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02:55 EDT 19th April 2014 | BioPortfolio

The US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health manage which comprises of more than 21 million records, papers, reports for biomedical literature, including MEDLINE, life science and medical journals, articles, reviews, reports and  books.  BioPortfolio aims to publish relevant information on published papers, clinical trials and news associated with users selected topics.

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Unrecognised pregnancy during radioisotope therapy of thyroid cancer results in hardly definable embryo/fetus exposures, particularly when the thyroid gland is already removed. Sources of such difficulty include uncertainty in data like pregnancy commencing time, amount and distribution of metastasized thyroid cells in body, effect of the thyroidectomy on the fetus dose coefficient etc. Despite all these uncertainties, estimation of the order of the fetus dose in most cases is enough for medical and legal d...


Fibrosis and inflammation are greater in muscles of beta-sarcoglycan-null mouse than mdx mouse.

The Sgcb-null mouse, with knocked-down β-sarcoglycan, develops severe muscular dystrophy as in type 2E human limb girdle muscular dystrophy. The mdx mouse, lacking dystrophin, is the most used model for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Unlike DMD, the mdx mouse has mild clinical features and shows little fibrosis in limb muscles. To characterize ECM protein deposition and the progression of muscle fibrosis, we evaluated protein and transcript levels of collagens I, III and VI, decorin, and TGF-β1, in qu...


Feasibility and outcomes regarding open and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy in patients with previous synthetic mesh inguinal hernia repair: meta-analysis and systematic review of 7,497 patients.

The purpose of this article is to contribute information to the interpretation of the feasibility and outcomes regarding open, laparoscopic and robotic strategies of radical prostatectomy in patients with previous synthetic mesh inguinal hernia repair.


Fast low-specific absorption rate B0 -mapping along projections at high field using two-dimensional radiofrequency pulses.

At 7 Tesla (T), conventional static field (B0 ) projection mapping techniques, e.g., FASTMAP, FASTESTMAP, lead to elevated specific absorption rates (SAR), requiring longer total acquisition times (TA). In this work, the series of adiabatic pulses needed for slab selection in FASTMAP is replaced by a single two-dimensional radiofrequency (2D-RF) pulse to minimize TA while ensuring equal shimming performance.


Function of bacterial cells and their exuded extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) in virus removal by red soils.

The potential influence of autochthonous microorganisms on virus fate in soil is usually determined through extreme conditions of sterilization vs. nonsterilization; however, the relative importance of microbial cells and their exudates remains unclear. In this study, bacterial cells (cell) were harvested, and their exuded extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) were extracted from three strains of bacteria, namely, Gram-negative bacteria Pseudomonas putida and Pseudomonas aeruginosa as well as Gram-positi...


Formation of indoor nitrous acid (HONO) by light-induced NO2 heterogeneous reactions with white wall paint.

Gaseous nitrogen dioxide (NO2) represents an oxidant that is present in relatively high concentrations in various indoor settings. Remarkably increased NO2 levels up to 1.5 ppm are associated with homes using gas stoves. The heterogeneous reactions of NO2 with adsorbed water on surfaces lead to the generation of nitrous acid (HONO). Here, we present a HONO source induced by heterogeneous reactions of NO2 with selected indoor paint surfaces in the presence of light (300 nm 


FHHS News: The Forum for History of Human Science (FHHS) is an interest group of the History of Science Society (HSS). Find further information, all prize citations, etc., at


Fluorescent in situ hybridization of synaptic proteins imaged with super-resolution STED microcopy.

Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy is still a developing field. One of the limitations has been that standard labeling assays, which had been developed for conventional imaging, must be adjusted and optimized for each super-resolution method. These methods are more sensitive to noise, and require more intense labeling than conventional microscopy, which is not always trivial to achieve. Here, we describe the use of stimulation-emission depletion (STED) microscopy to locate messenger RNAs (mRNAs) in si...


Factors Influencing Postconcussion and Posttraumatic Stress Symptom Reporting Following Military-Related Concurrent Polytrauma and Traumatic Brain Injury.

The purpose of this study was to identify factors that are predictive of, or associated with, high endorsement of postconcussion and posttraumatic stress symptoms following military-related traumatic brain injury (TBI). Participants were 1,600 U.S. service members (age: M = 27.1, SD = 7.1; 95.4% male) who had sustained a mild-to-moderate TBI and who had been evaluated by the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center at one of six military medical centers. Twenty-two factors were examined that included demogr...


Fusion of multichannel local and global structural cues for photo aesthetics evaluation.

Photo aesthetic quality evaluation is a fundamental yet under addressed task in computer vision and image processing fields. Conventional approaches are frustrated by the following two drawbacks. First, both the local and global spatial arrangements of image regions play an important role in photo aesthetics. However, existing rules, e.g., visual balance, heuristically define which spatial distribution among the salient regions of a photo is aesthetically pleasing. Second, it is difficult to adjust visual c...


FGF23 and vascular calcifications: another piece of the puzzle?


Fibrin-Targeted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Allows In Vivo Quantification of Thrombus Fibrin Content and Identifies Thrombi Amenable for Thrombolysis.

Deep venous thrombosis is a major health problem. Thrombolytic therapies are effective in recanalizing the veins and preventing post-thrombotic complications, but there is no consensus on selection criteria. The aim of this study was to investigate a fibrin-specific MRI contrast agent (EP-2104R) for the accurate quantification of thrombus' fibrin content in vivo and for the identification of thrombus suitable for thrombolysis.


