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Promoting safe IV management in practice using H.A.N.D.S.

The aim of this article is to promote best practice for the insertion and care of intravascular (IV) devices. The H.A.N.D.S. acronym was created to serve as an aide memoire to general and specialist nurses regarding the 5 key interventions to prevent catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs). In order to promote safe and evidence-based practice in IV therapy a practical guide with clinical information about common IV procedures has been developed. This article provides back-to-basics guidance on how ...

IDBA-MTP: A Hybrid Metatranscriptomic Assembler Based on Protein Information.

Abstract Metatranscriptomic analysis provides information on how a microbial community reacts to environmental changes. Using next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, biologists can study the microbe community by sampling short reads from a mixture of mRNAs (metatranscriptomic data). As most microbial genome sequences are unknown, it would seem that de novo assembly of the mRNAs is needed. However, NGS reads are short and mRNAs share many similar regions and differ tremendously in abundance levels, maki...

Update on Neurotoxins for Facial Rejuvenation: What They Are, How They Work, and How to Effectively and Safely Use Them.

The formal aesthetic introduction of botulinum toxin (i.e., neurotoxins) more than a decade ago has revolutionized the nonsurgical aesthetic market and transformed society's view of facial rejuvenation. Understanding the similarities and differences between U.S. commercially available neurotoxins, their characteristics and composition, where they are effective, their mechanism of action, and how to safely administer them will enable the aesthetic provider to successfully utilize this powerful tool and ultim...

Health Care Information Seeking and Seniors: Determinants of Internet Use.

While seniors are the most likely population segment to have chronic diseases, they are the least likely to seek information about health and diseases on the Internet. An understanding of factors that impact seniors' usage of the Internet for health care information may provide them with tools needed to improve health. This research examined some of these factors as identified in the comprehensive model of information seeking to find that demographics, trust in health information websites, perceived usefuln...

CSER and eMERGE: current and potential state of the display of genetic information in the electronic health record.

Clinicians' ability to use and interpret genetic information depends upon how those data are displayed in electronic health records (EHRs). There is a critical need to develop systems to effectively display genetic information in EHRs and augment clinical decision support (CDS).

Assessing payer perspectives on health information exchange.

To identify factors that impede payer engagement in a health information exchange (HIE), along with organizational and policy strategies that might effectively address the impediments.

How to lift animals safely.

Bupa's medical team gives advice on how to lift animals safely.

Communication elements supporting patient safety in psychiatric inpatient care.

Communication is important for safe and quality health care. The study provides needed insight on the communication elements that support patient safety from the psychiatric care view. Fluent information transfer between the health care professionals and care units is important for care planning and maintaining practices. Information should be documented and implemented accordingly. Communication should happen in an open communication culture that enables discussion, the opportunity to have debriefing discu...

Health Information Technology Needs Help from Primary Care Researchers.

While health information technology (HIT) efforts are beginning to yield measurable clinical benefits, more is needed to meet the needs of patients and clinicians. Primary care researchers are uniquely positioned to inform the evidence-based design and use of technology. Research strategies to ensure success include engaging patient and clinician stakeholders, working with existing practice-based research networks, and using established methods from other fields such as human factors engineering and impleme...

Cognition and Health Literacy in Older Adults' Recall of Self-Care Information.

Health literacy is associated with health outcomes presumably because it influences the understanding of information needed for self-care. However, little is known about the language comprehension mechanisms that underpin health literacy.

Information Sharing Preferences of Older Patients and Their Families.

Elderly patients often share control of their personal health information and decision making with family and friends when needed. Patient portals can help with information sharing, but concerns about privacy and autonomy of elderly patients remain. Health systems that implement patient portals would benefit from guidance about how best to implement access to portals for caregivers of elderly patients.

Information at the Point of Care: An Informational Application for Cancer Resources.

The purpose of this project was to design, develop, and modify a cancer resource application (app) that providers, patients, and caregivers could use to locate local and national cancer resources. The project design used a modified version of the Questionnaire for User Interaction Survey 7.0 to gather information from a convenience sample of nurses and community participants regarding their perception of the app. These data helped to identify gaps in resources and modifications needed to make the app more u...

Enhancing bottom-up and top-down proteomic measurements with ion mobility separations.

Proteomic measurements with greater throughput, sensitivity and structural information are essential for improving both in-depth characterization of complex mixtures and targeted studies. While liquid chromatography separation coupled with mass spectrometry (LC-MS) measurements have provided information on thousands of proteins in different sample types, the introduction of a separation stage that provides further component resolution and rapid structural information has many benefits in proteomic analyses....

The Ethics of Physicians' Web Searches for Patients' Information.

