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Evaluation of the SafeR Mode in Patients With a Dual Chamber Pacemaker Indication

The aim of this study is to assess the benefits from the AAISafeR/SafeR algorithm of Symphony 2550 or REPLY DR in a wide range of pacemaker patients. The expected benefits will be a result of the reduction of the percentage of ventricular pacing. It contributes to the longevity of the cardiac pacemaker and has an effect on the incidence of sustained (or persistent) Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Failure. These clinical benefits are a result of spontaneous ventricular act...

SPECT-CT Guided Lymphatic Mapping and Sentinel Lymphadenectomy (LM/SL) in Prostate Cancer

Nodal staging is a key-step in pre-treatment assessment of prostate cancer. In patients with a low probability of nodal metastasis, bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy is controversial. The large majority of them (> 80%) are free of nodal disease in obturator and external iliac stations. On the other hand, skip metastases located outside the standard lymphadenectomy may be missed, particularly in more proximal nodal stations (i.e. common iliac nodes and pre-sacral nodes). I...

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Treatment of Thoracolumbar Spine Fractures: Percutaneously Placed Pedicle Screws Versus Open Treatment

In patients presenting with Type A and Type B1, B2 thoracolumbar fractures, there is a lack of evidence demonstrating similar outcomes between patients treated with percutaneous pedicle screws and those treated openly. It has been demonstrated that percutaneous pedicle screw fixation has fared well for patients in the short term; however, it is unclear whether the outcomes are equivalent or inferior/superior compared to open treatment. The authors seek to establish a high-leve...

Pharmacist Follow-up, a Qualitative Study of Patient Experience

A pharmacist follow-up procedure is under development. Patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) is being followed up by a pharmacist for one year with three meetings; at discharge from hospital, after three months and after one year. The evaluation is basically based on quantitative measures as achievement of therapeutic goals, number of drug related problems detected, hospitalisations etc. However, the patients' own experience with the follow-up procedure cannot be evaluated...

Validation of 70-gene MammaPrint Profile in Japanese Population

By using gene-expression profiling, Van't Veer and colleagues developed a 70-gene prognosis profile, MammaPrint, to identify breast cancer patients who are at low risk of developing distant metastases and therefore might safely be spared chemotherapy. The aim of this study is to evaluate the prognostic value of the 70-gene Mammaprint profile in Japanese women with node-negative breast cancer.

Effects of Caffeine in Tinnitus

Caffeine intake is reported by many authors to enhance the perception of tinnitus. The aim of this study is to determine the effects of 1 month caffeine intake reduction in the scores of validated questionnaire Tinnitus Handicap Inventory(THI) and in a visual-analog scale (VAS)

Erythema Toxicum Neonatorum in Newborns and the Development of Asthma

Erythema Toxicum Neonatorum (ETN) is a common skin finding that affects healthy full-term babies. Several authors have commented on the possible relationship between ETN and the development of atopic conditions, such as atopic dermatitis or respiratory disease later in life. There is a paucity of research addressing this issue.

Improving Fatigue: A Pilot Study of Acupuncture and Patient Education for Breast Cancer Survivors

Based on our clinical experience in patients with chronic disease (Hui, Hui, and Johnston, 2006; Hays et al 2005), a review of the literature (Johnston, Xiao and Hui 2007), and inspired by Vickers and colleagues (PMID: 15117996), we carry out a pilot study that investigates if acupuncture combined with patient education will relieve fatigue in patients who have completed primary treatment for breast cancer.

China Plant Sterol Trial

The aim of this study is to see if plant sterols are effective at lowering blood cholesterol levels in Chinese people. The study will be done with Chinese colleagues based at Peking University in Beijing with whom our Institute has a well-established collaboration. The study will be randomised, placebo-controlled and double-blind. The total study period for participants will be an average of seven weeks comprised of a two-week placebo run-in period and a five-week follow-up ...

An Empirical Study of Perceived Hospital Service Quality: A Comparison of Inpatient, Outpatient and Emergence Patient

The authors employ a questionary approach to understanding the relational among patients' perceptions of inpatient, outpatient and emergency room service and their overall perceptions of service quality, satisfaction with hospital.The questionary was applied in total 300 patients (100 inpatients, 100 outpatients and 100 emergency patients).

Pancreaticobiliary Reflux in Patients Without Cholelithiasis

Pancreaticobiliary reflux has been found in patients with cholelithiasis and gallbladder cancer associated with normal pancreaticobiliary union. However, the presence of pancreaticobiliary reflux has not been studied in patients without gallstones (healthy gallbladders). The authors believe that pancreaticobiliary reflux might be a normal phenomenon in patients with and without gallstones, although in patients with cholelithiasis it might constitute a pathological condit...

Ultrasonographic Bladder Wall Thickness and Different Forms of Detrusor Overactivity

In the last decade, several authors proposed ultrasound measurement of Bladder wall thickness (BWT) for the screening of the voiding dysfunction and of the detrusor overactivity (DO). The aims of the investigator prospective study were: - to compare the ultrasonographic measurement of BWT in women with DO vs women with other urodynamic diagnosis in a very large population. - to verify whether the BWT in women with DO can be different in the clinically or ...

Long-Term Follow-up of Incisional Hernia Repaired With Intraperitoneal Mesh

The intraperitoneal repair has been proven safe for the repair of incisional hernia and is accepted, together with the subfascial or retromuscular repair as the "gold-standard" for the repair of incisional hernia. However no studies have convincingly proven that this approach is better than the on-lay repair. The authors believe that the intraperitoneal repair performs better than the on-lay repair for incisional hernia.

