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An optimum prophylactic dose of prasugrel monotherapy may safely and effectively prevent the development of experimental thrombotic strokes.

Medication-indication knowledge bases: a systematic review and critical appraisal.

Medication-indication information is a key part of the information needed for providing decision support for and promoting appropriate use of medications. However, this information is not readily available to end users, and a lot of the resources only contain this information in unstructured form (free text). A number of public knowledge bases (KBs) containing structured medication-indication information have been developed over the years, but a direct comparison of these resources has not yet been conducte...

Are You Connected to the Best Apps?

While the vast majority of pharmacists use computers to access medical information, many prefer a mobile device to find information quickly. This review discusses pharmacists' use of mobile device applications (apps) and highlights an assortment of apps that are particularly helpful. Epocrates, which provides drug information and clinical content, was the first popular smartphone app developed in this area and was used to introduce the concept. Today, apps that provide a wide range of drug information can b...

Ending the HIV-AIDS Pandemic - Follow the Science.

Studies proving that the benefits of prompt initiation of antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection outweigh the risks and that preexposure prophylaxis can be implemented safely and effectively will serve as critical tools in the fight to end the HIV-AIDS pandemic.

Probing the Limits to MicroRNA-Mediated Control of Gene Expression.

According to the 'ceRNA hypothesis', microRNAs (miRNAs) may act as mediators of an effective positive interaction between long coding or non-coding RNA molecules, carrying significant potential implications for a variety of biological processes. Here, inspired by recent work providing a quantitative description of small regulatory elements as information-conveying channels, we characterize the effectiveness of miRNA-mediated regulation in terms of the optimal information flow achievable between modulator (t...

Issues and promise in clinical studies of botanicals with anticonvulsant potential.

Botanicals are increasingly used by people with epilepsy worldwide. However, despite abundant preclinical data on the anticonvulsant properties of many herbal remedies, there are very few human studies assessing safety and efficacy of these products in epilepsy. Additionally, the methodology of most of these studies only marginally meets the requirements of evidence-based medicine. Although the currently available evidence for the use of cannabinoids in epilepsy is similarly lacking, several carefully desig...

Communicating Difficult and Taboo Information: A How-To Guide for Commanders.

Military commanders frequently mention that communicating difficult or taboo information is especially challenging. In the context of gender-integrated ground combat service there may be additional communication challenges for military commanders who may be unaccustomed to leading both men and women. Often, military commanders must communicate and deliver difficult information, or information that causes a negative emotional response from the communicator or the intended audience. This article is intended t...

The Contribution of Sociotechnical Factors to Health Information Technology-Related Sentinel Events.

An understanding of how health information technology (health IT) can contribute to sentinel events is necessary to learn how to safely implement and use health IT. An analysis was conducted to explore how health IT may contribute to adverse events that result in death or severe harm to the patient.

Information Transfer at Hospital Discharge: A Systematic Review.

Prompt, complete, and accurate information transfer at the time of discharge between hospital-based and primary care providers (PCPs) is needed for the provision of safe and effective care.

Sonography in Hypotension and Cardiac Arrest (SHoC): Rates of Abnormal Findings in Undifferentiated Hypotension and During Cardiac Arrest as a Basis for Consensus on a Hierarchical Point of Care Ultrasound Protocol.

Point of care ultrasound (PoCUS) has become an established tool in the initial management of patients with undifferentiated hypotension. Current established protocols (RUSH and ACES) were developed by expert user opinion, rather than objective, prospective data. PoCUS also provides invaluable information during resuscitation efforts in cardiac arrest by determining presence/absence of cardiac activity and identifying reversible causes such as pericardial tamponade. There is no agreed guideline on how to sa...

Unlocking the wasting enigma: Highlights from the 8th Cachexia Conference.

This article highlights pre-clinical and clinical studies into the field of wasting disorders that were presented at the 8th Cachexia Conference held in Paris, France December 2015. This year some interesting results of clinical trials and different new therapeutic targets were shown. This article presents the biological and clinical significance of different markers and new drugs for the treatment of skeletal muscle wasting. Effective treatments of cachexia and wasting disorders are urgently needed in orde...

Cognition and Health Literacy in Older Adults' Recall of Self-Care Information.

Health literacy is associated with health outcomes presumably because it influences the understanding of information needed for self-care. However, little is known about the language comprehension mechanisms that underpin health literacy.

Information Sharing Preferences of Older Patients and Their Families.

Elderly patients often share control of their personal health information and decision making with family and friends when needed. Patient portals can help with information sharing, but concerns about privacy and autonomy of elderly patients remain. Health systems that implement patient portals would benefit from guidance about how best to implement access to portals for caregivers of elderly patients.

Continuous scanning trials:Transitioning through the attractor landscape.

Bimanual 1:1 coordination patterns other than in-phase (0(00)) and anti-phase (180(00)) have proven difficult to perform even with extended practice. The difficulty has traditionally been attributed to phase attraction that draws the coordination between the limbs towards the bimanual patterns of in-phase and anti-phase and variability associated with the activation and associated proprioceptive signals of non-homologous muscles via crossed and uncrossed cortical pathways. However, recent experiments have d...


