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Maryland, the US state on the mid-Atlantic coast, is hub of biotechnology institutions and companies. In 2005/2006 is was the 2nd best area globally for initiatives aimed at drawing and retaining bi...


Lipitor was the best selling drug in 2009, with the 2009 annual sales coming in at over $5m for its company, Pfizer Inc. Lipitor is the brand name for an atorvastatin calcium medication that is pres...


Nexium is the 2nd most profitable drug in 2009, according to 2009 annual sales figures, where it generated just over $5m in sales for its company, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals.  Nexium is a pr...


GlaxoSmithKline is the third largest pharmaceutical company in the world, based on annual sales, which reached $37,134m in 2009. Spread over 100 countries, GSK employs 96,500 people, 13,000 of whi...


Plavix is a clot-busting drug, produced by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, and reached annual sales in 2009 of $4.2m, making the third highest drug in the world (based on 2009 annual sales). Prescri...

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Medical News Today: Swine flu virus in India 'has become more virulent' since 2009 outbreak

An analysis by MIT researchers finds that the 2014-15 swine flu outbreak in India may have been caused by a more virulent strain than the outbreak of 2009.

Waddington's Presents Charles Bronfman's Claridge Collection: Part V & VI

TORONTO, ON, April 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Waddington's is honoured to present the final sessions of Charles Bronfman's Claridge Collection at auction on April 21, 2015 at its gallery in Toronto...

Outbreak Investigations

At some point in your Infection Prevention career, you will be faced with investigating an outbreak. Every Infection Preventionist needs to know the basics of an outbreak investigation. This webinar w...

14 indicted in connection with 2012 nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak

The Justice Department unsealed a 131-count criminal indictment in Boston in connection with the 2012 nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak. Barry J. Cadden, owner and head pharmacist of New England...

Influenza Outbreak in a Vaccinated Population

This outbreak among personnel on a U.S. naval vessel demonstrates the risk for an influenza outbreak even among vaccinated and otherwise healthy young persons. Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report

State Highlights: Calif. Immigration Policy Driving Boost In Medi-Cal Sign-ups; Indiana Confronts HIV Outbreak

A selection of health policy stories from California, Indiana, Florida, New York, Iowa, Maryland and Kansas.

Mumps Outbreak in the NHL

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported on The Measles Outbreak Coming Near You. Today we’re learning about another outbreak of a vaccine-preventable illness, this time hitting the National Hock...

Plague Outbreak Kills 40 People in Madagascar

A plague outbreak has killed 40 people on the island nation of Madagascar, with 119 people diagnosed with the bacterial disease since August. Two people have been diagnosed and one has died in the ca...

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Typhoid Outbreak in Songkhla, Thailand 2009-2011: Clinical Outcomes, Susceptibility Patterns, and Reliability of Serology Tests.

To determine the clinical manifestations and outcomes, the reliability of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi (S ser. Typhi) IgM and IgG rapid tests, and the susceptibility patterns and the response to...

Symptomatic and asymptomatic secondary transmission of Cryptosporidium parvum following two related outbreaks in schoolchildren.

SUMMARY Two related outbreaks (in 2009 and 2012) of cryptosporidiosis in Norwegian schoolchildren during a stay at a remote holiday farm provided us with a natural experiment to investigate possible s...

Investigations into an outbreak of suppurative lymphadenitis with BCG vaccine SSI(®) in Singapore.

From 2011 to 2012, we received an unexpectedly high number of reports of suppurative lymphadenitis following administration of a BCG vaccine used in our childhood vaccination programme in Singapore. W...

The Impact of Prior Information on Estimates of Disease Transmissibility Using Bayesian Tools.

The basic reproductive number (R₀) and the distribution of the serial interval (SI) are often used to quantify transmission during an infectious disease outbreak. In this paper, we present estimates...

Three Cases of Hearing Loss Related to Mumps During a Nationwide Outbreak in The Netherlands, 2009-2013.

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