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23:33 EDT 25th June 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Gaucher's disease

Gaucher's (go-SHAYZ) disease occurs when certain harmful fatty substances accumulate to excessive levels in your liver, spleen, lungs, bone marrow and, less commonly, brain. This accumulation of...

Czech Republic

Able to take advantage of a €2 European funding stimulus in 2009, the Czech Republic is one of Europe's top 5 centers for biotechnology companies. In just over decade, the Czech Republic ha...

Insulin like Growth Factor 1 Receptor IGF 1R

Although the insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor (IGF-1R) was first cloned in 1986, it was the success of targeted drugs such as trastuzumab and imatinib that tyrosine kinase inhibitors and growth...

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Pharmacist-Endocrinologist Clinic Saves on Diabetes Care Costs

A study of a VA-based Diabetes Intense Medical Management "tune-up" clinic demonstrates cost benefits for the clinic, payers, and healthcare system. Medscape Medical News

Mayo Clinic researchers clarify chemo resistance, and perhaps a new therapy

(Mayo Clinic) Mayo Clinic scientists have identified a specific protein implicated in drug resistance, as well as a possible therapeutic tool. Their work appears in the EMBO Journal.

Mayo Clinic researchers demonstrate value of second opinions

(Mayo Clinic) Many patients come to Mayo Clinic for a second opinion or diagnosis confirmation before treatment for a complex condition. In a new study, Mayo Clinic reports that as many as 88 percent ...

Cleveland Clinic’s commercialization arm: What healthcare entrepreneurs need to know

Tom Sudow, Cleveland Clinic Innovations director of business development, will be taking part in a panel discussion on how health systems Cleveland Clinic Innovations work with startups at the MedCity...

Mayo Clinic researchers identify therapy

(Mayo Clinic) Mayo Clinic researchers have found that an experimental drug, LCL161, stimulates the immune system, leading to tumor shrinkage in patients affected by multiple myeloma. The findings are ...

Kentucky's Last Abortion Clinic Saved From 'Imminent Closure'

The temporary restraining order that spared Kentucky's last abortion clinic is good for 14 days, but the clinic's lawyer says it's a good sign.

BioSig Technologies, Mayo Clinic partners

BioSig Technologies, a medical device company developing the PURE EP System, a proprietary platform designed to address an unmet technology need for the $4 billion electrophysiology (EP) marketplace, ...

BioSig Technologies, Mayo Clinic partner

BioSig Technologies, a medical device company developing the PURE EP System, a proprietary platform designed to address an unmet technology need for the $4 billion electrophysiology (EP) marketplace, ...

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The Narcotic Clinic in New Orleans, 1919-1921.

This article traces the history of the narcotic clinic in New Orleans, Louisiana, comparing its merits to a similar clinic in Shreveport. How do the clinics compare, and why did the Shreveport clinic ...

Evaluation of performance of veterinary in-clinic hematology analyzers.

A previous study provided information regarding the quality of in-clinic veterinary biochemistry testing. However, no similar studies for in-clinic veterinary hematology testing have been conducted.

The validation and evaluation of anti-HIV testing algorithm used in mobile clinic setting for men who have sex with men in metropolitan Bangkok, Thailand.

Same-day anti-HIV testing algorithm is recommended by Thai National Guidelines. We compared performance characteristics of algorithms used in a mobile clinic and a facility-based clinic for men who ha...

Improving warfarin management within the medical home: a health-system approach.

Anticoagulation clinics have been considered the optimal strategy for warfarin management with demonstrated improved patient outcomes through increased time in therapeutic INR range, decreased critica...

Clinic Attendance of Youth With Sickle Cell Disease on Hydroxyurea Treatment.

The objective of this study is to describe rates of clinic attendance of youth with sickle cell disease prescribed hydroxyurea and examine potential demographic and medical factors related to consiste...

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