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Supraorbital nerve entrapment neuropathy in Hansen's disease.


Acute paraparesis as consequence of lumbar bending in achondroplasia.


A case of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with localized femoral nerve palsy.


Guidelines from The Italian Neurological and Neuroradiological Societies for the use of magnetic resonance imaging in daily life clinical practice of multiple sclerosis patients.

MRI is highly sensitive in detecting focal white matter lesions in multiple sclerosis (MS). For this reason, it has been formally included in the diagnostic workup of patients with clinically isolated syndromes suggestive of MS, through the definition of ad hoc sets of criteria to show disease dissemination in space and time. MRI is used in virtually all clinical trials of the disease as a surrogate measure of treatment response. Several guidelines have been published to help characterizing the imaging feat...


Susac syndrome: an Italian case.


Neurophysiological and immunohistochemical studies of IgG anti-GM1 monoclonal antibody on neuromuscular transmission: effects in rat neuromuscular junctions.

Guillain-Barré syndrome, which is a variant of acute inflammatory neuropathy, is associated with anti-GM1 antibodies and causes ataxia. We investigated the effects of IgG anti-GM1 monoclonal antibody (IgG anti-GM1 mAb) on spontaneous muscle action potentials in a rat spinal cord-muscle co-culture system and the localization of IgG anti-GM1 mAb binding in the rat hemi-diaphragm. The frequency of spontaneous muscle action potentials in innervated muscle cells was acutely inhibited by IgG anti-GM1 mAb. When c...


Acute brachial neuritis with central pontine and extrapontine myelinolysis in a renal transplant recipient.


Healthcare quality in a fragmented society: the Lebanese model.

Quality of health care is largely dependent on a holistic approach to human person (HP). In Lebanon, the medical field, including neurology, seems to be ignorant to the integrity of the human person. The objective of this study is to provide an insight to the importance of reintegrating the HP in the medical field attempting to offer a basis for scientists interested in carrying out similar research in face of the complete lack of studies in Lebanon. This requires the contribution of various health care sup...


Herpes simplex encephalitis: clinical presentation, neurological sequelae and new prognostic factors. Ten years of experience.

Herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE) is the most important viral encephalitis due to its high mortality and neurological sequelae. The aim of this study was to contribute to better characterise the HSE. We retrospectively analysed patients with a diagnosis of HSE in our hospital during 2000 and 2010. We included those patients who had a positive result for PCR for herpes simplex virus in cerebrospinal fluid and those with a negative result presenting with a consistent clinical and neuroimage profile. We includ...


Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus after cessation of oral prednisone.


Idiopathic late-onset cerebellar ataxia with cerebellar atrophy in a patient diagnosed with Chiari I malformation: a case report.


The importance of neurophysiological assessment in posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome: a case report of an eclamptic woman.


Effects of triptolide on degeneration of dendritic spines induced by Aβ1-40 injection in rat hippocampus.

Although the exact cause of Alzheimer's disease (AD) remains elusive, mounting evidence continues to support the involvement of neuroinflammation in the development of AD. Triptolide isolated from the herb Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F has anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive activities. In this study, we observed the effects of triptolide on dendritic spines of hippocampal neurons in model rats with AD. Thirty male SD rats were randomly divided into control group, AD model group and triptolide-treated g...


Factors of Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (17 items) at 2 weeks correlated with poor outcome at 1 year in patients with ischemic stroke.

There was fewer paper about the relation between the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (17 Items, HDRS-17) factors and stroke outcomes. Our aim was to investigate the influence of total score and factors of HDRS-17 on outcome of ischemic stroke at 1 year. A total of 1,953 patients with acute ischemic stroke were enrolled into a multicentered and prospective cohort study. The HDRS-17 was used to assess symptoms at 2 weeks after ischemic stroke. The Modified Ranking Scale (mRS) scores of 3-6 points and 0-2 p...


Chronic acquired hepatocerebral degeneration, pallidal T1 MRI hyperintensity and manganese in a series of cirrhotic patients.

Chronic acquired hepatocerebral degeneration (CAHD) is a rare neurological disorder of cirrhotic patients, characterized by parkinsonism and cognitive impairment. A T1 hyperintensity on the globus pallidum due to an accumulation of manganese (Mn) is found in these patients. The aim of the study was to investigate CAHD, Mn and the MRI pallidal signal in a series of cirrhotic patients. The association between pallidal T1 hyperintensity, CAHD, and blood levels of Mn, the effect of orthotopic liver transplantat...


Decreased levels and function of circulating endothelial progenitor cells in unruptured intracranial saccular aneurysm patients.

