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Concepts, Models and Measurement of Continuity of Care in Mental Health Services: A Systematic Appraisal of the Literature.

The increased complexity of community mental health services, and associated fragmentation of traditional dividing lines between services, has underscored the centrality of care continuity and coordination in modern mental healthcare. However, clarification of the key features of the care continuity concept has proved difficult and a consensus has not been reached.

Perceptions Of Learning Disability Nurses And Support Staff Towards People With A Diagnosis Of Schizophrenia.

The prevalence of schizophrenia in people with learning disability is 3-4%. This is the first study to investigate the illness perceptions of learning disability (LD) practitioners towards people with schizophrenia.

Feasibility of Training Nurses in Motivational Interviewing to Improve Patient Experience in Mental Health Inpatient Rehabilitation: A Pilot Study.

There is limited research addressing the experiences of patients in inpatient rehabilitation (rehabilitation), who often spend long periods in hospital, and the nursing approaches utilised.

"Who's actually gonna read this?" An evaluation of staff experiences of the value of information contained in written care plans in supporting care in three different dementia care settings.

Reports of increased healthcare bureaucracy and concerns over care plan quality have emerged from research and surveys into staff and service user experiences. Little is known of mental health staff perspectives on the value of written care plans in supporting dementia care.

Community mental health nurses' understanding of compassion: a naturalistic, interpretative approach.

There is increasing emphasis in policy, research and practice in the UK and internationally on the importance of caring in health care. Compassion needs to be at the core of all health care professionals' practice. Recently health care has received negative attention through media and government reports which cite a lack of compassion in care RATIONALE: The concept of compassion has received limited attention in community mental health nursing.

'Your experiences were your tools.' How personal experience of mental health problems informs mental health nursing practice.

Expertise by experience' is a highly valued element of service delivery in recovery-oriented mental health care, but is unacknowledged within the mental health nursing literature.

Health professionals' experiences of behavioural family therapy for adults with intellectual disabilities: a thematic analysis.

Studies have found family interventions (FIs) to be effective in reducing stress and relapse rates for a variety of mental health conditions. However, implementing FIs into clinical practice is challenging. Studies have suggested levels of stress within some families of people with intellectual disabilities can be high. However, there is little reported about the use, and implementation of FIs, such as Behavioural Family Therapy (BFT), in adult intellectual disability services.

Learning Disability Nursing in Secure Settings: working with complexity.

Improving care planning and coordination for service users with medical co-morbidity transitioning between tertiary medical and primary care services.

WHAT IS KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT?: Mental health service users with medical co-morbidity frequently experience difficulties accessing and receiving appropriate treatment in emergency departments. Service users frequently experience fragmented care planning and coordinating between tertiary medical and primary care services. Little is known about mental health nurses' perspectives about how to address these problems. WHAT THIS PAPER ADDS TO EXISTING KNOWLEDGE?: Emergency department clinicians' poor communication...

"This is a question we have to ask everyone": asking young people about self-harm and suicide.

WHAT IS KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT?: An essential part of the mental health assessment is to evaluate the risk of harm to self. Fundamentally this involves asking directly about self-harming behaviour and suicidal thoughts or urges, but practitioners often find it difficult to open up these conversations. This evaluation of risk is particularly important as self-harm and suicidal thoughts are frequently found in young people who attend mental health services. WHAT THIS PAPER ADDS TO EXISTING KNOWLEDGE?: Young peo...

Development and preliminary evaluation of culturally specific web-based intervention for parents of adolescents.

WHAT IS KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT?: Problematic parent-child relationships have been identified as one of the main predictors of adolescents' mental health problems, but there are few existing interventions that address this issue. The format and delivery method of existing interventions for parents are relatively inaccessible for parents with full-time jobs and families living in rural areas. WHAT DOES THIS PAPER ADD TO EXISTING KNOWLEDGE?: The newly developed 'Stepping Stone' culturally specific web-based inte...

National survey of nurse prescribing in mental health services; a follow-up 6 years on.

WHAT IS KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT?: Nurse prescribing allows nurses, after specific training, to prescribe medications under certain conditions. This article describes the third in a series of surveys of mental health services in England to understand how nurse prescribing is being used across the country. While there is research evidence that shows nurse prescribing to be as safe as prescribing by doctors and that service users typically find it at least as acceptable, there is a lack of detailed evidence about...

Factor affecting happiness among nursing students in South Korea.

WHAT IS KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT?: Despite the increased interest in nursing students' happiness in South Korea, few studies have attempted to identify factors influencing their happiness. Therefore, nursing educators should consistently investigate the factors influencing happiness and develop strategies to improve happiness among Korean nursing students. WHAT THIS PAPER ADDS TO EXISTING KNOWLEDGE?: This study confirmed that there were positive correlations between grateful disposition, social support and happ...

Tactile massage as a nursing intervention in child and adolescent psychiatry: nurses' experiences.

WHAT IS KNOWN ABOUT THE SUBJECT?: There is little research on the implementation of tactile massage in child and adolescent psychiatry that describes children's and adolescents' experiences and outcomes. There is also limited knowledge of providing tactile massage in child and adolescent psychiatry. WHAT DOES THIS PAPER ADD TO EXISTING KNOWLEDGE?: This paper describes 10 nurses' experiences of tactile massage as a nursing intervention in child and adolescent psychiatry. The nurses considered tactile massage...

