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The Role of Behavioral Economic Incentive Design and Demographic Characteristics in Financial Incentive-Based Approaches to Changing Health Behaviors: A Meta-Analysis.

Objective . To evaluate the use of behavioral economics to design financial incentives to promote health behavior change and to explore associations with demographic characteristics. Data Source . Studies performed by the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics at the University of Pennsylvania published between January 2006 and March 2014. Study Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria . Randomized, controlled trials with available participant-level data. Studies that did not use financial incentives...


2016 Call for Conference Proposals What Is the Purpose of Health Promotion? Money, Health, or More? Do We Need to Produce a Huge ROI, or Do We Need to Engage People, Improve Health and Better Serve the Organization or Community's Broader Goals?26th Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference, April 25-April 29, 2016 | Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista | Orlando, FloridaCore Conference: April


In Brief.


The Art of Health Promotion.


Why Do We Wait Until People Die to Ask About Our Roots?


Unstable Sitting in the Workplace-Are There Physical Activity Benefits?

The increasingly popular practice of using a stability ball (exercise/fitness ball) as a sitting surface runs counter to conventional human factors/ergonomics guidelines for seated workspace design. Employees sitting on stability balls in an office environment present safety risks that might be justifiable if the practice has a definitive benefit to the promotion of health. However, the published studies and best evidence to date call into question even the theoretical basis for this practice and do not sug...




In Brief.


The Art of Health Promotion.


Standing Up to Bullies.


“What’s past is prologue”: views from Dr. Lawrence Green.

A discussion with visionary Larry Green, a professor, prolific author and co-creator of a health promotion planning framework that has been a core component of public health education academic training for 35 years.


Purpose, core values, and vision for health promotion.

Responses from leading experts on the direction and priorities for the field of health promotion.


When visionary influences and professional tenets are inseparable.

A discussion of how our professional behaviors have mitigated our effectiveness in changing public policies.


Environmental Correlates of Recreational Walking in the Neighborhood.

Purpose . To assess environmental correlates of neighborhood recreational walking. Design . The study used a cross-sectional survey. Setting . The study was conducted in the local community. Subjects . Participants were adults who recently relocated and walk for recreation in their current neighborhood. Measures . The outcome measure was participant-reported neighborhood recreational walking in participants' prior neighborhood. Exposure measures were (1) participant-reported social and environmental charact...


Depressive Symptoms Mediate the Association Between Fear of Crime and Higher Body Mass Index.

Purpose . To investigate pathways in the association between fear of crime and obesity. Design . A cross-sectional survey was administered among residents aged 18 years and older across all Census tracts. Setting . Genesee County, Michigan. Subjects . A total of 3192 residents. Measures . Body mass index (BMI) was calculated by using the respondents' reported height and weight. Composite fear-of-crime and depressive symptoms scores were calculated by using several survey items. Analysis . Path analysis exam...


Facilitators and Barriers to Using Treadmill Workstations Under Real Working Conditions: A Qualitative Study in Female Office Workers.

Purpose . Characterize barriers and facilitators to use treadmill workstations in real work sites. Design . For 6 months, workers tried a sit-stand-walk treadmill workstation at will with expert ergonomic support. Qualitative data were collected monthly. Setting . Administrative and academic departments at a higher education institution in Massachusetts, United States. Participants . Five female administrative office workers. Method . One monthly group interview and one personal interview per participant du...


Regular Exercise Throughout Pregnancy Is Associated With a Shorter First Stage of Labor.

Purpose . The aim of the present study was to examine the influence of moderate physical exercise throughout pregnancy on the duration of labor stages. Design . Study was a randomized controlled trial. Setting . The study took place at Hospital Puerta de Hierro and Hospital Severo Ochoa in Madrid, Spain. Subjects . We examined 166 pregnant women (31.6 ± 3.8 years), and all had uncomplicated and singleton gestation. Of these 83 were allocated to the exercise group (EG) and 83 to the control group (CG). Inte...


FUEL Your Life: A Translation of the Diabetes Prevention Program to Worksites.