Objective The aim of the present study was to investigate the perceptions of consultant surgeons, allied health clinicians and rehabilitation consultants regarding discharge destination decision making from the acute hospital following trauma.Methods A qualitative study was performed using individual in-depth interviews of clinicians in Victoria (Australia) between April 2013 and September 2014. Thematic analysis was used to derive important themes. Case studies provided quantitative information to enhance ...

Information at the Point of Care: An Informational Application for Cancer Resources.

The purpose of this project was to design, develop, and modify a cancer resource application (app) that providers, patients, and caregivers could use to locate local and national cancer resources. The project design used a modified version of the Questionnaire for User Interaction Survey 7.0 to gather information from a convenience sample of nurses and community participants regarding their perception of the app. These data helped to identify gaps in resources and modifications needed to make the app more u...

Trans-saccadic integration of peripheral and foveal feature information is close to optimal.

Due to the inhomogenous visual representation across the visual field, humans use peripheral vision to select objects of interest and foveate them by saccadic eye movements for further scrutiny. Thus, there is usually peripheral information available before and foveal information after a saccade. In this study we investigated the integration of information across saccades. We measured reliabilities-i.e., the inverse of variance-separately in a presaccadic peripheral and a postsaccadic foveal orientation-dis...

Epidemiology of DSM-5 Drug Use Disorder: Results From the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions-III.

Current information on the prevalence and sociodemographic and clinical profiles of individuals in the general population with DSM-5 drug use disorder (DUD) is limited. Given the present societal and economic context in the United States and the new diagnostic system, up-to-date national information is needed from a single uniform data source.

The Effectiveness and Stability of a 20% Emulsified Sevoflurane Formulation for Intravenous Use in Rats.

Halogenated volatile anesthetics can be safely and rapidly administered to animals and humans using emulsion formulations. However, they must be administered simultaneously with a high dose of lipids. Increasing the concentration of volatile anesthetics may solve this clinical issue. Moreover, careful observation is needed when the emulsion is injected because anaphylactic reactions have been reported.

The MARINA Risk Assessment Strategy: A Flexible Strategy for Efficient Information Collection and Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials.

An engineered nanomaterial (ENM) may actually consist of a population of primary particles, aggregates and agglomerates of various sizes. Furthermore, their physico-chemical characteristics may change during the various life-cycle stages. It will probably not be feasible to test all varieties of all ENMs for possible health and environmental risks. There is therefore a need to further develop the approaches for risk assessment of ENMs. Within the EU FP7 project Managing Risks of Nanoparticles (MARINA) a two...

Application of Market Basket Analysis for the Visualization of Transaction Data Based on Human Lifestyle and Spectroscopic Measurements.

With the innovation of high-throughput metabolic profiling such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), data mining techniques that can reveal valuable information from substantial data sets are constantly desired in this field. In particular, for the analytical assessment of various human lifestyles, advanced computational methods are ultimately needed. In this study, we applied market basket analysis, which is generally applied in social sciences such as marketing, and used transaction data derived from diet...

Incorporating a Drug Information Consult into a Pharmacy Practice Course to Build Literature Search and Evaluation Skills Through a 3-Stage Model.

Pharmacy students need to be equipped with skills to research and evaluate literature to effectively apply evidence-based medicine (EBM) in practice. To prepare them, a 3-stage approach to writing a drug information consult (3sDIC) was incorporated into a pharmacy course. The primary objective was to assess students' abilities to retrieve and analyze literature pursuant to a drug information consult. Secondary objectives were to examine feasibility of faculty participation and continuation of the assignment...

Myelodysplastic Syndromes and Acute Myeloid Leukemia in the Elderly.

Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and acute myeloid leukemia (AML) are hematologic diseases that frequently affect older adults. Treatment is challenging. Management of older adults with MDS and AML needs to be individualized, accounting for both the heterogeneity of disease biology and patient characteristics, which can influence life expectancy and treatment tolerance. Clinical trials accounting for the heterogeneity of tumor biology and physiologic changes of aging are needed to define optimal standards of...

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for the Evaluation of Anesthetic Depth.

The standard-of-care guidelines published by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) recommend monitoring of pulse oximetry, blood pressure, heart rate, and end tidal CO2 during the use of anesthesia and sedation. This information can help to identify adverse events that may occur during procedures. However, these parameters are not specific to the effects of anesthetics or sedatives, and therefore they offer little, to no, real time information regarding the effects of those agents and do not give ...

Information Functional Theory: Electronic Properties as Functionals of Information for Atoms and Molecules.

How to accurately predict electronic properties of a Columbic system with the electron density obtained from experiments such as X-ray crystallography is still an unresolved problem. The information-theoretic approach recently developed in the framework of density functional reactivity theory is one of the efforts to address the issue. In this work, using 27 atoms and 41 molecules as illustrative examples, we present a study to demonstrate that one is able to satisfactorily describe such electronic properti...

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