Validity and reliability of the Family Empowerment Scale for caregivers of adults with mental health issues.

WHAT IS KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT?: Empowerment of family caregivers of adults with mental health issues has received increasing attention among mental health nurses in Japan and has been recognized as a new goal of family interventions. The Family Empowerment Scale (FES) was originally developed to measure the empowerment status of parents of children with emotional disorders. However, it was later applied to broader health issues. WHAT THIS PAPER ADDS TO EXISTING KNOWLEDGE?: We developed a Japanese version of ...

Cross-cultural validation of the 20-item Toronto Alexithymia Scale in Chinese adolescents.

WHAT IS KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT?: The TAS-20 is the most widely used self-reported questionnaire to assess the level of alexithymia in students and community and clinical samples. WHAT THIS PAPER ADDS TO EXISTING KNOWLEDGE?: The TAS-20-C exhibited high levels of reliability and validity, indicating that it is appropriate for the assessment of alexithymia in Chinese adolescents. WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS FOR PRACTICE?: Screening adolescents who are at risk of alexithymia through the TAS-20 could help to perform...

Practice nurses mental health provide space to patients to discuss unpleasant emotions.

WHAT IS KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT?: A core skill of practice nurses' mental health is to recognize and explore patients' unpleasant emotions. Patients rarely express their unpleasant emotions directly and spontaneously, but instead give indirect signs that something is worrying them. WHAT THIS PAPER ADDS TO EXISTING KNOWLEDGE?: Patients with mild psychosocial and psychological problems provide signs of worrying or express a clear unpleasant emotion in 94% of consultations with a practice nurse mental health. Nur...

Restraints in understaffed hospitals: accidents will happen.

Caring stress, suicidal attitude and suicide care ability among family caregivers of suicidal individuals: a path analysis.

What is known on the subject? Suicide is a global mental health issue. Taking care of suicidal individuals is a substantial challenge. Most studies emphasize the suicidal individual. Few studies have emphasized the family caregivers of suicidal individuals. No study has explored the relationship between family caregivers' caring stress with suicidal attitudes and suicide care ability. What this paper adds to existing knowledge? The main results indicated that the older family caregivers tended to have a mor...

Psychiatrist's adherence: a new factor in relapse prevention of schizophrenia. A randomized controlled study on relapse control through telemedicine system.

Exposure to psychotic states has detrimental effects on the long-term outcome of schizophrenia and brain integrity. Therefore, improving relapse prevention is a key component of long-term management of schizophrenia. Previous studies using continuous monitoring of an individual's early signs of relapse and adopting preventative pharmacological interventions, when early signs are detected, showed promising clinical results in terms of relapse risk reduction. This 18-month multi-centre parallel randomized con...

Psychometric properties of the Spanish Burnout Inventory among staff nurses.

The burnout syndrome contributes to the deterioration in the quality of personal life as well as lower quality practice in healthcare personnel. Researchers have been concerned about the psychometric limitations of some previous questionnaires designed to evaluate burnout. The Spanish Burnout Inventory was developed to address the problems associated with other instruments, but it has not yet been validated in staff nurses. This study provides evidence that the Spanish Burnout Inventory has adequate psychom...

Identifying and describing patients' learning experiences towards self-management of bipolar disorders: a phenomenological study.

Existing evidence suggest that patient education in promoting self-management strategies of bipolar disorder (BD) is effective. However, results across the full range of service users with BD vary. Learning experiences of service users look to be a crucial factor to take into account when designing, delivering, and evaluating effective interventions that promote self-management in chronic illness. What learning activities service users actually undertake themselves when self-managing BD that might explain v...

Religion, assessment and the problem of 'normative uncertainty' for mental health student nurses: a critical incident-informed qualitative interview study.

What is known about the subject? There is very minimal research available on mental health (MH) student nurse perceptions of cultural phenomenon - specifically, the ways in which they differentiate between 'normal' and 'psychopathological' beliefs related to culture and religion. Work in cultural psychiatry suggests that other MH professionals struggle with identifying whether beliefs or experiences indicate 'psychosis' or are 'typical' of a person's religious and cultural background. One research study wit...

Patients' satisfaction with community treatment: a pilot cross-sectional survey adopting multiple perspectives.

Patients' satisfaction is scarcely studied within the context of community treatment for adolescents. Thus, this study adopts a multiple perspective on patients' satisfaction (including service users as well as staff members). The results highlighted that all informants (patients, foster carers in foster homes and professional caregivers from community treatment teams) perceived the patients to be satisfied, with foster carers reporting the highest patient satisfaction rate. Considering the patient satisfac...

Exploring why people with SMI smoke and why they may want to quit: baseline data from the SCIMITAR RCT.

People with severe mental ill health are up to three times more likely to smoke than other members of the general population. Life expectancy in this client group is reduced by up to 30 years, and smoking is the single most important cause of premature death. The aim of this study was to explore why people with severe mental ill health smoked and why they might want to stop smoking or cut down on the amount of cigarettes that they smoked. The study found that people with severe mental ill health are motivat...

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