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Friday 18th August 2017

Altering the Availability of Healthier vs. Less Healthy Items in Vending Machines

Background: While there is some evidence that increasing the range of healthier foods and drinks and/or decreasing the range of less healthy options may increase healthier choices, more work is needed to establish the reproducibility of any effect. The current study aims to investigate the impact of altering the availability of healthier and less healthy foods and cold beverages in hospital vending machines. Methods: An adapted multiple treatment reversal design will be used, ...

CAR-T Cell Immunotherapy for GD2 Positive Glioma Patients

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of CAR-T cell immunotherapy in treating with GD2 positive glioma patients.

Effects of Photobiostimulation on Endothelial Function in Healthy

The endothelial cell layer is responsible for the control of vascular homeostasis, a process mediated by vasoconstricting and vasodilatory substances. The principal endothelium-dependent vascular dilator is nitric oxide (NO), and the reduction of its synthesis or bioavailability is the main cause for the development of endothelial dysfunction. The use of photobiostimulation may be beneficial in several clinical situations. At the endothelial level, the photostimulatory action o...

A Randomized Parallel Study for Simulated Internal Jugular Vein Cannulation Using Simple Needle Guide Device

Two-dimensional ultrasound guided approach does not guarantee first attempt success on internal jugular vein cannulation. New attachable device recently was developed for accurate needle insertion when ultrasound is used. Our randomized parallel simulation study will examine whether this device will improve the first attempt success rate when ultrasound guided internal jugular vein catheterization of simulated internal jugular vein.

Preoperative Stereoscopic Localization Versus Methylene Blue Localization in GGO Wedge Resection

This study evaluates the feasibility,accuracy and safety of Preoperative Stereoscopic Localization Versus Methylene Blue Localization in GGO Wedge Resection. In the first stage,participants will receive both Preoperative Stereoscopic Localization and Methylene Blue Localization .In the second stage,participants only receive Preoperative Stereoscopic Localization for Wedge Resection.

Ovarian Response to Recombinant Follicle Stimulating Hormone in Women With PCOS

Women with PCOS suffer from anovulation and, as a result, infertility. Efforts to clinically induce ovulation in these women using follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) administered subcutaneously seemingly requires prolonged administration compared to that of ovulatory women without PCOS. The apparent differing ovarian responsiveness to FSH between PCOS and normal women has not been carefully studied. We propose to address this issue by performing a dose-response study and examin...

Tai Chi Training in Stroke Survivors

People with stroke suffer from different impairments, including the ability to dual-tasking, increased arterial stiffness, and dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. The decrement in dual-tasking performance has been found among stroke survivors, and the deterioration has been related to increased risk of fall in the population. No coherent result has been concluded from previous studies investigating the effect of different types of exercise training on enhancing dual-ta...

Duration of Dual Anti-Platelet Therapy (DUAL-ACS2)

Despite substantial evidence supporting the use of dual anti-platelet therapy in patients with acute coronary syndrome, there remains major uncertainty regarding the optimal duration of therapy. Recent evidence suggests that shorter durations of dual anti-platelet therapy are superior because the avoidance of atherothrombotic events is counterbalanced by the greater risks of excess major bleeding with apparent increases in all-cause mortality with longer durations. The investig...

Power V360 - Promoting Optimal Wellness Among Elders Through Vitalize 360

The primary purpose of this project was to implement Vitalize 360, a comprehensive assessment system and wellness coaching program for vulnerable, low income, community dwelling older adults, and to determine if this program is effective in promoting and sustaining self-management skills to increase well-being and functional health among this group. Designed specifically for community-dwelling older adults, Vitalize 360 provides a unique opportunity to guide elders in selecting...

Peer Learning and HBB in Managing Maternal Newborn and Child Health Emergencies in Rural Uganda

The aim of this study is to test an intervention that has potential to improve acute care skills and confidence related to safe delivery and newborn care for mid-level health providers in Uganda by the development of a 'mobile' simulation package including scale-up materials based upon research evidence. In this randomized study investigators will compare the impact of a peer learning package on skills, knowledge and team work regarding newborn care among health workers in rura...

mHealth-Assisted Conditional Cash Transfers to Improve Timeliness of Vaccinations

Vaccination is a cost-effective strategy for conferring immunity against a host of preventable diseases, however, rates of timely childhood vaccinations remain inadequate in resource-limited settings. We propose to evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of mHealth-assisted conditional cash transfers as a means of overcoming individual barriers to timely vaccinations. The study will form the basis for a pragmatic randomized controlled trial of the efficacy and cost-effectiveness ...

