. However, successfully fulfilling this role is a challenge, and this is especially in deprived urban areas.


Yield and kinetic constants estimation in the production of hydroxy fatty acids from oleic acid in a bioreactor by Pseudomonas aeruginosa 42A2.

We modelled the production of hydroxy fatty acids from oleic acid by Pseudomonas aeruginosa 42A2 in a bioreactor with a non-dispersive aeration system. First, we designed an adapted wetted-wall gas-absorption column, offering a k La value of 39.9 h(-1), to enhance oxygen absorption in the culture media and prevent foam formation. Then, we analysed different kinetic models to simulate the yield coefficients and the kinetic constants in this bacterial transformation. Monod model fitting (μ max1 = 0.51 ...


Your Thyroid: What You Need to Know.

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