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Using mHealth to Deliver Behavior Change Interventions Within Prenatal Care at Community Health Centers.

Purpose . To test an iPad-delivered multiple behavior tailored intervention (Healthy Pregnancy: Step by Step) for pregnant women that addresses smoking cessation, stress management, and fruit and vegetable consumption. Design . A randomized 2 × 5 factorial repeated measures design was employed with randomization on the individual level stratified on behavior risk. Women completed three sessions during pregnancy and two postpartum at postdelivery months 1 and 4. Setting . Women were recruited from six locat...


Healthful Nutrition of Foods in Navajo Nation Stores: Availability and Pricing.

Purpose . Low availability and affordability of healthier foods in food stores on the Navajo Nation (NN) may be a community-level risk factor for the high prevalence of obesity among the Navajo people. This study assessed the availability and pricing of foods and beverages in supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the NN. Design . Descriptive study design using the Nutrition Environment Measurement Survey in Stores audit tool. Setting . Supermarkets (n = 13) and convenience stores (n = 50) on NN and...


"Quit & Win" Contests Among College Students: Predictors of Long-Term Smoking Abstinence.

Purpose . To determine smoking abstinence rates and predictors of abstinence among college students enrolled in a campus-based Quit & Win contest. Design . Pre-post measure with no comparison group. Setting . Contests conducted on seven college campuses in 2007. Subjects . Subjects (N = 484) were 23.7 ± 6.8 years of age, 61% female, 16.3% nonwhite, and smoked 12.5 ± 7.8 cigarettes per day on 28.0 ± 4.8 days in the past month. Intervention . Participants abstinent for the 30-day contest were eligible for ...


Promoting Influenza Vaccination to Restaurant Employees.

Purpose . To evaluate an evidence-based workplace approach to increasing adult influenza vaccination levels applied in the restaurant setting Design . We implemented an intervention and conducted a pre/post analysis to determine effect on vaccination. Setting . Eleven Seattle-area restaurants. Subjects . Restaurants with 25+ employees speaking English or Spanish and over 18 years. Intervention . Restaurants received influenza vaccination promotion materials, assistance arranging on-site vaccination events, ...


A Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, Maintenance Evaluation of Weekend Backpack Food Assistance Programs.

Purpose . The purpose of this study was to evaluate an ongoing statewide weekend backpack program through the Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance (RE-AIM) framework. Design . Mixed-methods inquiry was used to explore the reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation, and maintenance of backpack programs within Montana. Setting . Study participants completed audio-recorded one-on-one phone interviews. Participants . Key informants (e.g., managers at food banks, staff at participa...


Neighborhood Attributes Associated With the Social Environment.

Purpose . To examine the association between specific attributes of neighborhood environments and four social environment measures. Design . Data were collected as part of a baseline survey among participants enrolling in a walking intervention. Setting . Participants were recruited from a metropolitan area in a Southeastern state. Subjects . Participants (n = 294) were predominantly African-American (67%) and female (86%), with some college education (79%) and a mean age of 49. Measures . The International...


Improvements in Health Behaviors, Eating Self-Efficacy, and Goal-Setting Skills Following Participation in Wellness Coaching.

Purpose . This project examined potential changes in health behaviors following wellness coaching. Design . In a single cohort study design, wellness coaching participants were recruited in 2011, data were collected through July 2012, and were analyzed through December 2013. Items in the study questionnaire used requested information about 11 health behaviors, self-efficacy for eating, and goal-setting skills. Setting . Worksite wellness center. Participants . One-hundred employee wellness center members wi...


The Impact of a National Tobacco Education Campaign on State-Specific Quitline Calls.

Purpose . The ads from the first federally funded national tobacco education campaign, Tips From Former Smokers (Tips), considerably increased quitline calls nationwide. This study evaluates the effect of Tips on state-specific quitline calls. Design . Precampaign, during-campaign, and postcampaign comparison; regression modeling. Setting . All fifty states as well as the District of Columbia. Subjects . Calls to state quitlines. Intervention . Tips. Measures . Tips campaign exposure was measured by gross r...


A Multicomponent Intervention Helped Reduce Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake in Economically Disadvantaged Hispanic Children.

Purpose . This study aimed to examine the effect of a multicomponent intervention program on consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), and lifestyle factors associated with SSB intake, in Hispanic children from low-income families. Design . A five-wave longitudinal study using a quasi-experimental design was conducted. Setting . Five elementary schools in West Texas served as the setting. Subjects . Participants included 555 predominantly Hispanic children (ages 5-9 years) from low-income families an...


