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Tips for a Physician in Getting the Right Job, Part XXI: Introduction to Contract Negotiations.

Those physicians who have excellent job prospects, and preferably have more than one offer, may wish to try to negotiate better terms for their employment contract than was initially offered. However, any negotiation must be done in a friendly, polite, and professional manner. This article gives many tips regarding contract negotiations. However, the employment contract should be discussed with the job seeker's family and attorney before signing it.

Tips for a Physician in Getting the Right Job, Part XXII: More on Contract Negotiations.

This article discusses contract negotiations on multiple issues including bonuses, restrictive covenants, and fringe benefits. However, the job seeker should be very careful about attempting to negotiate what is already a very good contract if he/she does not have alternative employment opportunities or is not a very strong candidate. In addition, often more important than the contract is the character of the people the job seeker would be working for. If the employers do not seem to be honorable, it is usu...


Polarized Imaging Nephelometer for in situ airborne measurements of aerosol light scattering.

Global satellite remote sensing of aerosols requires in situ measurements to enable the calibration and validation of algorithms. In order to improve our understanding of light scattering by aerosol particles, and to enable routine in situ airborne measurements of aerosol light scattering, we have developed an instrument, called the Polarized Imaging Nephelometer (PI-Neph). We designed and built the PI-Neph at the Laboratory for Aerosols, Clouds and Optics (LACO) of the University of Maryland, Baltimore Cou...

Health providers' perspectives on delivering public health services under the contract service policy in rural China: evidence from Xinjian County.

To effectively provide public health care for rural residents, the Ministry of Health formally unveiled the contract service policy in rural China in April 2013. As the counterpart to family medicine in some developed countries, the contract service established a compact between village doctors and local governments and a service agreement between doctors and their patients. This study is a rare attempt to explore the perspectives of health providers on the contract service policy, and investigate the deman...

Evaluation and mechanism for outcomes exploration of providing public health care in contract service in Rural China: a multiple-case study with complex adaptive systems design.

The Chinese government has increased the funding for public health in 2009 and experimentally applied a contract service policy (could be seen as a counterpart to family medicine) in 15 counties to promote public health services in the rural areas in 2013. The contract service aimed to convert village doctors, who had privately practiced for decades, into general practitioners under the government management, and better control the rampant chronic diseases. This study made a rare attempt to assess the effec...

A New MEMS Gyroscope Used for Single-Channel Damping.

The silicon micromechanical gyroscope, which will be introduced in this paper, represents a novel MEMS gyroscope concept. It is used for the damping of a single-channel control system of rotating aircraft. It differs from common MEMS gyroscopes in that does not have a drive structure, itself, and only has a sense structure. It is installed on a rotating aircraft, and utilizes the aircraft spin to make its sensing element obtain angular momentum. When the aircraft is subjected to an angular rotation, a perio...

Biohydrogen production from industrial wastewaters.

The feasibility of producing hydrogen from various industrial wastes, such as vinasses (sugar and tequila industries), and raw and physicochemical-treated wastewater from the plastic industry and toilet aircraft wastewater, was evaluated. The results showed that the tequila vinasses presented the maximum hydrogen generation potential, followed by the raw plastic industry wastewater, aircraft wastewater, and physicochemical-treated wastewater from the plastic industry and sugar vinasses, respectively. The hy...

Challenges facing NHS dental contract reforms: Pilot exit.

This article covers the move forwards from pilot to prototype in the National Health Service (NHS) dental contract reform in England. The current status of the pilot and prototype schemes are summarised and some of the challenges for those practices who will be exiting the pilots discussed.

ACO contracting with private and public payers: a baseline comparative analysis.

Objectives The accountable care organization (ACO) model is currently being pursued by private insurers, as well as federal and state governments. Little is known, however, about the prevalence of private payer ACO contracts and the characteristics of contract structures or how these compare with public ACO contracts. Study Design and Methods Cross-sectional analysis of the National Survey of Accountable Care Organizations (n = 173) on ACO contracts with public and private payers and private payer contract ...

The application of magnetic measurements for the characterization of atmospheric particulate pollution within the airport environment.

The significant increase in global air travel which has occurred during the last fifty years has generated growing concern regarding the potential impacts associated with increasing emissions of atmospheric particulate matter (PM) on health and the environment. PM within the airport environment may be derived from a range of sources. To date, however, the identification of individual sources of airport derived PM has remained elusive but constitutes a research priority for the aviation industry. The aim of ...

Ubiquity and Diversity of Heterotrophic Bacterial nasA Genes in Diverse Marine Environments.

Nitrate uptake by heterotrophic bacteria plays an important role in marine N cycling. However, few studies have investigated the diversity of environmental nitrate assimilating bacteria (NAB). In this study, the diversity and biogeographical distribution of NAB in several global oceans and particularly in the western Pacific marginal seas were investigated using both cultivation and culture-independent molecular approaches. Phylogenetic analyses based on 16S rRNA and nasA (encoding the large subunit of the ...

