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Fundaments of Pleural Tuberculosis Effusions Related to Clinical Practice.

Respiratory Infections Posters ISESSION TYPE: Original Investigation PosterPRESENTED ON: Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 01:30 PM - 02:30 PMPURPOSE: Pleural tuberculosis accounts for less than 1% of all exudative effusions in developed countries, occurring in only 3-5% of tuberculous patients, but in developing countries it is responsible for 30-80% of all pleural effusions encountered and may complicate tuberculosis. Due to this considerations it is considered a matter o publich health.METHODS: The aim of t...


Fatigue in Women Is a Key Symptom in Evaluation of Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Posters ISESSION TYPE: Original Investigation PosterPRESENTED ON: Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 01:30 PM - 02:30 PMPURPOSE: Recently published guidelines for management of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) endorse evaluation of sleepiness with the Epworth Scale but do not suggest the assessment of fatigue. Prior research on gender differences in OSA symptoms has shown conflicting results in part because symptom questionnaires have not included fatigue and in part because OSA was determined by screening q...


Flex-Settings Increase Central Apneas And Reduce Mask Leak but Have No Effect on Overall Compliance.

Sleep Posters IISESSION TYPE: Original Investigation PosterPRESENTED ON: Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 01:30 PM - 02:30 PMPURPOSE: Previous studies have shown that a continuous flexible (C-flex) pressure setting added to auto-adjustable positive airway pressure (auto-PAP) can improve compliance but the effects of auto-flex (A-flex) are less clear. In a large group of patients we sought to determine whether adding A-flex to auto-PAP would improve compliance, apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) and central apnea inde...


Feasibility Study of Treadmill Exercise Tolerance Test as a Surrogate for the Measurement of VO2max.

Cardiothoracic SurgerySESSION TYPE: Original Investigation SlidePRESENTED ON: Monday, October 27, 2014 at 07:30 AM - 08:30 AMPURPOSE: The ACCP guideline 2013 recommendsthat we should measureFEV1 and DLco in all cases, assess the cardiac function in conscious of arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, andexam the exercise tolerance test such as step aerobics or measurement of VO2max in the poor riskcandidate.We have performed routinely treadmillexercise tolerance testby Bruce protocol as well as spirometory...

Friday 24th October 1101

Folic Acid-Conjugated MnO Nanoparticles as a T1 Contrast Agent for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Tiny Brain Gliomas.

Detection of brain gliomas at the earliest stage is of great importance to improve the outcomes but remains the most challenging task. In this study, oleic acid capped manganese oxide (MnO) NPs were prepared by the thermal decomposition of manganese oleate precursors and then transformed to water-dispersible MnO NPs by replacing oleic acid with N-(trimethoxysilylpropyl) ethylene diamine triacetic acid (TETT) silane. The covalently bonded TETT silane offers MnO NPs colloidal stability and abundant carboxylic...

Thursday 28th August 1101

From $1 a Pound to $1 a Grain-Coca Leaf to Cocaine in 1885.

Sunday 15th June 1101

Fabrication of mesoporous metal oxide coated-nanocarbon hybrid materials via a polyol-mediated self-assembly process.

After clarifying the formation mechanism of a typical metal glycolate precipitate, Ti glycolate, in a polyol-mediated synthesis using acetone as a precipitation medium, we describe a simple template-free approach based on an ethylene glycol-mediated synthesis to fabricate mesoporous metal oxide coated-nanocarbon hybrid materials including TiO2 coated-carbon nanotube (CNT), SnO2 coated-CNT, Cu2O/CuO coated-CNT and TiO2 coated-graphene sheet (GS). In the approach, metal oxide precursors, metal glycolates, wer...

Tuesday 3rd June 1101

Functional Validity of a Judgment Skills Measure within the Concept of Health Literacy for Sleeping Disorder Patients.

The concept of health literacy has been widened to include higher order aspects such as patient decision-making skills while its measurement continued to rely narrowly on reading and numeracy skills, known as functional health literacy. We developed a Judgment Skills measure, designed to assess patients' ability to make appropriate decisions with regard to their condition. The measure offers scenarios with answer options ranked for biomedical adequacy. This study aims to examine the psychometric properties ...

Tuesday 27th May 1101

Fibronectin-tethered graphene oxide as an artificial matrix for osteogenesis.

An artificial matrix (Fn-Tigra), consisting of graphene oxide (GO) and fibronectin (Fn), is developed on pure titanium (Ti) substrates via an electrodropping technique assisted with a custom-made coaxial needle. The morphology and topography of the resulting artificial matrix is orderly aligned and composed of porous microcavities. In addition, Fn is homogenously distributed and firmly bound onto GO as determined via immunofluorescence and elemental mapping, respectively. The artificial matrix is moderately...

Wednesday 21st May 1101

Fecal carriage of extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in community setting in Casablanca.

Background: The importance of community-acquired infections due to extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (ESBL-PE) has been increasingly recognized in recent years. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of intestinal carriage of ESBL-PE in the community in Casablanca, Morocco. Methods: During 6 months (2013), 93 fecal samples were examined for ESBL-PE. Isolates expressing an ESBL phenotype were investigated for the presence of genes encoding β-lactamases and plasmid-mediated qu...

