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Monitoring the Paraguayan epidemiological dengue surveillance system (2009-2011) using Benford's law.

Dengue is the most widespread arbovirus worldwide. In Paraguay, it reappeared in 1988-1989, with one of the largest epidemic outbreaks occurring in 2011.

Surveillance for Silicosis - Michigan and New Jersey, 2003-2011.

CDC's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), state health departments, and other state entities maintain a state-based surveillance program of confirmed silicosis cases. Data on confirmed cases are collected and compiled by state entities and submitted to CDC. This report summarizes information for cases of silicosis that were reported to CDC for 2003-2011 by Michigan and New Jersey, the only states that continue to provide data voluntarily to NIOSH. The data for this report were fin...

Case-control study on the use of pituitary-derived hormones from sheep as a potential risk factor for the occurrence of atypical scrapie in Great Britain.

A case-control study was conducted in 2013 to investigate the use of pituitary-derived hormones from sheep as a potential risk factor for the presence of atypical scrapie in Great Britain sheep holdings. One hundred and sixty-five holdings were identified as cases. Two equal sets of controls were selected: no case of scrapie and cases of classical scrapie. A total of 495 holdings were selected for the questionnaire survey, 201 responses were received and 190 (38.3 per cent) were suitable for analysis. The v...

Errata: Vol. 66, No. SS-5.

In the Surveillance Summary "Health-Related Behaviors by Urban-Rural County Classification - United States, 2013," errors occurred in Table 1 and Table 2. On page 5, in Table 1, under the Micropolitan column, the 95% CI values should have been (75.7-77.3) for the current nonsmoking row and (29.8-31.4) for the maintaining normal body weight row; under the Noncore column, the 95% CI values should have been (74.0-75.9) for the current nonsmoking row, (28.0-29.8) for the maintaining body weight row, and (45.7-4...

A survey on table tolerances and couch overrides in radiotherapy.

The purpose of this study was to survey current departmental policies on treatment couch overrides and the values of table tolerances used clinically. A 25-question electronic survey on couch overrides and tolerances was sent to full members of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM). The first part of the survey asked participants if table overrides were allowed at their institution, who was allowed to perform these overrides, and if imaging was required with overrides. The second part of...

Development of a suspension type sliding planar motion table using magnetic fluid lubrication.

A sliding planar motion table system that can be used for the lens driving actuator of a laser cutting machine was developed. The system uses magnetic fluid as the lubricant to avoid the leakage of lubricating oil under the table and reduce environmental pollution. The motion table is suspended from the guide surface by an attractive force generated by electromagnets to reduce the contact and frictional forces between the table and the guide surface. The table is capable of movement in one rotational and tw...

Postpartum Depression Among Somali Women in Norway.

Postpartum depression (PPD) has been described as the most common complication experienced postpartum, affecting about 10-15 % of all new mothers. Factors like a history of mental illness, and experienced recent adverse life events has been associated with an increased risk for developing PPD. Immigrant women in Western countries have been found to have a marked higher prevalence of PPD compared to the general population. In Norway the prevalence of PPD in the general population has been found to be aroun...

Production of hydroxyl radicals from Fe(II) oxygenation induced by groundwater table fluctuations in a sand column.

Natural and artificial processes often cause the fluctuation of groundwater table, inducing the interaction of O2 from the unsaturated zone with reduced components such as Fe(II) from the saturated zone. In light of previous findings that hydroxyl radicals (OH) can be produced from Fe(II) oxygenation, we hypothesize that OH could be produced during groundwater table fluctuations. Therefore, this study aims to measure the production of OH during water table fluctuations in a simulated sand column. Deoxygenat...

Fast computer generated hologram calculation with a mini look-up table incorporated with radial symmetric interpolation.

The amount of heavy computation in Computer Generated Hologram (CGH) can be significantly reduced by pre-computing look-up tables. However, the huge memory usage of look-up tables is a major challenge. To address this problem, the Look-up tables can be efficiently compressed by methods such as radial symmetric interpolation. In this paper, we notice that there is still data redundancy in the look-up table of radial symmetric interpolation method and the table size can be further compressed to 5%-10% or even...

A Gusseted Thermogradient Table to Control Soil Temperatures for Evaluating Plant Growth and Monitoring Soil Processes.

Thermogradient tables were first developed in the 1950s primarily to test seed germination over a range of temperatures simultaneously without using a series of incubators. A temperature gradient is passively established across the surface of the table between the heated and cooled ends and is lost quickly at distances above the surface. Since temperature is only controlled on the table surface, experiments are restricted to shallow containers, such as Petri dishes, placed on the table. Welding continuous a...

Do organizational constraints explain the use of restraint? A comparative ethnographic study from three nursing homes in Norway.

To investigate; a) what kind of restraint is used in three nursing homes in Norway, and b) how staff use restraint under what organizational conditions.

African Swine Fever Epidemic, Poland, 2014-2015.

In Poland, African swine fever (ASF) emerged in February 2014; by August 2015, the virus had been detected in >130 wild boar and in pigs in 3 backyard holdings. We evaluated ASF spread in Poland during these 18 months. Phylogenetic analysis indicated repeated incursions of genetically distinct ASF viruses of genotype II; the number of cases positively correlated wild boar density; and disease spread was very slow. More cases were reported during summer than autumn. The 18-month prevalence of ASF in areas un...

SU-G-TeP2-04: Comprehensive Machine Isocenter Evaluation with Separation of Gantry, Collimator, and Table Variables.

To develop and demonstrate application of a method that characterizes deviation of linac x-ray beams from the centroid of the volumetric radiation isocenter as a function of gantry, collimator, and table variables.

The Sharing Experimental Animal Resources, Coordinating Holdings (SEARCH) Framework: Encouraging Reduction, Replacement, and Refinement in Animal Research.

