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Saturday 1st February 1107

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Thursday 23rd January 1107

Factors Associated With Visually-Assessed Quality of Movement During a Lateral Step Down Test Among Individuals With Patellofemoral Pain.

Study Design Cross-sectional. Objective To determine what physical measures are associated with visually-assessed quality of movement among patients with patellofemoral pain (PFP). Background An altered movement pattern has been implicated as a risk factor for PFP. An understanding of physical measures associated with an altered movement pattern could potentially help guide prevention and management efforts in patients with PFP. Methods Seventy-nine (40 females) Israel Defense Forces soldiers referred to ph...


From bad to worse: Symbolic equivalence and opposition in fear generalisation.

The present study compared the impact of symbolic equivalence and opposition relations on fear generalisation. In a procedure using nonsense words, some stimuli became symbolically equivalent to an aversively conditioned stimulus while others were symbolically opposite. The generalisation of fear to symbolically related stimuli was then measured using behavioural avoidance, retrospective unconditioned stimulus expectancy and stimulus valence ratings. Equivalence relations facilitated fear generalisation whi...


Fluorinated Pickering Emulsions Impede Interfacial Transport and Form Rigid Interface for the Growth of Anchorage-dependent Cells.

This paper describes the design and synthesis of amphiphilic silica nanoparticles for the stabilization of aqueous drops in fluorinated oils for applications in droplet microfluidics. The success of droplet microfluidics has thus far relied on one type of surfactants for the stabilization of drops. Surfactants are known to have two key limitations, however: inter-drop molecular transport leading to cross-contamination of droplet contents, and the incompatibility with the growth of adherent mammalian cells a...


Fullerenes generated from porous structures.

A class of macromolecules based on the architecture of the well-known fullerenes is theoretically investigated. The building blocks used to geometrically construct these molecules are the two dimensional structures: porous graphene and biphenylene-carbon. Density functional-based tight binding methods as well as reactive molecular dynamics methods are applied to study the electronic and structural properties of these molecules. Our calculations predict that these structures can be stable up to temperatures ...


FDG PET/CT Findings of Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma of the Stomach.

A 22-year-old man underwent an FDG PET/CT scan to evaluate possible malignancy due to melena and fever for 1 month. The images demonstrated intense FDG activity with an SUVmax of 24.6 in a large mass in the fundus of the stomach. Gastric malignant fibrous histiocytoma was histopathologically confirmed. Malignant fibrous histiocytoma is a high-grade and aggressive sarcoma, which usually occurs in the limbs or retroperitoneum. Malignant fibrous histiocytoma in the stomach is rare.


Fluorofenidone Offers Improved Renoprotection at Early Interventions during the Course of Diabetic Nephropathy in db/db Mice via Multiple Pathways.

Diabetic nephropathy (DN) remains the leading cause of end-stage renal disease (ESRD), a situation that is in part attributable to the lack of effective treatments. Fluorofenidone is a newly developed reagent with anti-fibrotic activity. While fluorofenidone was previously demonstrated to possess renoprotection from DN pathogenesis in db/db mice, the protective process and its underlying mechanisms have not been well studied. To characterize fluorofenidone-derived renoprotection, we treated 5, 8, or 12-week...


Focal Cortical Lesions Induce Bidirectional Changes in the Excitability of Fast Spiking and Non Fast Spiking Cortical Interneurons.

A physiological brain function requires neuronal networks to operate within a well-defined range of activity. Indeed, alterations in neuronal excitability have been associated with several pathological conditions, ranging from epilepsy to neuropsychiatric disorders. Changes in inhibitory transmission are known to play a key role in the development of hyperexcitability. However it is largely unknown whether specific interneuronal subpopulations contribute differentially to such pathological condition. In the...


Foetal brain damage may follow gastric bypass surgery.

Bariatric surgery is performed on an increasing number of women of childbearing age. During pregnancy they have reduced risk of obesity-related complications but increased risk of bariatric surgery-related complications, including internal hernias. We present a case in which a pregnant woman required acute surgery for internal herniation and later gave birth to a child with cerebral palsy. Before performing bariatric surgery in women of childbearing age, thorough information about risks and benefits related...


From the Two-lobe Liver by Andreas Vesalius to ALPPS: 500 Years from His Birth.


Formation of high-ordered multimers in G-quadruplexes.

G-rich DNA and RNA have a higher propensity to form G-quadruplex structures, but the presence of G-runs alone is not sufficient to prove that such sequences can form stable G-quadruplexes. While G-rich sequences are essential for G-quadruplex formation, not all G-rich sequences have the propensity to form G-quadruplex structures. In addition, monovalent metal ions, dehydrating agents and loop sequences connecting the G-runs also play important roles in the topology of G-quadruplex folding. To date, no quant...


Familiarity and Recollection in Heuristic Decision Making.

Heuristics involve the ability to utilize memory to make quick judgments by exploiting fundamental cognitive abilities. In the current study we investigated the memory processes that contribute to the recognition heuristic and the fluency heuristic, which are both presumed to capitalize on the byproducts of memory to make quick decisions. In Experiment 1, we used a city-size comparison task while recording event-related potentials (ERPs) to investigate the potential contributions of familiarity and recollec...