Monday 7th April 1101

Fatty fish consumption and risk of latent autoimmune diabetes in adults.

Objective:It has been suggested that intake of fatty fish may protect against both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Hypotheses rest on the high marine omega-3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid+docosahexaenoic acid (EPA+DHA) and vitamin D contents, with possible beneficial effects on immune function and glucose metabolism. Our aim was to investigate, for the first time, fatty fish consumption in relation to the risk of latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA).Methods:Analyses were based on data from a Swedish c...

Tuesday 18th March 1101

Finding Meaningful Patterns in Adverse Drug Event Reports.

Friday 14th March 1101

Family Stress and Adolescents' Cognitive Functioning: Sleep as a Protective Factor.

We examined 2 sleep-wake parameters as moderators of the associations between exposure to family stressors and adolescent cognitive functioning. Participants were 252 school-recruited adolescents (M = 15.79 years; 66% European American, 34% African American). Youths reported on 3 dimensions of family stress: marital conflict, harsh parenting, and parental psychological control. Cognitive functioning was indexed through performance on the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Abilities. Sleep minutes and e...

Saturday 8th March 1101

Forced eruption of palatally impacted canines using bracket-head miniscrews.

Thursday 20th February 1101

Factors Influencing Patient Pathways for Receipt of Cancer Care at an NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Within the field of oncology, increasing access to high quality care has been identified as a priority to reduce cancer disparities. Previous research reveals that the facilities where patients receive their cancer care have implications for cancer outcomes. However, there is little understanding of how patients decide where to seek cancer care. This study examined the factors that shape patients' pathways to seek their cancer care at a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center (NCI-C...


Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis of Thyroid Gland.

Abstract Not Available.


From Cats and Blackcurrants: Structure and Dynamics of the Sulfur-Containing Cassis Odorant Cat Ketone.

Sulfur-containing odorants and flavors play an important role in flavor and food industry, especially when meaty, garlic, onion, and vegetable scents are needed. Still, many S-containing flavors also possess fruity scents and may be used in compositions of perfumes that require a fresh and fruity odor perception. They are naturally abundant in various fruits, essential oils, and food. Most of these compounds possess strong scents, and their scent composition is highly dependent on the concentration applied....


From Cassyrane to Cashmeran - The Molecular Parameters of Odorants.

This review, including some new experimental results, is the summary of a talk at the 'flavors & fragrances 2013' conference in Leipzig, organized jointly by the GDCh, the Liebig-Vereinigung, and the EuCheMS. After times of searching for natural odor principles and serendipitous discoveries by chemical inspiration, directed odorant design today offers the highest hit rates for the discovery of new odorants, although serendipity still plays a role. Keeping intact the electronic shape required for a certain o...


Fatty acid composition and tocopherol profiles of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) seed oils.

The oil contents of safflower seeds ranged from 23.08% to 36.51%. The major fatty acid of safflower oil is linoleic acid, which accounted for 55.1-77.0% in oils, with a mean value of 70.66%. Three types of tocopherols were found in safflower oil in various amount α-tocopherol, β-tocopherol and γ-tocopherol, ranged from 46.05 to 70.93 mg/100 g, 0.85 to 2.16 mg/100 g and trace amount to 0.45 mg/100 g oils, respectively. This research shows that both fatty acid and tocopherol contents differ significa...


Flooding and Emergency Room Visits for Gastrointestinal Illness in Massachusetts: A Case-Crossover Study.

Floods and other severe weather events are anticipated to increase as a result of global climate change. Floods can lead to outbreaks of gastroenteritis and other infectious diseases due to disruption of sewage and water infrastructure and impacts on sanitation and hygiene. Floods have also been indirectly associated with outbreaks through population displacement and crowding.


Fractional Flow Reserve: Historical Background, Physiological Basis, Advantages and Limitations, and Potential Gender Differences.

Fractional flow reserve (FFR) is a physiological index of the severity of a stenosis in an epicardial coronary artery, based on the pressure differential across the stenosis. Clinicians are increasingly relying on this method because it is independent of baseline flow, relatively simple, and cost effective. The accurate measurement of FFR is predicated on maximal hyperemia being achieved by pharmacological dilation of the downstream resistance vessels (arterioles). When the stenosis causes FFR to be impaire...


Focus on Fetal Programming - Contributions from a Copenhagen Symposium.


Free Fatty Acids Do Not Influence Venous Gas Embolism in Divers.

Schellart NAM. Free fatty acids do not influence venous gas embolism in divers. Aviat Space Environ Med 2014; 85:1086-91.


From the Editor-in-Chief's Desk.


Femoral head fractures: hemiarthroplasty or total hip arthroplasty?

Most femoral neck fractures are osteoporotic fractures in the elderly. The one-year mortality after neck fracture in this group is 24%.For hemiarthroplasty (HA) the bipolar heads have a risk reduction for reoperation due to acetabular erosion compared with monoblock heads. Surprisingly, the bipolar head had an increased reoperation risk for dislocation, infection and for periprosthetic fracture.Total hip arthroplasty (THA) after fracture has a four-fold raised risk for dislocation compared with THA after os...

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