Incubator Temperature for Culturing Human Embryos

Incubator temperature is one of the most precious variables in IVF labs. When the IVF started, almost all incubator temperatures were set at 37 degrees which mimic in vivo conditions. Some authors speculated that gametes and early embryos might need low temperatures that provide quieter metabolism. We decide to compare Embryo culture at 37 degree or slightly lower 36.5 degree and extensively investigate to find which is better to crucially introduce a solid evidence through thi...

Hot and Cold Biopsy Forceps in the Diagnosis of Endobronchial Lesions

A new electrocautery bronchoscopy biopsy forceps is now commercially available and may prevent bleeding following biopsy. Only one study used this device wherein the authors concluded that the use of hot biopsy forceps for endobronchial biopsy does not appear to have a negative impact on the pathological samples, and that there was a statistically significant, albeit clinically insignificant reduction in bleeding score with hot biopsy forceps. Therefore, a randomized controlled...

Surgeon Compared to Nuclear Radiology Readers for Tc-99m Sestamibi Scans for Parathyroid Disease

The purpose of this study is to analyze the findings of 30 surgeons and 30 nuclear radiologists of 61 individual thyroid scans. The goal is to determine if surgeons are more prone to making a definitive diagnosis based on a given scan than a nuclear radiologist. Accuracy of localization of the two groups will be analyzed. A secure website has been designed to which the physician will be able to login and view and rate the quality of each image and make a localizing diagnosis....

Compliance Of Medication After Discharge From the Hospital in the Elderly

Many elderly patients have multiple medications and variable dosing regimens and the ability for hospitals to properly reconcile medications between what is given on paper to the patient and what the patients take at home depends on the patient's ability to get the medications. Some patients may delay in getting their medications from the pharmacy after being discharged. For some it may be a lack of transportation, others may feel too ill to travel and may not have family mem...

Family Focused Therapy (FFT) for Adolescents at Familial Risk for Bipolar Disorder

The present study aims to examine the effects of a 4 month, family focused therapy (FFT) intervention on the 1 year course of mood symptoms in BD I/II offspring. The study will also examine the level of expressed emotion (EE) among families and how this impacts on FFT treatment outcomes. This study seeks to replicate a previous study by Miklowitz, Schneck, Singh, Taylor, George and colleagues (2013), which demonstrated the efficacy of FFT among BD offspring. Importantly, the pr...

Inheritance of Osteosarcoma & Paget's Disease Through Chromosome 18: Examination of Osteosarcoma Tissue Samples From Two Family Members for Loss of Heterozygosity in the Chromosome 18 Region, Genetically Linked With Paget's Disease of Bone

Researchers have previously demonstrated loss of heterozygosity in a region on chromosome 18q, associated with osteogenic sarcomas in bone affected by Paget's disease. The loci used in this study are specifically described by those authors as showing loss of heterozygosity in 6 of 7 affected families.

A Study to Evaluate the Use of Bosentan in Patients With Exercise Induced Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Associated With Connective Tissue Disease

The primary objectives of this exploratory study are to evaluate the effects of bosentan on hemodynamics (via cardiac catheterization) during exercise in patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) who have abnormal hemodynamics during exercise but normal hemodynamics at rest. The authors hypothesize that early treatment may change the course of disease progression by improving hemodynamics during exercise, thus delaying disease progression.

Laparoscopic Transvaginal Hybrid Cholecystectomy: a Prospective Data Collection.

Transvaginal hybrid procedures especially the transvaginal hybrid cholecystectomy are of interest as an available NOTES-Procedure for the clinical routine. Few authors have demonstrated the feasibility and safety in a selected patient collective. The aim of this prospective data collection is to evaluate the feasibility in the clinical routine in a non select patient collective. Therefore all patients giving the informed consent to the transvaginal hybrid cholecystectomy...

Detection of Enterovirus RNA in Atheromatous Lesions

Atherosclerosis is one of the first causes of morbidity-mortality in industrialized countries. Numerous works suggest that some infectious agents could be involved in the inflammatory process leading to the development of this pathology, such as Chlamydophila pneumoniae, cytomegalovirus or herpes simplex virus. Enteroviruses are small RNA viruses that have been incriminated in various acute or chronic cardiac diseases (pericarditis, myocarditis, dilated cardiomyopathy) and exhi...

Broncho-Alveolar Lavage Under Noninvasive Ventilation With Propofol TCI in Patient With AHRF

Fiberoptic bronchoscopy (FOB) is an important tool for the diagnosis of pulmonary diseases, more particularly in infectious pneumonia. In patients with severe acute hypoxemic respiratory failure, FOB may be contra-indicated until the patient is intubated and control of its oxygenation obtained. In the literature several authors showed that performing FOB under non invasive ventilation (NIV) preserved oxygenation of the patient; and the recent French Consensus on NIV recommends...

Curosurf and Survanta Treatment(CAST)of RDS in Very Premature Infants

Approval of surfactant by the FDA in 1989 for the treatment of Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) in premature infants greatly improved survival rates. Newer surfactants approved by the FDA were more concentrated and had a more rapid onset of action. The overall efficacy of newer surfactants appeared similar until in 2004, Ramanathan and colleagues suggested that a double dose of Curosurf improved survival in infants 25-32 weeks gestational age, compared to infants treated wit...

Methodology Antiseptic Application, Influence on Oral Biofilm.

The study has the objective to compare two different methodology of application the antiseptic on the oral biofilm will be formed during 48h in situ on a specific device. The first one using the immersion in the antiseptic solution, as much of the authors did in the past. And the second way doing a active mouthwash, as the manufacturer recommends. The study will compare two different antiseptic solutions, the chlorhexidine (0.2% Oraldine Perio) and the essential oils (Listerin...

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