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09:28 EST 28th February 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Class Action Wants A Bite Of Post Holdings Subsidiary Making Joint Juice

Premier Nutrition is targeted in a class action complaint alleging false health benefit claims for its Joint Juice joint health...  

The Cold-Pressed Juice Market in Canada Is Poised for Growth as BC-Based Jusu Bars Inc. ...

Two of Western Canada's Preeminent Cold-Pressed Juice Companies Unite With National Expansion Plans on the Horizon; the Organic, Plant-Based Food and Juice Movement Is Here Read more...

Study: Pickle Juice Can Carry a Spark

ArticleScientists have developed a way to convert salty pickle juice into electricity.Staff Author: 

Biomarkers Sharpen Clinical CV Risk Assessment in Diabetics

Diabetics with elevated high-sensitivity troponin numbers but no MI history are at higher cardiovascular risk than those with a prior MI but low or normal hs-troponins, say researchers. Heartwire fr...

As charcoal remedies rise in popularity in Baltimore, questions about its safety, effectiveness

One of the most requested drinks at Pure Raw Juice in Federal Hill is black lemonade, a concoction of freshly squeezed lemon juice, agave, water and charcoal.

U.S. diabetics have worsening blood sugar control

(Reuters Health) - The number of U.S. diabetics with healthy blood sugar levels has declined in recent years, a study suggests.

Medical News Today: Prune Juice: Health Benefits and Nutritional Information

Learn about the major nutrients found in prunes, the amount of dietary fiber, and their medical properties. Should prune juice be given to children?

Plavinol and Other Natural Remedies for Diabetes: “Condimentary Medicine”?

We don’t yet have a cure for diabetes, but we have insulin; it controls the disease and allows Type 1 diabetics to lead a relatively normal life instead of suffering and quickly dying as they al...

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Dietary Sodium Intake in People with Diabetes in Korea: The Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey for 2008 to 2010.

Diabetics are likely to receive advice from their physicians concerning lifestyle changes. To understand how much sodium is consumed by diabetics in Korea, we compared the average daily sodium intake ...

A comparative study of coronary artery disease in diabetics and non-diabetics.

Retrospective Analysis of Diabetics with Regard to Treatment Duration and Costs.

Background: The increasing incidence of diabetes mellitus is also reflected in the patient population of a trauma and orthopaedic centre. Diabetics also exhibit more comorbidities than non-diabetics. ...

Adipocytokines and anthropometric measures in type 2 diabetics.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus has assumed pandemic proportions worldwide. Aggressive management of hyperglycemia in diabetics is a primary goal of treatment. We have previously reported favorable effects o...

Bias in the measure of the effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccination among diabetics.

The influenza virus is an important cause of morbidity and mortality for diabetics. The seasonal influenza vaccine's immunologic effectiveness is proven within the type 1 and type 2 diabetic populatio...

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