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14:00 EDT 8th October 2015 | BioPortfolio

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Verona’s lead drug, RPL554, is a dual phosphodiesterase (PDE) 3 and 4 inhibitor being developed as a novel treatment for chronic obstructive airways disease as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmon...

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E-cigarette use linked to cough reflex sensitivity

The popularity of electronic cigarettes has steadily increased worldwide, but little is known about their effects on health. New research suggests that the single use of an electronic cigarette approx...

Study finds e-cigarette use linked to cough reflex sensitivity

(American College of Chest Physicians) The popularity of electronic cigarettes has steadily increased worldwide, but little is known about their effects on health. New research suggests that the singl...

You have a right to be seen in the ER, but beware of the side effects

Every law, like every drug, has its intended effects and its side effects. EMTALA is a law you perhaps couldn’t care less about, but one that’s kept many a hospital manager awake at night. I’m n...

Gut microbes trigger chemo side-effects, but there could be a way to stop them

A US team has found new evidence that a particular group of bacteria may be behind side-effects linked to bowel cancer chemo.

The dark side of the 'love hormone:' Similarities with the effects of alcohol

Significant similarities have been highlighted by researchers between the behavioral effects of oxytocin and alcohol. The research team warns that the oft-used nickname hides the darker side of oxytoc...

Pledpharma, helping to reduce life threatening side effects of Chemotherapy.

Pledpharma is an innovative Swedish-based biotech company focused on life threatening side effects and oxidative-stress. It has a few products in the clinic, and their lead product is PledOx. PledOx...

Pupillary reflex enhanced by light inside blind spot

The human retina contains some 100 million photoreceptor cells. When these are stimulated with light, they communicate that information to the brain and we perceive light. Researchers have now discove...

Some serious drug side effects not told to FDA within 15 days

(Reuters Health) - Companies fail to report roughly one in 10 serious and unexpected medication side effects to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) within a 15-day window specified by federal ...

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Could Insoles Offload Pressure? An Evaluation of the Effects of Arch-supported Functional Insoles on Plantar Pressure Distribution during Race Walking.

This study investigated the effectiveness of functional insoles on plantar pressure distribution during race walking so as to reduce the high plantar pressure and force on race walkers, who tend to su...

Comparison of Tolerance of Venlafaxine, Paroxetine and Amitriptyline in Depression Therapy.

There are no controlled studies dedicated to research of side effects of antidepressants. It is a well known fact that antidepressants reciprocally differ according to their type, intensity and freque...

Clinical Relevance of Unloading in Cartilage Therapy of the Knee - Shoe Insoles, Knee Braces or Additional Operative Procedure?

Restoration of a neutral biomechanical environment and reduction of overload is an important factor contributing to the success of any cartilage repair procedure. Reduction of overload can by achieved...

Glasgow Antipsychotic Side-effects Scale for Clozapine - Development and validation of a clozapine-specific side-effects scale.

The authors developed and validated a clozapine-specific side-effects scale capable of eliciting the subjectively unpleasant side-effects of clozapine.

The effects of body position and muscle activation on patellar tendon reflex properties.

Our purpose was to examine the effects of body position and a low-intensity voluntary contraction on patellar tendon tap reflex properties.Surface electromyography, torque, and accelerometry signals w...

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