Four Group Classification of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Based on Ventricular Concentricity and Dilatation Identifies a Low-risk Subset of Eccentric Hypertrophy in Hypertensive Patients.

-Left ventricular (LV) hypertrophy (LVH, high LV mass) is traditionally classified as concentric or eccentric based on LV relative wall thickness. We evaluated the prediction of subsequent adverse events in a new 4-group LVH classification based on LV dilatation (high LV end-diastolic volume [EDV] index) and concentricity (LVM/EDV((2/3))) in hypertensive patients.


Flies evade looming targets by executing rapid visually directed banked turns.

Avoiding predators is an essential behavior in which animals must quickly transform sensory cues into evasive actions. Sensory reflexes are particularly fast in flying insects such as flies, but the means by which they evade aerial predators is not known. Using high-speed videography and automated tracking of flies in combination with aerodynamic measurements on flapping robots, we show that flying flies react to looming stimuli with directed banked turns. The maneuver consists of a rapid body rotation foll...


From Passive Tool Holders to Microsurgeons: Safer, Smaller, Smarter Surgical Robots.

Within only a few decades from its initial introduction, the field of surgical robotics has evolved into a dynamic and rapidly growing research area with increasing clinical uptake worldwide. Initially introduced for stereotaxic neurosurgery, surgical robots are now involved in an increasing number of procedures, demonstrating their practical clinical potential whilst propelling further advances in surgical innovations. Emerging platforms are also able to perform complex interventions through only a single...


First-contact incidence of psychosis in north-eastern Italy: influence of age, gender, immigration and socioeconomic deprivation.

Considerable variations in the incidence of psychosis have been observed across countries, in terms of age, gender, immigration status, urbanicity and socioeconomic deprivation.


FV and APC resistance: the plot thickens.


Full-Length Genome Sequence of Porcine Deltacoronavirus Strain USA/IA/2014/8734.

Porcine deltacoronavirus (PDCoV) was detected in feces from diarrheic sows during an epidemic of acute and transmissible diarrhea. No transmissible gastroenteritis virus or porcine epidemic diarrhea virus was detected. The PDCoV USA/IA/2014/8734 from the herd was sequenced for full-length genomic RNA to further characterize PDCoV in U.S. swine.


First report of the genus Conostigmus Dahlbom (Hymenoptera: Ceraphronoidea: Megaspilidae) from India with description of a new species.

The genus Conostigmus Dahlbom (Hymenoptera: Ceraphronoidea: Megaspilidae) is reported for the first time from India, along with description and illustration of Conostigmusneotubifer sp. n. A comparative discussion on the morphological affinities of the new species with its putative sister Conostigmustubifer Dessart is provided. An intermixing of character states of genera Conostigmus as well as Dendrocerus Ratzeburg is observed.


Free vibrations of a trapezoidal plate with an internal line hinge.

This paper deals with a general variational formulation for the determination of natural frequencies and mode shapes of free vibrations of laminated thin plates of trapezoidal shape with an internal line hinge restrained against rotation. The analysis was carried out by using the kinematics corresponding to the classical laminated plate theory (CLPT). The eigenvalue problem is obtained by employing a combination of the Ritz method and the Lagrange multipliers method. The domain of the plate is transformed i...


Fall-related emergency department admission: fall environment and settings and related injury patterns in 6357 patients with special emphasis on the elderly.

Principals. Throughout the world, falls are a major public health problem and a socioeconomic burden. Nevertheless there is little knowledge about how the injury types may be related to the aetiology and setting of the fall, especially in the elderly. We have therefore analysed all patients presenting with a fall to our Emergency Department (ED) over the past five years. Methods. Our retrospective data analysis comprised adult patients admitted to our Emergency Department between January 1, 2006, and Decemb...


Formation of Arbitrary Patterns in Ultraviolet Cured Polymer Film via Electrohydrodynamic Patterning.

Electrohydrodynamic patterning of arbitrary patterns is achieved by optimizing the critical parameters (applied voltage and spacer height). The applied voltage has a great influence on the fidelity of L-shaped line structures with different sizes. The L-shaped line structures with high fidelity are obtained by using the moderate applied voltage. The spacer height has a great influence on the fidelity of square structures with different sizes. The square structures with high fidelity are obtained by using th...


Fate and distribution of heavy metals in wastewater irrigated calcareous soils.

Accumulation of heavy metals in Jordanian soils irrigated with treated wastewater threatens agricultural sustainability. This study was carried out to investigate the environmental fate of Zn, Ni, and Cd in calcareous soils irrigated with treated wastewater and to elucidate the impact of hydrous ferric oxide (HFO) amendment on metal redistribution among soil fractions. Results showed that sorption capacity for Zarqa River (ZR1) soil was higher than Wadi Dhuleil (WD1) soil for all metals. The order of sorpti...


Functional neurogenesis in the adult hippocampus: then and now.


Functional and structural comparison of visual lateralization in birds - similar but still different.

Vertebrate brains display physiological and anatomical left-right differences, which are related to hemispheric dominances for specific functions. Functional lateralizations likely rely on structural left-right differences in intra- and interhemispheric connectivity patterns that develop in tight gene-environment interactions. The visual systems of chickens and pigeons show that asymmetrical light stimulation during ontogeny induces a dominance of the left hemisphere for visuomotor control that is parallele...

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