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Seizures in Children and Adolescents Aged 6-17 Years - United States, 2010-2014.

Gestational Weight Gain - United States, 2012 and 2013.

Vital Signs: Multistate Foodborne Outbreaks - United States, 2010-2014.

Millions of U.S. residents become ill from foodborne pathogens each year. Most foodborne outbreaks occur among small groups of persons in a localized area. However, because many foods are distributed widely and rapidly, and because detection methods have improved, outbreaks that occur in multiple states and that even span the entire country are being recognized with increasing frequency.

Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis Associated with Hot Spring Exposure During International Travel - Seminole County, Florida, July 2014.

World Pneumonia Day - November 12, 2015.

Summary of Notifiable Noninfectious Conditions and Disease Outbreaks: Elevated Blood Lead Levels Among Employed Adults - United States, 1994-2012.

Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Coverage Among Female Adolescents in Managed Care Plans - United States, 2013.

Active Bacterial Core Surveillance for Legionellosis - United States, 2011-2013.

State Medicaid Coverage for Tobacco Cessation Treatments and Barriers to Coverage - United States, 2014-2015.

Update on Multistate Outbreak of Fungal Infections Associated with Contaminated Methylprednisolone Injections, 2012-2014.

Outbreak of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Infections Associated with Dairy Education Event Attendance - Whatcom County, Washington, 2015.

Summary of Notifiable Noninfectious Conditions and Disease Outbreaks: Surveillance for Cancer Incidence and Mortality - United States, 2011.

Summary of Notifiable Noninfectious Conditions and Disease Outbreaks: Introduction to the Summary of Notifiable Noninfectious Conditions and Disease Outbreaks - United States.

Erratum: Vol. 64, No. 18.

QuickStats: Percentage of Residential Care Communities* Using Electronic Health Records,(†)(,)(§) by Number of Beds - National Study of Long-Term Care Providers, United States, 2014.

Summary of Notifiable Infectious Diseases and Conditions - United States, 2013.

The Summary of Notifiable Infectious Diseases and Condition-United States, 2013 (hereafter referred to as the summary) contains the official statistics, in tabular and graphic form, for the reported occurrence of nationally notifiable infectious diseases and conditions in the United States for 2013. Unless otherwise noted, data are final totals for 2013 reported as of June 30, 2014. These statistics are collected and compiled from reports sent by U.S. state and territory, New York City, and District of Colu...

Progress Toward Global Eradication of Dracunculiasis, January 2014-June 2015.

Progress Toward Poliomyelitis Eradication - Afghanistan, January 2014‒August 2015.

Use of Serogroup B Meningococcal Vaccines in Adolescents and Young Adults: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, 2015.

Mycobacterium chelonae Eye Infections Associated with Humidifier Use in an Outpatient LASIK Clinic - Ohio, 2015.

World Stroke Day - October 29, 2015.

Recommendation Regarding Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Control from the Community Preventive Services Task Force.

Errata: Vol. 64, No. 38.

Errata: Vol. 64, No. 14.

QuickStats: Percentage* of Children Aged 5-17 Years with Diagnosed Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),(†) by Poverty Status(§) and Sex - National Health Interview Survey,(¶) 2011-2014.

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