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Changes in the Mean Hearing Threshold Levels in Military Aircraft Maintenance Conscripts.

Aircraft maintenance crews are constantly exposed to severe aircraft noise. The purpose of this study was to verify whether noise from aircraft, adversely affects the hearing threshold levels (HTLs) of aircraft maintenance conscripts during the 2 years of their mandatory military service. This study included 3,000 male aircraft maintenance conscripts who work in the military runway area. We measured and analyzed HTLs at 2-4 kHz. The duration of exposure to noise increased with an increase in rank, however...

Airport take-off noise assessment aimed at identify responsible aircraft classes.

Assessment of aircraft noise is an important task of nowadays airports in order to fight environmental noise pollution given the recent discoveries on the exposure negative effects on human health. Noise monitoring and estimation around airports mostly use aircraft noise signals only for computing statistical indicators and depends on additional data sources so as to determine required inputs such as the aircraft class responsible for noise pollution. In this sense, the noise monitoring and estimation syste...

Bacteria that Travel: The Quality of Aircraft Water.

The travelling population is increasing globally year on year. International tourist arrival figures reached 1087 million in 2013 and 1133 million in 2014; of which 53% and 54% respectively accounted for air transport. The water on board aircraft is sourced from surface or ground water; piped to a central filling point and distributed to each aircraft by water service vehicles at the home base or at the destination airport. The purpose of this study was to ascertain the microbial, chemical (pH; Total and Fr...

Challenges facing NHS dental contract reforms: Pilot exit.

This article covers the move forwards from pilot to prototype in the National Health Service (NHS) dental contract reform in England. The current status of the pilot and prototype schemes are summarised and some of the challenges for those practices who will be exiting the pilots discussed.

Accident-precipitating factors for crashes in turbine-powered general aviation aircraft.

General aviation (14CFR Part 91) accounts for 83% of civil aviation fatalities. While much research has focused on accident causes/pilot demographics in this aviation sector, studies to identify factors leading up to the crash (accident-precipitating factors) are few. Such information could inform on pre-emptive remedial action. With this in mind and considering the paucity of research on turbine-powered aircraft accidents the study objectives were to identify accident-precipitating factors and determine if...

Missing Aircraft Crash Sites and Spatial Relationships to the Last Radar Fix.

Few studies have examined the spatial characteristics of missing aircraft in actual distress. No previous studies have looked at the distance from the last radar plot to the crash site. The purpose of this study was to characterize this distance and then identify environmental and flight characteristics that might be used to predict the spatial relationship and, therefore, aid search and rescue planners.

Wearable Accelerometers in High Performance Jet Aircraft.

Wearable accelerometers have become ubiquitous in the fields of exercise physiology and ambulatory hospital settings. However, these devices have yet to be validated in extreme operational environments. The objective of this study was to correlate the gravitational forces (G forces) detected by wearable accelerometers with the G forces detected by high performance aircraft.

Cooperation driven coherence: Brains working hard together.

The current study aims to look at the difference in coupling of EEG activity of participant pairs while they perform a cooperative, concurrent, independent yet different task at high and low difficulty levels. Participants performed the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) designed Multi-Attribute Task Battery (MATB-II) task which simulates a pilot and copilot operating an aircraft. Each participant in the pair was responsible for 2 out of 4 subtasks which were independent and different from...

Airborne measurements of organosulfates over the continental U.S.

Organosulfates are important secondary organic aerosol (SOA) components and good tracers for aerosol heterogeneous reactions. However, the knowledge of their spatial distribution, formation conditions, and environmental impact is limited. In this study, we report two organosulfates, an isoprene-derived isoprene epoxydiols (IEPOX) (2,3-epoxy-2-methyl-1,4-butanediol) sulfate and a glycolic acid (GA) sulfate, measured using the NOAA Particle Analysis Laser Mass Spectrometer (PALMS) on board the NASA DC8 aircra...

Quality of Life in Patients with NSCLC Receiving Maintenance Therapy.

In the past few years many trials have evaluated the use of maintenance therapy in the treatment of NSCLC stage IV. Both switch as well as continuation maintenance show an improved PFS and overall survival. HRQoL data was only partially published. The aim of this article is to review the published effects of maintenance therapy on HRQoL.

The U.S. Public׳s Investment in Medical Research: An Evolving Social Contract.

Medical researchers and their institutions are operating under extraordinary financial stress. More than a decade after completion of the 5-year doubling of the National Institutes of Health budget, the medical research community must confront a significant loss in National Institutes of Health purchasing power and downward pressures in federal discretionary spending. In part, this trend results from a federal budget stalemate over the growth in entitlement programs, particularly spending on medical care. T...