When physicians search the web for personal information about their patients, others have argued that this undermines patients' trust, and the physician-patient relationship in general. We add that this practice also places other relationships at risk, and could jeopardize a physician's career. Yet there are also reports of web searches that have unambiguously helped in the care of patients, suggesting circumstances in which a routine search of the web could be beneficial. We advance the notion that, just a...

Once you're choosing, nobody's perfect: is more information necessarily better in oocyte donor selection?

Despite a growing body of research examining the psychosocial issues involved in oocyte donation, few studies have examined the role of information in the process of donor selection. The aim of this interview-based qualitative study was to understand how donor oocyte recipients relate to information provided about potential oocyte donors, how they use this information to select donors and their preferences for, and reactions to, various types of information provided to them. Donor oocyte recipients who unde...

Program Fidelity Measures Associated With an Effective Child Restraint Program: Buckle-Up Safely.

Objectives. We sought to identify the program fidelity factors associated with successful implementation of the Buckle-Up Safely program, targeting correct use of age-appropriate child car restraints. Methods. In 2010, we conducted a cluster randomized controlled trial of 830 families with children attending preschools and long day care centers in South West Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Families received the Buckle-Up Safely program in the intervention arm of the study (13 services). Independent obse...

A review of competencies needed for health librarians - a comparison of Irish and international practice.

The purpose of this review was to uncover areas of competence which may lead to a baseline of skills for health librarians. A baseline could inform personal development plans for health librarians, criteria for job descriptions and curriculum for library and information science (LIS) courses.

Cancer Information Seekers in China: A Preliminary Profile.

Cancer is now the leading cause of death in China. Effective communication about cancer risk and prevention is an important component of cancer control. Yet, research in this area is very limited in China. This study used probability sample survey data from 2 Chinese cities (Beijing and Hefei, Anhui Province) to investigate potential predictors of self-initiated cancer information seeking. Analysis showed that cancer information seekers in China were likely to be married, relatively educated, earning modest...

Double Balloon Enteroscopy Is a Safe and Effective Procedure in Removing Entrapped Foreign Objects in the Small Bowel for Up to 3 Months.

Recent case series have shown that enteroscopy is safe and effective to remove entrapped small bowel foreign bodies. However, the optimal timing for the foreign body retrieval in terms of duration of entrapment and when to consider surgical intervention are unknown. In this case series, we report that antegrade and retrograde enteroscopy can be used safely to retrieve foreign bodies entrapped in the small bowel for longer than 70 days. In total, 20 patients (mean age, 48 years; 11 females) with entrapped fo...

Dermatologic Therapy in Pregnancy.

Patients present during pregnancy with a variety of dermatologic conditions, most of which can be treated conservatively with topical medication by a primary obstetrician if he or she is familiar with common treatment options. Patients with moderate to severe forms of dermatologic disease or those requiring systemic therapy should be treated in consultation with a dermatologist. Dermatologic surgery can be performed safely in the second trimester using local anesthesia if needed.

Semi-Supervised Nonnegative Matrix Factorization via Constraint Propagation.

As is well known, nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) is a popular nonnegative dimensionality reduction method which has been widely used in computer vision, document clustering, and image analysis. However, traditional NMF is an unsupervised learning mode which cannot fully utilize the priori or supervised information. To this end, semi-supervised NMF methods have been proposed by incorporating the given supervised information. Nevertheless, when little supervised information is available, the improved ...

Comparison of Respiratory Disease Prevalence among Voluntary Monitoring Systems for Pig Health and Welfare in the UK.

Surveillance of animal diseases provides information essential for the protection of animal health and ultimately public health. The voluntary pig health schemes, implemented in the United Kingdom, are integrated systems which capture information on different macroscopic disease conditions detected in slaughtered pigs. Many of these conditions have been associated with a reduction in performance traits and consequent increases in production costs. The schemes are the Wholesome Pigs Scotland in Scotland, the...

Visual Information Processing From Multiple Displays.

In this study, we examined how effectively people can monitor new stimuli on a peripheral display while carrying out judgments on an adjacent central display.

Developing measures for information ergonomics in knowledge work.

Information ergonomics is an evolving application domain of ergonomics focusing on the management of work load in the real-world contexts of information-intensive tasks. This study introduces a method for the evaluation of information ergonomics in knowledge work. To this end, five key dimensions of information ergonomics were identified: contextual factors of knowledge work, multitasking, interruptions at work, practices for managing information load, and perceived job control and productivity. In total, 2...

Getting closer to people: family planning provision by drug shops in Uganda.

Private-sector drug shops are often the first point of health care in sub-Saharan Africa. Training and supporting drug shop and pharmacy staff to provide a wide range of contraceptive methods and information is a promising high-impact practice for which more information is needed to fully document implementation experience and impact.


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