Formation of G-quartet-Fe Complex and Modulation on Electronic and Magnetic Properties of the Fe Center.

Although the G-quartet structure has been extensively investigated due to its biological importance, the formation mechanism, in particular, the necessity of metal centers, of an isolated G-quartet on solid surfaces remains ambiguous. Here, by using scanning tunneling microscopy under well-controlled ultrahigh vacuum conditions and density functional theory calculations we have been able to clarify that besides the intra-quartet hydrogen bonding a metal center is mandatory for the formation of an isolated G...


Fathers' Sensitive Parenting and the Development of Early Executive Functioning.

Using data from a diverse sample of 620 families residing in rural, predominately low-income communities, this study examined longitudinal links between fathers' sensitive parenting in infancy and toddlerhood and children's early executive functioning, as well as the contribution of maternal sensitive parenting. After accounting for the quality of concurrent and prior parental care, children's early cognitive ability, and other child and family factors, fathers' and mothers' sensitive and supportive parenti...


Femtomolar level sensing of inorganic arsenic(iii) in water and in living-systems using a non-toxic fluorescent probe.

A highly selective femtomolar level sensing of inorganic arsenic(iii) as arsenious acid has been accomplished in water medium and in living-systems (on pollen grains of Tecoma stans; Candida albicans cells (IMTECH No. 3018) and Peperomia pellucida stem section) using a non-toxic fluorescent probe of a Cu(ii)-complex.


Fatal outcome after overdosage with antidepressants.

Serotonin syndrome (SS) is a complication after overdosage with antidepressants. SS increases the level of circulating serotonin. Fatal outcome of SS is most often seen in cases where there has been an overdosage with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI)/selective noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors (SNRI) in combination with other serotonin increasing drugs. This case report describes the rapid development of symptoms in a 54-year-old man who ingested a total amount of 6.5 g of SSRI and SNRI drugs ...


Fischer indolisation of N-(α-ketoacyl)anthranilic acids into 2-(indol-2-carboxamido)benzoic acids and 2-indolyl-3,1-benzoxazin-4-ones and their NMR study.

N-(α-ketoacyl)anthranilic acids reacted with phenylhydrazinium chloride in boiling acetic acid to afford 2-(indol-2-carboxamido)benzoic acids in good to excellent yields and 2-indolyl-3,1-benzoxazin-4-ones as by-products. The formation of the latter products could easily be suppressed by a hydrolytic workup. Alternatively, by increasing the reaction temperature and/or time, 2-indolyl-3,1-benzoxazin-4-ones can be obtained exclusively. Optimisations of the reaction conditions as well as the scope and the cou...


Follistatin Is a Novel Biomarker for Lung Adenocarcinoma in Humans.

Follistatin (FST), a single chain glycoprotein, is originally isolated from follicular fluid of ovary. Previous studies have revealed that serum FST served as a biomarker for pregnancy and ovarian mucinous tumor. However, whether FST can serve as a biomarker for diagnosis in lung adenocarcinoma of humans remains unclear.


Food Insufficiency in the Households of Reproductive-Age Ecuadorian Women: Association with Food and Nutritional Status Indicators.

Data from a nationally representative survey of Ecuadorian households with reproductive-aged women (n = 10,784) were used to analyze the prevalence of household food insufficiency (HFI) and its association with sociodemographic characteristics, food acquisition and expenditure patterns, dietary diversity, and anthropometric indicators. Fifteen percent of households had food insufficiency and 15% had marginal food sufficiency. HFI was associated with poverty-linked indicators. Marginally food sufficient hous...


Functionalization of Fluorinated Molecules by Transition-Metal-Mediated C-F Bond Activation To Access Fluorinated Building Blocks.


Four-Step Medial Thighplasty: Refined and Reproducible.

The medial thigh remains a troublesome region for body contouring in both the aging patient and in the massive weight loss patient. Liposuction-assisted medial thighplasty is the next step in the series of medial thigh contouring refinements to improve complications and outcomes.


Factors contributing to early recovery of urinary continence analyzed by pre- and postoperative pelvic anatomical features at robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

Objective: The aim of the present study is to elucidate factors contributing to early recovery of urinary continence after robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RARP) from the perspective of urethral and vesical anatomical features after RARP. Material and Methods: Sixty consecutive patients undergoing RARP also underwent pre- and postoperative urethrovesicography (UVG). Both pre- and postoperative UVG evaluated posterior-urethral vesical angle and position of the urethrovesical junction (UVJ)....


Four key questions about metformin and cancer.

No abstract.


FIH-1, a Novel Interactor of Mindbomb, Functions as an Essential Anti-Angiogenic Factor during Zebrafish Vascular Development.

It has been shown that Mindbomb (Mib), an E3 Ubiquitin ligase, is an essential modulator of Notch signaling during development. However, its effects on vascular development remain largely unknown.


First Descriptions of Immature Stages of the Weevils Bagous elegans, B. aliciae, and B. lutulosus.

Last-instar larvae of Bagous elegans (F.), Bagous aliciae Cmoluch, and Bagous lutulosus (Gyllenhal), and the pupa of B. elegans, are described and illustrated for the first time. Biology of these species is analyzed in association with larval morphology and feeding habits. Overall larval and pupal morphological diagnoses of the genus Bagous are updated.

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