While significant medical breakthroughs have been achieved through using animal models, our experience shows that often there is surplus material remaining that is frequently never revisited but could be put to good use by other scientists. Recognising that most scientists are willing to share this material on a collaborative basis, it makes economic, ethical, and academic sense to explore the option to utilise this precious resource before generating new/additional animal models and associated samples. To ...

Epidemiological and Virological Characteristics of Influenza in Chongqing, China, 2011-2015.

Chongqing is the largest municipality and located in Southwestern of China, with over 30 million registered inhabitants. There are few reports regarding the epidemiology of influenza in Chongqing. The objective of the paper is to explore the epidemiology of influenza in Chongqing, in order to provide scientific basis for prevention and control of influenza.

Myeloproliferative neoplasms: Trends in incidence, prevalence, and survival in Norway.

Polycythemia vera (PV), essential thrombocythemia (ET) and myelofibrosis (MF) are clonal disorders collectively named myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN). Published data on epidemiology of MPN after the discovery of the JAK2 mutation and the 2008 WHO classifications, are scarce. We aimed to study the incidence rates, prevalence and survival of MPN in Norway during the period 1993-2012.

HIV Drug Resistance in Antiretroviral Treatment-Naïve Individuals in the Largest Public Hospital in Nicaragua, 2011-2015.

Increasing HIV pre-treatment drug resistance (PDR) levels have been observed in regions with increasing antiretroviral treatment (ART) coverage. However, data is lacking for several low/middle-income countries. We present the first PDR survey in Nicaragua since ART introduction in the country in 2003.

Modelling the effects of stranding on the Atlantic salmon population in the Dale River, Norway.

Rapid dewatering in rivers as a consequence of hydropower operations may cause stranding of juvenile fish and have a negative impact on fish populations. We implemented stranding into an Atlantic salmon population model in order to evaluate long-term effects on the population in the Dale River, Western Norway. Furthermore, we assessed the sensitivity of the stranding model to dewatered area in comparison to biological parameters, and compared different methods for calculating wetted area, the main abiotic i...

The use of treatment table COMEX 30 for severe neurological decompression sickness Decompression sickness (DCS) can occur after all dives. It often requires treatment in a pressure chamber. DCS with symptoms from the nervous system is particularly serious. In certain cases, the commonly used recompression table (USN TT6) does not suffice to revert severe neurological symptoms. A more advanced recompression table, COMEX 30, can be utilized in these cases. We report three cases of DCS where treatment accordin...

Ethnic differences in the incidence of cancer in Norway.

Traditionally there have been differences in cancer incidence across geographic regions. When immigrants have moved from low-income to high-income countries, their incidence have changed as they have adapted to the lifestyle in the new host country. Given worldwide changes in lifestyle factors over time, we decided to examine cancer incidence in immigrant groups in Norway, a country with a recent immigration history, complete cancer registration and universal public health care. We linked immigration histor...

An Appraisal of Decomposition Cases Received at the Johannesburg Forensic Pathology Service Medico-legal Mortuary During 2010-2011.

Decomposed bodies pose many questions for researchers regarding environmental effects, cause of death, and patterns. This study aimed to observe the factors associated with decomposed bodies autopsied at the Johannesburg Forensic Pathology Service Medico-legal Mortuary. A total of 4876 autopsies were conducted from 2010 to 2011, of which 109 were decomposed. Black individuals made up the largest proportion (67%) followed by White (26%). Males comprised 86.2%, while 12.8% were female. The mean age was 42.78 ...

High birth weight and perinatal mortality among siblings: A register based study in Norway, 1967-2011.

Perinatal mortality according to birth weight has an inverse J-pattern. Our aim was to estimate the influence of familial factors on this pattern, applying a cohort sibling design. We focused on excess mortality among macrosomic infants (>2 SD above the mean) and hypothesized that the birth weight-mortality association could be explained by confounding shared family factors. We also estimated how the participant's deviation from mean sibling birth weight influenced the association.

Arctocypris fuhrmanni, n. gen., n. sp. (Crustacea, Ostracoda, Eucypridinae) from Spitsbergen (Norway).

Material from Spitsbergen (Norway) collected by Spitzenberger (1996) was reinvestigated. A new genus Arctocypris and a new species Arctocypris. fuhrmanni n. gen. n. sp. are described in the present paper. A key to the genera of the subfamily Eucypridinae is provided. At the moment Arctocypris n. gen. comprises four species: Arctocypris arctica (Olofsson, 1918) comb. nov.; A. dulcifons (Diebel & Pietrzeniuk, 1969) comb. nov.; A. foveata (Delorme, 1968) comb. nov. and Arctocypris fuhrmanni n. gen., n. sp.

Biophenols from table olive cv Bella di Cerignola: chemical characterization, bioaccessibility and intestinal absorption.

In this study, the naturally debittered table olives cv Bella di Cerignola, were studied in order to: i) characterize their phenolic composition; ii) evaluate the polyphenols bioaccessibility; iii) assess their absorption and transport, across Caco2/TC7. LC-MS/MS analysis has confirmed the presence of hydroxytyrosol acetate, caffeoyl-6'-secologanoside and comselogoside. In vitro bioaccessibility ranged from 7% of luteolin to 100% of tyrosol, highlighting the flavonoids sensitivity to the digestive condition...

Tilt table testing to diagnose pseudosyncope in the pediatric population.

Pseudosyncope can be difficult to distinguish from true syncope. Often, pediatric patients with pseudosyncope undergo multiple tests and referrals before the appropriate diagnosis is reached. The purpose is to describe the utility of the head-up tilt table test to elicit the diagnosis of pseudosyncope in the pediatric population.

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