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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Using Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice of Justice Professionals to Support their Educational Needs.

BackgroundPeople with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) can be involved in high risk, socially unacceptable and harmful behaviours and are at high risk of engaging with the justice system.  ObjectiveTo obtain baseline data on Western Australian justice professionals' knowledge, attitudes and practice relating to FASD to inform the development of FASD resources. MethodsCross sectional study using on-line survey methods, descriptive analysis of quantitative data and content analysis methods for quali...

Failure to effectively treat chronic graft-versus-host disease: a strong call for prevention.

Future directions for supporting parents with a mental illness: commentary on Schrank et al. (2015).

Foodomics as part of the host-microbiota-exposome interplay.

The functional complexity of human gut microbiota and its relationship with host physiology and environmental modulating factors, offers the opportunity to investigate (i) the host and microbiota role in organism-environment relationship; (ii) the individual functional diversity and response to environmental stimuli (exposome); (iii) the host' genome and microbiota metagenomes' modifications by diet-mediated epigenomic controls (nutriepigenomics); and (iv) the genotype-phenotype "trajectories" under physiol...

First molecular detection and phylogenetic analysis of Anaplasma phagocytophilum in shelter dogs in Seoul, Korea.

In this study, the status of Anaplasma phagocytophilum infection was assessed in shelter dogs in Seoul, Korea, with PCR and phylogenetic analyses. Nested PCR on 1058 collected blood samples revealed only one A. phagocytophilum positive sample (female, age

Feedback mechanisms control coexistence in a stem cell model of acute myeloid leukaemia.

Haematopoietic stem cell dynamics regulate healthy blood cell production and are disrupted during leukaemia. Competition models of cellular species help to elucidate stem cell dynamics in the bone marrow microenvironment (or niche), and to determine how these dynamics impact leukaemia progression. Here we develop two models that target acute myeloid leukaemia with particular focus on the mechanisms that control proliferation via feedback signalling. It is within regions of parameter space permissive of coex...

Factors Influencing Child Feeding Practices Related to Home Fortification With Micronutrient Powder Among Caregivers of Under-5 Children in Bangladesh.

Anemia is a major public health concern in Bangladesh, affecting about 51% of under-5 children. There are a number of strategies to overcome this micronutrient-deficiency burden, and home fortification (HF) with micronutrient powder (MNP) is one of them.

From Concrete Examples to Abstract Relations: The Rostrolateral Prefrontal Cortex Integrates Novel Examples into Relational Categories.

The ability to form relational categories for objects that share few features in common is a hallmark of human cognition. For example, anything that can play a preventative role, from a boulder to poverty, can be a "barrier." However, neurobiological research has focused solely on how people acquire categories defined by features. The present functional magnetic resonance imaging study examines how relational and feature-based category learning compare in well-matched learning tasks. Using a computational m...

Factors affecting efficiency of introducing foreign DNA and RNA into parthenogenetic or in vitro-fertilized porcine eggs by cytoplasmic microinjection.

Cytoplasmic microinjection (CI) of foreign gene into in vivo fertilized zygotes has emerged as a useful tool for transgenic pig production. In the current study, we investigated factors affecting transgenic efficiency and developmental potential of parthenogenetic (PA) and in vitro-fertilized (IVF) porcine embryos produced by CI. These factors included adding of RNase inhibitor, DNA or RNA concentration, injection time, and different structures of plasmids. Our results showed that adding of 1-4 U/μL of RN...

Finerenone in heart failure: walking a fine line.

Fact learning in complex arithmetic-the role of the angular gyrus revisited.

In recent theoretical considerations as well as in neuroimaging findings the left angular gyrus (AG) has been associated with the retrieval of arithmetic facts. This interpretation was corroborated by higher AG activity when processing trained as compared with untrained multiplication problems. However, so far neural correlates of processing trained versus untrained problems were only compared after training. We employed an established learning paradigm (i.e., extensive training of multiplication problems) ...

For Adults With Nausea and Vomiting in the Emergency Department, What Medications Provide Rapid Relief?

Food-specific IgG4 is associated with eosinophilic esophagitis.

Fighting Cancer Resistance.

Fiat Lux: Radium Radiation in 1903 - a Cure for the Blind?

Focal epilepsy as a long term sequela of Parvovirus B19 encephalitis.

