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Risk of burnout among early career mental health professionals.

Burnout is a stress-related syndrome that often affects mental health professionals (MHPs) and may have serious consequences on personal well-being as well as on the quality of provided psychiatric care. Established literature shows a high risk to develop burnout among MHPs. Few data are available on the incidence and on the clinical implications of the burnout syndrome in the early phases of MHP professional career. We confirmed the presence of burnout among early career MHPs: early career psychiatrists sh...

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Communication elements supporting patient safety in psychiatric inpatient care.

Communication is important for safe and quality health care. The study provides needed insight on the communication elements that support patient safety from the psychiatric care view. Fluent information transfer between the health care professionals and care units is important for care planning and maintaining practices. Information should be documented and implemented accordingly. Communication should happen in an open communication culture that enables discussion, the opportunity to have debriefing discu...


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From expression to symptom to disorder: the psychiatric evolution of self-harm in the DSM.


Music therapy for service users with dementia: a critical review of the literature.

Dementia is a progressive illness that to date has no cure and currently affects over 35 million people worldwide. This figure is predicted to increase significantly over the next two decades. There is growing interest in identifying non-pharmacological therapies effective in improving quality of life and reducing challenging behaviours with a dementia client group. Our objective is to identify if music therapy is a beneficial therapy for use with dementia patients. We conducted a review of the literature a...


Is knowledge and practice safer in England after the release of national guidance on the resuscitation of patients in mental health and learning disabilities?

This paper reports on the issue of resuscitation in mental health inpatient environments. It reviews the literature on national standards and best practice when emergency situations arise in mental health settings. The discussion on the best practice literature takes place alongside the reporting of a national evaluation of how National Patient Safety Agency improvement guidelines for the provision for life support, and resuscitation for mental health service users was effectively implemented across health-...


Characteristics of Jordanian depressed pregnant women: a comparison study.

Jordanian women reported double the rates of antenatal depression in comparison with developed countries. Further, no studies have been conducted here in Jordan that compares sociodemographic characteristics of women who have antenatal depression symptoms and women who do not have such symptoms. The results of this study revealed that Jordanian pregnant women who were smokers, less educated and those with high-parity pregnancy had a high tendency towards antenatal depressive symptoms. Nurses and midwives ne...


Role performance of psychiatric nurses in advanced practice: a systematic review of the literature.

Psychiatric advanced practice nurses perform multifaceted roles and demonstrate significant results in managing clients with depression and psychological stress, and community-dwelling individuals with mental health-care needs. Psychiatric advanced practice nurses can potentially develop collaborative partnerships with non-mental health service providers, services that are more accessible to users of mental health-care service, and services that enhance the quality of inpatient care. Psychiatric advanced pr...


Are there associations among physical activity, fatigue, sleep quality and pain in people with mental illness? A pilot study.

Many people with mental health disorders experience fatigue, pain and poor sleep. In other patient groups, physical exercise has been shown to have positive effects on these symptoms. It is unknown whether day-to-day physical activity (not necessarily exercise) affects sleep quality or severity of pain or fatigue in those with mental illness. This study observed physical activity, sleep quality, pain and fatigue in four people hospitalized with severe mental illness. Significant associations were found betw...


Factors causing stress in women with babies 0-3 months old and their coping styles.

Women who became stressed because of problems with self-care, baby care and social life use emotion-oriented styles. Women adopted the helpless approach within the 'emotion-oriented/passive' coping style.


Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) in the treatment of borderline personality disorder.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a complex disorder that is difficult to treat. Five psychotherapeutic approaches are used in the management of BPD. These include cognitive behavioural therapy, mentalization-based therapy, schema-focused therapy, transference-focused therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). Of the five approaches used to manage BPD, DBT has been studied the most extensively. Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) is a multi-pronged approach comprising of skills-based training, ...


Factors that influence activities of daily living in the elderly with probable dementia.

The aim of the research was to identify the factors that influence activities of daily living (ADL) in the elderly with probable dementia. Factors that influenced ADL were faecal and urinary incontinence, regularity of exercise, MMSE-KC score and stroke history. The factors that affect ADL in the present study can serve as a basis to develop a multidisciplinary intervention programme with the aim of reducing admissions to long-term care facilities by increasing the ability to perform ADL. Such interventions...


What have we learnt so far about child and adolescent restraint in our health and social care services?


Mental health recovery and voting: why being treated as a citizen matters and how we can do it.

It helps people with mental illnesses to recover if they are not deprived of their rights of citizenship. The right to vote is an important marker of citizenship. Ensuring citizenship through the right to vote is especially important when someone is committed under mental health legislation, yet it is unclear how and whether this occurs in practice. This paper discusses what occurs for this population in Australia and overseas and reviews the role of capacity and supported decision making in the context of ...


