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Saturday 15th August 1113

Associations Between Extracurricular Activity and Self-Regulation: A Longitudinal Study From 5 to 10 Years of Age.

Abstract Purpose . Health promotion in youth is likely to benefit from enhancing academic achievement and physical activity. The present study examines how kindergarten childhood self-regulation skills and behaviors predict involvement in both structured and unstructured physical and nonphysical extracurricular activities in the fourth grade. As a second objective this study also investigated how kindergarten childhood participation in extracurricular activities predicts classroom engagement, reflective of ...

Friday 14th August 1113

Predictors for Persistent Overweight, Deteriorated Weight Status, and Improved Weight Status During 18 Months in a School-Based Longitudinal Cohort.

Abstract Purpose . To examine predictors for persistent overweight/obesity, deteriorated weight status, and improved weight status among students who participated in a school-based obesity prevention intervention from fall 2009 to spring 2011. Design . Longitudinal assessment of a school-based cohort was conducted to determine the characteristics of students who remained overweight/obese, improved their weight status, or showed deteriorated weight status during an 18-month period. Setting . Eleven schools i...

Thursday 13th August 1113

Association of Concurrent Healthy Eating and Regular Physical Activity With Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in U.S. Youth.

Abstract Purpose . Examine whether concurrently consuming a healthy diet and regularly being physically active among U.S. youth is more favorably associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) biomarkers than other physical activity and dietary patterns. Design . Cross-sectional. Setting . United States (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) 2003-2006. Subjects . Two thousand six hundred twenty-nine youth (6-17 years). Measures . Healthy Eating Index (HEI), accelerometer-determined physical activi...

Wednesday 12th August 1113

Receipt and Timing of Pregnancy-Related Preventive Health Messages Vary by Message Type and Maternal Characteristics.

Abstract Purpose . To determine when women receive pregnancy-related preventive health messages and to examine differences in receipt timing by maternal characteristics. Design . The cross-sectional secondary analyses used data from the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS). Setting . The study used PRAMS responses from Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio. Subjects . Study participants were women with a recent live birth. Measures . Health messages included mental health, safe medications, sm...

Tuesday 11th August 1113

Municipal Officials' Participation in Built Environment Policy Development in the United States.

Abstract Purpose . This study examined municipal officials' participation in built environment policy initiatives focused on land use design, transportation, and parks and recreation. Design . Web-based cross-sectional survey. Setting . Eighty-three municipalities with 50,000 or more residents in eight states. Subjects . Four hundred fifty-three elected and appointed municipal officials. Measures . Outcomes included self-reported participation in land use design, transportation, and parks and recreation pol...

Monday 10th August 1113

Relationship Between Intervention Dose and Outcomes in Living Well With Diabetes-A Randomized Trial of a Telephone-Delivered Lifestyle-Based Weight Loss Intervention.

Abstract Purpose . To examine associations of intervention dose with weight, physical activity, glycemic control, and diet outcomes in a randomized trial of a telephone counseling intervention. Design . Study design was a secondary analysis of intervention group. Setting . Study setting was primary care practices in a disadvantaged community in Australia. Subjects . Participants were adult patients with type 2 diabetes (n = 151). Intervention . Up to 27 telephone counseling calls were made during 18 months....

Sunday 9th August 1113

Using Mass Media Campaigns to Reduce Youth Tobacco Use: A Review.

Abstract Objective . This review synthesizes the published literature on using mass media campaigns to reduce youth tobacco use, with particular focus on effects within population subgroups and the relative effectiveness of campaign characteristics. Data Source . A search of PubMed and PsycINFO conducted in March of 2014 yielded 397 studies with 34 suitable for inclusion. Study Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria . Included were quantitative studies that evaluate an antitobacco media campaign intended to influ...

Saturday 8th August 1113

Screening and Counseling for Tobacco Use in Student Health Clinics: Reports of Health Care Providers.

Abstract Purpose . To assess tobacco screening and counseling in student health clinics, including facilitators, barriers, and associations with campus- and state-level variables. Design . We conducted a mixed-methods study with an online survey and qualitative interviews. Setting . Study setting was student health clinics on college campuses. Subjects . Subjects included 71 clinic directors or designees from 10 Southeastern states (quantitative survey) and 8 directors or designees from 4 Southeastern state...

Friday 7th August 1113

Factors Influencing Physical Activity Behaviors in Colorectal Cancer Survivors.

Abstract Purpose . To elucidate factors that impact intention (INT) to be active as well as actual physical activity (PA) behavior in colorectal cancer survivors (CRC-S) using the theory of planned behavior (TpB). Planning for PA was explored as a mediator of the INT-behavior relationship. Chemotherapy-induced neuropathy and fatigue were also explored. Design . A cross-sectional quantitative mailed survey was used. Setting . The study was conducted among community-dwelling adults living in Pennsylvania when...

Thursday 6th August 1113

The Association of Meal Practices and Other Dietary Correlates With Dietary Intake Among High School Students in the United States, 2010.

