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Factors Associated with Referrals for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Evaluation among Community Physicians.

This study assessed knowledge and attitudes toward obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) among community physicians and explored factors that are associated with referrals for OSA evaluation.


Fully Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution.

Quantum cryptography promises levels of security that are impossible to replicate in a classical world. Can this security be guaranteed even when the quantum devices on which the protocol relies are untrusted? This central question dates back to the early 1990s when the challenge of achieving device-independent quantum key distribution was first formulated. We answer this challenge by rigorously proving the device-independent security of a slight variant of Ekert's original entanglement-based protocol again...


Factorized Power Expansion for High-p_{T} Heavy Quarkonium Production.

We show that when the factorized cross section for heavy quarkonium production includes next-to-leading power contributions associated with the production of the heavy quark pair at short distances, it naturally reproduces all high p_{T} results calculated in nonrelativistic QCD (NRQCD) factorization. This extended formalism requires fragmentation functions for heavy quark pairs, as well as for light partons. When these fragmentation functions are themselves calculated using NRQCD, we find that two of the f...


Fluctuation-Driven Magnetic Hard-Axis Ordering in Metallic Ferromagnets.

We demonstrate that the interplay between soft electronic particle-hole fluctuations and magnetic anisotropies can drive ferromagnetic moments to point along a magnetic hard axis. As a proof of concept, we show this behavior explicitly for a generic two-band model with local Coulomb and Hund's interactions and a spin-orbit-induced easy plane anisotropy. The phase diagram is calculated within the fermionic quantum order-by-disorder approach, which is based on a self-consistent free-energy expansion around a ...


Far-from-Equilibrium Spin Transport in Heisenberg Quantum Magnets.

We study experimentally the far-from-equilibrium dynamics in ferromagnetic Heisenberg quantum magnets realized with ultracold atoms in an optical lattice. After controlled imprinting of a spin spiral pattern with an adjustable wave vector, we measure the decay of the initial spin correlations through single-site resolved detection. On the experimentally accessible time scale of several exchange times, we find a profound dependence of the decay rate on the wave vector. In one-dimensional systems, we observe ...


Feasibility of HLA-Haploidentical Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation With Post-Transplantation Cyclophosphamide for Advanced Pediatric Malignancies.

Background. Patients with advanced malignancies in non-complete remission (CR) have a dismal prognosis after HLA-matched hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT). T-cell-replete HLA-haploidentical HSCT has remarkable anti-leukemia/tumor effects on these patients, but also a high risk of severe/extensive graft-versus-host disease (GHVD). Post-transplantation cyclophosphamide (PTCY) is regarded as a GVHD-specific immunosuppressant in adults, but its feasibility is unknown in children. Methods. We perfor...


Fostering collaboration between researchers and clinicians through building practice-oriented research: An introduction.

Abstract This paper is an introduction to a special series that attempts to foster collaboration between clinicians and researchers by presenting the experiences of 11 groups of contributors who have conducted practice-oriented research (POR) in various countries and naturalistic settings. Each of these groups was asked to describe the context in which their collaborative initiatives took place, as well as some of the studies conducted, obstacles faced, strategies employed to address these challenges, and b...


Factors associated with progression to surgery in Crohn's disease patients with endoscopic stricture.

Background and study aims: Early intensive therapy should be considered for Crohn's disease patients at high risk of surgery. Factors associated with the development of intestinal strictures or obstructions in Crohn's disease were explored. The aim of our study was to identify risk factors predictive of subsequent surgery in patients with endoscopically identified stricture. Patients and methods: In this case-control study, 86 patients with established Crohn's disease and endoscopic strictures between 2003 ...


First aid for a damaged proteome.

Friday 1st December 1098

Fifteen Years of Portfolio Assessment of Dental Hygiene Student Competency: Lessons Learned.

Adoption of portfolio assessment in the educational environment is gaining attention as a means to incorporate self-assessment into the curriculum and to use evidence to support learning outcomes and to demonstrate competency. Portfolios provide a medium for students to demonstrate and document their personal and professional growth across the curriculum. The purpose of this literature review is to discuss the drivers for portfolio education, the benefits to both students and program faculty/administrators,...

Saturday 28th October 1098

Fine Motor Skills in Children With Prenatal Alcohol Exposure or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) can cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) and associated neurodevelopmental impairments. It is uncertain which types of fine motor skills are most likely to be affected after PAE or which assessment tools are most appropriate to use in FASD diagnostic assessments. This systematic review examined which types of fine motor skills are impaired in children with PAE or FASD; which fine motor assessments are appropriate for FASD diagnosis; and whether fine motor impairments...

Wednesday 27th September 1098

From structure to function via complex supramolecular dendrimer systems.

This tutorial review summarizes strategies elaborated for the discovery and prediction of programmed primary structures derived from quasi-equivalent constitutional isomeric libraries of self-assembling dendrons, dendrimers and dendronized polymers. These libraries demonstrate an 82% predictability, defined as the percentage of similar primary structures resulting in at least one conserved supramolecular shape with internal order. A combination of structural and retrostructural analysis that employs methodo...

