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09:54 EDT 27th June 2017 | BioPortfolio

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American Academy of Pediatrics: Juice intake provides no benefits for kids under 1

Brian BerkIn its first change in recommendations on fruit juice since 2001, Academy also recommends that Intake of juice should be limited to, at most, 4 ounces daily for toddlers age 1-3. For childre...

It’s time for kids to stop drinking fruit juice. Here’s why.

A few thousand years ago, a talking snake convinced a child to pick a piece of fruit, squeeze it really hard, and drink whatever came out. The kid liked it, obviously, because what’s not to like abo...

Ripe Craft Juices continues grocery expansion

David SalazarThe Ripe Craft Juice and Ripe Bar Juice lines of juices and cocktail mixes were created to meet consumer demand for products with real fresh juice with minimal processing, the company sai...

Daily glass of pure fruit juice doesn’t cause weight gain in kids

(Reuters Health) - Children who drink one serving of 100 percent fruit juice a day don’t appear to gain significantly more weight than kids who consume no juice at all, a research review suggests. ...

Don't Give Your Baby Fruit Juice, But A Little For Older Kids Is Okay, Say Pediatricians

Is giving your children juice a bad idea? How much is too much?

HbA1c Fell in Diabetics on Sacubitril/Valsartan: PARADIGM-HF

That extra benefit for diabetics in the trial may be yet another reason to consider switching patients with reduced-EF heart failure from ACE inhibitors or ARBs to the newer agent, say observe...

Take Away the Juice, Pediatricians Say

Fruit juice has been marketed (and in some cases, recommended by physicians) as a healthy, natural source of vitamins and calcium. Kids like the way it tastes — in fact, children and adolescen...

Pediatricians Say No Fruit Juice in Child’s First Year

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that many parents wrongly believe that fruit juice is good for children.

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Fruit Juice in Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Current Recommendations.

Historically, fruit juice was recommended by pediatricians as a source of vitamin C and as an extra source of water for healthy infants and young children as their diets expanded to include solid food...

A comparative study of coronary artery disease in diabetics and non-diabetics.

Retrospective Analysis of Diabetics with Regard to Treatment Duration and Costs.

Background: The increasing incidence of diabetes mellitus is also reflected in the patient population of a trauma and orthopaedic centre. Diabetics also exhibit more comorbidities than non-diabetics. ...

Adipocytokines and anthropometric measures in type 2 diabetics.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus has assumed pandemic proportions worldwide. Aggressive management of hyperglycemia in diabetics is a primary goal of treatment. We have previously reported favorable effects o...

Nonoperative Versus Operative Treatment of Displaced Ankle Fractures in Diabetics.

Diabetes is a risk factor for complications related to displaced ankle fractures. Limited literature exists comparing complication rates in nonoperative versus operative treatment of displaced ankle f...

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