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Aircraft noise and speech intelligibility in an outdoor living space.

Studies of effects on speech intelligibility from aircraft noise in outdoor places are currently lacking. To explore these effects, first-order ambisonic recordings of aircraft noise were reproduced outdoors in a pergola. The average background level was 47 dB LA eq. Lists of phonetically balanced words (LAS max,word = 54 dB) were reproduced simultaneously with aircraft passage noise (LAS max,noise = 72-84 dB). Twenty individually tested listeners wrote down each presented word while seated in...


Polarized Imaging Nephelometer for in situ airborne measurements of aerosol light scattering.

Global satellite remote sensing of aerosols requires in situ measurements to enable the calibration and validation of algorithms. In order to improve our understanding of light scattering by aerosol particles, and to enable routine in situ airborne measurements of aerosol light scattering, we have developed an instrument, called the Polarized Imaging Nephelometer (PI-Neph). We designed and built the PI-Neph at the Laboratory for Aerosols, Clouds and Optics (LACO) of the University of Maryland, Baltimore Cou...

Subjective Evaluation of Physical and Mental Workload Interactions across Different Muscle Groups.

ABSTRACT Both physical and mental demands, and their interactions, have shown to increase biomechanical loading and physiological reactivity, as well as impair task performance. Because these interactions have shown to be muscle-dependent, the aim of this study was to determine the sensitivity of the NASA Task Load Index (NASA TLX) and Ratings of Perceived Exertion (RPE) to evaluate physical and mental workload during muscle-specific tasks. Twenty-four participants performed upper extremity and low back exe...

Augmented reality for aircraft maintenance training and operations support.

Recent statistics on causes of aviation accidents and incidents demonstrate that to increase air-transportation safety, we must reduce human errors' impact on operations. So, the industry should first address human factors related to people in stressful roles to significantly minimize such errors. In particular, aviation maintenance employees work under high-pressure conditions- that is, they're under strict time constraints and must adhere to stringent guidelines. Because of such constraints, they might be...


Some health effects of aircraft noise with special reference to shift work.

Aircraft noise is an environmental stressor. A positive relationship exists between noise and high blood pressure. Shift work is an additional hazardous working condition with negative effect on the behavior attitude of workers.

Cancer incidence and mortality among temporary maintenance workers in a refinery/petrochemical complex in Korea.

Background: Petrochemical plant maintenance workers are exposed to various carcinogens such as benzene and metal fumes. In Korea, maintenance operations in petrochemical plants are typically performed by temporary employees hired as contract workers. Objectives: The purpose of this retrospective study was to evaluate cancer risk in temporary maintenance workers in a refinery/petrochemical complex in Korea. Methods: Subjects consisted of 14 698 male workers registered in a regional petrochemical plant mainte...

Federal Investigative Report Questions 340B Contract Pharmacy Programs: Office of Pharmacy Affairs Promises Regulatory Response.

Investigators question 340B contract pharmacy programs.

Experimental evaluation of shark detection rates by aerial observers.

Aerial surveys are a recognised technique to identify the presence and abundance of marine animals. However, the capability of aerial observers to reliably sight coastal sharks has not been previously assessed, nor have differences in sighting rates between aircraft types been examined. In this study we investigated the ability of observers in fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft to sight 2.5 m artificial shark analogues placed at known depths and positions. Initial tests revealed that the shark analogues cou...

Weather features associated with aircraft icing conditions: a case study.

In the context of aviation weather hazards, the study of aircraft icing is very important because of several accidents attributed to it over recent decades. On February 1, 2012, an unusual meteorological situation caused severe icing of a C-212-200, an aircraft used during winter 2011-2012 to study winter cloud systems in the Guadarrama Mountains of the central Iberian Peninsula. Observations in this case were from a MP-3000A microwave radiometric profiler, which acquired atmospheric temperature and humidit...

The application of magnetic measurements for the characterization of atmospheric particulate pollution within the airport environment.

The significant increase in global air travel which has occurred during the last fifty years has generated growing concern regarding the potential impacts associated with increasing emissions of atmospheric particulate matter (PM) on health and the environment. PM within the airport environment may be derived from a range of sources. To date, however, the identification of individual sources of airport derived PM has remained elusive but constitutes a research priority for the aviation industry. The aim of ...