Monday 11th September 1098

FDA implementation of the expanded access program in the United States.

Tuesday 27th June 1098

Fischer carbene complexes remain favourite targets, and vehicles for new discoveries.

Exciting new variations in Fischer-type carbene complex composition and reactivity have been realised by following or modifying well-established synthetic approaches such as metal carbonyl functionalization and modification of existing carbene ligands. The formation of targeted complexes for organic synthesis, carbene-containing chelates, and polynuclear carbene complexes, by employing 'click chemistry', warrants discussion. Transmetallation and α,α-dehydrogenation of ethers and amines have come into thei...

Wednesday 31st May 1098

Features of Electronic Health Records Necessary for the Delivery of Optimized Anticoagulant Therapy: Consensus of the EHR Task Force of the New York State Anticoagulation Coalition.

Oral anticoagulants are prescribed to millions of Americans, and consequently are among the medications most likely to contribute to emergency department visits and hospitalizations. Although guidelines and consensus statements promote systematic approaches to therapy, anticoagulation (AC) management is often suboptimal. Electronic health records (EHRs) have the potential to improve safety and quality but have not yet incorporated specialized features necessary to optimize therapy.

Wednesday 24th May 1098

Future of Subspecialty Training in Vascular Neurology.

Monday 22nd May 1098


Sunday 5th March 1098

Field and long-term demonstration of a wide area quantum key distribution network.

A wide area quantum key distribution (QKD) network deployed on communication infrastructures provided by China Mobile Ltd. is demonstrated. Three cities and two metropolitan area QKD networks were linked up to form the Hefei-Chaohu-Wuhu wide area QKD network with over 150 kilometers coverage area, in which Hefei metropolitan area QKD network was a typical full-mesh core network to offer all-to-all interconnections, and Wuhu metropolitan area QKD network was a representative quantum access network with point...

Monday 20th February 1098

Four-wavelength laser based on intracavity BaWO4 Raman conversions of a dual-wavelength Q-switched Nd:YLF laser.

By using diode-end-pumped acousto-optically Q-switched intracavity Raman laser configurations, we demonstrate a four-wavelength laser emitting at 1047.0, 1053.0, 1159.4 and 1166.8 nm. Two Nd:YLiF4 crystals are employed to generate 1047.0-nm and 1053.0-nm laser radiations. These two lasers are then frequency converted by a BaWO4 Raman crystal to generate 1159.4-nm and 1166.8-nm first-Stokes waves. With pulse synchronization realized, we obtain the maximum output powers of 427, 418, 423 and 332 mW for 1047.0-...

Thursday 16th February 1098

Fiber-based optical parametric oscillator for high resolution coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy.

Imaging based on coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) relies on the interaction of high peak-power, synchronized picosecond pulses with narrow bandwidths and a well-defined frequency difference. Recently a new type of fiber-based CARS laser source based on four-wave-mixing (FWM) has been developed. In order to enhance its spectral resolution and efficiency, a FWM based fiber optical parametric oscillator (FOPO) is proposed in this work. The source delivers 180 mW with 5.6 kW peak power for the CARS ...

Friday 13th January 1098

Flow Update for the Carbonylation of 1-Silyl-Substituted Organolithiums under CO Pressure.

The generation of, and subsequent reactions with, 1-silyl-substituted organolithiums with CO was carried out using serially connected flow microreactors. The flow system proved to be quite useful for the carbonylation of silyl-substituted organolithiums under slightly pressurized conditions of CO, which was created conveniently by the use of a back-pressure regulator. This flow system, coupled with heating, accelerated the carbonylation reaction of 1-silyl-substituted organolithiums and allowed the stable s...


Florfenicol Residues in Rainbow Trout after Oral Dosing in Recirculating and Flow-through Culture Systems.

Abstract Aquaflor is a feed premix for fish containing the broad spectrum antibacterial agent florfenicol (FFC) incorporated at a ratio of 50% (w/w). To enhance the effectiveness of FFC for salmonids infected with certain isolates of Flavobacterium psychrophilum causing coldwater disease, the FFC dose must be increased from the standard 10 mg·kg(-1) body weight (BW)·d(-1) for 10 consecutive days. A residue depletion study was conducted to determine whether FFC residues remaining in the fillet tissue afte...


Famous Lines in History: Blaschko Lines.


Famous Lines in History: Langer Lines.


Fast switching of nematic liquid crystals over a wide temperature range using a vertical bias electric field.

We propose a drive scheme using a three-terminal electrode structure for submillisecond switching of nematic liquid crystals (LCs). A vertical bias electric field is continuously applied to the LCs, whereas an in-plane electric field controls the switching to the bright state. Applying the proposed scheme to a homogeneously aligned nematic LC cell yields a submillisecond response time of 0.7 ms at room temperature and 4.9 ms at -20°C.

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