Quality of Life in Patients with NSCLC Receiving Maintenance Therapy.

In the past few years many trials have evaluated the use of maintenance therapy in the treatment of NSCLC stage IV. Both switch as well as continuation maintenance show an improved PFS and overall survival. HRQoL data was only partially published. The aim of this article is to review the published effects of maintenance therapy on HRQoL.

Maintenance: The Key to Successful Periodontal and Implant Therapy.

The management of periodontal diseases requires an effective treatment and maintenance program, as well as collaboration among clinicians. Having a better understanding of the factors contributing to periodontal maintenance is key. The components of a maintenance program and determining proper intervals ensure that patients increase their chances for maintaining their teeth and implants in an optimal state of health..

Fault tolerant attitude control for small unmanned aircraft systems equipped with an airflow sensor array.

Inspired by sensing strategies observed in birds and bats, a new attitude control concept of directly using real-time pressure and shear stresses has recently been studied. It was shown that with an array of onboard airflow sensors, small unmanned aircraft systems can promptly respond to airflow changes and improve flight performances. In this paper, a mapping function is proposed to compute aerodynamic moments from the real-time pressure and shear data in a practical and computationally tractable formulati...

Review of NASA Approach to Space Radiation Risk Assessments for Mars Exploration.

Long duration space missions present unique radiation protection challenges due to the complexity of the space radiation environment, which includes high charge and energy particles and other highly ionizing radiation such as neutrons. Based on a recommendation by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, a 3% lifetime risk of exposure-induced death for cancer has been used as a basis for risk limitation by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for low-Earth orbit mis...

Demographic characteristics and clinical predictors of patients discharged from university hospital-affiliated pain clinic due to breach in narcotic use contract.

The current retrospective study was completed with the aim to identify demographic characteristics and clinical predictors (if any) of the patients discharged from our pain clinic due to breach in narcotic use contract (BNUC).


Aircrew members and passengers are exposed to increased rates of cosmic radiation on-board commercial jet aircraft. The annual effective doses of crew members often exceed limits for public, thus it is recommended to monitor them. In general, the doses are estimated via various computer codes and in some countries also verified by measurements. This paper describes a comparison of three cosmic rays detectors, namely of the (a) HAWK Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter; (b) Liulin semiconductor energy depo...

Buprenorphine Maintenance vs. Methadone Maintenance or Placebo for Opioid Use Disorder.


The author has collaborated with NASA astronauts, scientists and engineers since 2006. Manned deep space missions, beyond the Moon’s orbit, are being planned in this post-Shuttle era. The spacecraft required for longer flights will have relatively restricted crew interior volume. To decrease the negative impact of these tight quarters, the author has proposed recruiting smaller astronauts (abbreviated SAs), persons about one-half the height of current near-Earth crewmembers. This includes achondroplastic d...

Safety, Feasibility, and Efficacy of Capecitabine Maintenance in Patients With Advanced Gastric Cancer: A Retrospective Study.

Gastric cancer is still one of the cancers with highest mortality. Most patients present with advanced-stage disease. Palliative chemotherapy is usually the only treatment option for patients with advanced gastric cancer (AGC). Maintenance chemotherapy is an evolving concept in medical oncology. Maintenance chemotherapy can be administered with the same drug(s) in the initial regimen or with an alternative agent. In this article, we report our experience with capecitabine as a maintenance agent for patients...

Modeling Flight Attendants' Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in Commercial Aircraft: Historical Trends from 1955 to 1989.

Flight attendants were exposed to elevated levels of secondhand smoke (SHS) in commercial aircraft when smoking was allowed on planes. During flight attendants' working years, their occupational SHS exposure was influenced by various factors, including the prevalence of active smokers on planes, fliers' smoking behaviors, airplane flight load factors, and ventilation systems. These factors have likely changed over the past six decades and would affect SHS concentrations in commercial aircraft. However, chan...

Near-Field Characterization of Methane Emission Variability from a Compressor Station Using a Model Aircraft.

A model aircraft equipped with a custom laser-based, open-path methane sensor was deployed around a natural gas compressor station to quantify the methane leak rate and its variability at a compressor station in the Barnett Shale. The open-path, laser-based sensor provides fast (10 Hz) and precise (0.1 ppmv) measurements of methane in a compact package while the remote control aircraft provides nimble and safe operation around a local source. Emission rates were measured from 22 flights over a one-week peri...

Contract awarded for postmortem examination services in Wales.

The foam roll as a tool to improve hamstring flexibility.

Although foam rolling is a common myofascial therapy used to increase range of motion (ROM), research is limited on the effectiveness of foam rolling on soft tissue extensibility. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of a four week training period of the foam roll method on hamstring flexibility. Furthermore, the study was designed to compare the effectiveness of the foam roll myofascial release with a conventional contract-relax PNF stretching method and a control group. Forty healthy males (a...

Private firms enlisted to cut waiting lists for tests and surgery in £780m contract.


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