Adolescent and Young Adult Smokers Who Self-Identify as Nonsmokers: Relationship With Cigarette-Related Withdrawal and Cravings.

Purpose . Examine the extent to which low-nicotine dependent daily smokers identify themselves as nonsmokers (smoking nonsmokers) over time, and examine the effect of nicotine-related withdrawal symptoms and cravings in predicting self-identified smoking status. Design . Longitudinal. Setting . National Youth Smoking Cessation Survey 2003-2005. Subjects . One hundred thirty-two adolescents and young adults (16-24 years). Measures . A questionnaire was used to assess smoking identity, withdrawal, cravings, a...


The Effects of Tai Chi on Cardiovascular Risk in Women.

Purpose . This study examined the effects of tai chi (TC) on biobehavioral factors associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk in women. Design . A randomized trial used a wait-list control group, pretest-posttest design. Data were collected immediately before, immediately after, and 2 months following the intervention. Setting . The study was community based in central Virginia. Subjects . Women aged 35 to 50 years at increased risk for CVD. Intervention . The 8-week intervention built on prior work ...


Early Childhood Disadvantage for Sons of Mexican Immigrants: Body Mass Index Across Ages 2-5.

Purpose . To distinguish the origins of higher weight status and determine when and why intra- and interracial/ethnic disparities emerge. Design . The study used a longitudinal analysis of the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Birth Cohort (ECLS-B). Setting . The study was conducted in the United States. Subjects . Participants were children of non-Hispanic white mothers and children of U.S.- and foreign-born mothers of Mexican origin from a nationally representative sample of children born in the year 200...


The Experience With Smoke-Free Policies in Affordable Multiunit Housing in North Carolina: A Statewide Survey.

Purpose . Previous surveys of housing operators have identified concerns about enforcement, legal issues, and loss of market share as the main barriers to implementing smoke-free policies in multiunit housing. The purpose of this study was to examine enforcement practices as well as economic and legal outcomes in smoke-free affordable multiunit housing. Design . Cross-sectional. Setting . Affordable multiunit housing in North Carolina. Subjects . Affordable multiunit housing properties (n = 1063, 57% respon...


Differences in Weight-Related Behavioral Profiles by Sexual Orientation Among College Men: A Latent Class Analysis.

Purpose . To identify and describe homogenous classes of male college students based on their weight-related behaviors (e.g., eating habits, physical activity, and unhealthy weight control) and to examine differences by sexual orientation. Design . Study design was a cross-sectional sample of 2- and 4-year college students. Setting . Study setting was forty-six 2- and 4-year colleges in Minnesota. Subjects . Study subjects comprised 10,406 college males. Measures . Measures were five categories of sexual or...


The Role of Behavioral Economic Incentive Design and Demographic Characteristics in Financial Incentive-Based Approaches to Changing Health Behaviors: A Meta-Analysis.

Objective . To evaluate the use of behavioral economics to design financial incentives to promote health behavior change and to explore associations with demographic characteristics. Data Source . Studies performed by the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics at the University of Pennsylvania published between January 2006 and March 2014. Study Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria . Randomized, controlled trials with available participant-level data. Studies that did not use financial incentives...


2016 Call for Conference Proposals What Is the Purpose of Health Promotion? Money, Health, or More? Do We Need to Produce a Huge ROI, or Do We Need to Engage People, Improve Health and Better Serve the Organization or Community's Broader Goals?26th Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference, April 25-April 29, 2016 | Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista | Orlando, FloridaCore Conference: April


In Brief.


The Art of Health Promotion.


Why Do We Wait Until People Die to Ask About Our Roots?


Unstable Sitting in the Workplace-Are There Physical Activity Benefits?

The increasingly popular practice of using a stability ball (exercise/fitness ball) as a sitting surface runs counter to conventional human factors/ergonomics guidelines for seated workspace design. Employees sitting on stability balls in an office environment present safety risks that might be justifiable if the practice has a definitive benefit to the promotion of health. However, the published studies and best evidence to date call into question even the theoretical basis for this practice and do not sug...




In Brief.


The Art of Health Promotion.


Standing Up to Bullies.


“What’s past is prologue”: views from Dr. Lawrence Green.

A discussion with visionary Larry Green, a professor, prolific author and co-creator of a health promotion planning framework that has been a core component of public health education academic training for 35 years.