Circulating endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) play a critical role in maintaining endothelial integrity and keeping vascular homeostasis. Previously, we reported that EPCs were involved in repair and remodeling of aneurismal wall. In the present study, we verified this hypothesis by investigating the proliferative ability and count of EPCs in peripheral blood of patients with unruptured intracranial aneurysms (UIAs). Twenty-four patients with UIAs (UIA group) and 24 negative controls (control group) were ...


Pseudo-subarachnoid hemorrhage in cryptococcal meningitis: MRI findings and pathological study.

A pseudo-subarachnoid hemorrhage (pseudo-SAH) is a brain computed tomography (CT) finding that is seen as high-density areas along the basal cisterns, the sylvian vallecula/fissure, the tentorium cerebella, or the cortical sulci, although no SAH is found upon lumbar puncture or at autopsy. There is one report of cryptococcal meningitis presenting as pseudo-SAH, but the explanatory pathology is unknown. A 68-year-old woman with headache, fever, decreased hearing, and decreased vision was admitted to our hosp...


Intra-arterial tissue plasminogen activator and abciximab in patients with acute basilar artery occlusion.

Acute basilar artery occlusion has a poor prognosis and best treatment has not been assessed yet; as for intra-arterial treatment, no "gold standard" exists. We evaluated a series of ten patients treated with intra-arterial combination of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA) and abciximab. Partial/complete recanalisation was achieved in all patients and good outcome (1 month Modified Rankin Scale 0-2) in eight cases, while one patient had symptomatic intracranial haemorrhage and died. Such outco...


Computer protocol for the electrodiagnostic evaluation of patients with suspected median neuropathy at the wrist.

Patients with median entrapment neuropathy at the wrist (MEW) present a large burden to electrodiagnostic (EDx) services. We report here our experience with a computer protocol for EDx standardized evaluation of these patients. The computer program guiding the examiners through the history, focused clinical examination and nerve conduction studies (NCSs), and automatically generating the report was employed in patients with suspected MEW referred to our unit in year 2010. Included were 1,935 patients (3,870...


Insulin resistance: an emerging link in Alzheimer's disease.

Relentless progression of Alzheimer's disease (AD) poses a grave situation for the biomedical community to tackle. Agents starting as hot favorites in clinical trials have failed in later stages and it is time we reconsidered our approaches to intervene the disease. Quite some interesting work in the last decade has introduced a new school of thought which factors in neuronal glycemic imbalance as a major component for the development of AD. Insulin resistance in the brain has brought forward subsequent seq...


Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty for chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency in multiple sclerosis: dichotomy between subjective and objective outcome scores.

Some multiple sclerosis (MS) patients reported an improvement after percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) for chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI), despite the lack of correspondence with objective outcome scores. The objective was to assess neurologic and quality of life scores before and after PTA for CCSVI in an observational study after a self-decided approach. 44 consecutive MS patients (21/23 M/F; median age 43 years, SD 9.8) who underwent PTA were evaluated before endovascular t...


Livedo and ischemic strokes: diagnostic hints of a rare condition.


Association between G2385R and R1628P polymorphism of LRRK2 gene and sporadic Parkinson's disease in a Han-Chinese population in south-eastern China.

The G2385R and R1628P polymorphisms of the leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (LRRK2) gene have been reported to be associated with Parkinson's disease (PD), but no data are available on Han-Chinese population of south-eastern China. This study aimed to investigate whether G2385R and R1628P variants are associated with sporadic PD in this population. Total 1,060 subjects were enrolled; including 550 unrelated healthy controls and 510 patients with sporadic PD. Genotyping of polymorphisms was performed by PCR-rest...


Incidence of epilepsy in Ferrara, Italy.

Few studies have been carried out in the same area at different times, allowing an assessment of the incidence of epilepsy (E.), including all ages, over time. The available data on temporal trend show a decrease in E. incidence in childhood and an increase in the elderly. We sought to update the incidence of E. in the province of Ferrara, where a previous study estimated an incidence rate of 33.1 per 100,000, 35.8, if standardized to the European population. Newly diagnosed patients aged up to 14 years we...


The effect of steroid treatment and thymectomy on bone age and height development in juvenile myasthenia gravis.

Juvenile myasthenia gravis (JMG) is usually associated with growth retardation; however, no data have been published to date in this regard. The goal of this study was to analyze the developmental status of bone age (BA) and height in JMG patients and to subsequently identify the clinical factors, particularly thymectomy, associated with it to guide clinical practice. We conducted a cross-sectional study of 76 JMG patients to examine whether they had abnormalities of height and bone development according to...