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There are many different types of Uveitis. This is because: * The Uvea is made up of different parts. So if the iris is affected, the condition and its treatment could be totally different to when...

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Why is cocaine so addictive? Study using animal model provides clues

Scientists are one step closer to understanding what causes cocaine to be so addictive. Using an animal model, researchers have discovered that cocaine leaves a long-lasting imprint on the dopamine sy...

Embera wins $11M NIDA grant for cocaine addiction treatment EMB-001

Embera NeuroTherapeutics, a specialty pharmaceutical company developing novel treatments for cocaine, nicotine, and other addictions, has received an $11.1 million, three-year grant from the National ...

Plant expression of cocaine hydrolase-Fc fusion protein for treatment of cocaine abuse

A recently reported cocaine hydrolase (CocH3) fused with fragment crystallizable (Fc) region of human immunoglobulin G1, denoted as CocH3-Fc, is known as a promising therapeutic candidate for the trea...

Researchers study how fluctuating hormones affect female vulnerability to cocaine addiction

Researchers at The University of Texas at Arlington are studying how fluctuating estrogen levels make females increasingly sensitive to the rewarding effects of cocaine and ultimately, vulnerable to c...

Cocaine accumulation in fish eyes

A study using a new imaging method has revealed that, surprisingly, cocaine accumulates in the eyes of zebrafish. The findings indicate that chemicals – especially psychoactive drugs – need to be ...

Dissociable Effects of Cocaine Dependence on Reward Processes: The Role of Acute Cocaine and Craving

Protein for Treatment of Cocaine Abuse Expressed in Tobacco Leaves

A recently reported cocaine hydrolase (CocH3) fused with fragment crystallizable (Fc) region of human immunoglobulin G1, denoted as CocH3-Fc, is a promising therapeutic candidate for the treatment of ...

Cocaine vaccine gets approved for clinical trial on humans

Addicted to cocaine? There might be some hope if you’re longing to kick the addictive drug.

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The effects of a repeated dose of a recombinant humanized anti-cocaine monoclonal antibody on cocaine self-administration in rats.

Immunotherapy has shown potential as a treatment for cocaine abuse. The humanized recombinant anti-cocaine monoclonal antibody (mAb) with the preclinical designation h2E2 has been shown to decrease co...

Location-specific immunodetection of cocaine on banknotes.

A novel in-gel bioanalytical immunodetection method has been developed to determine both the presence and the location of cocaine on the surface of banknotes. The cocaine was 'fixed' to the surface of...

Free energy profiles of cocaine esterase-cocaine binding process by molecular dynamics and potential of mean force simulations.

The combined molecular dynamics (MD) and potential of mean force (PMF) simulations have been performed to determine the free energy profile of the CocE)-(+)-cocaine binding process in comparison with ...

Specificity and ligand affinities of the cocaine aptamer; impact of structural features and physiological NaCl.

The cocaine aptamer has been seen as a good candidate for development as a probe for cocaine in many contexts. Here, we demonstrate that the aptamer binds cocaine, norcocaine and cocaethylene with sim...

Oral fluid cocaine and benzoylecgonine concentrations following controlled intravenous cocaine administration.

Limited oral fluid (OF) pharmacokinetic data collected with commercially available collection devices after controlled cocaine administration hinder OF result interpretations. Ten cocaine-using adults...

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