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Applying the Salutogenic Framework to Nutrition Research and Practice.

Synopsis Much research has identified a sea of factors related to unhealthy diets to make sense of why people struggle to eat healthy diets. However, little is known of factors that empower healthy eating. Antonovsky's salutogenesis provides an innovative framework to study these factors and identify resources and mechanisms underlying healthy eating practices. We give recommendations for future research and provide examples of how salutogenesis has inspired our own research to gain new insights into the or...

Why We Need More Than Just Randomized Controlled Trials to Establish the Effectiveness of Online Social Networks for Health Behavior Change.

Synopsis Despite their popularity and potential to promote health in large populations, the effectiveness of online social networks (e.g., Facebook) to improve health behaviors has been somewhat disappointing. Most of the research examining the effectiveness of such interventions has used randomized controlled trials (RCTs). It is asserted that the modest outcomes may be due to characteristics specific to both online social networks and RCTs. The highly controlled nature of RCTs stifles the dynamic nature o...

Stages of Change and Patient Activation Measure Scores in the Context of Incentive-Based Health Interventions.

Purpose . To determine if two widely used behavioral change measures-Stages of Change (SoC) and Patient Activation Measure (PAM)-correlate with each other, are affected by financial incentives, or predict positive outcomes in the context of incentive-based health interventions. Design . Secondary analysis of two randomized controlled trials of incentives for weight loss and for improved diabetes self-monitoring. Setting . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Newark, New Jersey. Subjects . A total of 132 obese and 75...

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Evaluating Your Health Promotion Program for the Return on Allocated Resources (ROAR) Factor.

Development and Pilot Test of the Workplace Readiness Questionnaire, a Theory-Based Instrument to Measure Small Workplaces' Readiness to Implement Wellness Programs.

Purpose . To develop a theory-based questionnaire to assess readiness for change in small workplaces adopting wellness programs. Design . In developing our scale, we first tested items via "think-aloud" interviews. We tested the revised items in a cross-sectional quantitative telephone survey. Setting . The study setting comprised small workplaces (20-250 employees) in low-wage industries. Subjects . Decision-makers representing small workplaces in King County, Washington (think-aloud interviews, n = 9), an...

Compliance With Point-of-Sale Tobacco Control Policies in School-Adjacent Neighborhoods in Mumbai, India.

Purpose . We assessed factors associated with tobacco vendor compliance with India's Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) provisions regulating tobacco sales and point-of-sale (POS) environments. Design . Study design was a cross-sectional random sample of tobacco vendors in Mumbai, India (2010). Setting . School-adjacent neighborhoods were the study setting. Subjects . Study subjects were tobacco vendors (n = 436). Measures . Face-to-face interviews, and audits of POS environments were used to...

Effects of Smoking Cessation Media and Community Campaigns in Taiwan.

Purpose . To examine the effects of a smoking cessation campaign. Design . Data from the 2010-2011 Taiwan Adult Tobacco Surveys were analyzed. Setting . The study was set among a nationally representative sample of adults in Taiwan. Subjects . The surveys included 16,282 and 16,886 adults in 2010 and 2011, respectively, while our analyses focused on current smokers, 2518 and 2507 adults in 2010 and 2011, respectively. Intervention . In 2010 the Taiwanese government launched a national smoking cessation camp...

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Related to Sodium Intake and Reduction Among Adult Consumers in the United States.

Purpose . To describe the prevalence and determinants of sodium-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors among U.S. adults Design . A cross-sectional survey was used. Setting . The study was set in the United States in 2012. Subjects . Participants were 6122 U.S. adults. Measures . Sodium-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors were measured. Analysis . Chi-squared tests were used to determine differences in sodium-related knowledge, attitude, and behaviors by respondent characteristics; multiple log...

Combining Motivational and Physical Intervention Components to Promote Fall-Reducing Physical Activity Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Feasibility Study.

Purpose . To assess the feasibility of a new intervention, Ready~Steady, in terms of demand, acceptability, implementation, and limited efficacy. Design . Randomized controlled trial; repeated measures. Setting . Two rural communities in Itasca County, Minnesota. Subjects . Thirty participants were randomized to an intervention (n = 16) or attention-control (n = 14) group. Intervention . Ready~Steady combined two components: (1) motivational (motivational support, social network support, empowering educatio...

Promoting Diet and Physical Activity in Nurses: A Systematic Review.

Objective . To systematically review the effectiveness of intervention studies promoting diet and physical activity (PA) in nurses. Data Source . English language manuscripts published between 1970 and 2014 in PubMed, Scopus, CINAHL, and EMBASE, as well as those accessed with the PICO tool, were reviewed. Study Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria . Inclusion criteria comprised (1) nurses/student nurses working in a health care setting and (2) interventions where PA and/or diet behaviors were the primary outcom...

The Effects of Telecommuting Intensity on Employee Health.

Purpose . To investigate the influence of the intensity of telecommuting on employee health. Design . Study design comprised a longitudinal analysis of employee demographic data, medical claims, health risk assessment data, and remote connectivity hours. Setting . Data from Prudential Financial served as the setting. Subjects . Active employees ages 18 to 64 years who completed the health risk assessment between 2010 and 2011 were the study subjects. Measures . Measures included telecommuting status and int...

The Introduction of a Supermarket via Tax-Credits in a Low-Income Area: The Influence on Purchasing and Consumption.

Purpose . Interest and funding continue to grow for bringing supermarkets to underserved areas, yet little is known about their impact. Design . A quasi-experimental study was used to determine the impact of a new supermarket opening as a result of tax and zoning incentives. Setting . The study took place in the South Bronx, New York City, New York.

Does Skin in the Game Matter if You Aren't Playing? Examining Participation in Oregon's Public Employee Health Engagement Model.

Purpose . Employers are increasingly exploring health benefits that incentivize lifestyle change for employees. We used early data from an ongoing study of one such model-the Health Engagement Model (HEM), which Oregon implemented for all public employees in 2012-to analyze variation in employee participation and engagement. Design . A survey was designed to assess program engagement, opinions of the program, and self-reported lifestyle changes. Setting . Data were collected in 2012, about 9 months after HE...

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Using mHealth to Deliver Behavior Change Interventions Within Prenatal Care at Community Health Centers.

Purpose . To test an iPad-delivered multiple behavior tailored intervention (Healthy Pregnancy: Step by Step) for pregnant women that addresses smoking cessation, stress management, and fruit and vegetable consumption. Design . A randomized 2 × 5 factorial repeated measures design was employed with randomization on the individual level stratified on behavior risk. Women completed three sessions during pregnancy and two postpartum at postdelivery months 1 and 4. Setting . Women were recruited from six locat...

Healthful Nutrition of Foods in Navajo Nation Stores: Availability and Pricing.

Purpose . Low availability and affordability of healthier foods in food stores on the Navajo Nation (NN) may be a community-level risk factor for the high prevalence of obesity among the Navajo people. This study assessed the availability and pricing of foods and beverages in supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the NN. Design . Descriptive study design using the Nutrition Environment Measurement Survey in Stores audit tool. Setting . Supermarkets (n = 13) and convenience stores (n = 50) on NN and...