Assessment of Pain in Surgical Patient by PMD 200

The trial will estimate post-operative pain management in elective surgical patients using the PMD-200 device. The device measures physiological parameters by placing a non-invasive sensor on a fingertip and displays an objective pain level in a 0-100 scale. The pain level will be estimated before surgery (baseline), after surgery and during administration of parenteral analgesia. Treatment and analgesia will be given according to clinical considerations and standard ward proto...

Ruptured Aneurysms Treated With Hydrogel Coils

To determine safety and occlusion rates when second-generation hydrogel coils are used in the treatment of ruptured intracranial aneurysms.

Effects of the Interventions Using Multiple Sensory Integrations on Preterm Infants' Stress-Related Outcomes

Frequent pain and distress may affect infants' brain and neural development, and highlight the need for relieve pain interventions. Peripheral venous puncture procedures are an important source of preterm infants' pain and distress. Brain development is mainly created by infant sensory experience. It becomes important, therefore, to relieve preterm infants' pain and distress using multiple sensory integrations during peripheral venous puncture procedures.The proposed 2-year stu...

Safety of ADSTEM Injection in Patients With Moderate to Severe Subacute and Chronic Atopic Dermatitis

This study aims to evaluate safety in subjects with over moderately subacute and chronic atopic dermatitis after an intravenous injection of ADSTEM Inj. Since this is an observational study of patients participated in Phase 1 clinical trials, no drug is administered in this study.

Efficacy and Safety of Octreotide Capsules (MYCAPSSA) in Acromegaly

Octreotide capsule is a novel, orally-administered formulation of the commercially-available injectable drug octreotide. In a recent phase 3 trial, oral octreotide capsules demonstrated maintenance of biochemical response up to 13 months in the majority of patients with acromegaly previously managed with somatostatin analog injections (reference below).

Maxillary Sinus Elevation and Simultaneous Implant Placement

using gel foam [ absorbable gelatin ] in maxillary sinus elevation which act as a space maintainer and alternative to bone filler for new bone formation in the maxillary sinus and its advantages for patients undergoing maxillary sinus elevation with simultaneous implant placement as regards the implant stability and amount of bone height gain compared to conventional maxillary sinus elevation by xenograft.

Endoscopic Access Loop With Bilio-enteric Anastomosis: A Prospective Randomized Comparison Between Gastric and Subcutaneous Access

Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy is the standard procedure used by most hepatobiliary surgeons for biliary reconstruction following iatrogenic bile duct injury, benign and malignant CBD strictures, choledochal cysts and biliary tract tumors management. The incidence of anastomotic stricture following hepaticojejunostomy in experienced centers ranges between 5%-22%. Hepaticojejunostomy stricture is a serious complication of biliary surgery, if untreated, can lead to repeated cholan...

/Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD)Hearing Abnormalities Study

Co morbidity rates of hearing loss in children with autism spectrum disorder are high and increasing. Investigators are aiming to: 1. evaluate peripheral auditory and brain stem auditory function in children with autism spectrum disorder. 2. compare communication capabilities in autistic children having hearing abnormalities and autistic children with normal hearing.

Effect of Induction Method in Post Operative Agitation

To compare the effect of two different induction method; mask ventilation and intravenous cannulation on emergence agitation on pediatric adenotonsillectomy

Ascorbic Acid Versus Diode Laser in the Treatment of Gingival Hyperpigmentation

Vitamin C affect the melanocytes function not the number while diode laser cause melanocytes destruction. Although diode laser and vitamin C have proved their effectiveness in depigmentation in previous studies, there are no published studies compared the effect of diode laser and vitamin C on melanocytes and melanosomes clinically and histologically.

Neulasta-controlled Trial of F-627 in Women With Breast Cancer Receiving Myelotoxic Chemotherapy

This is a randomized, multi-center, single dose, open-label and Neulasta controlled phase 3 study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of F-627 in women with Stage I - III invasive breast cancer receiving chemotherapy treatment.

Therapeutic Approaches for Subjects With Scapula Dyskinesis

The investigators will test whether conscious control with manual guides and video or EMG biofeedback will enhance 3-D kinematics of scapula in shoulder dysfunction subjects with different type of scapula dyskinesis. The investigators will also examine how correction of scapular orientation may affect the activation of associated muscles during various dynamic movements in these subjects.

Decitabine Combining Dexamethasone Versus Dexamethasone in Management of ITP

The project was undertaking by Qilu Hospital of Shandong University and other 4 well-known hospitals in China. In order to report the efficacy and safety of decitabine combining with dexamethasone for the treatment of adults with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), compared to dexamethasone alone .

The BlackBox Study

This is a hypothesis generating pilot study to compare the impact of 2D versus 3D visualization on surgical performance, as measured by the OR BlackBox platform, during laparoscopic bariatric surgery.

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