Abstract Purpose . To examine behavioral and environmental factors that may be related to dietary behaviors among U.S. high school students. Design . Data were obtained from the 2010 National Youth Physical Activity and Nutrition Study, a cross-sectional study. Setting . The study was school-based. Subjects . Study subjects were a nationally representative sample of students in grades 9 to 12 (n = 11,458). Measures . Variables of interest included meal practices, in-home snack availability, and intakes of h...

Wednesday 5th August 1113

Knowledge of Sugar Content of Sports Drinks Is Not Associated With Sports Drink Consumption.

Abstract Purpose . To examine U.S. adult knowledge of the sugar content of sports drinks and whether this knowledge and other characteristics are associated with their sports drink consumption. Design . Nonexperimental. Setting . Nationally representative 2011 Summer ConsumerStyles survey data. Subjects . 3929 U.S. adults. Measures . The outcome variable was sports drink consumption in the past 7 days. The main exposure variable was knowledge about sports drinks containing sugar. The covariates were sociode...

Monday 23rd April 1111

Cost-Effectiveness of Population-Level Physical Activity Interventions: A Systematic Review.

Abstract Objective . This systematic review synthesizes the evidence on the cost-effectiveness of population-level interventions to promote physical activity. Data Source . A systematic literature search was conducted between May and August 2013 in four databases: PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, and SPORTDiscus. Study Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria . Only primary and preventive interventions aimed at promoting and maintaining physical activity in wide population groups were included. An economic evaluatio...

Sunday 22nd April 1111

In Brief.

Saturday 21st April 1111

The Art of Health Promotion.

Friday 20th April 1111

Why Do We Allow Smokers to Assault the People We Love? Secondhand Smoke, Benzene, Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Immunosuppression, and the Americans With Disabilities Act.


Editor's desk: coaching and accountability.


The case of coaching accountability at the Spartus Company: part one.


Coaching experts discuss the relationships between coaching, culture, and health outcomes and for what coaches should be held accountable.


Change is hard: the promise of behavioral economics.


The case of coaching accountability at the Spartus Company: part two.


A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of the Choose Less, Weigh Less Portion Size Health Marketing Campaign in Los Angeles County.

Abstract Purpose . To assess the impact of the Choose Less, Weigh Less portion size health marketing campaign. Design . A mixed-methods, cross-sectional evaluation. Setting . A quantitative Internet panel survey was administered through an online sampling vendor and qualitative interviews were conducted by street intercept. Subjects . The panel survey included 796 participants, weighted to represent Los Angeles County. Street intercept interviews were conducted with 50 other participants. Intervention . The...


Electronic Cigarette Retail Outlets and Proximity to Schools.

Abstract Purpose . To compare the retail distribution and density per population of electronic and conventional cigarettes in smoke-free communities with and without e-cigarette restrictions. Design . A cross-sectional study with field observations of retail tobacco stores. Setting . Two Central Kentucky counties with 100% smoke-free workplace regulations; counties selected on the basis of whether e-cigarette use was restricted. Subjects . Fifty-seven tobacco retailers in two counties, including conventiona...


Perceptions of Prostate Cancer Screening Controversy and Informed Decision Making: Implications for Development of a Targeted Decision Aid for Unaffected Male First-Degree Relatives.

Abstract Purpose . First-degree relatives (FDRs) of prostate cancer (PC) patients should consider multiple concurrent personal risk factors when engaging in informed decision making (IDM) about PC screening. This study assessed perceptions of IDM recommendations and risk-appropriate strategies for IDM among FDRs of varied race/ethnicity. Design . A cross-sectional, qualitative study design was used. Setting . Study setting was a cancer center in southwest Florida. Participants . The study comprised 44 parti...


Environmental Intervention in Carryout Restaurants Increases Sales of Healthy Menu Items in a Low-Income Urban Setting.

Abstract Purpose . To investigate how a pilot environmental intervention changed food sales patterns in carryout restaurants. Design . Quasi-experimental. Setting . Low-income neighborhoods of Baltimore, Maryland. Subjects . Seven carryouts (three intervention, four comparison). Intervention . Phase 1, menu board revision and healthy menu labeling; phase 2, increase of healthy sides and beverages; and phase 3, promotion of cheaper and healthier combination meals. Measures . Weekly handwritten menu orders co...


Do Adolescent Smokers Use E-Cigarettes to Help Them Quit? The Sociodemographic Correlates and Cessation Motivations of U.S. Adolescent E-Cigarette Use.

Abstract Purpose . To examine the sociodemographic traits of adolescent e-cigarette users and whether e-cigarettes are used as cessation aids among adolescent smokers. Design . The study had a cross-sectional design. Setting . Study setting was the United States. Subjects . A probability sample of 15,264 adolescents in grades 6 through 12 was used. Measures . The study measured self-reported lifetime e-cigarette use and recent conventional cigarette use, desire to quit, and number of recent quit attempts (a...

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