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11:28 EDT 17th April 2014 | BioPortfolio

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Effect of Two Different Superstrate Layers On Bismuth Titanate (BiT) Array Antennas.

The microwave industry has shown increasing interest in electronic ceramic material (ECM) due to its advantages, such as light weight, low cost, low loss, and high dielectric strength. In this paper, simple antennas covered by superstrate layers for 2.30 GHz to 2.50 GHz are proposed. The antennas are compact and have the capability of producing high performance in terms of gain, directivity, and radiation efficiency. Bismuth titanate with high dielectric constant of 21, was utilized as the ECM, while th...

Scanning Droplet Cell for Chemoselective Patterning through Local Electroactivation of Protected Quinone Monolayers.

A reagentless strategy for template-free patterning of uniformly inert surfaces is suggested. A layer of p-hydroquinone (HQ) protected by the tert-butyldimethylsilyl (TBDMS) group is electrografted onto glassy carbon electrodes. Chemoselective activation is performed through electrochemically controlled cleavage of the TBDMS group, which yields the redox-active surface-confined quinone moieties. The latter are shown to undergo electrochemically induced Michael addition, which serves for subsequent functiona...

Novel Wideband MIMO Antennas That Can Cover the Whole LTE Spectrum in Handsets and Portable Computers.

A dual resonant antenna configuration is developed for multistandard multifunction mobile handsets and portable computers. Only two wideband resonant antennas can cover most of the LTE spectrums in portable communication equipment. The bandwidth that can be covered by each antenna exceeds 70% without using any matching or tuning circuits, with efficiencies that reach 80%. Thus, a dual configuration of them is capable of covering up to 39 LTE (4G) bands besides the existing 2G and 3G bands. 2 × 2 MIMO confi...


Precisely Patterning Graphene Sheets through a Liquid-Bridge Induced Strategy.

A liquid-bridge induced precisely positioning strategy for graphene patterning is reported. Owing to well-defined assembly of graphene, a flexible bending-sensitive circuit is generated, allowing electrons to stop/pass this graphene-based circuit depending on mechanical pressing/relaxing. The present approach may advance existing applications of patterning graphene in the optical/electronic industry.

Prevalence, distribution and transfer of small β-lactamase-containing plasmids in Swedish Haemophilus influenzae.

The β-lactamase genes of Haemophilus influenzae are commonly positioned on large integrative and conjugative elements, but a group of blaTEM-carrying small plasmids (4000-6000 bp) with a common structural backbone have recently been characterized. In this study we investigated the epidemiological significance and potential for transfer of this group of small plasmids.

Spatially controlled fabrication of a bright fluorescent nanodiamond-array with enhanced far-red Si-V luminescence.

We demonstrate a novel approach to precisely pattern fluorescent nanodiamond-arrays with enhanced far-red intense photostable luminescence from silicon-vacancy (Si-V) defect centers. The precision-patterned pre-growth seeding of nanodiamonds is achieved by a scanning probe 'dip-pen' nanolithography technique using electrostatically driven transfer of nanodiamonds from 'inked' cantilevers to a UV-treated hydrophilic SiO2 substrate. The enhanced emission from nanodiamond dots in the far-red is achieved by inc...

Direct Imaging of siRNA Electrotransfer at the Single-Cell Level.

Short interfering RNAs (siRNAs) represent new potential therapeutic tools owing to their capacity to induce strong, sequence-specific, gene silencing in cells. Electropulsation is one of the physical methods successfully used to transfer siRNA into living cells in vitro and in vivo. Although this approach is proved to be effective for silencing gene expression by RNA interference, very little is known about the basic processes supporting siRNA transfer. In this study, we investigated, by direct visualizatio...

Photo-generated THz antennas.

Electromagnetic resonances in conducting structures give rise to the enhancement of local fields and extinction efficiencies. Conducting structures are conventionally fabricated with a fixed geometry that determines their resonant response. Here, we challenge this conventional approach by demonstrating the photo-generation of THz linear antennas on a flat semiconductor layer by the structured optical illumination through a spatial light modulator. Free charge carriers are photo-excited only on selected area...

