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Plant developmental transitions: the role of microRNAs and sugars.

What determines the rate at which a multicellular organism ages is a mystery in biology. In plants the changes in morphological and physiological traits serve as markers for the developmental transitions. Mutant characterizations and genetic analyses in Arabidopsis thaliana delineate an evolutionarily conserved, microRNA156 (miR156)-guided timing mechanism that temporally regulates many aspects of biological processes during development. Recent studies now reveal that sugar metabolites, the products of phot...

Morphometrics, 3D Imaging, and Craniofacial Development.

Recent studies have shown how volumetric imaging and morphometrics can add significantly to our understanding of morphogenesis, the developmental basis for variation, and the etiology of structural birth defects. On the other hand, the complex questions and diverse imaging data in developmental biology present morphometrics with more complex challenges than applications in virtually any other field. Meeting these challenges is necessary in order to understand the mechanistic basis for variation in complex m...

Morpholinos: Antisense and Sensibility.

For over 15 years, antisense morpholino oligonucleotides (MOs) have allowed developmental biologists to make key discoveries regarding developmental mechanisms in numerous model organisms. Recently, serious concerns have been raised as to the specificity of MO effects, and it has been recommended to discontinue their usage, despite the long experience of the scientific community with the MO tool in thousands of studies. Reviewing the many advantages afforded by MOs, we conclude that adequately controlled MO...

Toward a Synthesis of Developmental Biology with Evolutionary Theory and Ecology.

The evolutionary conservation of developmental mechanisms is a truism in biology, but few attempts have been made to integrate development with evolutionary theory and ecology. To work toward such a synthesis, we summarize studies in the nematode model Pristionchus pacificus, focusing on the development of the dauer, a stress-resistant, alternative larval stage. Integrative approaches combining molecular and genetic principles of development with natural variation and ecological studies in wild populations ...

Developmental mechanisms underlying variation in craniofacial disease and evolution.

Craniofacial disease phenotypes exhibit significant variation in penetrance and severity. Although many genetic contributions to phenotypic variation have been identified, genotype-phenotype correlations remain imprecise. Recent work in evolutionary developmental biology has exposed intriguing developmental mechanisms that potentially explain incongruities in genotype-phenotype relationships. This review focuses on two observations from work in comparative and experimental animal model systems that highligh...

Developmental patterns of bilateral asymmetry in ancestral puebloans.

Producing and maintaining a bilaterally symmetric phenotype throughout the lifespan is energetically demanding. Over the course of an individual's life, various intrinsic and external stressors impact the growth trajectory. These perturbations can compromise the allocation of energetic resources to processes that maintain developmental precision, potentially resulting in bilateral asymmetry (BA). Because different stressors are present during the lifespan, BA is a valuable tool for examining the unique fact...

Arabidopsis casein kinase 2 α4 subunit regulates various developmental pathways in a functionally overlapping manner.

Casein kinase 2 (CK2) is an essential and well-conserved Ser/Thr kinase that regulates proteins in a posttranslational manner. CK2 has been shown to affect a large number of developmental processes across eukaryotes. It is a tetrameric protein composed of a dimer of alpha (catalytic) and beta (regulatory) subunit each. In our previous study we showed that three of the four CK2 α subunits in Arabidopsis act in a functionally redundant manner to regulate various developmental pathways. In this study we const...

The future of Evo-Devo: the inaugural meeting of the Pan American Society for evolutionary developmental biology.

What is the future of evolutionary developmental biology? This question and more were discussed at the inaugural meeting for the Pan American Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology, held August 5-9, 2015, in Berkeley, California, USA. More than 300 participants attended the first meeting of the new society, representing the current diversity of Evo-Devo. Speakers came from throughout the Americas, presenting work using an impressive range of study systems, techniques, and approaches. Current researc...


Developmental biology: Nanotubes in the niche.



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Ion Channels in Development and Cancer.

Ion channels have emerged as regulators of developmental processes. In model organisms and in people with mutations in ion channels, disruption of ion channel function can affect cell proliferation, cell migration, and craniofacial and limb patterning. Alterations of ion channel function affect morphogenesis in fish, frogs, mammals, and flies, demonstrating that ion channels have conserved roles in developmental processes. One model suggests that ion channels affect proliferation and migration through chang...

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