Partnership Negotiations: Innovation for Nurse Contract Negotiations During Turbulent Times.

Health care delivery is undergoing rapid change, with frontline nurses at the epicenter. A mind-set requiring innovative collaboration, creativity, flexibility, and openness to new care delivery models is necessary. This article describes an innovative approach to modern world contract negotiations in a 371-bed university-affiliated hospital. The nurses' contract negotiations were scheduled to begin 6 months after a layoff affected nurses and other caregivers. Concurrently, a strike was underway at a hospit...

Pollutant exposures and health symptoms in aircrew and office workers: Is there a link?

Sensory effects in eyes and airways are common symptoms reported by aircraft crew and office workers. Neurological symptoms, such as headache, have also been reported. To assess the commonality and differences in exposures and health symptoms, a literature search of aircraft cabin and office air concentrations of non-reactive volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ozone-initiated terpene reaction products were compiled and assessed. Data for tricresyl phosphates, in particular tri-ortho-cresyl phosphate (ToC...

Evaluating Bone Loss in ISS Astronauts.

The measurement of bone mineral density (BMD) by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) is the Medical Assessment Test used at the NASA Johnson Space Center to evaluate whether prolonged exposure to spaceflight increases the risk for premature osteoporosis in International Space Station (ISS) astronauts. The DXA scans of crewmembers' BMD during the first decade of the ISS existence showed precipitous declines in BMD for the hip and spine after the typical 6-mo missions. However, a concern exists that skelet...

Correction: Ubiquity and Diversity of Heterotrophic Bacterial nasA Genes in Diverse Marine Environments.

[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0117473.].

Preserving the Social Contract of Health Care-A Call to Action.

News of police brutality toward minorities in urban centers has become so commonplace that it seems to echo indifference over anger. Yet, protesters and other activists across the country, including ones in Baltimore, Maryland, this past May, embody a visceral discontent with the breach of the social contract between law enforcement and the communities they serve. These episodes of violence only fuel the fire of mistrust among underserved, minority groups and are painful reminders of generations of poor soc...

Airborne aldehydes in cabin-air of commercial aircraft: Measurement by HPLC with UV absorbance detection of 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazones.

This paper presents the strategy and results of in-flight measurements of airborne aldehydes during normal operation and reported "smell events" on commercial aircraft. The aldehyde-measurement is a part of a large-scale study on cabin-air quality. The aims of this study were to describe cabin-air quality in general and to detect chemical abnormalities during the so-called "smell-events". Adsorption and derivatization of airborne aldehydes on 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine coated silica gel (DNPH-cartridge) was...

New consultant contract will exclude "opt-out" for weekend working, says government.

Junior doctors will not re-enter contract negotiations with government.

Seven in 10 junior doctors will leave NHS if new contract is imposed, survey finds.

Near-Field Characterization of Methane Emission Variability from a Compressor Station Using a Model Aircraft.

A model aircraft equipped with a custom laser-based, open-path methane sensor was deployed around a natural gas compressor station to quantify the methane leak rate and its variability at a compressor station in the Barnett Shale. The open-path, laser-based sensor provides fast (10 Hz) and precise (0.1 ppmv) measurements of methane in a compact package while the remote control aircraft provides nimble and safe operation around a local source. Emission rates were measured from 22 flights over a one-week peri...

KEPLER Mission: development and overview.

The Kepler Mission is a space observatory launched in 2009 by NASA to monitor 170 000 stars over a period of four years to determine the frequency of Earth-size and larger planets in and near the habitable zone of Sun-like stars, the size and orbital distributions of these planets, and the types of stars they orbit. Kepler is the tenth in the series of NASA Discovery Program missions that are competitively-selected, PI-directed, medium-cost missions. The Mission concept and various instrument prototypes w...

Preference for Brand-Name Buprenorphine is related to Severity of Addiction among Outpatients in Opioid Maintenance Treatment.

As a form of opioid maintenance treatment, high-dose buprenorphine is increasingly widely used in the USA. On the French market since 1996, it is the most commonly prescribed and frequently employed opioid maintenance treatment. For unknown reasons, the brand-name form is used far more often than the generic form (76%-24%).

The influence of spatial barriers on the ingress/egress movement toward an aircraft seat for persons with reduced mobility: a preliminary study.

Counterpoints: Do patients with multiple myeloma need maintenance treatment? No, maintenance treatment should not be used outside clinical trials.

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