SigHunt: Horizontal Gene Transfer Finder Optimized for Eukaryotic Genomes.

Genomic islands are DNA fragments incorporated into a genome through horizontal gene transfer (also called lateral gene transfer), often with functions novel for a given organism. While methods for their detection are well researched in prokaryotes, the complexity of eukaryotic genomes makes direct utilization of these methods unreliable and so labour-intensive phylogenetic searches are employed instead.

Patterning of Polymeric Cell Culture Substrates.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide a summary of polymer patterning technologies for biological applications and detailed instructions for resist-free deep ultraviolet (UV) patterning of poly(styrene). Photochemical modifications of this polymer yield unstable peroxides together with stable oxidized chemical groups. The altered physicochemical properties of the polymer surface influence protein adsorption and cell adhesion. HepG2 (human hepatoma cell line), fibroblasts (L929, murine fibroblast line),...

Surface Microfluidic Patterning and Transporting Organic Small Molecules.

A microfluidic method is developed to pattern organic small molecules directly in air. When heated to above its melting point, a powder melts into liquid drops which propagate along the pattern area. The method can further be applied to transport other dye molecules, to create multicolored patterns in one step. The fluorescence microscopy image shows rhodamine B (red), fluorescein (green), and calcein blue (blue) doped N-ethyl-d-glucamine on 100-μm Au lines.

Methods for retrovirus-mediated gene transfer to tumor cells.

The past several years have seen a renewed interest in active immunotherapy approaches for the treatment of human tumors because of the exciting findings learned from preclinical studies employing genetically altered tumor vaccines. Many clinical protocols are currently being conducted using several different genetic approaches for augmenting antitumor immune responses. These include: 1. Ex vivo gene transfer of cytokine genes into tumor cells. 2. Ex vivo gene transfer of suicide genes into tumor cells with...

One-Step Transfer and Integration of Multifunctionality in CVD Graphene by TiO2 /Graphene Oxide Hybrid Layer.

We present a straightforward method for simultaneously enhancing the electrical conductivity, environmental stability, and photocatalytic properties of graphene films through one-step transfer of CVD graphene and integration by introducing TiO2 /graphene oxide layer. A highly durable and flexible TiO2 layer is successfully used as a supporting layer for graphene transfer instead of the commonly used PMMA. Transferred graphene/TiO2 film is directly used for measuring the carrier transport and optoelectronic...

Plasma Microcontact Patterning (PμCP): A Technique for the Precise Control of Surface Patterning at Small-Scale.

Plasma microcontact patterning (PμCP) is a simple, efficient, and cost-effective method for the precise patterning of molecules on surfaces. It combines the use of low-pressure plasma with an elastomeric 3D mask to spatially control the removal of molecules, such as proteins, from a surface. The entire PμCP process is subdivided into three main steps: surface precoating, plasma micropatterning, and a surface postcoating step. Surfaces are first precoated with a molecular species and then placed in close c...

Quantifying the Direct Transfer Costs of Common Brushtail Possum Dispersal using Least-Cost Modelling: A Combined Cost-Surface and Accumulated-Cost Dispersal Kernel Approach.

Dispersal costs need to be quantified from empirical data and incorporated into dispersal models to improve our understanding of the dispersal process. We are interested in quantifying how landscape features affect the immediately incurred direct costs associated with the transfer of an organism from one location to another. We propose that least-cost modelling is one method that can be used to quantify direct transfer costs. By representing the landscape as a cost-surface, which describes the costs associa...

On the Degrees of Freedom of Interference Alignment for Multicell MIMO Interfering Broadcast Channels.

The interference alignment (IA) is a promising technique to efficiently mitigate interference and to enhance capacity of a wireless network. This paper proposes an interference alignment scheme for a cellular network with L cells and K users under a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) Gaussian interfering broadcast channel (IFBC) scenario. The proposed IA scheme aligns intercell interferences (ICI) into a small dimensional subspace through a cooperative receive beamforming and cancels both the ICI and int...

Fabrication of hexagonally packed cell culture substrates using droplet formation in a T-shaped microfluidic junction.