In-Flight Alignment Using H ∞ Filter for Strapdown INS on Aircraft.

In-flight alignment is an effective way to improve the accuracy and speed of initial alignment for strapdown inertial navigation system (INS). During the aircraft flight, strapdown INS alignment was disturbed by lineal and angular movements of the aircraft. To deal with the disturbances in dynamic initial alignment, a novel alignment method for SINS is investigated in this paper. In this method, an initial alignment error model of SINS in the inertial frame is established. The observability of the system is...

Fault tolerant attitude control for small unmanned aircraft systems equipped with an airflow sensor array.

Inspired by sensing strategies observed in birds and bats, a new attitude control concept of directly using real-time pressure and shear stresses has recently been studied. It was shown that with an array of onboard airflow sensors, small unmanned aircraft systems can promptly respond to airflow changes and improve flight performances. In this paper, a mapping function is proposed to compute aerodynamic moments from the real-time pressure and shear data in a practical and computationally tractable formulati...

NASA to Researchers: Sell Your Mission or Be Terminated.

A comprehensive robust adaptive controller for gust load alleviation.

The objective of this paper is the implementation and validation of an adaptive controller for aircraft gust load alleviation. The contribution of this paper is the design of a robust controller that guarantees the reduction of the gust loads, even when the nominal conditions change. Some preliminary results are presented, considering the symmetric aileron deflection as control device. The proposed approach is validated on subsonic transport aircraft for different mass and flight conditions. Moreover, if th...

Maintenance: The Key to Successful Periodontal and Implant Therapy.

The management of periodontal diseases requires an effective treatment and maintenance program, as well as collaboration among clinicians. Having a better understanding of the factors contributing to periodontal maintenance is key. The components of a maintenance program and determining proper intervals ensure that patients increase their chances for maintaining their teeth and implants in an optimal state of health..

Update on the Evidence Regarding Maintenance Therapy.

Maintenance therapy has emerged as a novel therapeutic paradigm for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Maintenance therapy that aims to sustain a clinically favorable state after first-line chemotherapy has two strategies. Switch maintenance therapy entails switching to a new and non-cross-resistant agent in an alternating or sequential manner, on completion of first-line chemotherapy. Continuous maintenance therapy keeps ongoing administration of a component of the current regimen after four to s...


The author has collaborated with NASA astronauts, scientists and engineers since 2006. Manned deep space missions, beyond the Moon’s orbit, are being planned in this post-Shuttle era. The spacecraft required for longer flights will have relatively restricted crew interior volume. To decrease the negative impact of these tight quarters, the author has proposed recruiting smaller astronauts (abbreviated SAs), persons about one-half the height of current near-Earth crewmembers. This includes achondroplastic d...

In the Neighborhood: Metabolic Outcomes among Residents Exposed to Aircraft Noise.

Evacuation pattern analysis of a survivable commercial aircraft crash.

Planetary science. NASA planners gear up for martian sample return.

Frequency of Interactions and Hand Disinfections among Anesthesiologists While Providing Anesthesia Care in the Operating Room: Induction versus Maintenance.

We evaluated the behaviors of anesthesiologists during induction and maintenance of anesthesia. Contacts with surfaces occurred a mean (±standard error) of 154.8 ± 7.7 and 60 ± 3.1 times per hour during induction and maintenance, respectively (P < .0001). Hand hygiene events were 1.8 ± 0.27 per hour during induction versus 1.19 ± 0.27 during maintenance (P = .018).

Maintenance therapy in ovarian cancer.

Targeted therapies are being used as maintenance therapy to improve the outcome of ovarian cancer following standard treatment in the first-line setting and in recurrent disease. We review the different approaches being used, trial design, and the impact of maintenance treatment on survival and quality of life.

Reproductive Tissue and Contract.

Safety, Feasibility, and Efficacy of Capecitabine Maintenance in Patients With Advanced Gastric Cancer: A Retrospective Study.

Gastric cancer is still one of the cancers with highest mortality. Most patients present with advanced-stage disease. Palliative chemotherapy is usually the only treatment option for patients with advanced gastric cancer (AGC). Maintenance chemotherapy is an evolving concept in medical oncology. Maintenance chemotherapy can be administered with the same drug(s) in the initial regimen or with an alternative agent. In this article, we report our experience with capecitabine as a maintenance agent for patients...

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