Purpose . To evaluate the effectiveness of FUEL Your Life, a translation of the Diabetes Prevention Program for worksites. Design . A randomized control group design was conducted in five worksites of a large transportation company. Measures were collected pretest, posttest (6 months), and follow-up (12 months). Setting . Railroad maintenance facilities of Union Pacific Railroad. Subjects . Participants consisted of 362 workers (227 treatment, 135 control). Intervention . FUEL Your Life was translated from ...


Randomized Controlled Trial of Storytelling Compared to a Personal Risk Tool Intervention on Colorectal Cancer Screening in Low-Income Patients.

Purpose . Screening rates for colorectal cancer (CRC) lag for low-income, minority populations, contributing to poorer survival rates. A model of storytelling as culture-centric health promotion was tested for promoting CRC screening. Design . A two-group parallel randomized controlled trial. Setting . Primary care, safety-net clinics. Subjects . Low-income patients due for CRC screening, ages 50 to 75 years, speaking English or Spanish. Intervention . Patients were exposed to either a video created from pe...


A Qualitative Evaluation of Patient-Perceived Benefits and Barriers to Participation in a Telephone Care Management Program.

Purpose . To examine why high-risk individuals targeted for a telephone care management program participated at low rates. Design . Study design consisted of qualitative, semistructured interviews. Setting . The setting was a large national insurer's telephone-based care management program. The program employed registered nurses to provide individually tailored education and counseling about health and health care. Subjects . Study subjects comprised members of a national insurer who were recruited to parti...

Saturday 15th August 1113

Associations Between Extracurricular Activity and Self-Regulation: A Longitudinal Study From 5 to 10 Years of Age.

Abstract Purpose . Health promotion in youth is likely to benefit from enhancing academic achievement and physical activity. The present study examines how kindergarten childhood self-regulation skills and behaviors predict involvement in both structured and unstructured physical and nonphysical extracurricular activities in the fourth grade. As a second objective this study also investigated how kindergarten childhood participation in extracurricular activities predicts classroom engagement, reflective of ...

Friday 14th August 1113

Predictors for Persistent Overweight, Deteriorated Weight Status, and Improved Weight Status During 18 Months in a School-Based Longitudinal Cohort.

Abstract Purpose . To examine predictors for persistent overweight/obesity, deteriorated weight status, and improved weight status among students who participated in a school-based obesity prevention intervention from fall 2009 to spring 2011. Design . Longitudinal assessment of a school-based cohort was conducted to determine the characteristics of students who remained overweight/obese, improved their weight status, or showed deteriorated weight status during an 18-month period. Setting . Eleven schools i...

Thursday 13th August 1113

Association of Concurrent Healthy Eating and Regular Physical Activity With Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in U.S. Youth.

Abstract Purpose . Examine whether concurrently consuming a healthy diet and regularly being physically active among U.S. youth is more favorably associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) biomarkers than other physical activity and dietary patterns. Design . Cross-sectional. Setting . United States (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) 2003-2006. Subjects . Two thousand six hundred twenty-nine youth (6-17 years). Measures . Healthy Eating Index (HEI), accelerometer-determined physical activi...

Wednesday 12th August 1113

Receipt and Timing of Pregnancy-Related Preventive Health Messages Vary by Message Type and Maternal Characteristics.

Abstract Purpose . To determine when women receive pregnancy-related preventive health messages and to examine differences in receipt timing by maternal characteristics. Design . The cross-sectional secondary analyses used data from the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS). Setting . The study used PRAMS responses from Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio. Subjects . Study participants were women with a recent live birth. Measures . Health messages included mental health, safe medications, sm...

Tuesday 11th August 1113

Municipal Officials' Participation in Built Environment Policy Development in the United States.

Abstract Purpose . This study examined municipal officials' participation in built environment policy initiatives focused on land use design, transportation, and parks and recreation. Design . Web-based cross-sectional survey. Setting . Eighty-three municipalities with 50,000 or more residents in eight states. Subjects . Four hundred fifty-three elected and appointed municipal officials. Measures . Outcomes included self-reported participation in land use design, transportation, and parks and recreation pol...