A method is here proposed to fabricate ordered hexagonally packed cell culture substrates with hexagonally arranged cell patterning areas. We generated photo-sensitive polymeric microdroplets in a T-shaped microfluidic junction by an immiscible liquid, and then solidified the collective self-assembled hexagonal droplet array to obtain the cell culture substrate, on which we took the grooves formed between the solidified droplets as the hexagonally arranged cell patterning areas. The most promising advantage...

Evaluation of accuracy of direct transfer snapon impression coping closed tray impression technique and direct transfer open tray impression technique: an in vitro study.

Accuracy of the implant impression technique is one of the key factor determining the strain free fit of the prosthesis fabricated which influences the treatment success. Two implant impression techniques namely the closed tray technique with transfer coping and open tray technique were evaluated for accuracy with stone casts obtained from them. Casts were evaluated using a custom constructed bar on strain gage (SYSCOM) and abutment coordinates using Coordinate Measuring Machine (TESA micro-HITE). The stati...

Shaping and resizing of multifed slot radiators used in conformal microwave antenna arrays for hyperthermia treatment of large superficial diseases.

It has been recently shown that chestwall recurrence of breast cancer and many other superficial diseases can be successfully treated with the combination of radiation, chemotherapy and hyperthermia. Conformal microwave antenna array for hyperthermia treatment of large area superficial diseases can significantly increase patient comfort while at the same time facilitate treatment of larger and more irregularly shaped disease. A large number of small efficient antennas is preferable for improved control of h...

Central cell-derived peptides regulate early embryo patterning in flowering plants.

Plant embryogenesis initiates with the establishment of an apical-basal axis; however, the molecular mechanisms accompanying this early event remain unclear. Here, we show that a small cysteine-rich peptide family is required for formation of the zygotic basal cell lineage and proembryo patterning in Arabidopsis. EMBRYO SURROUNDING FACTOR 1 (ESF1) peptides accumulate before fertilization in central cell gametes and thereafter in embryo-surrounding endosperm cells. Biochemical and structural analyses reveale...

Direct peroral cholangioscopy.

Peroral cholangioscopy is an important tool for diagnosis and treatment of various biliary disorders. Peroral cholangioscopy can be performed by using a dedicated cholangioscope that is advanced through the accessory channel of a duodenoscope, or by direct insertion of a small-diameter endoscope into the bile duct. Direct peroral cholangioscopy refers to insertion of an ultraslim endoscope directly into the bile duct for visualization of the biliary mucosa and lumen. This approach provides a valuable and ec...

A Mechanically and Electrically Self-Healing Supercapacitor.

The first mechanically and electrically self-healing supercapacitor has been successfully fabricated. It exhibits excellent self-healing performance with the restoration of the specific capacitance up to 85.7% of its original value even after the 5(th) mechanical cutting. This achievement may provide a way to expand the lifetime of future energy storage devices and endow them with desirable economic and human safety attributes, as well as promote the development of next-generation self-healing electronics.

The Optical Fiber Tip: An Inherently Light-Coupled Microscopic Platform for Micro- and Nanotechnologies.

The flat tip of an optical fiber is a unique and unconventional platform for micro and nanotechnologies. The small cross-section and large aspect ratio of the fiber provide an inherently light-coupled substrate that is uniquely suited to remote, in vivo and in situ applications. However, these same characteristics challenge established fabrication technologies, which are best suited to large planar substrates. This review presents a broad overview of strategies for patterning the flat tip of an optical fibe...

Spin wave excitation patterns generated by spin torque oscillators.

Spin torque nano-oscillators (STNO) are nanoscale devices that can convert a direct current into short wavelength spin wave excitations in a ferromagnetic layer. We show that arrays of STNO can be used to create directional spin wave radiation similarly to electromagnetic antennas. Combining STNO excitations with planar spin waves also creates interference patterns. We show that these interference patterns are static and have information on the wavelength and phase of the spin waves emitted from the STNO. W...

Direct flower neoformation from superficial tissue of small explants of Nicotiana tabacum L.

On explants composed of 3-6 layers of epidermal and sub-epidermal cells of Nicotiana tabacum L. from the floral branches, it is possible to obtain mitoses followed very rapidly by meioses and the direct formation of anthers and pistil without any intermediate callus.

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