Awareness of venous thromboembolism in mental health services for older people.

Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is an important safety issue in the inpatient mental health care of older people. In a survey of specialist mental health staff, knowledge of deep vein thrombosis was good. More variable awareness of the presentation and risk factors for pulmonary embolism indicates the need for training integrated into regular physical health care updates.


The effects of group psychoeducational programme on family burden in caregivers of Iranian patients with schizophrenia.

This randomized-controlled trial investigated the effect of group psychoeducation therapy on family burden in caregivers of Iranian patients with schizophrenia. Results of this study on 71 caregivers of patients with schizophrenia showed that a 4-week group psychoeducational programme was significantly effective in reducing family burden by more than one third. Findings showed that group psychoeducational programme for caregiver and family of patients with schizophrenia is beneficial for reducing family bur...


A qualitative study into the attitudes of patients and staff towards violence and aggression in a high security hospital.


Improving forensic mental health care to Indigenous Australians: theorizing the intercultural space.

This paper uses the 'intercultural space' as an educational strategy to prepare nurses to work respectfully with Indigenous patients in a forensic mental health context; offers an educational approach that introduces nurses to Indigenous knowledge, beliefs and values, examines power relations in colonized countries between the dominant white cultural group and the Indigenous population and encourages nurses to critically reflect on their health care practice; and explores the intercultural space as a shared...


The effects of hoarding disorder on families: an integrative review.

It is estimated that between 2% and 5% of the population experience symptoms of compulsive hoarding. Recent investigation into hoarding has shown that it is a problem in its own right and is therefore being added to a diagnostic manual of mental disorders. This integrative literature review examines the impact that hoarding has on family members. The comprehensive literature review spans a period from database inception to November 2012. A search of the databases Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Healt...


Mothers with an eating disorder: 'food comes before anything'

Mothers with an eating disorder (ED) are a neglected clinical and research group. Nine mothers were individually interviewed to discuss how their ED might impact on family life, and how being a parent might impact on their disorder. Mothers' relationship with food and children was complex - some prioritized food over their children, but were simultaneously concerned about the impact of their disorder on their children. Clinicians need to identify the parenting status of those with an ED and support them in ...


Police officers' views of their encounters with people with personality disorder.

This paper reports police officers' views of their encounters with people diagnosed with personality disorder and their frustration when referring the person to mental health services. People diagnosed with personality disorder were described by police as behaving badly (suggesting a police response) and not being rational (suggesting a mental health response); however, the person generally fell into the crack between the services. People with personality disorder were reported to take up considerable polic...


Older African American women's lived experiences with depression and coping behaviours.

ACCESSIBLE SUMMARY: Little is known about older African American women's life experiences with depression. As a result, how they are dealing with depression is not known at this time. This research examined older African American women's experiences with depression and how they are dealing with it. Thirteen African American women aged 60 and older were interviewed about their experiences with depression. Our findings show these older women think of depression as a normal reaction to difficult life situation...


Reasons for recall following conditional discharge: explanations given by male patients suffering from dual diagnosis in a London Forensic Unit.

ACCESSIBLE SUMMARY: Patients who have been discharged from forensic services often have conditions they have to abide by as part of their discharge, and failure to do so leads to recall. We interviewed six men who had been conditionally discharged from forensic services and then been recalled into hospital to find out what they thought went wrong. The reasons they gave for why things went wrong included feeling that the system was unfair and made them feel like criminals even though they did not feel they h...


Self-reports of faulty parental attachments in childhood and criminal psychopathy in an adult-incarcerated population: an integrative literature review.

ACCESSIBLE SUMMARY: This study examined self-reports of psychopathic offenders' childhood interactions with their parents to better understand what variables influence adult criminal psychopathy. The findings showed that childhood separations, physical abuse and indifferent parenting styles were more prominent in self-reports of incarcerated male psychopaths than with incarcerated males who were not psychopathic. To better understand the worldview of the criminal psychopath, and the trajectory of psychopath...


Group therapy in public mental health services: approaches, patients and group therapists.

ACCESSIBLE SUMMARY: There is a plethora of different types of group therapy in public mental health services. Psychodynamic groups are most frequent, followed by cognitive-behavioural and psycho-educative groups. Groups with mixed theoretical background are frequent. Patients with similar diagnosis are offered different group approaches, but some trends exist. The development of clinician-researcher networks will facilitate research on regular patients in clinical contexts. The largest proportion of group t...