Human Parvovirus B19 (PVB19), the etiological agent of the fifth disease, is associated with a large spectrum of pathologies, among which is encephalitis. Since it has been detected from the central nervous system in children or in immunocompromised patients, its causative role in serious neurological manifestations is still unclear. Here we report the case of an 18-year-old healthy boy who developed encephalitis complicated by prolonged status epilepticus. The detection of PVB19 DNA in his serum and, subse...

Frequency of mutational changes in the embB among the ethambutol-resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Iran.

Early detection of drug resistant tuberculosis is one of the main priorities of TB control program. Ethambutol (EMB) is a first-line anti-TB drug that is effective for preventing treatment failures caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains that are resistant to other drugs. The aim of this study was to sequence the embB gene to characterize the mutations causing resistance to EMB and to analyze the relationship between bacterial genotype and EMB resistance among M. tuberculosis isolates in Iran.

Formation of brominated phenolic contaminants from natural manganese oxides-catalyzed oxidation of phenol in the presence of Br(.)

Brominated phenolic compounds (BPCs) are a class of persistent and potentially toxic compounds ubiquitously present in the aquatic environment. However, the origin of BPCs is not clearly understood. In this study, we investigated the formation of BPCs from natural manganese oxides (MnOx)-catalyzed oxidation of phenol in the presence of Br(-). Experiments at ambient temperature clearly demonstrated that BPCs were readily produced via the oxidation of phenol by MnOx in the presence of Br(-). In the reaction o...

Fostering reflective trust between mothers and community health nurses to improve the effectiveness of health and nutrition efforts: An ethnographic study in Ghana, West Africa.

As the global health agenda shifts from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the need for effective preventive health efforts has gained prominence, particularly in low-income regions with poor health and nutrition outcomes. To address needs in communities with limited access to health services and personnel, it is important to develop strategies that can improve the effectiveness of nurses as they interact with the populations they serve. We contribute to informi...

Functional outcomes of sensate versus insensate free flap reconstruction in oral and oropharyngeal reconstruction: A systematic review.

The purposes of this article were to review the literature regarding subjective outcomes, objective functional outcomes, and objective sensation return after sensate and/or insensate free flap reconstruction of the oral cavity and oropharynx. Sensate radial forearm and anterolateral thigh free flaps tend to have better static 2-point discrimination and pressure threshold sensitivity than insensate flaps. There is insufficient evidence to draw conclusions on whether sensate flaps improve functional speech an...

FTIR, HATR and FT-Raman studies on the anhydrous and monohydrate species of maltose in aqueous solution.

The structures of α- and β-maltose anhydrous and their corresponding monohydrated species were studied combining the FT-IR, FT-Raman and HATR spectra with DFT calculations. The four structures were optimized in gas and aqueous solution by using the hybrid B3LYP/6-31G* method. The self-consistent force field (SCRF) calculations together with the polarized continuum (PCM) model were used to study the systems in solution while the solvation energies were computed using the solvation model (SM). The calculate...

Fabrication and humidity sensing performance studies of a fluorescent film based on a cholesteryl derivative of perylene bisimide.

A fluorescent film based on a cholesteryl derivative of perylene bisimide (PTCDI-co-CholDEA) was fabricated via utilization of an electrostatic spinning technique on a glass plate surface. SEM studies revealed that the film was characterized by fibrous network structure. It is the structure and the chemical composition that make the fluorescence emission of the film sensitive to the variation of local environmental humidity. The sensitivity of the sensing is 0.1497 (×10(4)a.u. of the intensity)/1% RH, of w...


From normal to fast walking: Impact of cadence and stride length on lower extremity joint moments.

This study aimed to clarify the influence of various speeding strategies (i.e. adjustments of cadence and stride length) on external joint moments. This study investigated the gait of 52 healthy subjects who performed self-selected normal and fast speed walking trials in a motion analysis laboratory. Subjects were classified into three separate groups based on how they increased their speed from normal to fast walking: (i) subjects who increased their cadence, (ii) subjects who increased their stride length...

From binary presumptive assays to probabilistic assessments: Differentiation of shooters from non-shooters using IMS, OGSR, neural networks, and likelihood ratios.

Screening tests are used in forensic science for field testing and directing laboratory analysis of physical evidence. These tests are often binary in that the data produced is interpreted as yes/no or present/absent. The utility of screening assays can be improved by evaluating a relevant background population and incorporating prior knowledge to refine the decision boundary. This paper describes the results of using ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) and hand swab samples collected from 73 individuals to dif...

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